Strength in Numbers

Pam I really hope it works out for Renee. Great job on SB plus SJP abs, D10, and D11! Yea, pushup palooza is done with! I wonder if STS 2 will have as many pushups?

This morning our internet was out again! It has been going out more ever since it was bought out by a new company. I hope they get their act together although it is not like I have many choices being in the country. Since I bought an FM radio last time this happened I had no excuse but to get my heavy upper body weight workout done. I did a yoga practice that I normally stream from memory and think I got it all done. After that I packed up my work stuff to head into the office since I still needed to work. By the time I got into the office, I checked and our internet was back on. I have to stay in the office a few hours for early meetings but I will probably leave around 11 and do grocery shopping then finish out my day at home.

Have a great day!
Julie Thanks, I’m really hoping that things work out for Renee also. That’s a bummer that your internet was out again but you were smart to be prepared with your FM radio. Great job on your heavy upper body and yoga workouts! I hope you were able to get out of work to get your shopping done and finish your day at home!

This morning was D12 so I’m done with Meso 1! I can’t say that I’m sorry about that and I do hope that STS 2.0 won’t have so many push ups. Then I had a hair appointment and now I’m getting stuff ready for our trip tomorrow. I probably won’t get to post again this week so have a great week and Julie have a great Thanksgiving!

Julie Great job on your heavy lower body and core workouts, your hike in Chile and Pilates and upper body mobility work. That is great news that Cam is doing better with the meds being cut back.

Pam The drive to Vancouver is about 40 minutes each way so it wasn't too bad. It wasn't rush hour yet either so that helped as well. I hope Renee's trial goes well and she gets adopted. Good work on Step Blast and the abs from SJP, and discs 10 and 11.

Saturday I went for a power walk since it was a nice morning. Sunday I took as my day off but I did walk down to the farmers market to pick up a few things. Monday morning I did disc 22 Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and then got some meal prepping done. I had a dragon boat meeting in the evening to discuss the next season. This morning I did P30 LIHI HiiT and bonus abs. Then I got the grocery shopping done. It was a very rainy day here but it is very much needed.

Have a great day.

Pam Great job on D12! I only like the leg workouts from Meso 1. Those upper body workouts are torture. Have a wonderful trip and Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheryl Great job on your power walk! That is awesome your farmers markets are still going. I think ours typically end around October. Great job on D22 and P30 LIHI HiiT plus bonus abs! Do you typically meet with your dragon boat team during the winter off season much?

This morning I did my mobility work and a little core work. DH left for work before I got started and the dogs were all curled up on the bed and I seriously wanted to join them and sleep in. But since I get to sleep in the next 4 days I figured I could suffer through one more early morning.

Have a great weekend! Talk to you Monday!
Cheryl Great ob on your power walk, D22, LIHI Hiit and bonus abs! I am so envious that you can walk to your farmers market. I would go to ours a lot more often if I could walk there. We are having a much needed rainy day today.

Julie Great job on your mobility and core work and showing such strength working out instead of cuddling with the dogs! I hope you have enjoyed your 4 sleep in days though! I hope you had A nice Thanksgiving as well.

Wednesday we got up and hit the road after taking care of the kitties. Jackson was sick on Tuesday, so I took him to another foster to take care of him while we were gone. We got to my BIL and SILs around 4 so it wasn’t too bad. Everyone came there for spaghetti that night and then Ashley and Carl drove up/down after they got out of work. We had a really nice Thanksgiving day. We went for a big walk on the beach before dinner. Friday we went to a shooting range and did some shooting. I wasn’t very good, but the kids all did great. I also did a Peloton workout so I didn’t feel like a total slug. We came home yesterday because someone is coming this afternoon to look at DHs car that he has been trying to sell for awhile. We stopped an picked Jackson up on our way home. The poor little guy is so congested and pathetic. I’m going to go get him some kitten milk and baby food to try to get him to eat some more. He started antibiotics yesterday, so hopefully that helps. This morning I did Imax 2 and the abs from Cardio and weights and I guess I am starting my active recovery week tomorrow. Have a great day.

Julie Ours is more of a winter market in that there is some produce but not as much as in the spring and summer. I really only get together with one of my dragon boat friends during the off season and also during the season as well. I really only see the other members of my team when we have a meeting. Good job on your mobility and core work and getting out of bed instead of sleeping in. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving day and weekend and got to sleep in.

Pam This one is nice that it is close to walk to. In May it changes to another location that I need to drive to but it doesn't take very long to get there either. Sounds like you had a very nice Thanksgiving weekend. Great job on your walk, Peloton workout and Imax 2 and the abs from Cardio and Weights. I hope the antibiotics help Jackson and he gets better soon.

Thursday I did ICE Low Impact Sweat 1 and then I got the housework done. I went to the SPCA in the afternoon as that was when our transfer arrived. We got 4 kittens, 1 cat and 4 mice. Friday I did disc 24 Back and Biceps and then we had our furnace serviced. Then I went back to the SPCA in the afternoon to help out with adoptions. All 4 kittens and 1 cat were all adopted out in 3 hours. It was crazy busy there but the time went by fast. Saturday I took as a day off and today we got together with some of our neighbors to say good-bye to one of our neighbors who is moving away.

Have a great day.

Pam Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving and found some time to get some movement in too. Great job on that Peloton workout and Imax 2 plus C&W abs! Poor Jackson. I hope he gets better soon. Hopefully DH had some luck with the person buying his car.

Cheryl Great job on ICE LIW 1 and D24! Wow that is so fast on getting those kittens and cat adopted out. I guess that is a good thing if the SPCA is busy as hopefully that means people are looking to rescue.

Thursday I did a heavy upper body workout, some yoga and Pilates, and a bike ride in Japan. After that DH and I had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving just us and the dogs. Friday I did a heavy lower body and core workout and then did some work around the house and took Cam to a vet visit in the afternoon. He is doing good on his reduced meds but we found a bump we needed to get checked out. Saturday was a hike in Chile and some Pilates and mobility work and then I was really lazy the rest of the weekend. This morning I did a heavy lower body and core workout! I can't believe the 4 day weekend is over. :(

Have a great weekend!
Julie Great job on your heavy upper body workout, yoga and Pilates and bike ride in Japan, your heavy upper body and core workouts and your hike in Chile and Pilates. Sometimes a nice relaxing Thanksgiving is just what you need. I am glad that the reduction in Cam's meds is working and I hope the bump is nothing serious. Crazy how fast those long weekends go by.

This morning I was so tired. It was how I feel like after eating gluten but I didn't think I had anything with gluten in it yesterday but maybe it was hiding is something that I wasn't aware of. I tried to do ICE Bootcamp but I was struggling too much so I stopped. I did go for a walk in the afternoon though because it was sunny but cold out. I took Zoey with me to keep me company and to push me a bit. The "S" word is in the forecast for tomorrow so we will see how much we get.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Gluten is sneaky sometimes and in things you would not even think it would be in. Glad you were able to go for a walk and I am sure that helped a little. I hope you don't get much snow.

This morning I did a heavy upper body pull workout and a ride in Japan. I just realized I signed off yesterday with have a great weekend. Apparently I am already ready for the weekend again!

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on LIS and your housework And D24. Wow, that is fast getting all of those kittens and the cat adopted!

Julie The guy who came Sunday is buying DHs car. He gave him a deposit and has to finalize his loan. He was pre-approved, so hopefully that will go smoothly. Greatn job on your heavy upper body workout, yoga, Pilates, AND bike ride! Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful! Great jo bon your heavy lower body and core workout and housework too. I’m glad that Cam is doing so much better on the reduced meds and hope that the bump isn’t anything to be worried about. Great job on your hike in Chile, Pilates, mobility work, heavy lower body and core workouts! Isn’t it a bummer how fast a 4 day weekend can go?!

Cheryl Sometimes there is gluten in things that you would never guess have gluten. I hope you recovered from it ok Great job getting a walk in anyway and hopefully you don’t get too much of that 4 letter word!

Julie Great job on your heavy upper body pull workout and ride in Japan. That is too funny that you said have a great weekend!

Yesterday was a beautiful day so DH and I went for a bike ride. It wasn’t really recovery, but I am counting it as active recovery. One of our fosters was feeling overwhelmed because she had 5 kittens so I took 2 of them from her yesterday afternoon so now I have 8 . Luckily Renee was officially adopted this morning, I was a little worried about the possibility of her coming back after I agreed to take them. Jackson is still very congested and sad to be alone in a room and I’m having to syringe feed him, but his eyes looked much better this morning and he ate some dry food, so I’m hopeful he’s on his way to feeling better. I never am quite sure what to do during active recovery weeks so I was happy about Cathe’s post on that yesterday and went to the park for a walk this afternoon. It was another beautiful day so it was nice to be outside. Have a great day!

Julie Great work on your heavy upper body pull workout and ride in Japan. Haha too funny about your sign off. I didn't notice until I went back to look at it.

Pam Good job on your bike ride and your walk in the park. I never know what to do on a recovery week either. I usually just do what I feel like. I should take a look at Cathe's post on that. That is great that Renee was officially adopted and that Jackson is doing better.

This morning I did LITE Cardio Party and then I went and got groceries. It started to snow a bit early in the afternoon and I decided to go for a quick walk before it got too heavy. It is snowing pretty good now but it isn't amounting to much right at the moment. We will see what it looks like tomorrow morning.

Have a great day.

Pam Great job on your bike ride with DH! Sometimes I start off thinking I will do a recovery workout by going lighter or less intense and end up going more intense than I planned. Oh so happy for Renee and hopefully Jackson is on his way to being better. Glad you had another nice day to get a walk in outside.

Cheryl Great job on LITE CP! Glad you got a quick walk in before the snow started. Hopefully it won't be too bad today when you get up.

This morning I did some core and mobility work and worked on my splits some more. I don't feel like I got close to the floor today so I guess it comes and goes.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great ob on CP and getting a walk in before the snow got too heavy. Hopefully you didn’t get too much!

Julie I usually do my typical cardio workouts and just no weights during active recovery weeks, but I decided to try making it more of a true recovery week this time. Great job on your core and mobility work and working on your splits. You might have been getting closer to the floor than you thought o your splits.

Today it was supposed to rain all day so I was trying to decide what to do for my recovery workout, but then there was an hour without rain so I took a walk in the neighborhood. I’ll be ready to get back to regular workouts next week for sure! Have a great day!

Pam Great job on your walk and getting lucky to find a dry hour to do it in. I think the active recovery weeks were planned so your body not also rested up to do the next cycle but also your mind would be excited to go to.

This morning I did a heavy upper body workout and then added in some short yoga and Pilates work. I guess there is no denying it is winter anymore since on the drive into the office it was 14 degrees out. I double checked and it is Thursday today which means it is like my Friday since I take every Friday off.

Have a great weekend!
Julie I think you are right abot the active recovery weeks being for your mind also. THat is a great point. Great job on your heavy upper body workout, yoga, and Pilates! I hate the cold weather but I do feel lucky that we have had a pretty warm fall and early winter so far. Enjoy your weekend, I love that you take every Friday off!

Today I did ICE LIS Sweat and Icy core 1. It didn’t feel very much like recovery, but was on the lighter side at least. I also took the 2 new kittens for their spay/neuter this morning. Every person at the vet commented on how cute and sweet they were . I was going to bring Jackson with me because I was getting concerned that he was still so badly congested, but when I went up to see him this morning he was hardly congested at all and came and ate up all his food! I was so happy! Have a great day!

Julie Good job on your core and mobility work. You probably got as close to the floor as you usually get it maybe just didn't feel like it that time.

Pam Great work in getting a walk in between rain showers.

Julie Good work on your heavy upper body workout and yoga and Pilates. We weren't much warmer than you this morning, we were at 19 degrees. Enjoy your long weekend.

Pam Great job on ICE LIS and Icy Core 1. That is great that Jackson is so much better and is eating.

So the snow didn't amount to much. It was pretty slushy and it didn't take much to clean the area around our place. Then I got all the housework done and some meal prepping. This morning I did FT Bootcamp, then we went out to my mom's to take her out. I didn't need to go to the SPCA today because our transfer has been delayed. It will be tomorrow instead.

Have a great day.

Cheryl I’m glad to hear that your snow didn’t amount to much and wasn’t too bad to clean up. Great job on FT Bootcamp!

This morning I did Perfect 30 Yoga. I think I had only done it once before so it felt like a new workout. Have a great day!

Pam Great job on P30 Yoga.

I just went for a short walk this morning and then I went to the SPCA. We got 5 kittens 3 cats and 4 rats. It was a busy day. I need to go back there tomorrow to help with the adoptions.

Have a great day.

Pam I love that I take every Friday off too! Great job on ICE LIS Sweat and Icy Core 1! Oh yea, so glad Jackson is feeling better. Great job on P30 Yoga!

Cheryl You got quite a bit done with the snow cleanup, housework, and meal prepping. Great job on FT BC and your short walk! It always amazes me how quickly your intakes get adopted out. That is awesome!

Friday I did a heavy lower body weight and core workout and then did some cleaning! Saturday was a hike in Chile and working on my backbends some then more cleaning. Sunday was my lazy day and this morning I did a heavy lower body weight and core workout. I have a busy week this week and got horrible sleep last night stressing about the week to come.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on your walk. It sounds like things are picking up at your SPCA lately.

Julie Great job on your heavy lower body weight and core workout, hike in Chile and backbends, heavy lower body and core! I hope you are able to get better sleep and that this stressful week goes by quickly!

Saturday I did Cardio Party and some work around the house. I am working on cleaning our my pantry one shelf at a time so that it’s not too overwhelming. I just have one more shelf to go . Sunday was y rest day and I had a wish delivery in the afternoon. A girl who is going to Disney. She was so sweet and so excited, I don’t think she ever stopped smiling. I took Jackson out of solitary and he is so excited to be in with the other kitties. He has just been running around and playing with everyone’s tails and smelling them . This morning was Hiit 30/30 and stability ball abs. I’m glad to be finished with my active recovery week. Have a great day!


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