Party Rockin Step 2


After 3 times through, I have FINALLY mastered Party Rockin Step 2. Because I like at least a 60 minute cardio workout, I always select the extreme premix w/8 combos. The first couple of times of learning the routine had me stepping over my feet, but I thought the workout was still pretty challenging, and had me wishing for an AIR break. Once I got the routine down, I have to say that this is one of my top 5 Cathe cardio challenges, and I have all of Cathe's workouts. I have not completed PRS1 yet, but the Extreme with 8 combos from PRS2 pulls a couple of combos and steps from PRS1, so I feel I have a little bit of a jump on the learning curve for PRS1. We'll see....

I am doing the November Butt rotation right now, but will try to learn Rockin 1 as times allows.

Happy Steppin!!



Nothing works the hips like PRS #1, and I haven't even mastered it yet, went through the combos, 1, 1 & 2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4 so far for a solid workout and really felt it, I don't think anything has worked quite like that since I first learned Low Max (that spinny thing still makes me pause when I dig that out) I don't do karaoke or other drills so PRS #1 works the legs/hips out nicely, and it's more fun. Clever girl, that Cathe.

I really like both PRS, looking forward to those bonus combos.


It took me several tries, gradually adding a new combo, to master the workout, so I agree that that some of the moves are a big tricky. I'm working on learning the bonus combos now, which look as if they come from PRS1.


This is such a happy fun little workout. It was love at first step. While the steps are familiar, it felt new and fresh from start to finish. The music is great. I thought I would only use the no vocal option but found myself switching between the 2 options for no reason other than it was there. I like these sound alikes and hope Cathe reuses them in other workouts. There is no reason to come up with all new music every time. I also hope the music from this series shows up on Amazon soon.

The intensity is slightly lower than the step portion in Intensity but makes up for it with length. It is also slightly more complex but not by much. The second time I tried it, I found myself wishing for some tifting and I normally can't stand tifting. I wanted Cathe to string the combos together after each segment few times. It could have been done with extra footage and put into a longer premix. The combos flew by so fast, it left me wishing for more.

The intensity was great for a steady state cardio. My HR was in the middle 130's by the end of the warmup and climbed to the mid 160's for the rest of the workout. This is the upper half of zone 3. For me, it is a very hard range to hit in an aerobic workout. At the end, I was a happy sweaty mess. I'll be using it often.


I have done it three times now and really love it as we'll! So fun. And it really does seem like it goes by fast and I love that, to workout intensely yet have fun it ends before you know it. Love the music. Step 1 is on rotation for this week ek haven't tried it I'm afraid of it buy I'm gonna try doon


I have to agree that this one is more fun every time you do it. Like Rhythmic Step, C&W Step Section, and Step Blast, this one makes me happy & really gets up the HR. A new classic.

Speaking of classics, I did Step Works this morning and had a great time. The first combo is one of my all time favorites.


Love PRS1 & 2.
PRS1 was a challenge to learn for me and I had to rewind and do over many times before I could do the whole routine.
PRS2 came easy to me and never had to rewind.
Out of the two though it seems to me that PRS1 gives me a much better workout because of the faster tempo and quick feet movements.
Both are a lot of fun to do and I actually think these are my new favorites in the steady cardio category now.
I'm just now learning PRS2 and find the choreography easy to pick up (more so than Low Impact Challenge and Step Moves) and the cardio challenge more substantial than those other workouts (complex choreography may pose a mental challenge but it does not necessarily translate into a cardio challenge). Although PRS2 is not designed as a low impact workout, I found most of it to be low impact and the few high impact moves easy to replace with low impact alternatives. And as others on this forum have noted, PRS2 is fun. I think this workout will have "staying power" for me. I haven't attempted PRS1 yet. I dread it after reading this forum but I will give it a try,


I think PRS #1 is very fun!! I have two left feet and have not mastered the workout yet but I have been adding in one segment to my lifting days. The practice is paying off and one day I will master it, I hope ;-). Until then if I just want a super fun step workout I just do PRS #2. So glad Cathe created these two masterpieces!


Sorry if this is a repeat, I don't recall if I've posted this before:eek:
I was afraid to try PRS#1 but gave it a whirl using no risers and on an active recovery day; as many times as I stopped to rewind I still worked up a sweat and had a good time:D

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