Strength in Numbers

I took the weekend off from working out and ran errands and cleaned on Saturday. Sunday was my lazy day. This morning I started a new rotation. It is a power lifting rotation from Chrissy King called Barbell Badass (sorry for the name, not my choice). I modified it slightly to incorporate some Pull-Up Queen techniques so I don’t lose any of my gains from that. Today was Bench Press day and I really am going to feel it tomorrow in my chest.

Cheryl Great job on CSS! Glad to hear I am not the only thinking the disc mountain climbers are tougher than regular ones. I would have been pretty freaked out seeing a ghost. I am guessing she was a pretty nice ghost in not messing with you. Glad you were able to get back to your regular spot with dragon boating. Great job on FS Mixed Cardio! You must have needed the sleep to sleep. Great job on FT and SM3! Hope you got some goodies from the Farmer’s Market.

Janie It definitely is a process trying to figure out what works for our individual bodies. You will get there. Sounds like you have a good plan to try out and are knowledgeable enough to know whether it is working and if not, how to adjust.

Pam Great job on your 22 mile bike ride! Yea, so glad you got a skiing session in FINALLY! Great job on KPC! That was great the guy even gave you the stuff he bought. How is your mom doing and any update on the plans for this summer?

Have a great day!
This morning I did BB squat day. I woke up feeling really good but then during my warm up I knew I was going to be in trouble. I was really tired and just wasn’t moving like I wanted to. I made it through the workout but man it was tough. Tomorrow is yoga day and I am so looking forward to it.

Have a great day!
I slept in today. Really wanted to do yoga but was so tired. Starting this powerlifting rotation is making me super sore and tired.

Have a great day!
Julie Nice that you took a break from working out and got all of your errands and cleaning done. Good work on your new rotation and on your bench press day. Don't worry I like the name of your new rotation. Great job on your squat day even though you were really tired. Sometimes a new rotation especially if it is something you don't do a lot can be tough. Good for you in taking today off and sleeping longer.

So Monday I did Push Pull, I was really tired and didn't have the energy to get back to STS. I was feeling more energy in the afternoon so I decided to go for a walk and in the evening I went dragon boating. Tuesday I did PRS #2 and then got the grocery shopping done. In the evening we went over to our friends place for a visit. Today I did Total Body Tri sets Lower Body and then I went to the SPCA. I was on my own today the other person who I volunteer with couldn't make it today. So I had 5 cats to look after in getting their cages clean and giving them fresh water and food. There was a whole lot of dishes and laundry to do too so my 2 hours there went by really fast. I am really looking forward to my Wednesday mornings there, it is a lot of fun.

Have a great day.

This morning I did BB hip thrusts. My legs are so sore and it was so hard to get motivated to do my workout and especially knowing I had more legs work coming today. Note to self not to skip yoga day! Today is my Friday and I am going to try to sneak out a couple of hours early today.

Cheryl Great job on Push Pull! Good for you for doing something with not a lot of energy. I am sure doing something helped boost your energy level so you could walk and do dragon boating! Great job on PRS 2 and TBT LB! That is great that you are having fun volunteering at the SPCA. I am sure they love having you too!

Have a great weekend!
Sorry I have been MIA for so long!
Cheryl Vela is doing great now. I think she is out of the woods. Great job on Flex trap on Saturday and Stretch max on Sunday.

Julie I like the name of the new rotation! Great job on it and on your modifications to keep your pull up gains. Great job on making it through squat day when you weren't feeling it. That sounds like a tough workout to do, especially when you are tired. I forgot how tired heavy weight lifting makes you, it was a smart choice to get the sleep when you needed it. We have applied to a facility in Michigan for my mom. The room that we want won't be available until July, so she's going to stay with my sister until then. We're hoping that she is accepted there as we are planning to take her up there the end of next week.

Cheryl Great job on PP, your walk and dragon boating on Monday. PRS2 on Tuesday and TBT on Wednesday. It's great that you are enjoying your time at the SPCA. Were all; of the kittens from last week adopted?

Julie Great job on BB hip thrusts. Yay for a log weekend! I hope you are able to sneak out early today!

My two friends and I decided we needed to do a couple of long rides back to back to see if we are going to be able to do the MS ride that we signed up for in September. It was cooler with low humidity at the beginning of the week, and our schedules lined up, so we rode 45 miles on Monday and Tuesday. Monday seemed like it went by really quickly, despite Marianne getting a flat that cost us almost 30 minutes. We got done faster Tuesday, but it felt longer. The good news though is that we were all able to do it and didn't feel too bad. Wednesday morning I water skied again and this morning I did Mindy Mylrea extreme intervals and abs from Muscle endurance. My whole body is a little bit achy now. Yesterday William got neutered and he gets picked up on Saturday. His new name is either batman or batcat :) Last I heard they hadn't decided between the two, but I voted for batcat. I hope the other three get adopted soon because I sure do have a houseful right now! At least everyone is healthy though. Have a great day!

Julie, Great job starting a new rotation! I'll have to look up Chrissy King. I bet your Bench Press day will be felt. Great job with BB squat when you were so tired. Kinda glad you didn't do yoga, especially when you were so tired. We all have to listen to our bodies. Great job on today's BB hip thrusts. Sometimes it's hard! I know. Enjoy your Friday.

Cheryl, Great job on Monday's Push Pull. We all have to listen to our bodies, glad you didn't do STS. Walking is good and hope you had a fun time Dragon Boating. Good job on PRS #2 and today's Total Body Tri sets Lower Body. Wow you must have been busy with your volunteer time at SPCA by yourself.

Pam, My Gosh! You guys did fantastic with your bike rides preparing for the MS ride. And for your water skiiing and also for doing Mindy Mylrea extreme intervals and abs from Muscle endurance. WOW! You are amazing!

Yesterday my hubby, me and 3 friends went walking on John's River Cemetery trail. We went 4 miles. Whew! But all good for us older folks.
Janie Thanks for the kind words, but I think it's often stubborn more than amazing! Great job on your long hike, that is awesome. I just love hiking.

This morning I did RWH Plyo hit 2 extreme double it premix. Even doubled it is only 45 minutes, so it was good. It definitely kicked my butt though, I looked like a tomato and was dripping when I was finished. Have a great day.

Pam, great job on RWH Plyo hit 2 extreme double it premix. Dripping and looking like a tomato is key. LOL!

Today was TBS. Still trying to get through it without a flaw. When I can get through it perfectly (with the amount of weight I want to use), then I'll move on. Just the way it goes. LOL
Julie Great job on BB Hip thrusts. I hope you could sneak out early and start your long weekend.

Pam I am glad that Velma is out of the woods and is doing better. Yep all of the kittens were adopted within a couple of days. It seems kittens just fly out the door and older cats take a bit longer. Good for you in doing the MS ride in September. I have a cousin who has been dealing with MS for about 30 years now. Great job on your 45 mile bike rides and your water skiing. Good work on Mindy Mylrea extreme intervals and the abs from Muscle Endurance. I am voting for batcat too. Hopefully all your kittens will find new homes soon.

Janie Good job on your 4 mile walk.

Pam Good work on RWH Plyo Hiit 2 extreme double it premix. I bet you looked like a tomato after that workout.

Janie Good job on TBS. I guess in depends what perfectly means to you, but I know I am not perfect with a lot of my workouts. I just try to do the best that I can with how I feel that day. I know as I am getting older that I can't do what I could do before.

So yesterday I did Hiit 30/30 and then we went to my parents to get their yard work done. In the evening I went dragon boating. This morning I did Total Body Trisets Upper body and then I got some housework done. It rained pretty hard here today but we did need it.

Have a great weekend.

Cheryl I was getting used to my kittens getting adopted really fast, but I forgot that everything slows down during kitten season. There are so many more kittens around and people are going on summer vacations so it seems like adoptions slow down. I hope my three get home soon, they're starting to get big and I'm going to be out of town for the two weekends that we have adoption events this month. Great job on 30/30, yard work, dragon boating, and TBT.

This morning I did Step Blast and the abs from SJP. Yesterday afternoon DH and I skied, but he hurt his back :mad: He said it's a bit better today but he can still feel it, so I doubt we will be skiing again this weekend. Have a great day.

Pam I guess kitten season would slow things down because there are so many of them. I hope you get yours adopted soon. Good work on Step Blast and the abs from SJP and skiing. I hope DH's back gets better soon so you can get back out there.

Saturday morning I did Knockout Rockout and in the afternoon I went and helped with a learn to dragon boat program. We had really weird weather yesterday. We had rain hail and sun and of course we had to get hail and heavy rain when we were out on the boat. As we always say it is a water sport :p. Last night we went over to our friends place to watch the UFC on TV so we got home a bit late. I slept in this morning so I only did segment 1 of stretch max and then got to the farmer's market to pick up a few things. In the afternoon I went out for a walk.

Have a great day.

Even with Friday off, this weekend seemed to fly by. Friday I did Pedal Power Scrambled and then some chores around the house and a haircut. Saturday DH and I took Layla to the vet for a checkup and ran some errands and then spent the evening with my sister. Sunday was my lazy day and I needed it after not getting home until midnight the night before. This morning I did BB Squat day for week 2!

Pam No worries on being MIA! Amazing job on your two back to back 45 mile bike rides! I am super impressed! You are really getting some practice fixing flat tires now. Glad you were able to get some water skiing in there which is a great way to have fun working out! Great job on MM Extreme Intervals and ME abs! I love Batcat as a name! Glad you have a plan for your mom and hope it all works out. Great job on RWH Plyo HiiT 2 Extreme Doubles premix! Sometimes short means super intense! Great job on SB and SJP abs! Oh no, poor DH’s back! I hope it heals quickly.

Janie 4 miles is awesome no matter what your age! Good way to spend with your hubby and friends too! Great job on TBS! Steady progress makes all the difference. You have a great plan to keep doing TBS until you are where you want to be before moving on.

Cheryl Great job on HiiT 30/30 and yard work at your parents plus dragon boating! That sounds like quite a day. Great job on TBT UB and housework! It rained pretty much all day Friday and Sunday. We have been needing the rain so I don’t think anyone complained too much. Great job on RK! Wow, that is a weird combo of weather you had. Hopefully no damage from the hail. Sounds like we both had late Saturday nights. At least you did something good the next day with SM 1 and your walk.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on RK and helping with the learn to dragon boat program. Doesn't it just figure that the hail would come when you were on the water?! Great job on SM and your walk.

Julie Sorry that your long weekend flew by so quickly. Great job on PP and BB squat day. I hope DHs back heals quickly too. It is no fun at all being injured.

Yesterday was my rest day. I went to see my mom in the morning, did a few things around the house, and was mostly lazy. This morning I did Hardcore Extreme Interval blast and Bootcamp core only premix. That kicked my butt. Today I have a whole list of things to do to get ready to move my mom this weekend. Have a great day.

This morning I did BB Bench Press day. I am really loving this rotation. It is the perfect mix of training for strength and muscle building. Every day is a little different too which helps keep the interest high.

Pam Glad you took a day off to be a little lazy and visit your mom. Sounds like you rested up to conquer Hardcore Extreme Interval Blast and Bootcamp core only! I bet it did kick your butt! Hope you can get a lot done to get ready.

Have a great day!
Julie Sorry that your weekend went by so fast but you did get a lot done. Good job on Pedal Power Scrambled and BB Squat day. Late nights do me in, I really can't do them anymore. We really needed the rain here too so we didn't complain too much.

Pam Good job on Hardcore Extreme Interval Blast and Bootcamp core only premix. I am sure that would have kicked your butt that was a pretty intense workout. I hope things go smoothly with moving your mom.

Julie Great work on BB Bench Press day. That is great that the workout is keeping your interest. That is important, it isn't fun when it is the same old same old all the time.

Yesterday morning I did PHA Training plus the bonus abs and then added on a Blizzard Blast. I can tell that I have been slacking on my ab work they are talking to me today. Last night I went dragon boating. This morning I did the cardio only of Slide and Glide and then got some housework done. In the afternoon I met a friend for a walk.

Have a great day.

This morning I did yoga and it felt so nice to get all stretched out.

Cheryl Great job on PHAT and bonus abs plus the BB! I am always slacking on my ab work but at least I am getting better about incorporating yoga more regularly. One thing at a time I guess. Great job on cardio on S&G!

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on BB Bench press day. It is so nice to find workouts that are challenging that you enjoy.

Cheryl Great job on PHAT, bonus abs, and BB. That sounds like a lot! Great job on S&G cardio, housework and your walk too.

Julie Great job on yoga. I keep telling myself I'm going to start doing some yoga, but it never seems to happen. I just can't get motiv.ated for it.

Yesterday my friends and I did a 27 mile bike ride. It was a little cooler outside, but it was really humid. This morning I did Crossfire plus bonus abs. I'm hoping I can get some workouts in over the next few days, but I'm not sure if I will. Have a great day!

Julie Good job on yoga. It feels so good when you do it, I seem to be slacking a bit with doing it now.

Pam Great work on your 27 mile bike ride and Crossfire plus bonus abs. Don't worry if you can't get any workouts in for the next couple of days, it sounds like you are going to be really busy.

My abs and body were still feeling Monday's workout this morning. But I did manage to do FT Legs, Glutes and Core. Then I went to the SPCA. When I got there we had 5 cats, 2 rabbits and 2 rats. We got a delivery of 2 more rats, 6 kittens and 1 cat. It isn't a really big space so we are almost full but I am sure the kittens will all be gone by Friday. In our area we have an outbreak of rabbit hemorrhagic disease which can be fatal so when I cleaned out their enclosure I had to have on a hair net, gown, booties over the shoes and gloves and all their food, water and litter all had to be ready to go as soon as I entered the room because once you are in you can't come out until you are finished. It was a challenge to get the two of them into their crate so I could clean their enclosure, I am sure if anyone was watching they would have been doubled over laughing. But I finally did get them in the cage so I could get it cleaned out. I was glad when it was done because I was really hot wearing all of that. In the afternoon I went and got groceries, today really went by fast.

Have a great day.

This morning I did BB Hip Thrusts. The original program calls for Front Squats but I substituted hip thrusts because I like them better plus it is a different movement than doing regular squats and front squats two times a week.

Pam Great job on your 27 mile bike ride! Humidity is a killer. Great job on CrossFire plus bonus abs! I hope you can get a lot done these next couple of days and find time for yourself as well.

Cheryl Great job on FT LGC especially with still feeling Monday’s workout! Where do the rats come from? Do people get them and then find out they don’t want them? That is a lot of animals in one day. Oh the poor bunnies!

Have a great day!

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