STS first time!

Hiho. It is foggy, dark, raw, damp! Our snow turned into slush and it is a grotesque mess out. The darkness at 1 pm made it feel like 5 pm.
We had our usual brunch, then I just spent the past couple of hours doing bills online. What a battle it is sometimes.
I have some PA work I brought home to do, and then I need to iron my work shirts.

Carolyn, I fear for your back hearing about your shoveling.:confused:
I don't like feeling my heart pounding in my chest any time other than during a Cathe workout. Not raking, shoveling, power-walking, biking, spinning, etc. I was made to be sedate!
Did you burn the trunk too? Isn't there too much sap?

Missy, high five for lounging at home! You deserve it. How's the sputum?

Marie, it crossed my mind that frequent flyer immediately for me conjured up planes:D, but you meant frequent admit!:D
I SO agree with you about being a cardio girl and avoiding all-weight ones. Since I only exercise 3x a week I feel like I'm short-changing myself if one of those workouts is a weight one. So not true. Right??

So I think my lower back pain is deferred from that morning's RWH (though the other time I did it I had no problems), triggered by the BM. It feels so sore today from disuse. I used a heating pad but it only marginally helped. But I think I'm on the mend. I need to be more aware and careful when doing all those hiit moves.

So cold!
Marie, we posted at the same time. Norwex is another one of those distributed by hostesses thingies? I've never heard of it.

Anyone have ideas where to buy wool or cashmere berets at TJM/M prices?

Back to work.
Carolyn, enjoy your boredom. I long for my SAHM days.
Thanks for the tips.
I wouldn't call us recluses. Just homebodies. Who avoid other humans:D
I'm excited about Downton:D. You watching tonight? No chance for me since football is on.

Carolyn, there's the spirit! I applaud you!
My whole core backside is so sore. What on earth??
You guys! That is what I guessed in an earlier post. I didn't know others are experiencing it!
I need to iron my work shirts!
good morning... up and eating my oatmeal....

hopefully Monday goes smoothly! doing getting started with Ripped with Hiit Rotation.... its the first one in the user guide.

Carolyn...Good luck at your dr appointment. Hope you get some answers....remember ask tons of questions....

Marie...I do understand...I am a cardio junky too.... sometimes I stray from weights....even though I do enjoy them....but straying always causes you to be extremely sore when returning. I like DOMS.... but this past week I have been in extreme pain with Tim and I went shopping the other day...and I was like...your walking too fast....slow down....He was like...Grandma....u back there? LOL Thankfully the lower body pain is better..... hopefully I get regular doms for this point one....hehehehe

better go get ready for the day.... be back soon...have a nice Monday!
Quick check-in to say I did Back, Biceps and Shoulders. I was shaking towards the end and only matched Cathe's weight on a few exercises. My goodness she is strong. Something to work towards. Upper Body is not my strong suit. I missed my cardio but it felt good to check UB off for this week.

Ok got to clean up a few things before b gets up. I'll be back later :)
Good morning! I should have done the same workout as Marie! Instead I did PRS1. My back feels slight improvement. I just saw your link Carolyn--thanks! Will read after work. How scary that the workouts are causing that! I'm nervous thinking that I could have really harmed myself. It's the fast-paced coupled with squats!
Missy, forget about smooth day. It's Monday, girl!
Marie, you rock! Getting up early to work out after working the weekend!
Back to the grind!
Carolyn What great news! I'm excited for you. Sounds like you have a good plan to get started. I have heard of hylaronic acid...maybe from you. I should start taking it. My knees are weak.

Jean It's freezing here. Negative 11 to be exact. Insane I tell ya, just insane! Enjoy Downton tonight. I love having a good show to watch :) I think Parenthood starts again this week.

Betty PRS1 :) Fun! I should do it tomorrow :) You do B,B,Sh ;)

Missy Glad to hear Plyo1 was ok for your knee. I'm scared to try those but hearing that makes me feel better. Hope work went well today.

Swimming was great. We signed for for the same class level as last time. They are now eight kids compared to four so way less one on one attention. The instructor came up to me after class and said b should really be in next level. She said we should come to her 10am Monday class. It's four kids. B will make 5. The parents sit on the side of the pool for half the class while they work with the two instructors. Makes me a bit nervous but I don't want to hold him back. Proud mama! My little man is such a good swimmer :)
Carolyn, that's some fab news! I love your cautious approach. Good thinking. No exercises for Back, right? Just arms? Looking forward to hearing of your workout.
Speaking of hyaluronic acid, it finally dawned on me that maybe Hydraplenish is causing my year-long scaly patch on my scalp? I don't know for sure yet, but I've stopped for two weeks. I'm going mad with the itch and not knowing.
Marie, I assume you have to get in the pool with B? That is one thing I can't stand--wet, humid, huge, chloriney indoor pools. I will do UB on Wednesday. Maybe I'll talk myself into a 30-min UB Tuesday.
Jean, I watched the final 3 episodes of The Paradise while ironing my 7 shirts. What a lame show and I can't believe I watched it all. Actually, the final two episodes recorded half an hour late! So much seems to have happened! I need to see if has it.
It is frigid here too! Winds of 50 mph. It's not a good week for us either. 20s all week with the exception of Thurs (10s). We're in trouble:(:confused:
Last edited:
Mmmm Italian sounds amazing Carolyn! I just oinked down two of these muffins and am seriously considering a third. Yikes!!! It's my sister's recipe :) I'm SO excited for you to check in with a workout :) Oh I had to laugh at the Olympic comment. I was just joking about that today with dh :)

Betty Oh eek! How horrible! Hope the itch goes away soon. Yup I'm a dork and love getting in the pool with him. Most moms don't like getting in though I think, including one of my close friends. One mom sits on the bench while her nanny brings the girl in. We swim laps while holding the kids. What a workout! I've always loved pools. I even used to swim laps....Think swimcap, googles and a black one piece Speedo. It's a good look ;/
Good morning. ... last night my arms were kills me I ran on was suppose to be rest day....but I'm gonna attempt yesterdays workout....back, biceps amd shoulders....

Carolyn...that's awesome news....and yes...take it slow to see how your body accepts the different exercises!!!

As for the cold temps....there blowing in here too....thursday ots suppose to be 24.... its 34 this morning....yucky!!!

Monday was absolutely busy.....I am blown aeay with how many people are sick woth the flu and uppwr reapitory infections....

So....yesterday I got a call from a dear friend of mine....she owns the gym where I go and take spin class occasionally. ... she wants me to teach a spin class once a week....hmmm....I use to teach fitness class there years ago....and she wants me to come back.....hmmmmm......

Off to cook my back in a few....
Morning Missy! Good job on the treadmill last night. How cool about teaching spin. You should do it! I was always interested in teaching but I think I'm too shy.

Ok off to do PRS1 :)
What Carolyn and Marie said! I'm waaay too uncomfortable in front of a crowd! Talk about stress!
Do it though, Missy! Especially if you've done it before.
I don't know how you keep all those sick germs at bay!
Cloudy and 20s. What a marvy combination.
Thanks Carolyn! I really do love it. My best workout area yet. When we were looking for places dh would just roll his eyes and laugh when I said, nope this won't work. No area to workout.

Betty SO catchy right?! I love the warm-up song :)

PRS1 done! Thanks Betty for that idea. Showered, cleaned up the house a bit and now sipping my coffee. Dude is still snoozing. I wish it was more predictable when kids woke up so I could sleep longer haha but it is nice to have some quiet time.

I'm thinking the zoo or the mall today but probably the zoo. The Tropics trail is warm :) Think fish, birds, turtles, bats, monkeys, anteater, etc. It's a good one! At the end of the trail you walk underneath into a tunnel and they have a massive aquarium with sharks and everything. Then we may hit up Discovery Bay...a little area with fish, stingrays and such. The MN trail is indoors but has a few areas open to the outside.....raccoons, wolves, bald eagle and such. At the mall we would just run around the amusement park and spend our quarters on the little rides. Then they have a free kids movie that plays at the theater. The Land Before Time. He does love dinosaurs but the zoo sounds like more fun. Oh the decisions of a mom with a young boy. Sorry hope I'm not boring you all ;)

So hard to get back into the groove this week. I made myself get up and workout before work yesterday and today, but it was a shock to my body. I took it a bit easy and did one of the 4ds step workouts yesterday and legs&glutes today. I think the RWH workouts are too hard to do so early in the morning.

Carolyn, I am so happy you were able to work out again. It is good you know which workout caused pain, just take it out and see how you do with the rest. You have to take it easy and build up again slowly, but you can do it!

Jean and Betty, I watched DA last night. Let me know what you think.

I remember those Land before time movies too, my kids loved them. I do miss those days. Oldest dd is only home for 2 more weeks, I will miss her when she goes back.
Hi Mary! Great to hear from you! I agree that RWH seems hard so early in the day. That's why I'm pumped to do it the night before, then wimp out the morning of.
We had light snow today. Totally unexpected (by me). I walked in the snow to FedEx Kinko's and the post office. It took me an hour roundtrip, including the work. With no wind, I was totally comfy in the high teens temps. I had footless tights up under my jeans, and 3 pairs of socks on, and a down coat. I feel like such a glutton nowadays since I barely move so this was perfect for me.
Sorry, gals, I have yet to watch DA. Tomorrow night for sure. Will let you know.
Marie, the zoo sounds so awesome! Never seen Land Before Time. Love the Earth, Wind, & Fire in combo 6!
Carolyn, high five on the workout! One small step, one giant progress. Or whatever the saying is. You know what I mean.:D. Continue to take it cautiously.

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