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Attention Cathe Live subscribers: Thursday, Jan 9, 2020, at 9:15 am EST we’ll be doing “Express Your Step” Live! Get ready to indulge in some fun intermediate-to-advanced step choreography followed by the Ab stacker workout. The choreography will be “express-ish” in length as well as a remix of elements in Step Sync, and Imax 4. This is not an entirely low impact workout but can easily be modified to all low impact if desired.

Equipment Needed:

A full-sized step to your desired height. (I’ll be using a 6-inch step height for the choreography segment and 4 risers for the Ab stacker segment.)

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Loved Express Your Step Workout!!!! Cathe Live Crew was amazing as usual!!!!! For those who braved it Live they were Amazing!!!

This step routine had some StepSync and Imax4 in it!!! It reminding me, I need to work on a few of these moves!!!

Of Course, Cathe is great!!! It is awesome to see how much breathe control she has when she tells us when to do the exercises!

Way to go Cathe!! And way to go Cathe Live Crew!!

Jen Den
I just finished this one too! I didn't do the abs at the end, but the step & stretch
Was totally fantastic! There again, this step workout goes into my book of
Favorites, at the top! I even came up with a toe tap modification around the step
Instead of fast feet, cause my feet just won't go that fast :). It worked out
Perfectly, when she was at the end, so was I, same around the back and to other
Side & front. The count was right on cue. That made me even more excited!
Dang, I wish I could get this one downloaded.....great fun!

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