Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 10/8


Diane Sue, my cousin said that there was a purple tint in it, ( she gets dark brown, almost black) so she didn;t use it. She used the one she usually uses "Natural Instinct" and she said it was fine. I think we have narrowed it down to the root color that she was getting that comes in a spray can? It has that chemical in it that you pointed out to us. I also use a root color by Loreal, and it does not have that chemical in it, I have never been bothered by it.

Glad you like the book. I got hooked on the Ivy!


Today I did Yoga Crosstraining from Travis Eliot’s Ultimate Yogi 108 Days of Yoga. It was pretty intense. It is a power yoga flow with elements of strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility. My arms and legs feel like jelly now! Total time was 64 minutes and 177 calories burned. Average heart rate was 97 and maximum heart rate 129. I bought this set a few years ago when Amazon had it on sale with the intention of working through it slowly. I don’t want yoga to be my only workout, but I plan to try a few more of the dvds. I enjoyed today’s practice and I didn’t get impatient for the end which is what happens with some that I have tried. I saw that this entire workout is on YouTube for free.

Hello to everyone and have a wonderful day.


I got a new password for KCM and got my pre-order placed.

Deb, Happy Anniversary :) I think mine had a bit of a purple tint to it in the blonde, but I was going for a bit more of a cool toned blonde as opposed to the gold I fight against. It definitely does not make any purple color in my hair. Maybe they would exchange the color for her. It is pretty expensive for hair color. Maybe she needed help choosing the shade? That is good that the color didn't bother her. I thought Natural Instinct had that chemical in it. Most hair colors that are permanent do have that chemical in them. I had been purchasing Nature Tint from Sprouts, which I used to get by mail order. It has only .4% in it, but it still was causing the problem for me and could be because of some other chemicals as well. That is why I did a search to find hair color that did not have it at all and veered away from so many chemical ingredients.

Valerie, I imagine you are pretty busy getting your workout room done :) It will be nice when you are done. I don't think anyone enjoys an unruly dog. I have to go back over things with Gertie once in awhile when she starts forgetting what she is supposed to do. That is all it takes is some correction.

Carolyn, you got a nice calorie burn with that yoga workout. I have one from Bob Harper that is over an hour and have burned over 200 calories with it. I should pull it out sometime. I am feeling like I could use some good stretching. I was sore from head to toe this morning. The cardio helped to loosen up a bit once I got going.


Good morning,

No workout yesterday...I am going to start back tomorrow.

Diane Sue, when I could not remember my password on KCM's site to do the pre-order, I tried the "forgot my password" button 4 times, and they never sent me a code to change it. I searched in some old password list on my desk and finally found it. I even tried to order without an account, and they would not accept my email address, it said it already had my email on file. :(. I am not sure if my cousin opened the package or not....I think Ulta would take it back either way.

Valerie, that is too bad about your aunt's dog. I see this all the time with my involvement in the training club.

Carolyn, great job on the yoga workout! I cannot imagine doing it for over an hour. I bet you are really nice and stretched out.

Hi to Judy & Lori,

Agility class this morning, Anyone have any plans for the weekend?

Take care.


I was so surprised this morning. I slept 8 hr and 29 minutes. It has been an exhausting week and little sleep. My Fit Bit gave me a star. It was my first star in the 14 months i have had my watch. I think i have my goal set ay 8 , but never reach it. I am not sure what I will do today. I know i want soe yoga or stretching and probably cardio. This evening there is a special event at my daughter's house. I will share tomorrow:)

Deb, i have a notebook I keep my passwords in and i tried what i had and it did not work. When i clicked forgot my password i checked mybemail 3 times and it was not answered. Later in the afternoon, I found a response was sent. It was quite awhile before I checked my email again though. I have more than one email, so if one doesnt work I will use the one i save for business types of stuff , like bills. I dont like doing that though. I had to do that with SB once and now i get stuff for her on both emails. I have 2 more addresses that I never use. I You are right Ulta would probably take it back.


Deb, we were so disappointed in what happened to that dog!. he belonged to cousin we lunch with. he left dog with his mother ( aunt). big yard and "protection". she proceeded to never reinforce any command. he became an obnoxious out-of-control dog. took a year or two. when she got him, he would sit, stay, come, and walk nicely. lovely, well behaved. Nothing like a 110 lb dog jumping all over you with muddy paws and being obnoxious. He was always humping women and children even tho he was neutered. nice when you have decent clothes on! she wouldn't use the choker because she didn't want to "hurt him" so he ran out into the road and got HBC. guess that hurt more. he lived but it was expensive. one time he ate the drapery!. that was another surgery.

I did High reps upper and abs yesterday. we went to lunch with old friends and thought we'd road ride afterward, but got a heavy rainstorm with hail so abandoned that idea. I stuck my phone on the charger when we got home. didn't look at it until the middle of the night when I had my usual bathroom run. without contact lenses I noticed instantly the screen was cracked! could NOT figure out that happened as it was fine when I started charging it, and I only carried it upstairs and set it on the nightstand. this morning, I showed it to DH who didn't admit to anything right away. I was trying to imagine any possible scenario for cracking inside my purse and could not. ......... finally he 'fessed up. he dropped it yesterday but his close vision is crap without readers so didn't know anything happened. It's a radiating crack from a small central point so no question it will need replacing. I could kill him but.. promise I won't. he broke the ipad by dropping it because he doesn't like it in the leather case. I won't use it without the case because it's so slippery, especially in the car while we are driving. so I seldom use the ipad anymore because it' s first off a search for the case. same with a phone, way too slippery without a case. apparently he can't hang onto it even in a case! I get pretty annoyed because it's my phone. he uses it all the time and seldom uses his. it sits on his desk and gets used when he goes somewhere without me. what would men do without us and our purses or waist packs.

I keep a computer file with my passwords but print it out once a year to update. so many little tweaks. some want caps, letters and numbers, or some other characters. I started out with a few pw's but they morphed into more complicated pw's to fit the requirements of different sites. and sometimes nothing works and you need to do the reset.

I've toyed with yoga DVD's. I had a series on VHS but never could get things right. I went to a class for > 10 years and that worked better for me, but she moved & too far to drive at 6 am. I will look at U tube for that workout Carolyn.


Hello Ladies,
Today is a rest day for me. I hosted my investment club meeting although I was not scheduled to do so. The husband of our scheduled hostess had a stroke two weeks ago and I took her meeting. Fortunately he is recovering well and she was able to attend today.

Deb, I don’t like all types of yoga. I don’t care for the very slow moving practices with emphasis on meditation. I am more interested in a good strengthening and stretching with proper breathing emphasized. The one that I did yesterday did not feel like it was an hour. I have also come to realize that I can stop before the end if it seems too long :). I like both of Cathe’s yoga workouts and she has timesaver premixes. What do you do for stretching and flexibility?

Valerie, since you have done yoga classes, you might like the yoga crosstraining. I consider myself to be a novice, but I do what I can with my level of flexibility.

Diane Sue, I was surprised by the calories burned yesterday. It’s great that you were able to get a good nights sleep.

Hi to Lori and Judy and have a wonderful afternoon.


Deb-Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Diane Sue-That's great that you got over 8 hours of sleep! It's probably been 5 years or more since I got that much sleep at once. I set my Fitbit sleep goal at 7 hours and I haven't gotten many stars lately. I usually get around 6 hours.

Carolyn-I've been doing more of Cathe's and Jessica Smith's yoga lately. Yoga Crosstraining sounds like a good one.

Valerie-I'm sorry about your phone :(

Lori-I'm glad Madeline is doing better.


This morning's workout was STS cardio Athletic Step, 48 minutes, 337 calories, heart rate average 136,max 165, 3,903 steps. I needed stretching so I did Barre Amped Stretch and Strength advanced active stretch 26 minutes, 57 calories. This felt good. I am sore almost everywhere. The only thing not sore is my arms. Odd since I have skipped a day in the middle of the week.

Valerie, I am sorry your phone is cracked. We have never had one crack, but I have purchased a case as soon as we purchased the phones and tablets.. My husband hands me things to put in my purse all of the time. So did my children when growing up. I have always required a large handbag.

Carolyn, I like more active yoga most of the time. When it comes to meditation on a workout I am done with the workout. I cant lie there or sit there and do nothing.

Judy, I would love to always have 8 hours slerp. That is why it is my goal. I dont even get 7 very often. More like 5 or 6.
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Hi, all,

I know I am not burning many calories doing my one floor stair climbing. I did it 22 times today, and it does not take that long. I did my legs today also. I am moving to New Jersey to live near my boyfriend Anthony. It is an apartment building, and I know I will have to get puzzle mats and an area rug. I am looking forward to working.


Good morning,

Something strange going on here.....I see Caitlin's post from yesterday, and the one before is going back to Saturday at 6:11 Diane Sue....???? what happened to all the posts in between?

Is anyone else seeing this?


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