Oct 10' Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

This month is all about total body strength with a bit more focus on upper body and core. Of course cardio training is also included with this rotation. Eat well, sleep well drink lot’s and make it happen! Enjoy!

Mon: Pure Strength Strong Legs and Abs
Tues: Imax 2
Wed: Pure Strength Chest Shoulders & Triceps
Thurs: Step Blast
Fri: Pure Strength Back Biceps and Abs
Sat: Walk 40 min briskly plus Ab Circuits Pilates Based
Sun: OFF

Mon: Slow Heavy Chest and Back
Tues: Imax 3
Wed: Slow Heavy Triceps and Biceps plus 30 minute brisk walk
Thurs: Slow Heavy Legs and Shoulders
Fri: Cycle 40 min briskly plus Ab Circuits Yoga Based
Sat: Pyramid Upper Body
Sun: OFF

Mon: 4 day split one of your choice
Tues: Ab Circuits No Equipment
Wed: 4 day split another one of your choice
Thurs: Ab circuits Med ball
Fri: 4 day split another one of your choice
Sat: OFF
Sun: 4 day split another one of your choice

Mon: Kick, Punch and Crunch
Tues: Gym Style Back shoulders Biceps
Wed: Gym Style Legs
Thurs: Gym Style Chest and Triceps
Fri: Walk briskly for 40 min plus Ab Circuits Weights and Plates
Sat: Drill Max
Sun: OFF
:DThank you Cathe. :D Boy you were up late. I hope you are getting plenty of rest! I will have to start the rotation tomorrow since I already did my work out. As always it looks lke a good rotation.


What can I sub for the Pure Strength Series and the Gym Style Series? Can I re-do 4DS and Slow and Heavy? Or will ME, MM, PH or MIS do?
Great Cathe, thanks for putting this together so quickly.

Question to all my Cathletes: I don't have Pure Strenght or Slow & Heavy, should I sub with the gym styles instead or would that be too much in one week?

If so, should I sub with maybe 4DS weight work eventhough week 4 is 4DS?

Thanks :)
Thank you Cathe. I forgot all about the RT to TX even though it was one I wanted to attend since it was so close. Maybe next time.

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