Strength in Numbers

Julie We live in an urban area so we don't need to deal with dust from harvesting. It would be very annoying though to have to deal with the allergies. Great job on your mobility work. We have been getting the same kind of temperatures though we aren't in the 90's anymore. We will probably get some rain either tonight or tomorrow.

Pam Good work on Step Blast. You may need a couple of days off to rest.

Julie Good job on your bike ride in Alaska. A rainy day is a good day to get cleaning done. I hope you can enjoy the rest of the weekend and sit outside.

Yesterday morning I did Yoga Relax. Then we took my mom out and went went to the beach for fish and chips. Then to the casino where we all lost money. This morning I did Boss Bands Total Body. Then I got some meal prepping done and went to the SPCA to help out.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on YR! The beach and fish and chips sounds like fun! Great job on BBTB!

Friday I did a heavy weight and core workout and then did some cleaning and then we took Gunner to the vet for a good checkup. Saturday was a hike in Chile and some Pilates. It was super nice outside so I sat outside for a few hours. Sunday was my lazy day and this morning I did a heavy lower body workout and some core work.

Have a great day!
Julie Good job on your heavy weight and core workout, your hike in Chile and Pilates and your heavy lower body workout and core work.

Friday I did iCE Rock'em Sock'em Kickbox and then I went to have a manicure done. In the afternoon I went and helped out at the SPCA for a few hours. Saturday I took as a day off. I went to a celebration of life for one of my cousins who had passed away. I saw family that I hadn't seen since before the pandemic. In the evening there was a potluck for our coaches dragon boat teams. It was good to get together with everyone. Sunday we went for a walk along one of the rivers around here. It was a nice day and a lot of people were out and about. This morning I woke up and my throat wasn't feeling the best but I did manage to do STS Disc 1 Chest, Shoulders and Biceps. There are sure a lot of pushups in that one and I did have to do most of them on my knees. Then I basically sat around on the couch for the rest of the day. I am not feeling that great but I did check and it isn't COVID so that is good.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on ICE RSK! Sounds like you had a pretty nice weekend. Hopefully your not feeling well is maybe just from being outside but it is good it is not COVID. Great job on STS D1 and all those pushups!

This morning I did a heavy upper body weight workout and some yoga. I didn't plan very well because the yoga I chose was heavy on plank work and my arms were quite tired from the heavy weights.

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on your yoga and bike ride. I hope yoyu got to sit outside on Saturday.

Cheryl The fish and chips sound great, but everyone losing money doesn’t! Great job on BBTB.

Julie Great job on your heavy weight and core workout and cleaning, your hike in Chile and Pilates, and you lower body and core work!

Cheryl Great job on RSK, and getting STS Disc 1 done when you weren’t feeling well. I hate all of those push ups in meso 1! I’m glad to hear you don’t have Covid, I hope you’re feeling better soon!

Julie Great job on your heavy upper body workout and yoga. It is really hard to do planks when your upper body is exhausted!

It looks like I forgot to post on Thursday but I did ICE Bootcamp Circuit with the Blizzard blast. Friday morning we had an 8:30 flight to Connecticut. When we got there we went for a hike up to the top of a big rock and then went and had pizza. It was our lunch but since we didn’t finish until almost 4:30 it ended up being lunch and dinner. Saturday we went on a bike ride to another State park and did anither hike, and then had lunch before biking back. Sunday we took a tour of the Yale campus and went for a short walk along the beach. We had a very early flight home on Monday so I was tired the rest of the day and didn’t do much. Someone did come to meet the kittens in the afternoon ad they took Champ for a trial, so I’m down to 4 kittens at the moment. I took Edison for a trial on Thursday afternoon and he was officially adopted today. This morning was Hiit 30/30 and Perfect 30 Lower body. Have a great day!

Julie Good work on your heavy upper body weight workout and yoga. It is very hard to do planks when your arms are tired.

Pam Great job on ICE Bootcamp Circuit + Blizzard Blast, your hikes, bike ride and Hiit 30/30 + P30 Lower body. I hope Champs trial goes well and that is great that Edison got adopted.

So I am feeling better today but I did not sleep hardly at all last night so I decided to just take it easy today. I should be back to normal tomorrow.

Pam Great job on ICE BC plus BB before you left. Sounds like you had a great time in CT with the hiking and biking and being able to tour Yale would be really cool. How exciting for the kittens. Great job on HiiT 30/30 and P30 LB!

Cheryl So glad you feeling better. That was a good idea to rest with the bad sleep and just getting over whatever you had.

I was tired this morning when I woke up at 3 to workout so I went back to sleep for another hour. Then I did some core and mobility work. It made me get a late start to work but it was worth it!

Have a great day!
Cheryl Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I hope you got a better sleep last night!

Julie I can’t even imagine getting up at 3 to workout! It sounds like the extra sleep was really needed, but great job getting in some core and mobility work too!

This morning was the cardio part of KPC, P30 Upper, and Icy core 1. I did quite the mish mosh! We’re supposed to be getting a lot of rain over the next few days as we are getting some of the effects of Ian. Hopefully it won’t be too bad though. My brother is in Florida in an evacuation zone, but I don‘t think he evacuated . Hopefully it won’t be as bad as they are expecting. Have a great day!

Pam Sometimes I think I am crazy getting up so early but I am an early bird by nature. It just means I go to bed at 6. I can't wait till I am a senior and going to bed even earlier! Great job on KPC cardio, P30 UB and icy core 1! It sounds like a good mish mosh! I hope everything is ok for you and your brother. So scary what is going on down there. I have family in Tampa but we haven't heard from them yet.

This morning I did some core work and a bike ride in AK! The bike ride was set up so the camera was on a dog sled and we followed dogs and a guy on a "fat bike" riding on the snow. So cute watching the huskies! We are supposed to have decent weather this weekend and I am hoping to get some outside time.

Have a great weekend!
Julie Good for you in getting some more sleep and doing your core and mobility work.

Pam Great job on KPC, P30 Upper and Icy Core 1. I have seen some of the damage that Ian has done to Florida, I hope your brother is safe.

Julie Great work on your core work and bike ride in AK. I hope you can enjoy some time outside.

So my feeling good only lasted until Tuesday night. Then I was feeling lousy again. Wednesday morning I woke up and was still feeling horrible so I called my mom since we were suppose to go out there and take her out. She wasn't feeling well either which is weird for her since she is never sick. About an hour later one of the nurses called to say my mom tested positive for covid. I had tested myself Monday and Tuesday and both times they came back negative. So I decided to test myself again and of course this time in came back positive. Today though I am feeling fine so I did STS Disc 2 Back and Triceps. Then I made some granola and snacks. I do have to quarantine myself now for 5 days to make sure I have gotten over the symptoms. I guess my luck ran out, so I am pretty much stuck inside until Monday.

Julie You are too funny, looking forward to being a senior so you can go to bed earlier! Hopefully your family in Tampa is ok, I don’t think that Tampa got it as bad as some other places. Great job on your core work and your bike ride in Alaska! That sounds like a fun one behind the dog sled! Those workouts sound very creative!

Cheryl Oh boy, I wonder if you had Covid all along but just weren’t testing positive at first. I’m glad you are feeling better though, I hope your mom is too Great job on STS Disc 2. Are you doing a full STS rotation? I was thinking about starting one so that I can do it and then do STS 2.0 when it comes out.

Yesterday was our last day without rain for awhile so DH and I went for a bike ride. It was really windy though as we were already starting to get some of the affects from Ian. I did find out that my brother ended up evacuating. He wasn’t planning to, but decided to leave when the power went out. He went to his son’s house in Charleston, but is leaving there to go home this morning because it is supposed to hit Charleston today. My friend came and met Mickey yesterday and took him home for a trial! I also picked up a new guy named Manny. He’s about 6 months old but very sweet. This morning I did Step, Jump, Pump. I hadn’t done that one in ages. Have a great day!

Pam Yes I am going to do the full STS rotation so I should be done with it by the time STS 2.0 comes out. I hope everything is OK with your brothers house and it survived Ian. I hope Mickey's trial goes well. Good job on SJP.

So Friday I did STS disc 3 Legs. I am feeling pretty good so I did laundry and housework and then went outside to sweep up leaves that had fallen. Just another 10,000 leaves left to fall :rolleyes:. This morning I am taking as a day off. It is a really nice day out so I guess I will just need to enjoy it from our patio.

Cheryl Great job on disc 3! I might join you in that STS rotation in another week or so. I have to psych myself up for it! I hear ya on the 10,000 leaves. The hurricane gave ours a jump start but there are still a lot to come down. I hope you enjoy your nice day from your pato!

Saturday we had no power so I took it as a rest day and we spent the day getting the yard cleaned up from the storm. Our power went out Friday night and came back Saturday night and it was pretty nice outside, so it wasn’t too bad, I had already planned to make ribs on the grill for dinner. When the power went out Friday night I had a pot roast in the oven, but luckily we have a gas stove so we lit a burner and finished cooking it there. Sunday I did the Gauntlet. It was hard, but not as hard as 40/20 was this morning. I hadn‘t done that one in ages and it kicked my butt. I also did LITE Stacked Sets lower and bonus abs, It sound like a lot but was just a little over an hour. Have a great day!

Cheryl Oh bummer on getting covid. I have heard of people who test negative during the first onset of symptoms and then test positive days later. I know it also hits everyone differently. I am glad you are feeling better already again. Great job on doing STS D2 and D3!

Pam Everyone in Tampa was fine and luckily they did not get hit very hard. Great job on your bike ride with DH and SJP! Glad you didn't get too much damage except a lot of leaves and debris to clean up and that the power outage didn't cause too many issues for you either. Great job on the Gauntlet and LITE SS LB plus bonus abs!

Friday I did a heavy weight workout and some core and then did some cleaning around the house. Saturday was a hike in Chile and some yoga then I relaxed outside for a few hours because it was beautiful outside and we may be getting short on nice days. Sunday was my lazy day. This morning I wanted to cry when my alarm went off. I got horrible sleep and for some reason have been super stressed. Since I was starting a new weight program and I use the first week as light loads to figure out what the flow of the workout, I decided to workout. It was lower body and then I added some core. I have a super busy week this week. Hopefully I can get better sleep tonight.

Have a great day!
Pam I hear ya on needing to psych yourself out for it. All of those pushups are hard and I do need to do most of them on my knees. That is so nice to have a gas stove. Ours is electric so it sucks if the power does go out. Great job on the Gauntlet, 40/20 and LITE Stacked Sets Lower and Bonus Abs.

Julie Good work on your heavy weight workout and core, your hike in Chile and yoga and your lower body weight workout and core. I hope you can get a better sleep.

Sunday I did Stretch Max Segment 3. It has been really nice here so I sat out on the patio again. This morning I did Disc 4 Chest, Shoulders and Biceps. My quarantine is over so this afternoon we went for a walk. It was so nice to get outside and move.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on SM3! That is my favorite one. I love how the band helps with the stretch. So glad you have been getting some nice weather and could enjoy it. Great job on D4!

I got better sleep last night. This morning I did a heavy upper body workout, some yoga, and a bike ride in Alaska! It was actually through this really pretty setting where the snow had just fallen all over the trees. I think I got my winter quota in with this ride so no need for snow to come this year!

Have a great day!
This morning I did a heavy lower body and core workout. It is that time of year again where it is chilly in the morning where you need a jacket and then hot enough in the afternoon you don't. When I got to the office for work it was super dark and in the 40s.

Have a great day!
I had this all typed up yesterday and never posted it! So glad they get saved now!
Julie I’m glad to hear that everyone in Tampa is fine. Great jo bon your heavy weight and core workout, your hike in Chile and yoga. That’s great that you got to spend some time outside while the weather is still nice. I’m so not looking forward to cold weather! I hate that you had such a bad sleep and are feeling so stressed. Great job on your lower body and core workout though!

Cheryl Great job on SM a d D4! Happy day that your quarantine is over and you were able to get out for a walk!

Julie I’m so glad you had a better sleep. Great job on your heavy upper body work, yoga, and bike ride! Hopefully that is the only snow you will see this year!

This morning was Cardio Party and Strong Body Stacked Sets upper. I went up in weight for most of the exercises because she uses pretty light weights in that one. Yesterday afternoon I had a vet appointment for Manny to get him chipped and have him tested for FIV/FeLV. He also had ear mites so got treated for those. He was not a happy guy! When I got home a family came to meet Ness and took him for a trial and then someone brought over a new foster. It’s been a revolving door of cats lately. I have to keep the new girl separate while I treat her for worms and fleas, so I have her in a bathroom upstairs and she hasn’t stopped crying. This morning when I got up she was in the basement though! I’m not sure how she got there unless DH went up to see her before he left for golf and she somehow snuck out. She is getting spayed and vaccinated on Thursday so hopefully she will be happy with the other kittens and can go in with them for company.

Julie Great job On your heavy lower body and core workout. This time of year is so hard to dress. I always hated the days when it was dark when I went to work and dark when I came home. How many days until spring?!

This morning I did a 4 Day split premix called Boot Camp lower body circuit. It was pretty good. you do 4 rounds of boot camp cardio, then one round of legs from the Kickbox workout and repeat that 3 times and then the abs from the kickbox workout at the end. Have a great day!

Julie Glad that you got a better sleep. Good job on your heavy upper body workout, yoga and bike ride in Alaska. Haha got your snow quota did ya :p. Good work on your heavy lower body and core workout. The weather is the same here. I always dress in layers this time of the year.

Pam Great job on Cardio Party and Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper and 4 Day Split Premix. You have got a lot going on with all of your fosters. I hope Ness gets adopted.

Yesterday I did RWH LIHI 1 and bonus abs 1. Then I got groceries. In the afternoon DH had a dermatologist appointment and then we got some errands done. This morning was Disc 5 Back and Triceps and then I went out to take my mom out. She hadn't been out for over a week so she was very happy to get out and about.

Pam I love that the posts get saved now. I have typed up posts and forgot to hit the button before too. Great job on CP & SS UB! Hope everything comes out good for Manny's tests and treatments and Ness's trial goes well. That is so sad she was crying but funny that she may be a little Houdini escape artist. Great job on 4DS BD LB circuit premix! That sounds like a fun one to mix it up.

Cheryl Great job on RWH LIHI 1 plus bonus abs! I will be very surprised if that snow from the video is the only snow I see this year but a girl can dream. Great job on D5! So glad your mom got to get back out again and her covid symptoms must not have been too bad which is great!

This morning I did lots of mobility work. I woke up not wanting to work out and really tried to convince myself to go back to sleep but I did it and it was actually a pretty great workout. I was able to feel my mobility and flexibility improving for quite a few moves. Looks like a cold front is coming through tonight and we might not even hit 60 Friday and Saturday. Might not be spending time outside this weekend! :eek:

Have a great weekend!

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