Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/20


Good morning,

No workout yesterday, except agility class with Kylee.

Judy, it sounds like the Stacked Sets Lower is just as good as the Upper one was. Can't wait to try it. I know I will be modifying for my hip, but that's ok. We probably have somewhere in the 8-12 inch range of snow. We are getting our refrigerator delivered today ( if they can get through the streets) so John is out there now clearing a path for the truck and the walks so they can "dolly" it in.

Valerie, The Firm workouts seemed overly made up to me, although I really liked them at the time. Makeup and their cute leg warmers. :). I had not seen that the User Guide was online yet. I will probably download it to my desk top computer, and print only what I want from there. I was thinking I would try to save it to a thumb drive and have John print it at his office on the laser printer. My desk jet just uses too much ink and the cartridges are so expensive. Yes, usually re-booting any device can solve a problem. That was the first thing all of our Tech people would say at work if we called with a computer problem: "did you try rebooting"? LOL....

Carolyn, I plan to use the calendar page sort of too, which is nice to have until the User's Guide on line I am also looking forward to the combination rotations with ICE, FS, etc.

Lori, stay warm and indoors! That is our plan for today. I wish we had a fireplace. :)

Diane Sue, I do the same with the User's Guides. Usually I just print the rotation pages. That Whole 30 recipe sounds delicious.

Edited to add: I tried downloading the User's goes to my desktop, but when I try to open it, it says it can't find the document..:(. This has never happened before.

Edited again: Got it to work....very funky the way it had to be messed with to download....but just glad it worked!

Take care, and stay warm!
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Deb that’s what happened when I tried to print. will try again this morning.
I don’t record weights until I’ve done workouts once or twice. I only want work sheets. I don't use rotations. I have some slightly sore spots this morning so I picked weight levels right yesterday. I have gotten really good at that!. I also don’t want to waste ink on parts I would toss.

Watching Narcos last night, one scene had a lady dressed for her aerobics class with the tights and high legged leotard. So weird! Based in the late 1980’s. Loads of makeup and big hair. Jane Fonda-like. no leg warmers though.
Also watching the Marvelous Mrs Maisel . a total scream!! They have late 1950s captured better that I ever saw before. Mostly Jewish people from NYC . The clothes, hats , department stores, language, ideas etc. I LOVE it. Rachel Brosnahan is fantastic and deserves every award she has for this role. they capture the era perfectly. I was in my teens then. I went to school with lots of Jewish kids. my best friend was Jewish, our neighbors too. they manage to capture the time and the culture and make it entertaining but not mean or angry. hilarious workout class in goofy outfits and measuring their legs all the time. right now they are at some awful summer vacation spot in the Catskills.

Deb, enjoy the snow for the beauty. . hope the new fridge arrives ok. If we got that much snow here, the entire world would stop for days!! this area is not prepared to handle snow, but this is an el nino year so unlikely we will get a single flake. now la nina is the opposite.
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Today is my rest day, so no workout to report. I’ve previewed all of the main LiTe workouts and bonuses and plan to continue with them tomorrow. I was happy to see the User Guide as I will need the workout sheets.

Have a great day everyone.


Good afternoon ladies,

Today I did Stacked Lower Body. This flew by and I really enjoyed it. For the first set I used Cathe’s weight but increase a little on the second. My body bars worked well in this one. I then did crush band...I am addicted to this one. To change it up I tried it on the 44inch jumpsport and loved it. Won’t do it this way every time but will every now and then. I wanted to do Raw glute finisher but I had snow to shovel. :( and my husband was patiently waiting for me to finish. We ended up with about 6 inches but it has been sleeting all day and temperatures are dropping. Going to be messy in the morning. My husband has it off but I do not. Going to have my son drive. He won’t mind.

Well the turkey breast came out alright. We liked the chicken better and will stick with this when making poulty. Today, I had a litttle frozen lasagna and meatballs I brought home from the resturant. The lasgana serves 4 to get a perspective. I put them in 2 pans, covered each pan and stacked them in the instant pot. Cooked for 28 minutes and this was really good. Just as easy to cook in the oven but it was quicker using the instant pot.

I am turning into quite the cook! Made eggs benidict for my husband this morning. Was very easy to make the hollandaise sauce in the vitamix. My husband asked who are you and what have you done with my wife! Lol! I never cook. This new found interest of mine is pretty funny. Eggs Benidict is his favorite. He was very happy.

Deb...hope all goes well with your new fridge! We are very happy with the one we recently bought. It was long overdue. We are very fortunate as we have 2 fireplaces. The second is in the basement in our movie room. We hardly use it but love it when we do. I will be printing out the guide at work. We have a coil binding machine so I will bind it. I like having both a digital and hard copy of the guides.

Valerie...I have not watched Marvelous Mrs. Maisel yet. I have heard it is really good from a few people now. My hisband and I started watching Mad Med and will finish this up soon. We will be looking for another series and Maisel is on our list.

Judy...agree the stacked lower was a great workout. I can see this becoming a favorite of mine. Looking forward to stacked upper. Sounds like this will be equally as good. Since it is nasty outside I have spent most of the day making up some fun premixes to my liking. I enjoy doing this.

Diane Sue...I am looking forward to Cardio Party Calorie Crush. I hear it is similar in format as the original Imax. I loved Imax when it came out. I did this workout everyweek for the longest time. My girlfriend used to come over and do it with me too. It was such a tough workout and when we finally was able to actually get thru the entire workout with no modifications we celebrated!! Lol!! When I see clips of ot now I smile at Cathe’s outfit, short hair and headband!

Hi to Carolyn...glad you enjoyed your rest day!

Have a great night...need to make some celery juice for the next 3 days then get ready for the Pats tonight! :)


Today was a rest day. My cakes turned out good. I was pleased with the texture as I used a mix, and instead of the usual pudding mix added I used sour cream, coconut oil for the oil and 4 eggs. Cream cheese chocolate frosting. I made the regular chili and also the turkey chili for Instant Post from Whole 30. It was really good. I don't do well with beans and my older daughter has been having digestive issues after what she thought was a bout with food poisoning several months ago. She was glad there was no beans in it. She is having a hard time with a lot of vegetables and healthy items for some reason.

Deb, that is interesting. I had no problem at all downloading the User Guide or printing. I hope that you get your new refrigerator today. We have lucked out with no snow. I have so many appointments and activities to go to the next couple of weeks. I would rather not have bad roads.

Valerie, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel sounds like one that I would enjoy, but definitely not my husband. It is so funny going back and looking at the old workout attire.

Lori, I used to do the original Imax and the Circuit Max both in one long workout every week. Burned lots of calories. So there is a cardio crush with the bands? That might be fun:) I like chicken better than turkey taste wise, so I am sure I would prefer the chicken myself. Maybe enough seasoning and the turkey would be okay. Did you put water in the bottom of the Instant Pot and Pressure cook the lasagne? Good Idea stacking the two pans. I have seen stacking pans for the Instant Pot. I have only purchased a 7 inch spring form pan to make cheese cake and they say you can use for meat loaf and that sort of thing. I love hollandaise sauce. You are really doing some creative cooking with your toys :)


Good morning,

No workout yesterday, except for shoveling. :) We had to make sure the delivery truck could get in front of the driveway, and the guys could get the refrigerator in. made it. It is minus 3 here right now. BRRRRRR...

Valerie, it finally worked by not trying to print or view before I saved it to my desktop. It was strange. I LOVE the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! Have you watched both seasons? I too had a best friend that was Jewish, and went to SUNY at Buffalo with a lot of Jewish kids from NYC. Such a great show, does not need any nudity, foul language etc to be good.

Lori, I think I will do the Stacked Lower ( maybe a Timesaver) this morning. There are so many good ones to choose from I can't make up my mind! LOL. I hope you do not get the freezing/ sleet etc that is predicted, but at least you have your son to drive with you. Nice job on the eggs Benedict! Mad Men is one of my favorite shows that I watched on Prime. Nice to have it there to binge watch!

Diane Sue, great cake! We had chili yesterday too, made in the slow cooker. Funny how we are all so different with our workout likes and dislikes. I had the IMAX2 with Cardio & Weights DVD. I bought it for the Cardio & Weights workout, but could not do the step for the life of me. Sold it on Ebay.

Hi to Carolyn and Judy,

Take care,


We spent Sunday with cousin and wife for his birthday. Brunch out and it was great. really good food.. hot and fresh. Nothing crazy but delicious and not bad calorie wise. Cousin had eggs Benedict weigh with lox I don’t remember ever having Benedict sauce. I love chili but... DH not so much. I haven't made it at all this year. I will bring it up again and see if he will eat it.

cousins are more accomplished computer people than I am. . I had them download and try to print the user guide for me . it would not print right. we got 2 pages to print but the page numbers we requested didn't match the printout. we used a lenovo laptop and a HP printer. no other pages would print. there was a list of things in the print queue but would not print over an hour and a half. I do not want to print 71 pages. I only want the workout cards. later today I will see if I can get them via the workout mgr. I thought I was doing something wrong but it doesn't seem like that anymore. I didn't want to waste all that ink on 71 pages when I probably will only use 15 pages of it and toss the rest.
I got them to order the cathe Yoga relax dvd. they don't do much, are gym members but never use the gym. they don't have a lot of room in their condo but yoga doesn't take much space. they have mats and blocks already.

we watched Mrs Maisel first season a long time ago. we rewatched season 1, and are almost thru season 2. Deb quite a few f bombs in there. I don't care as long as its not a substitute for real dialogue, especially during her stand up act. It's so much fun.. I feel like I'm reliving a lot of my childhood. The department store scenes are spot on. DH did not grow up with Jewish friends but he is still enjoying it.
we watched Mad men but that one never clicked for me. occasionally there was an episode I liked, but mostly I didn't care much. we watched it with a lot of time between seasons, and probably without subtitles so maybe we should take another run through it. It made a huge difference watching The Sopranos in close sequence and with subtitles. I didn't enjoy it the first time, but the second time was WAY better. Same with The Wire, Breaking Bad. Most series with a continuous story line are better that way. I don't binge watch, but seeing all episodes over a couple weeks is vastly better than season by season a year apart.
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Today I did LiTE Metabolic Blast + Calorie Crush for 54 minutes and 290 calories burned. My average heart rate was 118 and maximum heart rate was 153. I like the Metabolic Blast but I’m glad that I decided to do the Calorie Crush with it.

We bought a small television this morning and now I need to set it up. Nothing is as simple as plug it in and go anymore.

Hello everyone and have a great day.


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Heavy Bag 41 minutes, 266 calories, heart rate average 132, max 169, 3,444 steps. I loved this. Kelly does different boxing combos 2 rounds of each, the second being faster paced and there are several cardio breaks from the bag to give the wrists a rest. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Real Raw skipping the warm up, 36 minutes, 190 calories, 724 steps, heart rate average 112, max 169 Total time was 76 minutes, calories burned 456 calories.
Raw weights Timed 30 work 10 rest
1 arm rows 15# db, 15# kettlebell, 20# kettlebell
bench press 2 sets 15# dbs
bench press 20# kettlebell single arm,
body weight squats knee up
15# kettle bell squat
20# kettle bell squats
squat knee turn turn
boxing side to side center punch, 5# boxing side to side punch, repeat
kettlebell swings 15#, 20#, 32#, 15#
skull crusher 15# dbs
triceps skull crusher with leg extension 15# kettle bell, 25# kettle bell,
30# kettle bell skull crusher no leg extension
lateral raise 12.5 # dbs 2 sets
20# kettle bell alternating upright row 2 sets
boxing/hooks then speed hooks
upper cuts then speed upper cuts
single leg deadlifts 15#, 20#, 32# kettle bells
abs on bench 15# get ups 2 sets
sit ups 15# kettle bell

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Good morning,

Yesterday I did LITE Stacked Lower Body, 39 minutes, 243 calories. I liked this one a lot. It's still pretty cold here. Right now it is 6 degrees. At least we are above zero. :)

Valerie, that is strange that you cannot print what you want from the User's Guide. I had some trouble but eventually it worked. I have an HP printer as well, and I believe when I read some other posts about printing problems, HP was mentioned there too. That's great that you got them to order the yoga DVD. I actually forgot about the F-bombs in Mrs Maisel's stand up routines...

Carolyn, good job on the Blast plus Calorie CRush. I don't remember what the Metabolic Blast is....will have to go over to that person's blog review and get some details. are so right, TV's are no longer "plug it in and turn it on"...especially Smart TV's.

Diane Sue, nice job on the Raw Heavy Bag workout!

Hi to Judy & Lori,

Take care,


Hi Everyone,

I meant to post yesterday but got sidetracked by a couple of projects we were doing. It was so cold that I didn't go out at all. We have another winter weather advisory for tonight and tomorrow. I'll probably get out today in case it's too bad to get out tomorrow.

Sunday I did LiTe PHA2 With 6 Pack Abs #1 and yesterday I did Yin Yoga from Ultimate Yogi. I haven't decided on a rotation yet, but the ones with ICE and Strong & Sweaty look good.

Deb-Great job on the Stacked Lower Body workout and the shoveling! That is a workout too! It's 12 degrees here.

Valerie-We have a Samsung printer. I did have an issue when I went back to print more workout cards. It was printing them in landscape and tiny print. I had all the same settings so I have no idea why that happened. I restarted my computer and it went back to normal printing.

Diane Sue-Great job with the Raw workouts! The Body Weight and Bands Cardio Crush uses bands. I haven't tried it yet but I might add it on to another workout this week.

Carolyn-Metabolic Blast is a good one, but the workout by itself is a little short. I think I will try one of the longer premixes the next time I do it.

Lori-I hope the roads weren't too bad for you yesterday. I bet you've come up with some great premixes!
There is so much you can do with the new series, a lot of variety with all the bonuses.

Have a great day!



Today was Cathe Lite Basic mix #6, main, calorie crush, and six pack abs, 67 minutes met 7.9 ( I figured out my calculations have been wrong, body weight makes a difference on the calories received with the mets listed in the workout manager) heart rate average 133, max 169, 428 calories, 5,458 steps. This was probably a few more calories because I did not take into consideration the other 7 minutes beyond an hour, although 4 was having to pause and run and do something. It still matched Map My Fitness and was less than workout manager at 558 calories. Just interesting stats as I often think things have not been quite correct just by how much effort expended when I am done. I followed this with Coffey Fit Raw 6/60 core, 12 minutes, met 3.5, 32 calories, 71 steps and Lite extended stretch #1 13 minutes, 39 calories, met 3.5 25 steps. Total time was 92 minutes 499 calories, 5,554 steps

I will be back in awhile. I have had so much going on lately and get interrupted every time I try to sit down at the computer.


We did a hike yesterday. took about 2 hrs 45 min but we were sitting with binoculars so I gave it 2 hrs in my stats. a lot of up and down elevation. near the sound. we saw porpoises! we saw them a lot.. you don't get to see a whole lot of their body, just the arch of their back with the dorsal fin. so cool! they were not far offshore. watched them go back and forth right off the point. the hike is a park with high viewpoints over water, and then a mile or so descent to some waterside cliff/rocky points. the descent is a little difficult, so that keeps most people, especially dog walkers out of the cliffy area. . we've been there many times before but never saw porpoises even tho its named "porpoise point". also saw harbor seals, eagles, other water birds. a pleasant morning.

I sent in a request to cathe administration about the printing issue. this is a fairly new printer, HP and I get nothing but a tone. will not print, no error message, nothing. I looked at the workout mgr and it doesn't look like its in there yet. I can certainly do these without workout cards but I can't see a reason for this print problem. cousin and wife are really way more savvy computerwise and using a new download, different computer and printer we still got almost nothing.

DH continues to mess with my phone. I took pics of new bikes to show cousins yesterday. I pulled out my phone... all deleted. SIL sent us sea otter pics in a text. gone! he complains were about a nightly news person. last week I finally got phone number ( only briefly on TV screen) to text complaint. I did it last week, specifically told him to leave it for the number. he started complaining again last night, I pulled out the phone to re-text..... deleted.
I have asked nicely a hundred times. its a disorder! he deletes without talking to me. I already sleep with the phone, maybe need to take into bathroom with me. every single text. he does it with phone calls too, goes to 'recents" and deletes them. I USE that record. I delete wrong numbers, familiar #'s, but its tells you who you called and when, and has a record of the number. I have maybe 20 , not thousands. I don't get it!. I specifically bought extra memory for it so I could use it. sorry, I need to vent sometimes. Its like he is saving his phone from any and all use ...barely turns it on. he can screw with mine.


Deb, I used the Cardio and Weights dvd a lot. Mostly the cardio with the lighter weight intervals premix. This was usually an add on to something else. That one Interval on I Max 2 was always a killer , I think the 9th and then a lighter one that was a relief on the 10th. I would start sweating and wonder if I was going to make it to the end. I should try it again and see if I am any fitter. Otherwise I Max 2 was probably my favorite. I am glad that I had no problems printing the user guide. The only problem I have with my printer is the printer. It prints fine, but after I have ran upstairs and picked up my printed out pages, I will be sitting reading something on the internet and it will pop up and say error cannot print whatever it is I just printed. Kind of bizarre, but I just have been ignoring it. There is hardly anything to watch anymore without sex or foul language in it anymore. PG movies sometimes are shocking and it is a rare to find something totally G rated. Why they think foul language is appropriate for any age is beyond me. I get pretty tired of it.
I had grandchildren over yesterday and my husband had a three day weekend. We went to lunch right after I worked out yesterday and ran a couple of errands. Then watched Venom and had to finish it after the children left. It was not a good show for children. I told my husband I am glad there was humor and they didn't actually show graphic stuff when the aliens ate peoples heads. For whatever reason, it did get laughs out of us as Venom talked to the guy whose body he was living in.

Judy, nice work with PHA. I thought looking over the user guide that some of the band workout looked interesting. Particularly the calorie crush. I am really going to have to think about what I want to purchase next from the series. I too have gotten side tracked with activities.

Valerie, the workout manager does have the lite series in it. The icons just do not show up when put in the calendar yet. Even though they don't show, they will once they are done. This has happened to me every time. I use the workout manager all of the time. Sorry that your husband deletes things on your phone. Mine deletes most things on his and on his facebook soon after posting. Thankfully he does not do it when he looks at my texts etc.. I too keep the texts and phone calls that I want for future use of the numbers. Texts are nice to be able to go back and check what date or address someone has sent. I kept the roofers personal cell phone number as well as the business number and texts till things were done, then wrote them all on the business card I keep in my little desk drawer. I keep my medical stuff in a list on a notepad that I can share between devices. I would not be happy if someone else came along and deleted it.


Today I did Pyramid Pump Lower and Upper. My time was 1 hour 35 minutes with 455 calories burned. My average heart rate was 116 and maximum heart rate was 156. In the future I will probably do the split for this workout rather than total body. I can go a little heavier and focus more on my form that way.

Deb, great job with Stacked Lower Body! Metabolic Blast is compound exercises with light weights. The workout is a little short for me without the Calorie Crush. I modified a couple of the Crush exercises but still got a good workout.

Judy, great job with PHA 2 and Six Pack Abs 1. I considered the same rotations and decided on the LiTe/Strong and Sweaty rotation. I plan to start that one next week. I still need to do PHA 2 and I want to try Cardio Party Calorie Crush.

Diane Sue, you must be happy to get more accuracy with your stats. Nice job with Cardio Party, Calorie Crush, and Six Pack Abs.

Valerie, it sounds like you had a good hike yesterday. That’s funny with your husband and your phone!

Hello to Lori. Have a wonderful day everyone.


I should clarify the phone thing a little. We have had this phone & number for ages, so most of our calls come in on it. so he does have reasons to look at it..... but its been almost 2 yrs since he got his own iphone. before he occasionally had a burner type phone but he used it for emergency use, and that was about it. he won't give anyone his phone number and only uses it when he goes somewhere by himself and I don't go. so this $770 phone gets almost zero use except as a back up phone. otherwise I am keeper of "our" phone. I think I threw enough of a fit this time and he will stop acting like decisions are his alone to make.
Diane sue, yes, that'show I use it too. contractors etc, I don't always want to add them to the contact list, but right, the call shows date/time when you talked to someone. even for family it can be useful, who called when etc. every month I go thru and delete what I don't need but keep the record of some calls for a while. I also keep medical data in Note. I can never remember what BP meds he takes and how many mg.

I am OK with "off color" language.... that's how conversations are. I get turned off when there is really no thought or content, its used as a space filler so no real dialogue takes place. Mrs Maisel is hilarious!. yep, some off color, adult language but it's absolutely a hoot. I love it. there is so much to it, its not gratuitous. there's a story, it's funny, the characters are like people I knew and grew up with, exaggerated a little. Even Narcos...well, they are drug dealers. some English (not the Kings English) more Spanish, but complex and interesting people and realistic violence. I would not show either to an 8 year old though, but I don't want to watch anything that's entertaining to a grade schooler. I think its wrong to expose young children to content like that. a lot of parents do it but I disagree.

I didn't think LITE was in there yet. I looked and didn't see it. will look again. cathe support didn't have many other ideas but it still doesn't work.... at all. I don't really want to load another browser. Edge works well. I may try DHs system. he is using some kind of updated Win7 and Explorer.


Good evening ladies,

I am going to have to start the Lite Rotation next week. Stayed up late Sunday for the Pats game. Woke up Monday and knew I was not working out. Got to work to find I have severly early morning meetings Wed thru Friday. Made no sense to try and start a rotation. My workouts are going to be quick and when I can fit them in. This morning I did last weeks LekFit bounce, plus I did a 30 min bounce with hand weights at lunch.

I had some doms in my quads from Stacked Lower. I did go heavier than what Cathe used in all the second rounds but was still pleasantly surprised with the guad doms. :)

Diane Sue...your cake sounded delicious. I love cream cheese in frosting. The all band workout has the firewalker crush workout. I love it! Yes, put a cup of water in the instant pot and made sure the two pans I put in were tightly covered. They sell stackable pans but I have 2 pyrex ones I have had forever that work perfectly.

Deb...glad the refrigerator arrived safely. It has been freezing here. Yesterday morning it was -5!! It hurt to go outside. Right now it is 15 degrees! Heatwave!! Lol! Glad you liked the stacked lower. I’ve had fun making premixes. Some are similar to what cathe posted about the workouts and some are ones I made up.

Valerie...Eggs Benedict has a hollindaise sauce. I had never made the sauce before..boy is it high calorie too! Egg yolks, lemon juice and a lot of melted butter. It is not for me, but my husband loves it. That would drive me insane if my husband deleted my texts and calls. What a great hike!

Carolyn...I hate setting up a new TV. Wish it was like the older days when you just plugged in and that was it! Long gone are those days. I have not done the metabolic calorie crush yet. Awesome job today with both lower and upper stacked!! Nice!

Judy...that looks like a good rotation. Perhaps that will be after I do a Lite rotation. I can’t do the 30 day Lite. I need to add something else in. It was hard for me to stick with the 30 day rotation of only the Fit Split workouts. Hoping tonights winter storm is uneventful for you.

Have a great night all!


Carolyn, I plan on doing the whole Pyramid upper and lower tomorrow. Last week I did lower one day and upper another. I went heavier than Cathe for most of it then. I may lower a bit or modify a couple of moves though as lower made my hip hurt. Yes, it was nice finding something that made sense with the met scores on the workouts. My husband thinks it is funny how much I worry about the details and follow my Fit Bit. I have laid down in bed and realized I just needed 90 more steps to get the 10,000 and got back up and walked around the room. He thinks the sleep stats are funny too. The thing is I see them as pretty accurate. I recognize those wake times and on the graph. Same with rem sleep when I am dreaming. He thinks I take it too seriously.

Valerie, I put the contractors in my contact list temporarily because I use AT&T call protect and their calls may be stopped coming through or listed as suspected spam. Also I don't answer the phone if I don't know the number. All of my family and friends have a different ring and also my dentist etc. So, there is no reason for me to answer callers that I do not know. I check to see if a message was left once in awhile and they usually do not leave one. I think that I shut out some language. I put on A.X.L for my 8 year old this week grandson and it is PG. I had watched it before and did not think I had heard any bad language in it. He says there was but he ignored it :O Yes, many parents let their children watch things they should not. My daughter has mentioned being surprised at the things her kindergarten children tell her they have watched and talk about. Programming for children is a real challenge.
LOL, I have been reading some Young Adult Mystery series types of books and some allegories lately and found them much more entertaining than the adult stuff. I don't normally read books other than study materials and that sort of thing. I just started a set that I gave my granddaughter for Christmas and ended up reading the whole series. I wanted to see what I was giving her before she read them. She is 11. After that set I went on to another. I used the workout manager for the Met value on the Lite Cardio Party that I did today.

Lori, you do well getting in some workouts when you are extremely busy. I have a couple of smaller rectangular pyrex pans, but I don't think they would stack. I think one would sink into the other a bit. They are not real big. I use them to make something like 3 enchiladas for my husband or some single dish like a frittata or individual breakfast casserole.


something happened and I can now print the workout sheets. I did not download it again. somehow the document showed up at the bottom of my favorites list. I don't know how, I didn't put it there. it was not there this morning, and all I did was leave it turned on while I was shopping for an hour. I opened the entry at bottom of the favorites list, went to print. it looked different, and scrolled vertically not sideways. the page numbers corrected themselves so when I tried to print "page 17" that's what printed, not 1 page number off, and all pages I wanted printed. I didn't do anything different but after trying 10x minimum, it now prints.
I would like to take credit and say "I figured it out". not a chance. for no damn reason, what would not print, suddenly decided to print. :rolleyes::oops:. the internet gods have spoken.

I did a short premix from lite stacked upper body for half an hour. time was short today.


Good morning,

Yesterday I did LITe Cardio Party, 39 minutes, 215 calories. I also had 14, 262 steps on my FitBit. That is the highest I have ever done. :)

Judy, I saw that your area was going to get hit hard today with a new storm. Good to plan on staying inside. We, on the other hand went from single digits yesterday, to a prediction of mid to upper 40's today. Go figure. How did you like the PHA workout? I plan to do an upper body workout today, maybe do the upper only from Pyramid Bonus DVD., or the upper only from PHA2. I think with the Stacked Lower, then Cardio Party, my leg needs a rest.

Valerie, that hike with seeing porpoises sounds great! Too bad Cathe tech people were not able to help with your printing, but glad it finally worked out. That is what happened to me. At first nothing but an error, then all of a sudden it was there and worked. Very strange. I am amazed at how similar our phone/DH situations are. John has an expensive iPhone, and has no idea on how to use it! He also will not give out the number, and actually has it off most of the time. He only turns it on if he is out somewhere and has to call and ask me a question about something. He bought it so that when he is out fishing on a day off, he can call in to get any messages left at the office. Also, now his office security system is hooked up to it, so if there is an issue, he gets an alert on his phone. I don; think he has ever initiated a text to anyone, and will not save any phone calls that he has gotten. All are deleted.

Diane Sue, good workouts! I never update my weight on MFP, so yes, I bet the calorie count is off. Never heard of it a movie or TV show? I got the Collagen Monday, and started using it. I find it is pretty good tasting, I add a half scoop of vanilla protein powder to it to kind of thicken it and downplay the berry flavor a bit.

Carolyn, nice job on Pyramid Pump, but yes, that is really long. I like the premixes though...lots of options.

Lori, will you be doing the LITE rotation on its own, or mixed with another series? Don't you love when you can use something you already have and can avoid buying a new item, ( your pyrex pans)...Glad you are getting that heat wave. LOL

Stay warm!

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