Old Timer check-in


I guess I would qualify as an "old-timer" -- in a number of ways!! My first Cathe post pre-dated Cathe Nation days by more than a decade (I think even my "Date Joined" date is off by a couple years.)

At any rate, we are out here! :rolleyes:


I'm not around the boards much these days, either, mostly because of time management stuff.

I did want to say, Marcia, I remember you, too. Hope all is well. Susan, too. It's been ages!


Hi everyone. I do miss the old days too, now I only lurk, and not that often, and not in most forums. But it is still nice to come in here sometimes.

I miss Nancy, and Aquajock and Shelley, and many others too.



I am a definite lurker now.. I pop in now and then.. Just no time to be on here all the time.
Hi Nancy, Meg, Shelly and i am suckin on names here..


Late in posting as I don't come to OD at all - I saw this post on Cathe's front page...see this what happens when I'm gone for a few days and don't check out the Open Discussion forum :eek:

I'm an old timer but I just mainly stay in my check in groups---thank goodness for Face Book as I have been able to get in contact w/ some 'old timers' who have been mentioned here but not sure if they post anymore like Pinky ;)

I sure do miss the old forums Pre - Cathe nation too - it just doesn't 'feel ' the same anymore in my honest opinion; just glad I still have my check in friends though :)



RunninTeach - I just happened to be wearing my "Cathe's Cheetah Runners" shirt today as I read your note that you remembered me. :D Brings back tons of fun memories and threads in the Cheetah threads.

Take care


I think I might be an old-timer too... I went on the VF-sponsored Cathe trips in 1999 and posted on the boards back then. Not a whole lot though.. I've always been more of a lurker and occasional poster.. as evidenced by my post count! I haven't even hit 100 yet! Lol...

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