Strength in Numbers

Julie Good job on your heavy weight and your mobility and yoga workout. I hope Cam doesn't need surgery.

Pam Great work on RWH Hiit Circuit Lower Body extreme premix. That is great that the little boy was excited about his puppy.

This morning I was really tired so I didn't workout this morning. I did get some errands done and then I went to the SPCA for my shift. Tonight I went dragon boating so I wasn't too concerned about missing one this morning. It was really busy there tonight. They are filming the mini series Shogun there so there was a lot of film crew and actors there as well as 3 dragon boat teams and then everyone who was going to the breweries that are down there too. It gets hard to find parking sometimes.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on dragon boating. That is a lot going on in one place! I bet it would be fun seeing a series being filmed and also recognizing places you know when you watch the show. You seem to be in a very popular spot for that.

This morning was Revved up Rumble with the Calorie crush and 6 pack abs. Now we’re meeting a family for breakfast to let the son know that he is going to see Hamilton tonight! Have a great day!

Pam It usually i Gsn't too interesting when you see something being filmed. It looks more impressive when you see it in the theatre or on tv. There are so many tv shows and movies filmed around here. Great job on Rev'd up Rumble, the calorie crush and 6 pack abs.

Yesterday morning I was really tired so I decided to take the day off. DH woke up with a sore throat so we are blaming our friend for that ;). Today I did some yoga and then I went out and pressure washed our patio.

Pam Great job on RWH HCLB Extreme premix! That one is tough without adding to the extreme-ness to it. that is so awesome about the dog and the little boy being excited! Great job on RUR plus CC and 6 pack abs! What another exciting Wish gift to see Hamilton.

Cheryl That sounds like a busy dragon boating session. Oh no, I hope your DH doesn't get too sick and doesn't share it with you. Great job on yoga!

Friday I did a heavy weight and core workout with some yoga and then did some meal prepping before taking Cam to the vet to find out that his eye had no improvement so he is scheduled for surgery this coming Friday. Saturday I did a run in Romania and some mobility work and then did some much needed cleaning. We had been doing to bare minimum since getting Cam and dealing with his eye. Sunday was my lazy day. This morning we woke up to snow. Only a dusting but still it is mid April and we should be done with this cold and snow! I did do a heavy weight and core workout with some yoga.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Oh no, I hope your DH doesn’t end up being sick! Great job on yoga and cleaning your patio. Our outdoor area needs pressure washing too, but we are waiting for the pollen to be done. Hopefully we are about there. Everything turns yellow here this time of year!

Julie Great job on your heavy weights, core and yoa! So sorry to hear that Cam has to have surgery on his eye. I know that isn’t the news you wanted to hear. Great job on your run, mobility work and cleaning. SNOW?! Yuck, I hope if has all gone by now and it’s the last you will see for awhile! Great job on your heavy weights, core, and yoga!

Saturday I did Flex Train. It’s not really one of my favorites and I’m not sure why I picked it but it was ok for a change. Then I got my first load of mulch done. I probably have 4-5 more loads to do and then some pine straw. I will be happy when it’s finished. Sunday was my rest day and we had Easter dinner with Eric and Blythe who were in town for a wedding. This morning was Imax 4 and I repeated rounds 7-10 to make it an hour. Yesterday was beautiful and we sat out by the pool for the afternoon and today it’s cold and rainy! I’m ready for warm weather to stick around. Have a great day!

Julie Good job on your heavy weight and core workouts, your run in Romania and mobility work and yoga. Poor Cam with his eye not improving and needing surgery. Bummer to still get snow in April. It has been a weird spring.

Pam Great work on Flex Train and Imax 4. Spreading mulch doesn't sound like much fun, I bet you will be happy when it is done. It is cold and rainy here too and we are looking forward to warm weather as well.

Sunday we were suppose to go to an Easter brunch but DH has a full blown cold and I didn't go just in case I spread some germs to everyone. My brother gets married this Saturday so we are being very careful. Today I did LITE Pyramid Lower Body and then I got some cleaning done. Tonight I went dragon boating. It was a really wet night as it was raining really hard. Even the seals were hiding and didn't want to be out in it.

Pam The snow did melt by mid-morning but when I let the dogs out in the afternoon, there were some flurries again. :mad: Great job on FT and your yard work! I don't remember really liking FT either. Great job on Imax 4 extreme! You and me both are ready for the warm weather to stick around.

Cheryl It has been a very weird Spring. Oh no, so sorry about DH's cold and having to miss Easter brunch. That was nice of you to be considerate of others. I wish more people were that way. Great job on LITE PLB, cleaning, and dragon boating in the rain!

I did a heavy weight workout and some mobility and yoga this morning. After that I swabbed Cam's cheeks to send off his DNA for a test. I had been reading that the gene that causes all black fur in boxer's doesn't exist so if you have a "black boxer" they are supposed to be mixed with another breed. Now to wait for the DNA results to come back.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Oh boy, I hope both you and DH and healthy for your brothers wedding this weekend! Great job on PLB and your cleaning. That does not sound like a fun dragon boat session at all! I think I would have been tempted to stay home/.

Julie Great job on your heavy weight, mobility, and yoga! Our kids did DNA tests on their dogs, it was interesting to get the results.

This morning was PHA 3 which is my favorite of the PHA workouts. It always goes by so fast. Tomorrow morning I’m picking a friend up at the airport at 6:00 am and going to breakfast with her, so probably won’t get in a workout. Have a great day!

Julie Good work on your heavy weight workout and your mobility and yoga. I had never heard about that for boxers. It will be interesting when you get the DNA results back.

Pam It is tempting to stay home when it isn't that nice out but it is a team sport and the rest of your team are counting on you showing up. Great job on PHA 3. You will be up early tomorrow. Enjoy breakfast with your friend.

This morning I did LITE Cardio Party. Then I went and got groceries and then got the rest of the housework done. After our friend got home from work he changed the tires on our car. It is so nice to finally get that done.

Pam I don't know how accurate they really are but they are fun to look at. Great job on PHA3! That one is my favorite too out of the PHAs.

Cheryl Great job on LITE CP! I'm super excited to get the results back. Cam did not enjoy me swabbing his mouth though.

This morning I did some core work, a bike ride in Montana, and some yoga. This is my in office day and it is cold and rainy.

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on your bike ride in Montana and your core and yoga work. I hope your weather warms up for you.

This morning I did LITE Pyramid Upper Body. Then I went for a manicure. After that I got some meal prepping done. I am not sure if I will have a chance to post until Monday. My brother's wedding is this weekend and I will be busy getting things ready to go to the hotel for Friday.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on LITE PUB and meal prepping! Hope everything goes well for the wedding and everyone has fun!

This morning I did heavy weights and some mobility and yoga work. We are supposed to be in the 70s through Sunday then back into the 50s next week. At least we might have a nice weekend! I am taking tomorrow off work. Cam goes in for his surgery so hopefully everything goes well with that.

Have a great weekend!
Cheryl Great job on CP and getting your housework done.

Julie Great job on your core work, bike ride and yoga!

Cheryl Great job on PUB1 I hope the wedding goes well and you have a great time!

Julie Great job on heavy weights, mobility and yoga! I hope you enjoy your nice weekend and everything goes well with Cam’s surgery!

Yesterday after breakfast with my friend I had a wish delivery for a family that is going to Disney. It was a 2 hour drive to get to their house and by the time I got home I forgot about working out so didn’t :) . This morning I did Circuit Max, an oldie but a goodie! Then I had another wish delivery for a 3 year old kid that is going to Disney. He was so cute, he was jumping up and down and kept saying Mickey Trip. Then when I was leaving he was trying to get in my car because he thought I was taking him to Disney. Have a great day!

This morning was Supersets. I really like that one but always forget about it. Now I have another load of mulch to spread and laundry to do. What an exciting day :). Have a great one!

Good morning. This morning was Step Blast and then I had to take DH to pick up his new (to him) truck. He’s been out playing with it ever since he got home. Then Finnegan had a meet and greet and left for a trial. He’s super shy but very sweet once he is comfortable with you, so I hope that goes well. I got 2 loads of mulch spread yesterday and I have one waiting for me that will hopefully be my last. It is nice and hot summer like weather this weekend and both our upstairs and downstairs AC units are not working. At least the one on the main level where we spend most of our time is working. DH is supposed to be looking at them when he is done playing with his truck. Have a great day!

Good morning ladies, I hope you are having a great weekend! This morning was lower Body blast and the abs from Lean legs and abs. Yesterday I finished the mulch (yay!) so now will need to get some pine straw. Today I cut the grass and did most of the trimming and blowing. The trimmer was messing up a little so I didn’t get to finish as I need DH to look at it when he gets home from golf. Another repair for his list! He got one AC unit fixed yesterday ( a mouse or squirrel had chewed through a wire) but one of our hot water heaters isn’t working either! There’s always something. Have a great day!

Pam After that long of a drive, I am not sure I would have the energy to workout. Great job on CM! Oh my gosh that is adorable he thought you were taking him to Disney that day. Great job on SS and SB! Fingers crossed for Finnegan. Great job on LBB plus LLA abs! So glad you got the mulch done. Oh my goodness, you have quite the home issues going on right now. Hope you can get them all fixed soon.

Friday I did a heavy weight and core workout with some yoga and then dropped off Cam for his surgery before coming back to do meal prepping and cleaning. I wanted to get it all done before I picked him back up so we could spend the rest of the weekend with him. Saturday I did do a run in Romania and some mobility work. Sunday was my rest day. This morning was a heavy weight and core workout and some yoga. Cam is doing pretty good. He is leaving his stitches alone and is being a trooper with the cone of shame on. He keeps running into everything and everyone but it doesn't stop him. I felt so bad that we had to stop him from running with the neighbor dog along the fence but he can't run right now until his stitches are removed next week.

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on your heavy weight, core, and yoga workout As well as cleaning and meal prepping! Alos on your run, mobility work, heavy, weight, core, and yoga work! I’m glad that Cam’s surgery went well. I always feel so bad for them when they have to wear the cone of shame, but it’s great that it isn’t slowing him down. Although maybe it would be good for it to slow him down a little if he’s not supposed to be running.

This morning was tabatacise and it was as hard as ever. Now I have q ish discovery meeting and then have to go by the vet to pick up some eye drops for Finnegan. Poor guys eyes got all goopy from the stress of the new place. Hopefully they will clear up quickly. Have a great day!

Pam Great job on Tabatacise! Oh no, poor Finnegan. Eye drops are hard to put in dogs, I can't imagine doing a kitty. Yeah, Cam keeps running into things and he snuggles with Benny who I am not sure likes having a big plastic cone laying on him.

This morning I did a heavy weight workout and some mobility and yoga! This weather is getting ridiculous. This morning we were right at freezing and we might hit mid 50s. This is so crazy for late April. We should be in the upper 50s/low 60s at a minimum.

Have a great day!
Julie Cats can be funny with eye drops, some of them are really easy to put them in and some fight you like you’re trying to kill them . I think Finnegan will be easy right now because he’s still scared and they are keeping him in a small bathroom so that he doesn’t have anywhere to hide. I shouldn’t be laughing about Benny having the big plastic cone laying one him . Great job on your heavy weight, mobility, and yoga workout! That is crazy weather for late April! We have definitely been cooler than usual this year so far too. We had a beautiful summer like few days, but just had a thunderstorm that dropped our temp by 20 degrees.

This morning was Xtrain Chest, back, and shoulders. Then I had a shopping spree wish. It was really fun because she was so excited. She really enjoyed her day and several of the stores went out of their way to make her feel special with gift bags, discounts, and personalized help. Finnnegan’s eyes are doing better so I was happy to hear that. Have a great day!


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