Strength in Numbers

Happy Halloween! Saturday I did the original Imax and then did some yard work since our leaves are starting to come down. They are still mostly on the trees though so the next few weeks are going to be fun. Then we had a Halloween party to go to. Yesterday was my rest day and we went to a friends to watch the Steelers and Eagles game. This morning I finally started STS because I pre-ordered STS 2.0 yesterday. First round of push up mania complete! Yippee! The people who met Layla on Friday decided to adopt her so they will be picking her up tomorrow :). I got one new kitten on Saturday. Her name is MacKenzie and she is still pretty shy but very sweet. One of the others that I was supposed to get has bad diarrhea so she is trying to get that cleared up before giving him to me. There is already a family that wants to do a trial with him and Cocoa Nib starting next week though, so I may not end up having him at all. The other 3 are supposed to be weaned this week so I will be getting them after that. It seems like so many have been coming and going lately! Have a great day!

Cheryl Great job on LITE CP + 6 pack abs 2 + ES2! Those types of days are the best for doing inside work and meal prepping. Great job on ICE MTB!

Pam No worries on being MIA! That sounds like a great trip, beautiful scenery and some hiking. Great job on TBGS plus bonus core! I would say you for sure got enough cardio with that much hiking. Great job on Imax! I don't know what would be better, cleaning up the leaves a little at a time or if they all came down at once. Great job on starting STS and getting through pushups mania workout 1! Hope everything works out for the kitties.

Friday I did a heavy lower body and core workout and then did some housework. Saturday was an upper body weight workout and a hike in Chile then DH and I put the deck furniture away. :( Wish we were getting it out not putting it away. Sunday was my lazy day. I got terrible sleep last night but I got up and started a new weight program with a heavy lower body and core workout.

Have a great day!
Pam Good work on Imax and STS disc 1 and all of those pushups. I am so glad that I am now onto the next meso cycle. Wow you do have a lot going on with all the kittens.

Julie Great job on your heavy lower body and core workouts and your upper body weight workout and hike in Chile. It is sad to put away the deck furniture.

Saturday I decided to go for a power walk before the rains came. Sunday it was raining so hard that dragon boating was cancelled. I did do segments 1 and 3 of stretch max and then had a very lazy day. Today I did STS disc 13 Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. I like this meso cycle the best out of the 3. Tonight was Halloween and it was crazy busy. I had enough candy for 300 kids and I ran out so next year I will need to get at least another 100 to 200 more candies. It seems that we are getting a whole lot more kids.

Have a great day.

Cheryl A power walk sounds nice but dragon boating being cancelled because of the hard rain is sad. Great job on SM 1 & 3 and D13! I like Meso 2 the best too. That is a lot of kids for trick or treating.

This morning I did a heavy upper body weight workout and some yoga. We are in the 70s the next few days which is so nice. I am all for delayed cold weather!

Have a great day!
Julie Every year I get to the point where I just wish the leaves would all come down. It definitely would be better than it being spread out across 4-5 weeks. Great job on your jeavy lower body and core workout, upper body and hike, and your new heavy lower body and core workouts! It is so sad to put away the deck furniture.

Cheryl Great job on your power walk. That is a bummer that dragon boating was cancelled because of the rain, but hopefully the rain is taking care of the fires. Great job on SM 1+3 and STS 13. I can’t wait to get to meso 2, but actually don’t really mind the M1 workouts other than Chest days. THat is amazing how many trick or treaters you get!!

Julie Great job on your upper body and yoga workouts. I am with you on the delayed cold weather. It can be delayed permanently as far as I’m concerned!

Last night we did our annual neighborhood fire pit in the cul de sac for Halloween. We got the most trick or treaters that we have had in a long time and I got rid of all of my candy for the first time ever! I was putting handfuls in most bags, but I always do that because I always buy too much :). This morning was Hiit 40/20 and the abs from Body Max 2. I got a bit longer break before the Butt Kicks because I couldn’t get the extra risers under in time. I still had to quit a little early on them though, they killed me! I also lowered my step for the straddle jumps at the end because I was afraid I might miss and fall on my face :rolleyes:. Have a great day!

Julie Great job on your heavy upper body weight workout and yoga. I am jealous that you are in the 70s, those temperatures are long gone for us.

Pam Good work on Hiit 40/20 and the abs from BM2. Butt kicks get me all the time too. They always make it look so easy and like you I need to quit early.

This morning I did RWH Low Impact Hiit 2 + bonus abs 1. Then I got the grocery shopping done. In the afternoon we got some errands done and then went for a walk. It was a nice day but it was only about 50 degrees out.

Have a great day.

Pam I bet the kids love you putting handfuls of candy in their bags! Great job on 40/20 plus BM2 abs! Sometimes it is nice to "stall" a little while getting equipment changes ready and those ending box jumps are really high.

Cheryl Great job on RWH LIH2 plus bonus abs 1! 50s is a little chilly but not too bad if the sun is out or it isn't windy/rainy. But I prefer we keep our 70s which is highly doubtful for too much longer.

This morning I did my mobility work for front splits and backbends. I am pretty sure I touched down for a few seconds with my left leg in front but when I switched to right leg in front, I still have quite a gap. I haven't been sleeping well the last several nights so I really had to work up to doing my workout.

Have a great day!
Julie Good job on your mobility work for front splits and backbends. I always find that one side is different than the other and takes a bit more work. I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight.

This morning I did disc 14 Legs. I had to modify the deadlifts to supermans. My back was really sore and I wasn't going to be able to do the deadlifts. Then I took my mom to the dentist. Then we went to a garden center that turns into a huge Christmas store. They have a lot of nice stuff but some if it is very expensive as well.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on D14! Sorry your back was hurting but good thinking on skipping the deadlifts. We used to visit Bronner's in Michigan that is a huge building filled with Christmas stuff year round. They had so many ornaments it was crazy but if you need something super unique and specific I would be they would have it.

This morning I did a heavy upper body weight workout, some yoga, and a bike ride in Rock Creek Park in DC. It was really pretty. I am super excited it is the weekend. I am ready to try to sleep in a little and it is supposed to be nice again which is crazy but awesome.

Have a great weekend!
Cheryl Great job on LIHiit and bonus abs! 50’s sounds like a nice temperature for a walk. It’s funny though how 50’s can feel warm when it’s sunny and cold when it isn’t!

Julie Great job on your mobility work. I can’t imagine even coming anywhere near touching down with either leg so I am very impressed!

Cheryl Great job on D14. Did you get anything at the Christmas store, or just look?

Julie Great job on your heavy upper body workout, yoga, and bike ride! I hope you enjoy the weekend and get some good sleep!

Yesterday DH and I went for a bike ride. I was really feeling sluggish though so it definitely wasn’t one of our faster rides. He told me I was riding really slow and I told him it’s all I’ve got today! This morning I had to take the new kitten MacKenzie in for her spay and then I did Disc 2. I forgot about all of the pulls ups and chin ups! Yuck! Then I got another kitten from another foster. He and Cocoa Nib are supposed to go for a trial adoption together next week so we figured we would let them get to know each other first. Have a great day!

Julie Bronner's sounds like the same thing that we went to. They had so much stuff it was a bit overwhelming, Great work on your heavy upper body weight workout, yoga and your bike ride. Enjoy your weekend and hopefully you get to sleep in.

Pam I just got an outdoor Christmas door mat. It is very close to where my mom lives so we will be going back there at least once more. Great job on your bike ride when you were not feeling it and disc 2. There are a lot of pull ups and chin ups in that one too.

This morning I had no energy for some reason. I did Step Boss Intermediate Step and added on the floor stretch bonus. After that I went to the SPCA. I hadn't been there for several weeks because the pet store that is beside us was having some construction work done so it was too noisy to have any animals there. We just got 3 kittens because the pet store isn't finished with the construction so we need to make sure that these guys are not with us for very long.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on Steps Boss IS and stretch bonus when you weren’t feeling it! I hope the construction next to the SPCA is finished quickly!

Yesterday I did Step Moves and then I had 3 wish discoveries. For some reason everyone wanted to meet on the same day. This morning was STS D3 legs. I already know I’m going to be feeling it in my hamstrings tomorrow. It was 83 degrees today so I got out the convertible and took a drive to the Farmers Market and then hung out by the pool for awhile. Tomorrow we have to drive to the beach for a celebration of life. Eric (my oldest step-son’s) MIL passed away last month. She was very young and it was very unexpected and sudden. Have a great day.

Pam Good job on Step Moves and STS D3 Legs. It must be nice to have 83 degree weather. It is between 30 - 40 degrees here and raining like made :p. That is sad about Eric's MIL especially when they are young and it is sudden.

So Friday I did disc 15 Back and Biceps. Then I got all the housework done. I met up with my former manager at the SPCA (I can't remember if I told you that she resigned to pursue another job) and my old assistant manage now new manager for dinner. It was great catching up with my former manager since I hadn't seen her since August. We had a really strong wind storm on Friday night (which I slept through). When woke up there were lot of stuff to be cleaned up. So I took Saturday off from working out and spent a few hours cleaning up leaves and other debris. Today we were suppose to go dragon boating but it was cancelled due to the rain and wind. So I walked down to the Winter Farmers Market which is very close to us to pick up a few thing. Then I had a really lazy day.

Have a great day.

Pam Great job on your bike ride with DH! Some days are tougher than others but it sounds like you were giving your 100% for that day. Great job on D2 and all those pullups! That is why I am not a fan of the upper body workouts in Meso 1. Too many pushups and pullups. Great job on SM! Wow 3 wishes in one day is a lot. Great job on D3! That is some amazing temps for November. Glad you took advantage of it and got some pool time in.

Cheryl Great job on SB and the floor stretch! I wonder if the no energy is related to the weather or the fires going on. I hope the kitties get adopted real soon so they don't have to deal with the noise. Great job on D15! That sounds great to be able to catch up with your former manager from SPCA. Hope you got everything cleaned up from the wind storm. Bummer about dragon boating getting cancelled but at least you got to go the farmers market.

Friday I did a heavy lower body weight and core workout. After that I did some housework and then I had to take DH's car to the mechanic for a few things. Saturday was a hike in Chile and some yoga. After that DH and I flipped our mattress and cleaned up the massive amount of dog hair under the bed that accumulates after only a few months. The temps were decent Saturday but it was really windy. We were lucky we didn't have any damager. Sunday was my lazy day. This morning I did a heavy lower body weight and core workout!

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on D15 and your housework! It sounds like a nice evening catching up with your friends. You must have been really tired to sleep through all of that wind! I hate cleaning up the leaves and debris after that.

Julie Great job on your heavy lower body and core workout and getting your housework done. Also your hike in Chike and yoga. Pet hair really can collect quickly, can’t it?! Great job on your heavy lower body and core workout!

Yesterday was my rest day and we had the celebration of life at Carolina Beach. We got there about an hour early so were walking to a coffee shop to get a coffee when a woman who was getting out of her car tripped over one of those cement parking space things and fell right on her face. We went over to help and called 911 and got her some ice for her face and knee. She already had a huge bruise on her face but luckily I don’t think she broke anything other than her phone. We stayed with her and her friend until the ambulance got there and a few other people came to help also. This morning was D4. I’m already looking forward to being finished with Meso 1. Now I’m taking Hunter and Cocoa Nib for their trial. They are both so cute and sweet, I can’t imagine it not working out, but you never know. Have a great day!

Julie Good job on your heavy lower body weight and core workouts and your hike in Chile and yoga. It does not take long for dog or cat have to accumulate. It seems like I just vacuumed and a few hours later there are clumps of cat hair in places.

Pam Oh wow that woman was lucky that she didn't break anything. That was nice of you to stay with her until an ambulance came. I have almost tripped over those cement parking things but have been lucky that I haven't fallen. Great work on D4. Meso 1 is not my favorite but I am enjoying Meso 2. Fingers crossed that Hunter's and Cocoa Nib's trial works out.

This morning I did disc 16 Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. Then I got the fridge cleaned out and wiped down cupboards and counters. Then in the afternoon we went for a walk. It was cold out as it was only in the 30s.

Have a great day.

Pam OMG, what a crazy scary thing for that poor woman. That was so nice of you to stay with her. Great job on D4! Well you are halfway through with the pushup mania workouts. Fingers crossed for Hunter and Cocoa Nib.

Cheryl Great job on D16! Oh that is something I desperately need to do. Both the fridge and cabinets and drawers need cleaned out. I did get my clothes closet cleaned out this last weekend. Small starts!

This morning I did a heavy upper body workout and then some yoga and Pilates! We are in the 60s today and 70s the next two days but then the weekend and all next week is in the 30s. That is a 40 degree drop!

Have a great day!
Julie You have to be in the right mood to clean closets and cabinets. We have a lot more that need to be cleaned out. Good job on your heavy upper body workout and yoga and Pilates. I know all about that temperature drop. That is what happened to us, one minute it was summer the next it was winter.

So this morning I woke up to a dusting of snow. It didn't last long but it looks like it will be staying cold for the rest of the week. I actually don't mind it, it is better that warm and rainy. I did LITE Rev'd up Rumble + 6 pack abs 1 + extended stretch 2. Then I went and got groceries. In the afternoon I met up with a friend for a walk and when I got back I went out for another walk with DH.

Have a great day.

Cheryl That is so true about needing to be in the right mood. I was for the closets, not quite there for the cabinets. Oh no snow! Great job on LITE RUR + 6 pack abs 1 + ES 2 and your walk with DH!

This morning I woke up and the internet was not working. I was supposed to do my lower body mobility and backbend work today. Even though I can do it from memory instead of following the online video, I usually have streaming music on and didn't want to workout in silence so I used it as an excuse to go back to sleep. On my way into work today, I bought an FM radio that way I can't make excuses next time.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on D16 and getting your fridge, cupboards, and counters cleaned, My fridge is over due for a good cleaning too!

Julie Great jo bon your heavy upper body, yoga, and Pilates workout! I haven’t even looked at the weather forecast but now I don’t want to! We have been having such nice weather I don’t want it to end!

Cheryl SNOW?! I‘m glad it was just a dusting and didn’t last long. I would rather have the warm and rainy. Great job on RUR,6 pack abs, and extended stretch! Wow, 2 walks also, great job!

Julie I don’t blame you for not wanting to work out in silence. That would just make the workout go by so slowly. That was good thinking buying a radio to be prepared for the next time though!

It looks like I forgot to post yesterday but I did Hiit 30/30 and Pilates based abs. It’s so funny because I have done that ab workout before but I didn’t really remember a lot of the exercises. Then I did some running around. This morning was D5 Back and triceps. A lot of leaves came down yesterday so I need to go and do some leaf cleanup. Have a great day.


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