Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/20


Good evening ladies,

Yesterday I was too tired to work out in the morning. At lunch I did a 30 min bounce with hand weights. I love having a rebounder at the office!! This morning was this weeks LekFit Bounce...her intervals had fire walker loops which I liked. I needed to leave early this morning so I had to fast foward thru the arms and legs portions but did get a 30 min bounce Including the fire walker loop section.

Diane Sue..I am the same way..I love any fitness tech gear out there. I have plastic lids also for my pryrex and glass lids. Very happy I have these. I had put them away and completely forgot about them. Was a nice discovery. Great workout even with the adjustment!

Valerie...I guess if I had to choose the outfits in the stacked workouts would be my least favorite. I think they are fine though but just do not jump out to me. I have not been drinking as much coffee but realizing how much I miss it. I love the flavor of good cup of coffee. I purchased on Amazon some organic coffee beans from Canada and I am very happy with the medium roast brand I chose. I grind 2 cups of beans at a time then vacuum seal until I use to keep as fresh as I can.

Carolyn...too funny with your slow cooker!! Doing great with your workouts!

Deb...we had so much rain yesterday. I have a little water that came into the basement. This hardly ever happens but yesterday with the snow, then the ton of rain it was just a lot of wetness. Our basement is completely furnished and carpeted so I cranked the heat and have a commerial fan on the carpets to dry quickly. Such a pain. In the beginning of the week it was -5 degrees, yesterday it was 48 degrees. Insane!!

Hi to Judy!!!!

Have a great night all!!


Lori, that is too bad that you have had that much water. I have heard that can be a problem with basements. I remember my Dad having to pump water out of the church basement where he was a pastor at times in Nebraska. I would like to have a basement, but that part does not sound pleasant. It is good you don't have a problem often.
I was looking for the place I got all of the green smoothie recipes when I did the green smoothie challenge and found it last night. I thought that you might be interested. Here is a link
I found that I still had an app loaded on my old ipad when I was going through it last night :) You can get the app from their site. I have switched to a lot of glass for freezing and food storage since I want to cook in the glass and not plastic. The instant Pot is so nice for that over waiting for those things in the oven or putting them in the microwave which does not taste as good. Glass lids would be nice.


Hi Everyone,

Today I did Strong Body Stacked Sets Lower and 6 Pack Abs #2. The only LITE workout I haven't done yet is Cardio Party. I will probably try that next week. We are getting ready for another winter storm on Monday.
The snow we got last night was unexpected. I'll be doing some extra grocery shopping this weekend. I broke down and bought a Nuface from Ulta this week. I'd been reading about it for a while and finally decided to give it a try:

Deb-great job with the Pyramid Pump workout!

Valerie-Great ride yesterday! That was a long one! I've always loved Indian food too.

Carolyn-Great job with the LITE workouts this week!

Diane Sue-I hope your grandson is feeling better. Great workouts today!

Lori-I'm sorry about the water in your basement. Nice job with the bounce workouts.

Have a good night!



we did almost as much riding today as yesterday. I started my timer but must have bumped it accidentally so it stopped running. I gave us 2 hours. it was hard but fun and at least that long. we are going to explore all the roads we never tried while the trails are closed for months yet.

I sprinkled some hemp hearts on my yogurt this morning. not a lot of flavor, but I only used a teaspoon. I was using about that much of the ground up flax seed. that plus the fruit and a few sliced almonds boost up flavor in the bowl of yogurt.

water coming in the basement is a problem. we had a drainage problem at this house, and had to dig up all the drain pipes and replace them. you need to understand where the water is getting in and fix it. water can cause big damage over time.

I don't want to be overly critical, but there are such attractive workout garments out there. these were dismal. I don't think people in general look good with their anatomy too clearly outlined. some seaming, texture, patterns make profiles look much better.


Good morning,

No workout yesterday.

Judy, we got a lot of blowing and drifting snow here. Not sure of the amount, but they predict it will be off and on all weekend, and Monday. Ugh. Agility class this morning, will have to see if I can get out of the driveway! We are going to see a play this afternoon...."Spamelot" a Monty Python spoof on Camelot.

Carolyn, good job on Rev'd Up Rumble with the Calorie Crush and Abs! I wish I had a way to attach my DVD player remote to my body...LOL...I am constantly looking for it to "pause" so I can get the right dumbells for the next move. What are hemp hearts and what are the benefits of using them?

Valerie, it sounds like the new bike was a great purchase. You are surely enjoying it. :) I can't imagine seeing flowers blooming in January. The Indian sauces we get at Target are pretty small....just enough for one meal for the 2 of us. I should look for that brand you get at Costco and our big box store. ( B.J's) Which workout are you referring to on the outfits not being that attractive?

Diane Sue, nice job adjusting on the fly! I hope your grandson is feeling better today. I may look at doing just the ascending premix for the Pyramid Pump total body. It is a more reasonable time frame.

Lori, it's great that you have that rebounder at the office! Do you do it in an office with a closed door? Yes, the weather swings this time of year are awful. So many people say they are getting sick because of it.

Judy, that device sounds interesting. You will have to let us know how it works, and if you see some positive changes.

Take care,


This morning I did Ice Boot Camp Circuit timesaver #1 blizzard blast, 27 minutes, 122 average heart rate, max 156, 150 calories, met 8.5, 1,231 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Ascending Pyramid back and biceps, 26 minutes, 124 average heart rate, 176 max, 171 calories, met 6.5, 1,038 steps, 8.37. I also did Raw legs and glutes finisher, 17 minutes, heart rate 119 average heart rate, 154 max, 656 steps, 102 calories. This was 65 minutes, 423 calories, 2,925 steps. I also added on the Barre Amped bonus ball stretch, 7 minutes but did not add it to the calories.
Pyramid upper body back and biceps weights each 4 sets 16,12,10,8 reps these are done with a rest while the second person is doing their reps Back both do it at the same time since it alternates sides
seated double arm rows 15,20,25,30# dbs
1 arm row 15,20,25,30# db
Biceps curls 12#, 15#,20#,25# dbs
pledges double arm 10#,12#,15#, 20# dbs

For lower body finisher I just used 15# dumbbells and this alternates a dumbbell move with a non weight move. Last time I used 20# dbs, but was not wanting to push it that much today.


Deb the hemp hearts a have healthy fats. a serving size is 3 TB and 180 cal. I use 1 tsp sprinkled on yogurt. they add a little crunch. I don't notice much flavor. I got them at Costco, a big bag was something like $12. it looks like a years supply! Costco has Maya Kaimal simmer sauces. 24 oz coconut and vindaloo in a two pack. I add a lot of vegies to them along with a protein and serve them over rice. I usually precook the vegies and add before serving. I don't want mushy. the 24 oz will make ( for us) 4-6 dinner servings. you could easily use only part of the container rather than use all at once. One is supposedly mild and the other spicy but I think they are both mild and I add red pepper to my serving.

diane sue, I have the same problem as your husband but for me its tarragon. OMG. I ate at a restaurant that over did the tarragon once, in about 1980. I still can smell it a mile away. I remember shopping for houses once, and rejecting one where the whole house reeked of curry. I love it but don't want to smell it 24/7.

I need to hit pause on my player often. I get out dumbbells I think I'll need. I keep the remote velcro'd on a small board. we always need 2 or 3 remotes! best have them together. I need to pause if I didn't get the right dumbbells. they sit on a rug so they don't roll.

yes, the bike is turning out great for me. I wasn't so sure at first. has a top tube higher and straighter than my older bike. I can barely stand over it without getting "high centered". the design makes the bike more stable. I can go up/down things I can't on the older bike. it will be interesting to see if I am now a better rider on the old bike too. older bikes are in the basement until we go to MT, where we will keep them. its winter there, not like here where its very spring like. we could take the bikes back and forth so this was a big indulgence for us.

I love tights and capris. however...I am self conscious about my legs. I thought the tights the crew wears in Stacked upper body are unflattering, makes legs, hips look big. this is a probably personal sensitivity of mine. I think any pattern, contrasting color sections, cut outs, or seaming reduces the big thigh look . Like I said, I realize this is probably more about me than them. there are so many really cute capris. these just look dowdy.
ETA and out of order besides,... I love those red capris Cathe is wearing too. I have some a lot like that but black with a red zip zag.
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This morning I did Body Weight and Bands for 46 minutes and 218 calories burned. My average heart rate was 115 and maximum heart rate was 139. I added the Extended Stretch #2 for another 10 minutes. I didn’t initially choose the premix with the Stretch but decided to add it afterwards. I wasn’t sure how I would like the Band workout, but it’s a good one. Cathe doesn’t do so many reps of the exercises that I start to dread them. That’s something that I have noticed about this series. The sets are just long enough to be challenging, but not too long.

Deb, hemp hearts are the same as hemp seeds. They have beneficial omega 3 and 6 fats and protein. The NGs introduced them to me when I did the Mega Energy program. I always put my remotes in the same location during my workouts because I know I will need to pause! Sometimes it’s to write things down other times I need a few seconds longer during transitions. I can never put on the resistance loops from a standing position the way that Cathe and crew can!

Valerie, I use 2 tsps of the hemp hearts, which is one WW point. They add a little texture and crunch to yogurt. Like Lori, the outfits in Stacked Upper Body were my least favorite because of the color. On the other hand, I loved the red capris that Cathe wears in PHA 2. I even looked them up on the company website when someone asked her about the brand on another thread. They are from Violate the Dress Code. I like to treat myself to workout gear periodically and my daughters will treat me as well.

Judy, great job with Stacked Sets Lower Body. The Nuface facial toning device looks interesting. I have seen it mentioned and demonstrated on a couple of programs.

Diane Sue, nice job combining ICE Bootcamp Circuit, Raw Ascending Pyramid, and Barre Amped Stretch.

Lori, great job working in a lunch time Bounce. I hope the water in your basement doesn’t cause much damage.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


My husband went out of town for a drive and then went to the Pike Pass office to get a pike pass sticker for the new car. We went out to lunch again. I got a grilled chicken salad at Chili's. I was supposed to have grandchildren here this morning while my daughter went to a class, but she decided to stay home with my grandson since he was running a fever last night after she got home.

Judy, I have heard others talk about using those devices for their face. I have not tried one. I have never heard how well they work though.

Debbie, have fun watching the play. Our temps are warming up here this weekend.

Valerie, I do not like tarragon. I bought some for a recipe once and have tried it a couple of times and even the smallest amount does not appeal to me. Curry does have a tendency to linger in the air. That and garlic smells seem to float back to the master bedroom and leave there last. I think it is because the door gets shut a lot of the time. I will go to bed at night and still smell it. I always have my remotes close when working out. My problem is I forget sometimes and grab the wrong remote because I will have been using the roku remote for one workout and the blu-ray player remote for the other. It is frustrating at times too, because the back button on the roku is in the spot my blu-ray players eject button is located. I end up ejecting the dvd I am doing and having to find my spot.
I will have to look at a video clip of the tights and capris they are wearing. I have thought the ones that have a kind of a sheen to them tend to make the hips and thighs look bigger even with seaming.

Carolyn, I do not worry too much about adding extra healthy fats to my diet. I think I get plenty with what I eat and I do take a Schiff Omega 3 supplement. I bought a bottle of MCT oil (brain octane oil) from Bullet Proof and ended up just using it as part of the oil in my salad dressings. It just added more fat to my diet and I think I get plenty. I do like Hemp hearts and seeds though. If I use flax it tastes better as whole flax seed, I do not care for ground. Thanks for the thoughts on the Body Weight and Bands workout. Not a bad calorie burn for that one.

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