One-Body Part a Week Rotation

Week 1 & 3:

Day 1: GS Chest only, Low Max #1-4 premix - 70 minutes
Day 2: GS Back only, KP&C Cardio Conditioning premix - 57 minutes
Day 3: GS Legs - 67 minutes
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: GS Shoulders only, Low Max #4-7 premix - 67 minutes
Day 6: GS Biceps only, any IMAX workout - 1 hr. 1/2
Day 7: GS Triceps only, HSC - 93 mintues

Week 2 & 4:

Day 1: S&H Chest only, Step Blast - all by challenge - 71 minutes
Day 2: S&H Back (including planks and supermans), CTX Kickbox cardio only - 69 minutes
Day 3: S&H Legs - Legs only
Day 4: S&H SHoulders only, CTX 10-10-10 cardio - 70 minutes
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: S&H Biceps only, any IMAX workout - 90 minutes
Day 7: S&H Triceps only, HSTA - 93 minutes
I messed up on Week 2 & 4 Day 3. Along with S&H Legs, add on Muscle Max Lower Body Premix as well and one segment of Stretch Max. I did this this morning and realized I forgot to mention MM legs. What a great workout this was!


Sami, that's what I am thinking! It looks great.[/img][/img]



This is just what I was thinking for September, after completing the Cootcamp Challenge rotation. I really wanted to go back to heavier weights thi time around. I think this may be the ticket for my September rotation!

Thanks for posting it! :)


Michele S

Debbie -

Thanks for posting this. It's my September rotation.

Just wondering how long you followed this particular routine and what sort of results you saw, especially lower body.


Lynn M.

Hi Debbie-

I saw your pics, and you really look great!! Your pec "cuts" are absolutely fabulous! :)

Quick question: where and when do you fit in your ab work w/ this rotation?

Thanks, Lynn M.
Michele, I have only been following this particular rotation for two weeks now, I'll be on my 3rd next week. Before this rotation I was working one body part doing two different workouts together. For instance, I did GS chest and S&H chest on the same day. Now that was tough but it was the best rotation I've done to date. It really fried my muscles. The next week I chose PUB and CTX chest together. Then I did my cardio in the evenings.


>Hi Lynn, I do all my ab work and yoga in the evenings. I do
>my weight training and cardio first thing in the a.m.

You look fabulous!!

What kind of abs and yoga work out do you do in the evening? I am paticular interested in this since your workout schedule quite fit in my planning one. I was inspired by the ladies here and am training for half marathon. I did running and weight lifting in the morning. But I kind of miss out abs and stretch because I ran out of time. Could you post your abs and yoga workout? Like what kind of dvds you used, the length of time and when did you do it?

I also like your work out clothes. Where did you buy it?


I just pick a couple ab workouts from any of Cathe's DVD's. I do a lot of plank work and inverted pykes on the ball. I do Cathe's Core Max workouts at least once or twice a week, but I like doing her shorter ones and mixing them up. My favorite combo is abs from Kick, Punch & Crunch, Step, Jump & Pump and the Stability ball work from the Basic step workout she did. Those three together gives me a great burn.

For yoga, I do mostly Karen Voight. I LOVE her stuff. I have Yoga Focus and Yoga Sculpt, both excellent workouts. I also do the yoga stretch at the end of Streamline Fitness which is a great 16 minute yoga-type stretch. I try to do at least a half hour of yoga a day. I like the stretchy type yogas better than the power yogas, but I do those as well depending on how energitic I'm feeling in a day. I also do Cathe's Stretch Max once or twice a week.


Hi Debbie,
I've been following the basic pattern of this rotation since you posted it and I just wanted to let you know how much I love it! I've always mixed and matched Cathe DVDs on my mood of the day (except for the August rotation which I followed almost to the "T") and this routine totally allows that flexibility as long as you get your body part of the week in. I did have to physically type in my ab work days so I didn't forget to do them.;) Great job....and thanks again for sharing this awesome rotation....I'm already starting to see and feel the results!!

Bicep curls,



Your pics are awesome! I'm from Ohio, too, can you believe the nice weather for a change?? I was wondering if during your endurance week you also did one body part per day, or a split routine? And, if it's not too much trouble how did your diet change during your body transformation? Did you do the classic "cutting" and "bulking" diet, low carb, just watch cals...none of the above??

Hi Robin, glad you like the rotation. This week I'm combining Pyramids with Muscle Max. So like yesterday I did Pyramid Upper Body Chest then did Muscle Max Chest. Then I did Pyramid Upper Body Tri's and then did Muscle Max Tris. Got a great burn. So this week I'm doing two body parts one day using these two workouts and then an hour cardio the next day (did Cardio Kicks this morning.) Its awesome. In the evenings I'm doing abs and yoga.
Stacy, the weather has been absolutley the BEST right now! I wish it could be like this always. During the endurance weeks, yes I still do one or two body parts per day but instead of going heavy I go lighter and get a good burn. This helps with definition.

My diet has been the same for the last 16 weeks, I'm eating clean 7 days a week with one or two cheat meals added in per week. I eat a ratio of 50% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat (or as close to that as I can get) every day.


Hi Debbie, thanks for you response! I've accomplished two days of your one body part per day rotation. I subbed Gin Miller's Classic Moves for KPC premix b/c I just did the premix the other day. It's been awhile since I've done some serious workouts, especially strength so getting back to the Gym Styles is great for me. I have to come up with something else for leg day since I cant do standing leg work, but I'll think of something!

Pyramids plus Muscle Max sounds great too....I think I'll do that for my next rotation!

For your endurance weeks did you stick mainly to Cathe's "endurance" workouts, or her "heavier" routines just using less weight, ie. did you say pair up CTX and Power Hour body parts or do Slow & Heavy, just "Slow & Light"??

Thanks again...time to go out and enjoy this rare Ohio sunshine!

Go Bucks!

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