Strength in Numbers

Cheryl[ Great job on RWH LIHI 1 + BA 1 and Mobility! Snow and freezing rain doesn’t sound like any fun at all

Julie Great job on your UB workout. Wow, 2 coats is serious! Stay warm.

Cheryl Great job on STS 2.0 LB1 and your extra shoveling workouts! That is a LOT of snow!!

Julie I hate it when I try to sleep in and can’t, that is so frustrating. Hopefully the weekend will be better.

My colonoscopy went fine, but I had a polyp so will have to do it again in 3-5 years. Yuck. The prep is definitely the worst part, but it was a little better than the first time I had one. Yesterday I did Step Sync to have something a little easier and this morning I did PHA 2 and Icy core 1. Today I’m doing a Dress for Success event at an Afghan job fair and tonight we have a hockey game. Our team hasn’t been doing as well as they were expected to, but it’s still fun to go to the games. Have a great day!

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Julie I hope you can rest up this weekend.

Pam Glad that your colonoscopy was fine even though you will need to get it done again. Great job on Step Sync and PHA 2 and Icy Core 1. I am assuming that you are going to the Hurricanes game. Our team the Vancouver Canucks is doing really well and currently is on the top of the standings. I know what it is like to have a team that isn't doing well. I am hoping that our team can maybe win the Stanley Cup this year. We have been waiting for over 50 years for that to happen. They have gotten close though.

Yesterday we ended up dog sitting Zoey. She is having a urinary problem so we brought her over to our place to monitor her while our friend was at work. I did get some walking in and got the housework and laundry done too. We aren't getting our animal transfer this week. The roads here are really bad and people are being told to stay home unless they absolutely need to go out. This morning I was really tired and didn't feel like working out. We have Zoey again so she is a happy girl being with us instead of being home alone.

Have a great weekend.

It has been a lazy weekend. Saturday morning I was tired so I didn't do a workout but I did go for a bit of a walk. This morning I did P30 Mobility Basics and now I am going to head down to the farmers market. Tomorrow I need to take my mom in for some appointments we missed on Wednesday due to the snow. I don't know if I will have a chance to fit in a workout since I need to leave early in the morning to get out there. I don't know if I will have time to check in either, we will see how my day goes.

Pam So glad your colonoscopy went well. That stinks you will have to have another one in a few years but better to be safe. Great job on SS & PHA2 plus Icy Core 1!

Cheryl Oh poor Zoey, hope they can figure out her urinary issues for her. That is so awesome of you to watch her. I hope the roads are getting better so you can travel safe for all your errands and appointments. Great job on P30 Mobility Basics!

Friday I did a heavy lower body workout and then did a bunch of cleaning before taking Gunner to a vet appointment for a chiropractic adjustment. He seems to get so much more playful after getting adjusted. Saturday I did a mobility workout and a hike on Mt. Kilimanjaro and then did some more things around the house. Sunday I did a heavy upper body workout and this morning was a lower body workout. I feel like I got a little better sleep over the weekend but of course I was not ready for my alarm this morning.

Have a great day!
Cheryl That is so nice of you guys too take such good care of Zoey. I hope Your friend appreciates you! I’m sure Zoey does! Yes, the Hurricanes are our team. They have been really off and on so far and we are in serious need of a goalie. Our main goalie has been out most of the season. They were talking like we had Stanley Cup potential before the season started, but it isn’t looking so promising now. I think we are in 3rd place in our division, but there are only 1-2 points between the top three teams. We are having fun going to the games though. I hope you enjoyed your lazy weeked! Great job on MB. I hope that your roads cleared up for your travels today.

Julie Great job on your heavy lower body workout and cleaning. That is great that Gunner is so much more energetic after his adjustments. Great job on your mobility workout, hike, heavy upper and lower body workouts! I am not a fan of alarm clocks!

Saturday I did Flex Train and then had a lot of running around to do. Yesterday was my rest day and I just did some things around the house mostly. This morning was Total Body Barbell with the weight plate bonus. I just got a new kitten and am hoping that she and Quinn will be buddies because Quinn really needs someone to play with. Have a great day!

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Pam I can't wait until I no longer have to use an alarm clock for most days but that is like 15 years from now. Great job on FT and TBB plus weight plate bonus! Oh fingers crossed the kitties become play buddies.

This morning I slept in. I am thinking that I may need to start taking two rest days a week during the winter. I am just feeling so blah with the cold, icy, snowy yuck weather and I think that is affecting my not feeling rested.

Have a great day!
Julie You get up SO early, I can’t imagine doing that all the time, especially when it’s so cold. I hope you had a good sleep in!

This morning I did Gloved up and sweaty with the jump rope bonus. I didn’t have a jump rope but you don’t really need one. I probably got a better workout without it because there’s a really good chance that I would have missed the rope more than once! Have a great day!

Julie Great job on both of your heavy lower body workouts, your mobility workout and hike on Mt Kilimanjaro and your heavy upper body workout and all of your cleaning. That is great that the chiropractic adjustments are working for Gunner.

Pam Having a great goalie makes a big difference. I know our goalie has saved our butts quite a few times. 3rd place is still a good spot to be in. Good work on Flex Train, Total Body Barbell and plate bonus. I hope the new kitten and Quinn become best buds.

Julie It is hard getting up in the winter and you get up really early. I hope your sleep in helped.

Pam Great work on Gloved Up and Sweaty + the jump rope bonus.

Yesterday I didn't get a workout in before I had to leave. Most of the snow is now gone but now it is raining. It was hard to see the road at times but it all worked out and I got my mom to her appointments. This morning I did PHA Training. Then I went and got groceries and then in the afternoon I met up with a friend.

Have a great day.

Cheryl I’m glad that most of your snow is gone but it’s on fun driving in rain either! I’m glad you got your mom to her appointments safely. Great job on PHA!

This morning was Killer Legs with the Barre bonus. I feel like the Total Body Barbell workout is very leg focused so I have gotten 2 big leg workouts in this week. Have a great day!

Pam Great job on GUS w/jump rope bonus! I have some of the ropeless jump rope that is just the handles with a string and ball at the end of each. It helps give the sensation that you are jumping rope but you don't hit your feet as I am sure I would. Great job on KL plus Barre Bonus! I love working legs but I am also a little crazy too.

Cheryl So glad you got your mom to her appointments safely. Great job on PHA and LITE CP! Our weather yesterday was above freezing for the first time in almost two weeks and we got rain so our snow is starting to melt. It is going to be a muddy mess in our yard. Hope Zoey is doing better.

Oops I forgot to post yesterday. I did do an upper body workout. Then I had to drive into work and I think I just got busy and forgot to post. This morning I slept in again. I still wasn't ready to wake up when the alarm went off. This winter is really kicking me in the rear.

Have a great weekend!
Julie Don’t worry about forgetting to post, it happens to all of us sometimes. Great job on your upper body workout! I’m sorry that winter is getting you down, it will be over soon!!

This morning was P30 LI Hiit. I liked that it went by so fast . Millie and Quinn are getting along great, it’s just what Quinn needed. I was worried because Millie was pretty stressed and hissy at first, but she got over it quickly and now they are playing and wrestling non-stop. Our weather is so crazy right now. It was so cold last week and now it is 70 degrees. It’s supposed to be like this for 3-4 days and then next week is supposed to be more normal weather for this time of year. I‘d be happy for 70‘s to stay! Have a great day!

Pam Great job on Killer Legs.

Julie Yes Zoey is doing much better. It is a muddy mess here too. The snow is now gone except for the piles made by the snow plows. Don't worry about not posting, it happens to all of us. Great job on your upper body workout. About another month and a half and it will be spring.

Pam Great work on P30 LI Hiit. That is one of my favorite ones too. I am happy to hear that Millie and Quinn are getting along. Wow you are having crazy weather. I can't wait until we warm up to the 70s.

This morning was PHA 2. Now I am going to get ready to go to the SPCA to help out.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on PHA 2! I hope everything went well at the SPCA.

This morning was STS 2.0 Upper Body 1. Even though I hate all of the pull ups and chin ups, that one goes by pretty quickly. Have a great day!

Pam Great job on P30 HiiT! Oh that is so good that Millie and Quinn are getting along so good. Oh 70s sounds so nice. I would take that all year long. Great job n STS 2 UB1! If it is not pushups, it is pullups that get you.

Cheryl Great job on PHA2! Just 51 days to the first day of spring. It just feels like this January has been double in length and February is always so long plus we have an extra day this year. We can do this though!

Friday I did a heavy lower body workout and then I went and got a tattoo. I have a paw print from my previous soul dog Maggie on my left forearm and wanted to get one for Benny because he was my second soul dog. Saturday I had to be pretty careful with what I did for working out so I didn't damage the tattoo so I just did a recovery bike ride in Italy and a small amount of stretching. After that I went to my mom's to help her with some meal prepping and organizing. Sunday I did a heavy upper body workout and this morning I did a heavy lower body workout.

Have a great day!


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Julie Great jo bon your lower body workout! Wow, I love that tattoo! The paw print is so real looking, amazing! Great job on your recovery ride, stretching, heavy upper and lower body workouts! How is your mom and dad’s dog doing now that they have been home for awhile?

Saturday morning I did Step Blast and then some people came over to meet the kittens. They fell in love with Millie and will be picking her up later this week. Luckily Quinn will still have some playmates though because I got two more kittens on Saturday morning also. It was such a nice day that DH and I went for a bike ride in the afternoon, so I got plenty of cardio. It was our first ride in over two months so it was really hard! Yesterday was my rest day and it was a pretty lazy day. I spent a lot of time working on a puzzle. This morning was STS 2.0 Total Body Supersets. Have a great day!

Pam Great job on STS 2.0 Upper Body 1. I hate all of those pull ups and chins ups too.

Julie Oh poop February does have an extra day this year doesn't it. Great work on your 2 heavy lower body workouts, your recovery bike ride and your heavy upper body workout. I second Pam in saying that the paw print tattoo looks amazing.

Pam Good work on Step Blast, your bike ride and STS 2.0 Total Body Supersets. That is great that Millie is getting adopted and that Quinn will still have some playmates.

Friday I met up with a friend for a 10km walk. We lucked out that it didn't rain at all during it. Saturday I was pretty sore from the walk the day before so I did STS 2.0 Total Body Stretching and the foam rolling for lower body. Sunday I took as a rest day but we did go out for coffee with our friend. This morning I did LITE Pyramid Lower Body and then braved Costco. It was crazy in there today.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on your 10k walk and not getting rained on! Also on STS TBS and foam rolling. I need to brave Costco again soon. It’s always something that you need to get a bit psyched up for . Great job on PLB too!

This morning was Hard Strikes. I hadn’t done that one in a long time, I usually avoid it because of the su/pu combo . That combo was just as awful as I remembered it, but I got through. I’m always a set behind them at the end though. Have a great day!

Pam Great job on Hard Strikes. It is hard trying to keep up on the supu combo. Good for you in getting through it.

This morning was P30 LI Hiit + bonus abs. Now I need to get the regular grocery shopping done. I probably won't be checking in tomorrow as I have to get the car in for servicing early in the morning and then get my mom out for several appointments. I doubt I will get a chance to get a workout in either.

Have a great day.

Ok, I typed up a post yesterday and forgot to hit post reply. So glad it keeps my post.

Pam My parent's dog seems to be doing better. I think they take her back in a few weeks for another ultrasound to make sure all the inflammation around her pancreas is gone. Great job on SB! Congrats for Millie getting adopted and glad you are getting new kittens for Quinn to play with. Great job on your bike ride with DH and STS 2 TBSS and HS! That combo will always be awful.

Cheryl Great job on your 10k walk! Oh that is nice it didn't rain. Great job on STS 2 TB Stretching and FRLB and LITE PLM! I have to brave Costco some time this weekend. Very tempted to go Friday to maybe hit the "lighter" weekend crowd. Great job on P30 LI HiiT + bonus abs! Hope you have a great day. That is a lot of errands and running around.

It is actually Benny's pawprint. When he passed, I had them make a few ink stamps of his paw and gave one to the tattoo artist to use. It is slightly bigger than his real pawprint but any smaller would have made the detailed ridging to difficult to do. Tuesday morning was my rest/sleep in day. I actually felt like I got some better sleep so fingers crossed this two rest days a week starts making a difference. This morning I did a heavy upper body workout.

Have a great day!

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