Video Clip Of Cathe's Lucky Seven Upper Body Workout


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Attention CatheLIVE subscribers, Thursday, May 18, 2023, at 9:30 am EST, we’ll be doing “Lucky Seven Upper Body” LIVE! Lucky Seven Upper Body takes 7 tried and true upper body exercises works and revisits them with different tempos and reps before starting over with a fresh new set of 7 upper body exercises! Do you feel lucky? Grab your weights and let’s find out!

Equipment Needed:

A variety of weighted dumbbells. We’ll be using 5’s through 15’s
A full-sized step set up to work as a weight bench only (no step cardio). We’ll have our steps set at an 8-inch step height.
A mini step mat

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Wow, this was a tough one. Nice complement to Holy Hamstrings for the lower body! I did this yesterday and I'm feeling it today! Fantastic workout that is very adaptable to every level. Thanks, Cathe!

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