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Lori hollandaise does not sound like it would be for me. I like eggs with salsa or hot sauce. Or mixed with a lot of veggies and then STILL there needs to be hot sauce. Cousin really enjoyed it though. was on an English muffin with some salmon under the eggs. this was a really good restaurant. kind of a surprise partly self serve. go up to the counter to order. they make your coffee while you wait using their own roasted coffee. then take a big number to put on your table. you get the coffee right away, the rest brought to your table. so a casual dining set up, but OMG the food was great. the coffee was fantastic. the toast was fabulous, and they make their own raspberry jam. it was so good. DH always orders pancakes/ waffles and bacon, things he doesn't get at home. everyone ordered something different. it sounded like standard breakfast/brunch fare, but they raised the bar on all the components. luckily its too far to drive to often.

All our weather forecasts out west now depend on whether it is an El Niño or La Niña year. The presence of a large pool of warm or cold water in the pacific drives everything. We are having very mild weather actually warm but that usually means wet for California and points east.

Deb DH knows the phone but it’s like he’s afraid to use memory, has to clean it out so no space is used! He is like that about everything like our land line answering machine. My sister rambles thru the entire allowed "record" time, often calls back a second time. I prefer to listen and know what she is up before talking to her. he is right there, telling me to delete it before I even listen. Or starts nagging to delete it, and drown out the recording so I have to play it second time. :mad: He is promising to leave my phone alone but well see how long that lasts.
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I posted over on the New Workout forum with a question on the warm ups on the Pyramid Pump DVD. Every workout on my DVD starts with a warm up with Cathe saying,

"Welcome to Pyramid Pump Lower Body". Even the main workout. And it is definitely a lower body warm up.

For those that have done this one, are there different warm ups for the different premixes and the main workout?


Today I did Cardio Party and 3 minutes of the the Calorie Crush before deciding to skip it. My time was 42 minutes and 312 calories burned. My average heart rate was 133 and maximum heart rate was 173. I decided that I didn’t want to do the step portion today.

Deb, great job with Cardio Party yesterday and getting over 14,000 steps! Good idea to give your lower body a break. Deb, I noticed that too when I did Pyramid Pump yesterday. The warm up is the same for the total body workout.

Lori, I can see why you are delaying the start of a LiTe rotation given your work commitments. I don’t want to do 30 days of only LiTe either. I want to try all of the workouts first then do one of the mixed rotations.

Diane Sue, the entire Pyramid Pump workout is not something that I will do often. It’s longer than what I want to do on most days.

Valerie, I’m glad that your document finally printed. I haven’t tried to print any pages yet because I had already made workout sheets before the user guide was released.

Hello to Judy.


Today I did Fit Split Low Impact cardio using my external drive to see how the downloads work. I guess there is no chapters. I had to forward fast to the cool down and added the monster walks just before. This was 30 minutes, 192 calories, met 8.5, heart rate average 116, max 149, 1,783 steps. I then did Lite Pyramid Pump total body, 93 minutes (82 actual) heart rate 99 average, 129 max, 1,592 steps, met 6.0 , 479 calories. Using the met value and my weight gave me the same calories if I had just adjusted down to the met 4.5 or so that I normally use. Total time was 2 hrs 3 minutes with the cardio. Long workout. I doubt I will do it that way often. 671 total calories and 3,375 steps.

Pyramid weights all 12,10,8,10,12 reps
rear slide lunges 8,10,15,10,8 # dbs
step ups 3 risers 10,12,15,12,10 # dbs
side slide lunges 10,12,15,12,10# DB
elevated lunges 8,10,15,10,8# dbs
sliding cross back lunges (didn't go as low this time and lighter) 8,10,12,10,8 # dbs
deadlifts 10,15,17,5,15,10# dbs
calf raises 12# 30 reps, 15# 25 reps, 17.5 20 reps, 15# 25 reps, 12# dbs 30 reps

Upper (super sets pyramids) stability ball

pull over 10# dbs/standing single arm back fly 8# db; pull over 12# dbs/back fly 10#; pull over 15# dbs /back fly 12#; pull over 12# dbs/back fly 10#; pull over 10# dbs/back fly 8# db

Chest fly on ball 10#,12# 15#, 12#,10# dbs super set with
incline press on ball 10#,12#,15#,12#,10# dbs

triceps standing kickbacks 8#,10#,12#,10#,8# dbs super set with
lying extensions on ball 8#,10#,12#,!0#,8# dbs

standing sweeper curls 10# ,12#,15#,12#,10# dbs super set with
incline curls on the ball 10#,12#,15#,12#,10# dbs

standing overhead press 5#,8#,10#,8#,5# dbs superset with
incline front raise on the ball 3# , 5#,8# 5#, 3# dbs (I went light with Cathe on the shoulders )


Deb, when I did just Pyramid upper which is the first I had done on that dvd I thought I had selected the wrong workout because she starts out with the warm up for lower body. That is just how it is I guess.


Valerie, that is great that you finally got the download and it printed for you. I think those printers do not always connect well wire lessly with the computers. Funny thing is I have one of my husband's old laptops upstairs that he had cleared out and let our grandson use when he started college. His Dad gave him another more updated one. I printed some stuff from Kelly Coffey on it and my printer upstairs didn't work, it sent it to my husbands printer downstairs. I am getting used to that though. Odd too that my 4 year old grandson pulled up satellite pictures on my oldest ipad (many years old) and my husbands printer started printing. Somehow he printed several copies of the same satellite map picture till I got it cancelled. Generally when I print from my Samsung tablet, I have to put the document in Goodle drive and then it will print with my printer app choice. I never could get the Samsung print service to work for me so got an HPeprint app.
That sounds like an excellent place to eat breakfast :) I like eggs with hot sauce and salsa and sometimes avocado.

Deb, I think that they just used the one warm up because when you do the entire workout it has that warm up then lower body and then moves directly into upper body through the cool down. They did not add anything extra to that dvd other than abs #1. Lots of premixes though. I think the scrambled alternating upper and lower would be a good one to give the legs and hips a bit of a break between moves.

Carolyn, for some reason I thought that I saw something that said Pyramid Pump was a little over 70 minutes. Then I checked the details while doing it and realized it was over 80 minutes. It made me feel a bit better about how long I spent on it with writing moves down and a bathroom break. I used to do long workout like that a lot. Legs and Glutes extreme comes to mind :) I wanted the cardio for the warm up and then spent time with that playing it from the download to see if I could direct from my blue ray or television. Now I know I am not thrilled with the downloads if I were to do that only. No menu options, no premixes, and I could not move forward other than forward fast. I wonder how they do the bonuses on those. I remember one of the downloads I have had the abs bonuses separate. Also my Fit Bit is so bad for calculating a lot of workouts. Today's Pyramid would have been 203 calories for that 93 minute workout if I had accepted it and used it. That was way to low. I pretty much know the level I am working at and again, using the met value weight calculation was close to what Map My Fitness was using the blue tooth heart rate from my Fit Bit . Just slightly lower, which is generally the case when I set Map My Fitness for weight training. I even went a little heavier on a lot of the moves. I did go a little heavier last time, but after doing it I made it a bit lighter. I love Cardio Party :) It is another no dread workout!


Yes, Cathe Admin said that the warm up is the same for all the workouts on the Pyramid Pump DVD. I just think it is odd that they would have Cathey say "Welcome to Pyramid Pump Lower Body"...when it is going to be for all the workouts, especially the main one. She could have said Welcome to Pyramid Pump. Also, it was strictly a lower body warm up, nothing that touched the upper body.


Good evening ladies,

This morning was Raw Heavy Bag Boxing. At first I wasn’t sure it it was going to be as instense as I hoped but quickly changed my mind. I used my heavy bag and it felt great. Thought this was an awesome upper body and core plus cardio workout. Needed to get out early so hardly got thru the stretch. Just did a few and then I was off to get ready.

Deb...I agree with the warm up. I too find that odd. Great job with the steps!! Awesome! I am going to do either the Lite/Ice rotation or Lite/S&S Rotation. I loved Fit Split, but I was getting bored towards the 30 day mark. Mixing it up will keep it fresh for me.

Diane Sue...the pyrex dishes are small rectangle and they each have a glass cover. They just happen to stack and fit perfectly. What size instant pot do you have? I have the 8qt. Originally was going to purchase the 6qt but Amazon was having a sale. I am glad I bought the larger one when I did. They have gone up in price! Too funny about your husband thinking you worry too much abput your fitbit. My husband rolls his eyes when I look at my apple watch fitness tracker to keep track of my fitness. One of the reasons I love this forum with all of you ladies. We do not think twice about how important those little things are too us!! Lol! I love my downloads!! Yes they have no premixes. Just the workout. I am one of those people that love to mkae my own premixes using Imovie. I do not mind having all the premixes fron the dvd’s. I would never do 3/4’s of them.

Valerie...That is great you were able to print the guide. I have not printed mine yet. Hope to Friday afternoon. That breakfast restaurant sounds delicious!!!

Carolyn...I have to be in the mood for step also. I have not done the step crush yet but looking forward to it.

Hi to Judy!!!!!

Have a great night all!


Deb, that is what I thought with the workout. I stopped it and went back and clicked upper again and it started with that warm up. I generally am rolling my shoulders and doing arm movements and loosening up the neck and trunk while waiting for the workout to load and then when I am done I push play. I like that kelly tends to pay attention to the upper body and the fact that many hold tension in their neck and traps.

Lori, my two pyrex dishes are rectangle and I am pretty sure they will fit my Instant Pot which is the 8 quart. I wanted big and all the features (I think 9 on mine) because I feed a lot of family when they come over for meals. My pyrex pans have plastic lids. I could probably find something I can sit between them. I will have to look. I use the premixes a lot. I usually start having ideas for them before I get the workouts. I Think that I would be happier with a download that was something like a kickbox workout or cardio workout rather than ones with weights and strength work. I like having choices to separate body parts that need a break. My husband had two Samsung Gear watches and he does not pay attention to any of the fitness features. I am kind of sorry he gave one of them to my grandson. I might have liked to play around with it :) I can get excited over the smallest fitness things :)


We did some heavy yard jobs today, DH cut down a tree. we need to saw it up and split it all. he will do way more than I will. he sawed the trunk into rounds and rolled them down the hill. they must weigh 300 lbs each. I can barely roll one uphill. my job was to stop them before they went too far but its not safe to stop one and best to catch it after it goes past.
I have tried a million times but I can't start a chain saw. I run out of "arm" before the pull cord is used up. I have reasonable length arms for a woman, but no matter what, can't start one. whatever. I pushed a lot of logs around. then went in and did the last half of stacked upper body, then Abs 2, and started the Band and body weight workout. did not do all of it. I was already tired, and time ran out. I did enough.

our breakfast was so good, I keep thinking about it. the coffee was amazingly good, as was the bread and raspberry jam. I had a vegie scramble omelet so I kept my calories under control but I was so surprised at how good it can be when the basics are carefully made. the coffee... the coffee! it was so fantastic.

I am happy with about 45 min workout. when we ride or hike its always much longer so I like my other days to be a little shorter.
ETA where is everyone this morning? Not sure what got me yesterday but expect it was the rolling log rounds.
a bit sore this morning. but loosening up as I am up and around. going to ride this morning.
I don't care about monitoring heart rate etc. I hardly use the Polar anymore. I used it enough, the time is enough data for me. I record that on a calendar. a simple system! I won't pay attention to a device, other than time spent. No criticism intended at all here. I use the chrono feature on my regular sports watch and that's good for me.
a minor criticism but I don't like the outfits the crew is wearing in Stacked upper. so many cute capris out there, these mostly plain color ones with no texture are so-so. I like some texture or pattern. these are not unflattering, would not buy them.
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Today I did PHA 2 for 61 minutes and 254 calories burned. My average heart rate was 111 and maximum heart rate was 149. I liked the workout quite a bit.

The discussion about the Instant Pot inspired me to use my slow cooker this week which I haven’t done since Thanksgiving. Monday I made tikka masala from a WW recipe and today I just started a whole chicken (not frozen). Lori inspired me to do that!

Valerie, your breakfast sounds delicious. I too love a good cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee.

Hello to All, and have a nice day.


I couldn't sleep so managed to do Coffey Fit Raw Boxing and Drills, which is one I keep returning to. This was 29 minutes, heart rate average 141, max 178, met 8.3, 220 calories, 2,480 steps. I was surprised the Fit Bit had my heart rate that high. I then did Coffey Fit Raw stretch, 28 minutes, met 2.0, 125 steps, 53 calories. Total time 57 minutes, 273 calories, 2,533 steps. My hip was hurting last night. This was my second time doing the pyramid pump workout with that happening. Next time I will do upper and lower split on different days. I did modify a bit. We went to my son in law's promotion and then we all went to lunch.

Valerie, I never liked the gas yard devices where you have to pull the cord and adjust the choke. I like the electric stuff. Unfortunately one of our outside outlets has decided not to work. Funny, I did not know we had one of those blower, leaf clean up things that plug in. My husband pointed it out when I mentioned needing to get one. The only thing is that the power cord needs to be wiggled periodically. It sure expedited cleaning up leaves. I love raspberry jam, raspberries, pretty much anything raspberry as long as it isn't artificial raspberry. I buy the raspberry fruit spread to put in my yogurt with chopped nuts once in awhile. That must be excellent coffee :)

Carolyn, nice workout. Tiki marsala is so good. I made a recipe from my Whole 30 Slow Cooker cookbook for Instant Pot that was awesome last night. I could have kept going back for more. It was Spiced Coconut Chicken with cumin cauliflower rice. It was really good. I did not have cumin seed so just used a bit of ground cumin though.


Went mountain biking this morning, 2 hrs 30 min. abut 8 miles with a lot of climbing. we will learn this new section of tree farm a little bit at a time.

I LOVE raspberry. strawberry too. the real stuff. you can buy strawberries all year but only taste really good fresh in June. I am a little pig the whole strawberry season. raspberries are a little more flexible and are good even now.
this restaurant made their own bread, their own fruit preserves, and roasted their own coffee. we had a latte for DH and an americano for me. it was a small cup but wonderfully flavorful. they had a beautiful design in the foam on top of his latte. I have not been so enthused about a restaurant in ages.

well, no problem adjusting the choke if I cant even get it started! b I yank and yank, just cant do it hard enough or far enough.

I love Indian food. I bought some simmer sauce at Costco. it's ready to use and good. how easy is that.


Good evening,

Yesterday I did Lite Pyramid Pump Upper Body, 49 minutes, 217 calories. This was a bit longer than the actual premix due to messing around with the DVD and starting over.

Valerie, that breakfast place sound really good! LOL on being glad it is far away. Yes, John has the same problem with using up memory on phones, and computers. Nice job on the LOG workout! :) I have the same problem with gas powered equipment. I can never pull the cord far enough to start it. We have all gas equipment. We found some good Indian sauces at Target of all places. Just make rice, add chicken and that's dinner. :)

Carolyn, I feel like you do on the rotations. I would like to try each of the workouts first, then see which rotation I would want to mix them with. I felt wiped from the Upper body only from Pyramid Pump. I could not see me doing the whole workout at one time. I found that Cathe is very fast on weight changes etc on this Pyramid Upper too, the same way she is on the older Pyramid DVD.

Diane Sue, kudos for doing a cardio workout, and then the whole Pyramid Pump workout! Yes, having them scrambled sounds like a good premix.

Lori, nice job on the Raw heavy bag workout! I am just the opposite, once I do a new workout as is, I usually use premixes after that. Like Diane Sue mentioned, I like splitting upper and lower body with weights. Sometimes like shorter cardio workouts, and there will be time saver premixes that work.

Hi to Judy,

Take care,


Deb-We got a couple of inches of snow last night and Accuweather is predicting 6-10 inches Monday.
We are definitely making up for having a mild December.
I'll be back to post this afternoon.


This morning I did Rev’d Up Rumble + Calorie Crush + Six Pack Abs for a total of 60 minutes and 437 calories burned. My average heart rate was 132 and maximum heart rate was 155. This was a great workout and didn’t feel like it was too long.

Deb, great job with Pyramid Pump Upper Body yesterday. I like that the stability ball is used in the workout. I have no problem pausing during transitions when Cathe moves too fast which does make the workout longer.

Diane Sue, nice work with Raw Boxing and Drills which sounds like a favorite of yours. The Pyramid Lower has a lot of cross back lunges which might be causing your hip pain.

Judy, take care and keep warm during this winter weather.

Hello to Valerie and Lori.


Deb the LOG workout was tough! we will be splitting the rounds soon, and that is a heck of an upper body workout. I have tried and tried pull cords, can't pull out the whole cord before I run out of arm. they must be designed for the average man.
our ride yesterday was tough but I am getting tougher. my new bike helps. the slightly bigger tires give me better road grip. no tire spinning. we are going to ride again today but a less hilly route. I have to be going about 2 miles an hour to keep going forward. if it's too steep to keep that speed, I lose balance. that's OK. walking uphill, pushing a bike is serious work too, just different emphasis than riding.

sorry you are all getting buried in snow. I lived in snow country for 25 years. I don't miss it a lot. we are getting very spring like here, with flowers blooming etc. sarcococca and hellebores. for us, a mild winter is often followed by a cold wet spring after the el nino weather pattern breaks down, so we might get hammered later in the season. this is not sunny California!

I love those prepared indian sauces. I put a lot of vegies in mine, like sweet potatoes, frozen peas, spinach, and sautéed tofu. I like chicken too. I have used almost every vegetable. usually one or two at a time. DH is not fond of curry. I can dip into the container, make enough for me while he eats something else. and of course I add some heat! the Costco size container is generous. they have Maya Kaimal brand. I like it over rice but amp up the volume with vegies. I could probably make sauce myself but not worth it when DH complains about it. he will eat it maybe once and that's enough for him for a while.

Pyramid pump upper will be next up. When cathe moves so quickly, I go lighter the first time or two, or add a few more reps if she is stopping at 8 or 12.

Carolyn, I used up the flax seed and now have a bag of hemp hearts. how do you use them? they seem more useful than chia.


Valerie, I sprinkle hemp hearts on oatmeal, yogurt, salad etc. I find them to be more useful and easier to add to foods than chia seeds. My husband likes cold cereal and he adds some to that as well.


New #195
This morning I got a call that my 4 year old grandson was sick and my son in law was bringing him before work so I had to adjust the workout a bit. I did Ice Low Impact Sweat workout #1, 28 minutes, , 178 calories, 1,980 steps. heart rate 129 average, 171 max. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Ascending Pyramid upper workout, but just did chest, shoulders, and triceps 40 minutes, met 6.5, 230 calories, 1,349 steps, heart rate average 105, max 144. I bounced on the rebounder and did some waistline standing moves between sets rather than just stand there. I will do the biceps and back tomorrow with some lower body tomorrow, hopefully.

Ascending Pyramid (full workout 64 minutes) 40 minutes for for chest, shoulders, and triceps adding a few stretches. 4 sets each exercise, two exercises per body part, the body parts are alternated as push and pull. Kelly and Sammy are doing these and they take turns so whichever one you choose to follow, you rest while the other one is working. This would be good for a heavy workout with the pace it moves.
All 16,12,10,8 reps
bench press 12#, 15#, 20#, 25# dbs
Flys 10#,12#,15#,20# dbs
upright row 10#, 12#,15#, 20# dbs
lateral raise 8#, 10#, 12#,15# dbs
seated overhead triceps extension 12#,15#,20#, 25# db
skull crusher 10# dbs, 12# dbs, 15# dbs, 25# db (for me as Kelly realized she wasn't putting two 20's together and she used one) I can move these weight up next time.

Deb, I am so glad we have not had much snow. It has been below freezing, but without precipitation. I do not enjoy the snow and ice all that much. Maybe if it was a day or two and immediately melted it would be nice. I need to get out to a store soon. Just have not had time. Nice work with Pyramid upper body. I am looking forward to getting the other Lite workouts eventually to use those shorter calorie crush workouts mixed in.

Valerie, I love those sauces, but make my own. I just freeze extra in tubs. They do make the veggies taste really good and are great over cauliflower rice. My husband does not like the smell of curry and won't eat it. He says it reminds him of Iraq when they put curry in everything, even the spaghetti sauce. He doesn't say much anymore though. It has been a few years:) The only thing with hemp is they do not work for thickening like puddings, but work great just to toss in veggies or almost anything. It just always felt like the equipment did not want to start and pulling the cord felt like I was trying to jerk my shoulder out of the socket trying to get the item started. I see different sauces at Sprouts and things that might be good and riced and spiralized veggie dishes with sauce to add which might be easy. I just have not tried them.

Carolyn, I think hemp hearts have a nuttier flavor which I like better. Both chia and hemp has a lot of fat in them though. I am thinking that with the cross back lunges as well. Maybe I should just do lunges. There are a lot of reps. Either that or just do pyramid up or down or something. There is not much rest in this one at all.

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