Strength in Numbers

Cheryl Great job on LI Hiit + BA!I hope everything goes well with your busy day!

Julie Aren’t you glad it saves those posts now? I have done that several times. That’s great that you get a better rest on your sleep in day. Hopefully the two longer sleeps will help. Great job on your heavy upper body workout!

Mille was supposed to get picked up last night, but of course yesterday she was congested and her eyes were all watery so I’m keeping her until she is better. Luckily she seems to be feeling fine and it isn’t slowing her down at all. This morning was STS 2.0 Lower Body 1. I always feel like I am close to dropping the barbell by the end of that one because my forearms get so worn out! Have a great day!

Pam Great job on STS LB1! Lower body training can be sneaky with also including forearm training. I hope Mille gets better soon.

This morning was my sleep in day! I don't feel I got very good sleep. Petunia got up around 1 and I had to race to catch her and let her out before she pottied in the house. Then I had a hard time going back to sleep so just kept drifting in and out of light sleep.

Have a great weekend!
Julie That is such a great idea with the paw print. DH has been contemplating something like this for years now but hasn't made the move to get it done. Great job on your heavy upper body workout and getting better sleep.

Pam I hope Millie gets better soon, though it sounds like it isn't slowing her down. Great work on STS 2.0 Lower Body 1. My forearms really feel it too.

Julie Sorry that you got a crappy nights sleep. It doesn't help when you get woken up during the night and have to go outside. Hopefully you will catch up this weekend.

Yesterday was really busy. When I left home it was still dark outside. I am not used to that any more. But I got everything done and the car is in great shape so that was great to hear. This morning I did LITE Pyramid Upper Body. Now I need to get ready to get to the SPCA to help.

Have a great day.

Cheryl So glad you got everything done on your busy day and that the car is doing great! That is always a relief to hear from the mechanic. Great job on LITE PUB!

Friday I did a heavy lower body workout and then went to Costco. It actually wasn't too bad for a Friday morning. Saturday I did a mobility workout and then did a bunch of cleaning around the house that needed to get done. Sunday was an upper body workout and then being lazy the rest of the day. I am going to try something new this week. I always feel like I get awful sleep going into Monday morning so I am going to move my rest day from Tuesday to Monday. So that is what I did today was sleep in a little.

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on your heavy lower body workout, your mobility workout and your upper body workout. Glad to hear that Costco wasn't a zoo for you. I hope that moving your rest day to Monday helps you with getting the sleep that you need.

Friday I did Rockout Knockout and then got the laundry and housework done. Saturday I went to the Wellness show with a friend of mine so I didn't get a workout in but I did do a lot of walking. Sunday I did STS 2.0 Chair Yoga and then went to the farmers market. In the afternoon we went with our friend and Zoey for coffee. This morning I was really tired. I didn't get a good nights sleep so I decided to take the day off. I may go for a walk in the afternoon as the weather isn't too bad right now.

Have a great day.

Julie That is such a bummer not getting a good sleep on your sleep in so. So frustrating!

Cheryl I hate leaving home when it’s still dark. Luckily I don’t have to do it very often anymore either. That’s great that you car ius in great shape! Great job on PUB!

Julie Great job on your heavy lower body workout. I’m glad to hear that Costco wasn‘t too horrible . Great job on your movility workout and upper body workout. I hope you had a better sleep in day this morning. It sounds like a good idea to sleep in on Monday since it’s already such a hard day to get up!

Cherykl Great jo bon RK and chair yoga. I hope you got a good walk in.

It looks like I forgot to post for a few days. Thursday I did P30 HI Hiit and then I had a dress for success volunteer event at Fort Liberty and a birthday dinner for one of my friends. Friday DH and I went for a bike ride it was a little easier this time. Saturday I had a breakfast wish delivery and then another in the afternoon, so I took it as my rest day. Sunday was STS 2.0 Upper Body 2 and this morning was Rock em Sock em kickbox + icy core 1. Millie was doing much better so she was picked up yesterday morning. After that I went to the grocery store and got in an accident leaving the parking lot. ☹️The guy in front of me pulled out (or so it appeared), so I was checking for oncoming traffic and tried to pull out, but he had stopped for some reason and I hit him. I started backing up so we could pull over and get out of the way, but noticed he started going forward. I assumed he was pulling on to the side of the road because it was really wide there, but he pulled into the road and left! I can’t really understand why because I’m pretty sure I would be at fault in that case. Anyway, my car is pretty messed up and it sounds like it may be awhile before we can get it in to get repaired. If I had been thinking I would have taken a picture of the truck and license plate, but I was too stunned about the whole thing. Have a great day!

Cheryl Great job on RK and all the laundry and housework! All that walking is a great workout plus a Wellness show sounds fun. Great job on STS 2 CY! Oh I am sorry about the bad night's sleep. I totally get it and it sucks. I hope you get better sleep.

Pam No worries on not posting. It happens! Great job on P30 HiiT, bike ride with DH, STS 2 UB2, and RSK plus Icy Core 1! You have been very busy. Oh no! I am so sorry you got in an accident. That is so weird he just left. I am sure he felt the impact. I am glad you are ok. Hopefully the car will get fixed quickly.

This morning I did a lower body workout! I feel like I got pretty good sleep last night so that was nice. I have an all day leadership meeting. So not looking forward to it. It is also at an offsite location so I have a little longer of a drive than to my normal office location.

Have a great day!
JulieGreat job on your lower body workout and on getting a good sleep. It just makes so much difference ah all day leadership meeting doesn’t sound like fun at all. Hopefully it goes well.

This morning was Total Body Barbell with the weight plate bonus. I was still sore from Sunday’s upper body workout but I got through it. Have a great day!

Pam Great job on P30 HI Hiit, your bike ride, STS 2.0 Upper Body 2 and Rock'em Sock'em Kickbox. That is great that Millie is doing better. That sucks about getting into an accident. I wonder if he didn't have any insurance and possibly that was why he left? Car repairs are never a fun thing to have to do.

Julie Good work on your lower body workout and getting a better nights sleep. I hope your all day meeting goes by fast.

Pam Good job on Total Body Barbell and the plate bonus.

So yesterday afternoon I did get a walk in. This morning I did ICE Chiseled Upper Body and Icy Core 1. Then I got some groceries and this afternoon we did a few errands.

Have a great day.

Pam Great job on TBB plus WP bonus! Sometimes working out sore can be helpful and sometimes it just makes it worse.

Cheryl Great job on your walk and ICE CUB plus IC 1! My meeting actually wasn't horrible and it went by fairly quickly.

This morning I did an upper body workout and did a short treadmill walk in Cancun! Oh how I wish I was there now.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Our insurance agent said that is was likely the guy didn’t have insurance and that’s why he left. Luckily we have been with our insurance company long enough with no claims that he said it won’t affect our rates. Great job on your walk and CUB+IC1!

Julie Great job on your upper body workout and treadmill walk! Oh, it would be so nice to be in Cancun right now!

This morning was RWH Plyo Hiit 1. That one is always so hard for me but I got through it. A couple of times I thought I might need to pause it for a bit, but Cathe took long enough rests that I didn’t have to. I was very happy when it was over though! Last night we went to see the Hurricanes lose to those lousy Canucks . It was a pretty good game, but it was obvious that the Canucks are a lot better than we are! Have a great day!

Pam Great job on RWH Plyo HiiT 1! That's the one with so many burpees, right? Great job for getting through it!

This morning was my sleep in day. I didn't want to get up and start working when the alarm went off but here I am.

Have a great weekend!
Julie Good job on your upper body workout and walk in Cancun. I wish I was there now too.

Pam I figured that he didn't have insurance and that is good that it won't affect your rates. Great work on RWH Plyo Hiit 1. What do you mean those lousy Canucks :p!!!!! We watched the game and I was wondering if you were there. It was a great game especially since my lousy Canucks won :p :D.

Julie Nice to have a sleep in day. Enjoy your weekend.

Sorry I missed a couple of days here. Wednesday I tried to do Step Sync but my knee was having nothing of it. It is giving me issues again so I just did the extended stretch. Then I went to take my mom out. Thursday morning I went to physio, my knee is feeling better but it is not 100%. We will see how it goes. After that I went to the SPCA to help out with the animals and I took some of them to the vet for a check up. This morning I did yoga relax. I think I am going to concentrate on my flexibility for now since I am very stiff and that could be one of the reasons my knee is giving me grieve. I will see how it goes. I am really looking forward to her new series, that is something that will really benefit me. Now I need to get the housework and laundry done.
Julie Yep, Plyo Hiit 1 is the burpee fest! Not one of my favorites. I hope you had a good sleep in!

Cheryl While we were at the Canucks game my DH said that there is no way we could ever last 7 games with this team. They are so big and so fast! No problem on missing a couple of days, we all do it. I’m sorry to hear that your knee is giving you problems again. It sounds like you did the right thing by doing the extended stretch. Great job on that and YR!

Yesterday my DH and I went for a bike ride. it was a little chilly at first, but it warmed up and got pretty nice by the time we were done. This morning was Perfect Pump Lower Body, then I had some running around to do. I did make it to Costco and it wasn’t too bad. Have a great day!

Good morning! This morning was the first 3 rounds of Low Max and Perfect Pump Upper Body. Now I have a day of housework and cleaning. Have a great day!

Happy Monday. This morning was PHA Training + bonus abs. We are headed to the mountains for the next 3 nights so I probably won’t be posting again until Friday. Have a great week!

Cheryl Oh no, sorry about your knee giving you issues. Good job switching to the ES and stopping SS when you were having issues. Hopefully the physio continues to help. Great job on YR! Oh yes, reduced flexibility could definitely be an issue if some of your muscles in your knee are compensating for tight hips or ankles.

Pam Great job on your bike ride and glad the weather warmed up a bit for you! Great job on PPLB! It is always great when it is not bad at Costco. Great job on PHAT plus bonus abs! Hope you have a great time in the mountains!

It was quite the weekend. Friday I did my mobility workout and then did some things around the house. Friday night I got a call from my dad saying their dog couldn't stand up or walk very well. He said they were fine for the night but asked me to come out early Saturday to help get her in the car to the vet. The vet thinks she may have had a stroke because it was her right side both front and back leg having issues but he said it could also be a brain tumor and he wouldn't know without an MRI but of course those are expensive and can take months to schedule. He gave them some meds and said if it was a stroke, she should so signs of improvement in the next day or two. I helped them get her home and she settled down and was napping and then went home and did a lower body weights. Things were looking good for her by nighttime as she seemed to be able to get up and eat and drink and go outside mostly on her own. Sunday I did a walk on Mount Kilimanjaro and a bike ride in Italy. Just as DH and I were sitting down to breakfast, my mom called to say they couldn't get her to stand up. My sister and nephew ended up being able to go help get her moved to her dog bed. I went over there after we ate and she was really showing signs of discomfort. We tried to make her comfortable and I was able to get a little water in her. She ended up passing a little after 5 in the afternoon. My parents were devastated as I think they were hopeful it was a stroke and she would come back. There is a local funeral home that offers cremation services for pets and they were able to get us in to drop her off within an hour. I stayed the night with my parents but left early so I could get home and get online for work. This next week or so will definitely be rough for them.

Have a great day!
Pam They are a big and fast team, though they have sucked for the last 3 games they played after the Canes. We will see what the playoffs hold for us. Great job on your bike ride, 3 rounds of Low Max, PP Upper Body, PHA Training and Bonus abs. Enjoy your time in the mountains.

Julie So sorry to hear about your parents dog. That is tough especially when you hope she will get better. That is so nice of you to stay there with them and help them out. It will definitely be a hard week for them. Good work on your mobility workout, lower body weights, walk on Mount Kilimanjaro and bike ride in Italy.

Saturday I did some more yoga and went for a walk in the afternoon. Sunday I took as a day off but I did go to the farmers market even though it was pouring rain. This morning I was very tired, I have no idea why since I got a good nights sleep. Though the weather isn't the nicest so that may have something to do with it.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on your yoga and walk! Is the farmers market outside or covered? I feel like winter is just tiring but we are getting closer to spring (36 more days)!

This morning I did a lower body weight workout! My parents already got their dog's ashes back. My mom sent me a text that she keeps reaching her hand out to pet her and she is not there.

Have a great day!
Julie The farmers market is outside. It is nice when the weather is fine but not so much when it is pouring rain. Good work on your lower body weight workout. That is fast to get the ashes back. You don't realize how automatically you do something until it isn't there. It will take time to adjust to not having her there.

This morning I did STS 2.0 Upper Body 2. Then I went and got groceries. The weather is really nice here right now so I made sure that I went out for a walk. It almost feels like spring though it is officially 36 more days :D.

Have a great day.


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