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Hi all

Jody - keeping everything crossed for you. Hope the storm passes you by! And I hope you get good news on the smear test as well. No, DD's just been to Germany on holiday and she's off to uni in 2 weeks (in England, about a 4 hour drive away which I know is the equivalent of popping to the shops there, but we're staying overnight!).

Lisa - I'd probably be sweating with you! Are you still seeing the same massage therapist? It must be nice to get the kinks worked out of you on a regular basis! Marmite is disgusting!! It's a vegetable spread you have on bread or toast. It's really strong smelling and dark brown! We use it as phrase 'something or someone is like Marmite: you love or hate them'. You don't even want to know what BJ (I use his initials deliberately...) makes me think of :mad: I do despair that people think he's the answer to our problems.

Had a quiet weekend. We had friends over for a long lunch on Saturday which was lovely and we've spent the following two days eating all the leftovers! Seem mainly to be ticking things off DD's list before she goes. Last week of Meso 4, CST today. Not bad, although I'm not so keen on the dropsets with 10 seconds between them. I have weights I need to change and find myself rushing to keep up.


Hi fit babes! Good to see you all, you are busy as always!

Thoughts, prayers and big cyber ((hugs)) to you Jody!! For both Dorian and hopefully a false positive on your test.

Hi Mary! I am so glad to hear that all are safe in Dayton. I hope the twins' friend is able to cope with her experience.
As for humidity, the only places I know that don't have it are most of CA, eastern OR and WA, MT and WY. And I only know that because I've been to them all. :) Happy Belated 21st Birthday to the twins!! That's awesome DH did well in his Tri! I've never had that kind of dedication to something that pushes me to the extreme of my physical limits but I sure admire those that do! I appreciate those gentleman in Hobbs & Shaw also! I never saw Journey but they were one of my faves in the early 80's. They seemed to play everywhere but their backyard which is where I lived at the time. I understand your small resentment against your mom, I think mine is larger toward the band, LOL!

Hi Jody! OK, 30/30 Hiit and 20/40 were in my possession at one time. Then I lost them on eBay! I LOLed about your DVD modifications but any workout is better than none at all, right? Like everyone else here, I am shocked that people thought the Pulse massacre never happened, or that other massive violence doesn't happen. WTH? I was encouraged when I learned of 2 people being turned in before they could hurt anyone. I hope that happens continuously so this violence stops.
The first year in my new position went by fast too. Whew! I wouldn't care about how fast you are biking if you enjoy what you're doing. And I haven't been able to ride a bike no hands since H.S.! I think it's great you can tolerate the heat Jody, I wish I could! Plus I think you need to be heat tolerant living in FL. A friend of mine moved from my area to south TX and she adapted to the heat. Loved your groggy morning! I usually get things ready the night before but I've still managed to put my empty coffee cup in the fridge on occasion. :) Congrats on Aceing Couch Max! I've been practicing that since last Weds when I took some time off. And O-M-G!! What Mary said about your DNA!!! Yes, you will need a jacket to tolerate CO in the 80s. I told my friend in TX that she needed her winter parka when she came here to visit in the summer. ;)Your tubing excursion looked awesome, I hope you had a wonderful time!

Hi Ronne! I think you would like living here, we even had a cool summer this year--low to mid 70s F and a few rainy days. (Our last 2 summers were considered hot with at least 25 days above 80F though). Have I mentioned that I live in what is considered a cold rain forest? Good going on STS!! I don't think I've ever noticed visible changes from workouts but I do feel stronger at times. I'm sorry DD had to miss her first festival! We have one in Seattle every year on this weekend called Bumpershoot. It wasn't until last year that I learned that bumpershoot is an umbrella! Whoda thunk it? I'm jealous of your spa day with DD! I am getting together with a childhood friend in early Oct. and escaping to her family's cabin. She tried to book a spa appointment for us in the nearest town and there's nothing available! Grr. And YES! We in the U.S. love British accents! You know, I think you and I have the same feelings about our own countries' leaders....

Lisa, I hope my retirement is like yours!! It's interesting to me that you get monsoons from Mexico! Thank you for the job congrats--I am very happy to say the same thing about sis! Congratulations to her!! Our winters here are wet with rain and daylight is shorter because we are farther north. We get snow once or twice a year and it's gone pretty quickly. We got 4 feet of snow in 2 days this year in Feb. but the last time we had something like that happen was 10 years ago. We don't get the ice like Portland OR does but the black ice we do get is taken care of with de-icer.
Congratulations g-ma to be!! I am a g-aunt as of Feb. 2018 and 2 more are coming in Nov. I love getting to hug and kiss them and then give them back. That's the beauty of being once removed! Good going saying no to sis when you needed to! I'll join her and Mary for some shopping, just let me know!
We never learned the metric system in CA either but I remember being told it was coming. So it was a nationwide thing! I LOLed when you said you're turning into your mother--it'd every woman's fear! :)

Let's see. Not a lot going on here! DH went to the state surplus store and got me a step for $5. Can you believe that? It's 20 years old ('99 was written on it) and it's kinda beat up but now I have a step at work! We went to a renaissance faire last month and that was fun. We didn't dress up but a lot of people did. We went to the beach this week and it was Riley's first time. He loved it as much as Basil does! DH and I went to Harbor Days downtown yesterday and they have food, crafts and now beer booths! It's been a few years since we'd gone. I haven't done a dvd workout in a week but have taken R&B on walks and done plenty of house max. I'm looking forward to a dvd workout tomorrow! I plan to do one that doesn't kill me. :D

Have a healthy and safe week sweet babes!! Tracy


Hello everyone! Today mowed 2 lawns, I’m counting that as my workout!

Jody, this hurricane is moving so slow, keeping you all on your toes. I’m keeping you in my prayers.

Ronne, is DD ready to go? Are you ready? The first few weeks are the worst. I kept thinking they would walk in, I miss them every day. As far as your leader and ours they can go find their own island to themselves as far as I’m concerned. I think I’ll pass on the marmite, doesn’t sound too appealing!

Lisa, so glad about sister! Maybe things are turning around for her?? When is the baby due? (Did you answer and I forgot???).

Tracey, funny here in Ohio, people wear shorts when the temp is above freezing! I’m not one of them! Some of the kids here, even when it’s below zero wear shorts and hoodies, weird kind of rebellion. I always hoped when I was doing STS that I would end up with Cathe’s Upper body, hasn’t happened yet, hope runs eternal though!

Not much else, DS back in Boston this weekend, DD has her first football game this weekend, the rest of us are back to “normal “. Hope everyone is well, keeping you all in my thoughts. Mary


Hello to all after Dorian. I did get locked in at work, sleeping over one night and working an extra shift that would have been a PDO I'd requested. I'm very grateful we were missed. The devastation in the Bahamas, with the storm parked over them for so long, is just heart breaking.
Yesterday was rest up- I really should come up for a habitual workout for that first day off from a string of shifts so the day isn't a total loss. Habitual being the key word, something where I don't invent the wheel, maybe walk/jog followed by 1 round of push ups, squats, pull ups, plies, dips and lunges- 20 min max?
Today I did LITE BWB. I'll finish undoing hurricane prep as well.

Mary, are you mowing neighbors' lawn as well as your own, now? I agree with the island for our leaders. I saw some of DS UN stuff on FB, wow. Your kids are amazing, confident, socially conscious. Hmmm, the nut doesn't fall too far from the tree!

Lisa, I wonder if I will be a grandparent? I won't waste too much time considering what my Grandma name would be, I don't think it will come up anytime soon! I guess you can make some baby quilts as well. I saw some very cool National Park quilts I liked, but I guess that is a different type of quilting than what you do, inserting squares, etc. I'm pretty geeky, I buy patches from parks when they are available, but I just have a bag of patches.

Tracy, congrats on the new step! My British Burning Man bellydance friend just bought one ($5 to 10?) from thrift shop as well, but I don't think she's used it just yet. If she hadn't gotten it, I would have considered it, I was like FIND!!! Beach with the pups sounds fun. Do they get in the water?

Ronne, the Uni connection is studying German then? For what it's worth, my Gator kid's uni is nearly a 4 hour drive, I almost always stay for a few nights! I'm very happy and excited for her and you.

Thanks for the well wishes on stuff, I haven't heard anything else as yet. I'm off work til the 14th! I will NOT go in on time off. On this 6 week schedule, I requested 5 days of PDO and but also signed up for 4 days of OT in order to compensate for lack of staffing. So far I've already worked the one day of PDO during hurricane. I'm going to focus on taking care of myself and guilt free NO to working extra extra.


Hi everyone

Jody - good to see you! Glad that the storm passed you by but yes, I've seen the Bahamas pictures. It's going to take a lot to recover from that. Sounds like you need to have a disc to go to on your first free day, one you can do without too much thinking about. Have you done the Metabolic workout in Lite? That might fit the bill. I don't feel such a wimp reading that you stay over after a similar drive! No, there is no German involved in DD's course! She did German for her last two years at school. That might be where the confusion has come from :)

Mary - DD is almost ready. We're going to get her pots and pans today. I don't think I'll quite believe it until we set off!

Tracy - it does sound like your climate would suit me down to the ground. You certainly seem to be able to get outdoors a lot though as well. I'd love to live near the coast. Good find in the second hand shop. DD is big on charity shopping, she's always coming back with clothes!

Last Meso 2 workout today. Looking forward to my week off next week! Also did FS MIC cardio only this week. Not much else to report. Work has gone very quiet, it's nice because I've got a bit of extra time but I need to find some new projects soon!


Happy weekend everyone! Today did yesterday’s live.

Jody, I’m so glad you are safe. The Bahamas are devastating, I can’t even fathom.
Thank you for the kind words about DS, I might be biased, I think he is just incredible and can’t believe I was so blessed to be able to raise him and his siblings. I just so enjoy the humans the are! You made me cry! Lol.

Ronne, Pots and pans? Will she have to be cooking for herself? No cafeteria? Will she have roommates? I’m so excited for all of you!

Lisa, are you biking across Colorado??

Hi Tracey!

Yesterday was our 22nd anniversary. Time has flown, the only reason I know it’s flown by is because DH lost all his hair! I hope everyone has a good weekend! Mary


Quickie to say I did Circuit Blast today. On the kid Uni front - I'm taking a bike to dd, a beater hand me down that won't break our heart if it gets stolen and is already pre rusted. No other news.
Ronne, I wonder all the same about DD as Mary!
Lisa, I better check Strava. My DD was actually in CO recently CO Springs via Denver airport and bus ride. They did a hike and a tube float but she was out of breath from altitude, allergies and probably asthma.
Tracy, I guess the Hiit DVD didn't jive with you well enough to hang onto it?
I'll do a donation $$ for Bahamas. There was an awful story and interview with an injured man carrying his son on his back who then noticed fins around them so he put his son on a roof top only to have waves wash him away. It just conjures up such unimaginable terror and horror. My coworker was complaining about how the pool supply store was going to be busy after the storm. I was like, sounds like rich people's problems. I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut!


Hi all, I guess I haven’t posted in awhile (Mary. Called me out! ). I’ve just been tired this week. Who knows why, age?(Mary, don’t you have a birthday this month? Double nickels? ) or maybe I pushed it too hard on my rides. Tuesday, hills into a headwind resulted in my garmin telling me I needed 58 hrs to recover! I had 20 min in zone 5. Then today for some reason I pushed it as a way of playing with DH (he loved it)and garmin says I need 36 hrs to recover, 11 min in zone 5!

Mary, you look beautiful in your anniversary photo! And DH, hair! Texted with DIL since my DS doesn’t fill me in. She’s 13 weeks, due 2nd week of March!

Jody, glad Dorian didn’t visit you, and yes the poor Bahamas! My future DIL who’s in VA for PA school can’t handle the altitude when she comes back here (and she flies back a lot). She and my youngest DS did a 14er, her first. She said she got altitude sickness and what was planned as a 4 hr hike ended up being 9 hrs! Allergies has also been bad this year. I have seen people make quilts out of crown royal bags! Your imagination is the limit! DIL did send me ultrasound pic, omg! I’m getting closer to accepting this new point in my life. The daily aches make me realize I’m not the young woman my brain thinks I am!

Tracy, I’ve been a g-aunt for over 20 yrs! Actually I’m a g-g-aunt for the last 2 yrs, surreal! Your weather does sound nice, we’ve had some hot days. Had 100 on Labor Day and yet they say sept is the first month of measurable snow. We may have 100 and snow in the same month!

Ronne, yes same massage therapist, she actually only does a couple people (friends) these days. Are you ready for DD going to uni? So exciting! No comment about our leaders. My work was slow this week too smile I did nothing the rest of the day after the bike rides noted above. And I didn’t feel guilty!


Hi, I did a 40 min bike ride this afternoon. I'm sort of holding off on workouts and front loading with organizing and tasks.

Ronne, you are right, one Go To DVD for those days might do the trick and that metabolic one would be good. I do tend to waffle around though once I pull out my discs. Nice for work to quiet, maybe to savor moments prior to dd departure and get all the bibs and bobs taken care of.

Lisa, I think you are lucky for the massage therapist; that is a physically tough profession as far as longevity. The kids told you pretty quickly about the new babe. I hope DIL feeling well. Congrats to you all. Jeesh, can't imagine loving Crown Royal enough to make a quilt and declare for the whole world know. That being said, my Scrabble tiles have been retained in a Crown Royal bag (left over from ex) for decades. Its like the "good rubber band" around the broccoli, you hate to waste it! PS, cool info about the Garmin and recovery time. I was thinking about getting an Ouro ring for similar biometric feedback. My fitbit seems to be evolving as well, giving me sleep scores and it tells me that I sleep better than other people my age. I feel sorry for them, then!

Mary, congrats on the happy anniversary!! (How do you like your weighted blanket? I'm thinking of getting a chill pad)

Waves to Tracy~~~

OK, Lovlies, ttyl

ETA Monday workout about 30 min of crossfire- wiped out afterward.
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Hi ladies

Mary - congrats on the anniversary! We've just hit 20. Not sure where the last 20 years have gone!

Jody - well done on the workouts - hope you get your tasks done. It's very satisfying ticking things off a list.

Lisa - wow, sounds like you're really working hard on the bike at the moment. Can you believe what a cycling addict you've become?

So, for those interested, DD is going to quite a small uni where they don't provide any catered accommodation. A lot of the bigger unis do (usually called 'halls' where you get three meals a day included in the price). She's going to be in a shared flat with up to 11 people with a shared kitchen and bathrooms, so she's got to feed herself hence the need for cooking stuff. She's not much of a cook to be honest, so it will be a steep learning curve!
DD and I had a lovely day out in London on Monday, went to a couple of galleries and saw some interesting exhibitions and went out for dinner before heading back. It was just a perfect day.
Did Lite MB (inspired by our discussion, Jody) today and a Jessica Smith kickboxing on Sunday which made a nice change.


Hi ladies, quiet around here! I’m here less because I feel like a cathe imposter these days. I miss living but don’t miss the neck pain! I’m bummed because I have put on weight and I blame not being able to lift heavy, sigh. Anyways, not sure if I said, I got new bike shoes, stiffer sole, I’m thinking it’s making me faster and working harder. My ankle hurts a bit so trying to figure out why, the shoes? Maybe need to be cognizant of my pedal stroke. But also I’m easing off when it hurts.

Ronne, DD won’t be making any extravagant meals but hopefully won’t starve. I think of things I ate as a teen and 20 something and those things are just yucky today. Living with 11 people would be a challenge, somehow they always survive! As it is, I cook extra sometimes and take to my DS since his fiancée is in Virginia. He appreciates it. It helps when he tells me something is ‘really good” as I’ll make it again sooner than later.

Jody, I should organize more, but there’s no fun in that! Living somewhere for 27 Years you accumulate a lot. I’m always afraid once I throw it I’ll need it, especially sewing stuff! I have a dedicated sewing room but have also taken over half of DH office and half the dining room.....dh doesn’t work and who needs formal meals! My hand has been hurting a lot from rotary cutting so dh to the rescue, now he helps me out, what a guy! Guess it’s easier for him to help vs hearing me complain of pain!

Mary, you’ve been quiet, are you working too hard?

Helps to Tracy too! My brother just spent time in bend , Oregon and loved it. I told him that when he moves to the mainland once the kids are in college maybe he’ll move to Oregon and I’ll visit! I need to explore the NW!


Hello all! Have been working, mowing, cleaning, and working out!

Lisa, you can’t be an imposter! You are one of the originals! I’m sure the new shoes change how you pedal and where you feel it in your legs! How nice DH likes to help.

Ronne, 11 people! I’m sure she will make some life long friends. I’ll be thinking about you and DH!

Jody, weighted blanket is ok, sometimes makes me nervous, like I’m being suffocated. How is work? Did you work Friday the 13th on the full moon? I’m so glad I was off!

Hi Tracey!

Not much here, just working, hope everyone has a good week! Mary


OMG, so many autocorrect in my post! I miss lifting heavy, NOT miss living!

And hellos to Tracy, not helps!

What else got autocorrected?


Hi ladies

Mary - still mowing? I think I might have finished for the year. What sort of workouts are you into at the moment?

Lisa - Have you ever tried swimming? That's supposed to be good exercise for people with injuries etc. I know it's not to everyone's taste (certainly not mine!) but it might be something different. I didn't start eating properly till I met my DH, I've always been a lazy cook and ate terribly for years so I'm not too worried about DD; she probably won't be as bad as me!

So we did the drop off at the weekend. It all went pretty smoothly. Her accommodation is nice and there's a cheap supermarket within walking distance. I've got that flat, 'just got back from holiday' feeling so trying to keep busy. Started Mesocycle 3 today, I liked the first one although I can't really go heavy enough as my weights don't go that far (and I don't want to shell out money for weights I probably won't use that much).


Ronne, I cried for a month after my first went to college! The 2nd kid I celebrated! Haha! Meh on swimming. I loved as child, now not so much. Dries out my skin in this dry climate especially. Plus since I’m turning into my mother I think of it as everyone’s bath water, ew! Good idea though!

We’re planning a ride today, hope we get home before the wind kicks up, otherwise we’ll be pedaling uphill into the wind, ugh! It’s always uphill to get home, and the wind is mostly from the west (the direction home from all our routes). And I wish they’d get that sinkhole in the highway/bike path fixed! They say October, that probably means November or December.


Hi! PHA PM done last Wed and not much else other than work and a few walks til today and I did PHA again. Last week I took dd a bike, stayed in kind of a skeevy hotel but also had a really nice afternoon at a state park.

Ronne, good description of post holiday "flatness". Let us know how it goes with dd. Good luck w/ M3, too. I think when I tried it I was loading wts in a back pack for additional for legs? Lucky for me it doesn't take much weight to be challenged these days, ha ha.

Lisa, I hope the trail is fixed soon, too! Ha ha, it sounds like you go uphill against the wind both ways. I hope the shoes are helpful. I'm leery of bike right now. I don't want any of my lady parts feeling irritated--> anxiety!

Mary, I was off that day Fri 13th, but had two health appts (annual blood work and colonoscopy screen) that I didn't want to be jinxed! So I'm sticking to all positive thoughts on that day!

Tracy, Hi!


Jody, you sure won’t want to ride if they do something! I had to have some spots removed (I think it was called colposcopy). Ouch! Dr saved the best (Er worst one) for last, yowch! I said it too and he giggled and said he’s done this a few times and knew to save that one for last.

Had a great ride, stayed cloudy and cool with no wind until we got home, I’m beat now!

ETA, just read up about colposcopy, guess the pain was from a few biopsies. It was at least 25 hrs ago!



Lisa - that's funny about your different reactions to the kids leaving! Glad you had a good ride. How's the ankle, any better?

Jody - was that the original PHA or the Lite one? I'm doing the plyo option on the legs so the weights aren't so heavy. It was still pretty tough when I did it on Wednesday. I had to take a couple of extra breaks during it.

Not a lot going on here. Been keeping up with the workouts, I did a CF premix as well as the first week of STS. I'm going out with DH tonight to see some music in town. Then the weekend's quiet: a bit of shopping, workouts, etc. Have a good one, everyone!


Ronne, Seems a theme these days is taking more breaks! Dh and I feel better cycling every other day. I finally figured out my ankle issue! I figured I didn’t need to add my supportive insoles since I’m just sitting on the bike. Well, as a last ditch effort I pulled the left insole out of my walking shoes and put in my bike shoes, and now no more pain in the ankle like I get! Who would have thought?!

We’re having beautiful fall weather and I’d love to ride more but being sensible and listening to my body and taking a break today.

Hey did I ever tell you all about dh, his blood pressure and MJ? He missed taking it for a few days (at night in edible) because he hadn’t gotten to the store to buy them during the weekly specials. His bp skyrocketed, headache, miserable, really had to double up the meds to get it under control. Finally got the MJ and now back to his regular lower dose bp meds and feeling better. Then yesterday he had bad headache, bp getting high, he had forgotten to take his MJ the night before, again had to take extra bp med and still miserable. He’s feeling better today after his MJ last night. So that’s proof for me that it’s medically necessary! We prefer to take the MJ at night but he was almost ready to take it yesterday during the day, maybe he should have as he was out of it all day anyway. Guess it’s good we live in Colorado!

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