Strength in Numbers

Cheryl Oh no, so sorry to hear about your mom. I’m glad that she is doing better and hoping that she was able to go home yesterday. How scary and stressful.

Julie Great job on your mobility session and bike ride! I hope you have a nice restful weekend.

Cheryl Unfortunately I can’t take the credit fort Julie’s hard work . Great job on ICE CUB and bonus abs. I hope you were able to get in touch with your mom or the hospital and that she was able to go home.

Yesterday morning I got up and got dressed for my workout as usual, but when I went to check on one of the new kittens he was barely moving and could hardly lift his head. So I rushed to the vet with him, but unfortunately they had to euthanize him . I did have him separate because he had bad diarrhea when I got him, but I’m still worried about the others. They said it was probably panleuk and that is highly contagious and can even be transmitted on clothing so they definitely have had some exposure there. I’m just hoping hoping none of the others get sick because there isn’t much you can do for it. This morning I did STS 2.0 Upper Body 2 and now have some baking to do for a party tomorrow. Have a great day!

Good morning ladies. This morning was RWH Plyo Hiit 2 and bonus abs 1. I had remembered it being easier than Plyo Hiit 1, but I might have remembered wrong . In any case it once again wasn’t pretty, but I got through it. Have a great day.

Pam Haha obviously my mind was on other things. So sorry to hear about the kitten. Panleuk is very contagious and we need to be careful if any of our kittens have it in the shelter so it doesn't transfer to the other kittens and cats. Great job on STS 2.0 Upper Body 2 and RWH Plyo Hiit 2. I don't think any of those plyo workouts are easy.

Julie Great job on your mobility session and bike ride it Italy :oops:.

Friday I met up with a friend and we went for a power walk. It was pretty foggy out but it turned out to be a nice day once the fog burned off. Thursday night my mom got to go home. She was very happy about that. Saturday I did ICE Lower Body Blast. It snowed a bit here too on Saturday but fortunately it didn't amount to much. Saturday afternoon we went with my mom, brother, SIL and nephew to a Christmas Concert with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. It was really good and my mom was doing better and enjoyed it as well. After that we went to a Greek restaurant for dinner. This morning I diP30 Yoga. Now I am off to the farmers market.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on ICE CUB plus bonus abs 1 and your power walk in the fog! So glad your mom got to go home. Great job on ICE LBB! That is so nice your mom was able to get out and go to the symphony! Great job on P30 Yoga!

Pam Oh no I am so sorry about the kitten not making it. I have never heard of that before and had to look it up. Poor kitty. I hope the others are in the clear and don't get it. Great job on STS 2.0 UB2 and RWH Plyo HiiT 2 plus bonus abs 1! They are both tough in their own unique way.

Friday I did a heavy lower body workout and then did some things around the house. Saturday was mobility and some more housework. Sunday was a heavy upper body workout and then a lazy day. This morning was a heavy lower body workout.

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on both of your heavy lower body workouts, your mobility work and your heavy upper body workout.

This morning I was really tired so I decided to take the day off. I did get a little bit of a walk in though as I had a few errands to do. This afternoon I met up with a friend for tea. Now I need to figure out a grocery list.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Sounds like you had a nice day off! That is nice that you can walk to get some of your errands done.

This morning I was really tired because I did not get good sleep last night. I decided to go back to bed after feeding the dogs. I think the extra 90 minutes helped but I am still ready for bed already.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great jo bon your power walk. I’m glad to hear that your mom is doing better and got to go home. Great job on LBB and P30 yoga!

Julie Great job on your heavy lower body workout, mobility, and heavy upper and lower body workouts!

Cheryl That sounds like a pretty nice day off to me. Well, except for the grocery list part!

Julie It sounds like the extra 90 minutes of sleep was exactly what you needed. I hope you sleep well tonight!

Sunday morning was STS 2.0 Lower Body 2. When I checked on the kittens that morning one of them was sick ☹️. So I separated her and got her started on fluids and antibiotics and started syringe feeding her but she passed away during the night last night. Her brother is still fine, but I’m so worried about him now. He is so sad being alone too. I got him one of those stuffed cats that has a heartbeat and purrs so hopefully that will help him. Yesterday morning was Gym Style Chest and triceps and my triceps are really feeling it today. This morning was Cardio Kicks. It was nice to have an upbeat one like that after finding the kitten. Cheryl What do they do at the shelter to sanitize after panleuk? I don’t know if that’s what the other 3 had a couple of months ago, but I sprayed down the entire room with rescue 3 times and let it dry, then did it again with a bleach and water mixture, but now I’m worried that they got it from that bathroom. Everything I’ve read says it can live on surfaces for up to a year so I’m getting pretty stressed about that. I won’t be taking in any new kittens for awhile. Have a great day!

Julie Sounds like you needed the extra sleep. I hope you sleep better tonight.

Pam Great job on STS 2.0 Lower Body 2, GS Chest and Triceps and Cardio Kicks. That is so sad about the kitten, I hope her brother doesn't come down with it. We use accelerated hydrogen peroxide to sanitize everything in the shelter. It is very strong and does need to be mixed with water before you can use it and you also need to learn the proper way of handling it. Also when we are dealing with something that can be transmitted we separate the animals to one room and anyone who goes in needs to be in complete PPE (personal protection equipment) and nothing leaves the room without careful and proper handling. Once the kittens are well enough to be adopted out the room gets a through cleaning and then is ready for whoever is next. It is time consuming and you need to be very organized because you can't leave the room once you go in. It works for us though as we have not had any issues for things being transmitted to the other animals in the shelter.

This morning was yoga for me. Now I am off to get groceries and then Tango needs his arthritis shot this afternoon.

Have a great day.

Pam Great job on STS 2.0 Lower Body 2! Oh no another poor baby kitty and hopefully the rest don't get it. That is so sweet the stuffed cat with the heartbeat and purring. I hope it helps him too. Great job on GS C&T and CK! I hope you can get back to taking in fosters when you feel comfortable that you have cleaned the rooms thoroughly. I can only imagine how stressful this must be.

Cheryl Great job on yoga! Hope Tango is doing well with his shots. Does he mind going in the carrier and to the vet? I know some cats can be a handful for just getting into the carrier.

I slept a little better last night so I did a heavy upper body workout this morning. We had our team holiday party yesterday so maybe that helped wear me out to get better sleep. My poor Gunner is having some bladder or urinary track issues going on. Whenever he has to be in the crate (usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays), he struggles to pee when we get home and let him out. Yesterday he was struggling pretty badly and then had 2 accidents in the house this morning. DH is home and going to try to call the vet and see what they think might be going on. It is just weird because it only happens after he has been crated for most of the day.

Have a great day!
This morning I did a short mobility workout and a bike ride in Italy. I have to talk my parents to the airport in a few hours. They are going to AZ to visit my niece who just had her second baby. She had two babies in 11 months so she will probably be happy to have more arms to hold a baby.

Have a great weekend!
Julie Oh no Tango hates the carrier. I don't have a problem getting him in it but he howls the whole way there and back. I am very glad that it is just a 10 minute drive. Glad that you slept better. Great job on your heavy upper body workout and your bike ride in Italy and your mobility session. Poor Gunner hopefully the vet can figure out what is going on with him. Oh wow your niece is going to be very busy with two babies. That is great that you parents are going there to help her out.

Yesterday I had physio in the morning so I didn't workout. When I got back I got the housework done and then in the afternoon we had some errands to do. This morning I did ICE Metabolic Total Body and now I am going to the SPCA to help out.

Have a great day.

Cheryl I do have the accelerated hydrogen peroxide and had sanitized my bathroom with it 3 times and did a bleach+water spray after that before taking in any more kittens. I am going to do all od that again, but am not comfortable taking in any un-vaccinated kittens for awhile. Great job on yoga, I hope things went well with Tango’s arthritis shot!

Julie Great job on your heavy upper body workout! Poor Gunnar, do you think he just tries to hold it so long while he’s in the crate that it somehow messes him up? Hopefully the vet will be able to help! Great job on your mobility workout and bike ride in Italy! Wow, 2 babies in 121 months, I can’t even imagine! I’m sure she will be very happy to have your parents there to help!

B]Cheryl[/B] Great job on your housework and ICE MTB! I hope everything wen well with your physio!

Yesterday morning was Gym Style legs. I haven‘t done that one in awhile and my legs are still talking to me today. This morning was Mobility 1&2 which felt really good while my legs were screaming at me! I’m not sure if I had mentioned that I am helping with the Dress for Success silent auction for a gala in March. On a whim, I sent Cathe an email to see if she would be interested in donating, and I got an email from Jenn yesterday saying that Cathe wants to donate something! I was so excited! Have a great day!

Happy Friday. This morning got off to a bit of a rough start. I got all ready for my workout, went up to take care of the kitties, and our power went out! Since I couldn’t do my workout I played with the little lonely kitten for awhile and then decided to make some tea. As soon as I had it made the power came back on, so I figured I’d get my workout in. I was supposed to do Gym Style Back, Biceps, and shoulders, but the dvd wouldn’t play. So I ended up doing a Pure Strength Mish mosh with those 3 body parts since they are on different dvds in that series, then the STS2 mini-ball abs. I just got a shipping notice from Cathe! I had totally forgotten about the new workouts so that will be a fun Christmas present. Have a great day!

Pam It is better to be safe that sorry and it will ease your mind as well. Great job on GS Legs, mobility 1&2 and PS mish mosh. That is annoying about the power outage and your disc not working but playing with kittens is a lot more fun. That is great that Cathe would like to donate some clothes to Dress for Success.

This morning I tried to do PRS #2 but I just didn't have the energy. I have been really struggling with my Cathe workouts for a while now. I am going to take a bit of a break from them and do something else for a while to see how it goes. In a bit I need to go out to my mom's to get her to her heart doctor appointment. Then later I am meeting up with a couple of friends for dinner.

Have a great day.

Cheryl That's good Tango's ride in the crate isn't long and that you don't have issues getting him in there. Great job on ICE MTB! I am sorry you were struggling with energy. Taking a break can sometimes be just the thing that is needed. I hope your mom's heart doctor appointment went well.

Pam That is what I think happens with Gunner but since it is intermittent it is hard for the doctor to pinpoint for sure what is going on. They asked us to bring him in with a full bladder this afternoon so hopefully they can find something out. Great job on GS Legs (that is a doozy) and Mobility 1 & 2! Oh wow that is so cool that Cathe is going to donate something. Oh man I hate when I can't workout first thing. You did so good with dealing with that and the DVD not working to get in your PS Mish Mosh and STS 2 Mini Ball abs!

Friday I did a lower body workout and then did some things around the house before heading to the vet for a checkup for Petunia which other than her being super scared went well. Saturday I didn't get a workout in because Friday night we noticed Ruby's paws were super raw so I had to take her to the vet to get an allergy shot and after that I went to my parents to clean some things for when they get back home. Sunday I did an upper body workout and had time to also go for a hike in British Columbia on the Chilkoot trail. This morning I did a lower body workout. I have to take Gunner to the vet this afternoon to check out his urine issues. I feel like I should just move into the vet with all the appointments I have had these last couple of days.

Have a great day!
Cheryl That’s too bad that you have beens struggling with your Cathe workouts. It sounds like doing something else for a while is a good idea and may be just what you need to shake things up a bit. I hope things went well with your mom’s appointment and that you had a nice time at dinner!

Julie Great jo bon your lower body workout, upper body workout, hike, and lower body workout! Wow, you really have been spending a lot of time at the Vet lately! Hopefully that settles down for you.

Saturday I did Imax 4 and spent a lot of the day doing kitten stuff. Unfortunately the other little kitten started throwing up Saturday morning so I was giving him fluids and meds and syringe feeding him every couple of hours. He sadly didn’t make it and passed away last night . This has just been such a crushing experience for me so I am going to stick it out with the crew that I have and take a break for a while. After all that I have read about panleuk I am still terrified for the others even though they are vaccinated since it said they are still at risk if they are under 5 months old. What a horrible virus! Have a great day.

Julie Great work on your lower body workout, upper body workout, hike in B.C. on the Chilkoot Trail (that is my neck of the woods) and your lower body workout. Wow you have been spending a lot of time at the vet. Hopefully it will slow down for you.

Pam Good job on Imax 4. I am sorry that the other kitten didn't make it. I understand about it being a crushing and emotional experience and wanting to take a break. Paneluk is not a nice virus at all.

Saturday I went for a power walk and then I got some Christmas baking done. Sunday I did a yoga, Pilates, barre mix and went to the farmers market. This morning I did a total body workout and then went for a short walk. Now I need to go take my mom for an ultra sound of her heart.

Have a great day.

Pam Great job on Imax 4! Oh I am so sorry about the kitten not making it. This virus is awful. I hope the kitties you have now don't get it. I think it is a good thing to take a break both to hopefully clear the virus out of the house and for your mental health.

Cheryl Yep I thought of you when I was doing that hike! Great job on your power walk, yoga/Pilates/barre mix, and a total body workout and walk! Christmas baking sounds yummy! I hope everything went well for your mom's ultrasound.

This morning I did a short mobility workout and a bike ride in Italy. We had super high winds yesterday and today we are in the teens. It is so cold. The vet really couldn't find anything with Gunner and of course he wasn't having the issue when we got there. She did do a chiropractor adjustment on him and said it is possible he could have a pinched nerve but more likely that he is getting too excited when he finally gets out of his crate and can't express all of his bladder right away.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on your power walk, yyoga/pilates/barre, total body workout, and walk! Also getting some Christmas baking done. I need to do some this week, I’ve been having a hard time getting motivated but there is no more time for procrastinating!

Julie Great job on your mobility workout and ride in Italy. I think your weather from the other day is here today. It’s really cold out and is supposed to be really windy today. That’s a bummer that the vet couldn’t find anything with Gunner. Sometimes it sure would be nice if they could talk to us and tell us what is going on!

This morning was XTrain Cardio leg blast. To the mat was on the calendar but I just wan’t feeling that one. I think I’m finally going to do some Christmas decorating today! Have a great day!

Julie Good work on your mobility workout and ride in Italy. That is so frustrating when the vet can't find anything wrong. I am not sure of the results of my mom's ultrasound yet. Hopefully everything is fine.

Pam I am having a hard time getting motivated to do much of anything Christmas related. Great job on XTrain Cardio Leg Blast.

This morning I did legs and core. Then I went for a manicure. After that I went and got groceries. It was really busy and the traffic was awful. I am just glad that it is done and over with and I am not going to go again until the new year.

Have a great day.s


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