March 07' Intermediate Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! Thank you for bringing it to my attention that we are in need of an intermediate rotation. The following four week rotation is the perfect rotation to do if:

1) You have just finished the beginners program and are looking for the next step up.

2) You are an intermediate exerciser looking for some variety.

3) You are an advanced exerciser looking for a lighter rotation to mix in between your harder programs.

You can expect to burn overall body fat and enhance muscular strength and endurance (more muscle strength if newer to weights...more muscle endurance if a seasoned weight lifter)

Please note....Whenever you see 35 MINUTE WALK/RUN, it consists of:
*10 minute brisk walk
*EIGHT cycles of 1 minute jog and 90 seconds recovery walk
*5 minute cool down walk

Remember to eat clean, drink water abundantly, and sleep well.


Mon: Low Impact Circuit

Tues: Kick, Punch, and Crunch

Wed: Pyramid Lower Body

Thurs: Low Impact Step

Fri: Pyramid Upper Body

Sat: 35 MINUTE WALK/RUN plus 5 minute basic stretch for muscles used

Sun: OFF


Mon: Cardio and Weights

Tues: 40 minute indoor or outdoor cycle ride

Wed: Push Pull

Thurs: Cross Train Express Kickbox (EVERYTHING EXCEPT BICEPS)

Fri: Body Fusion

Sat: 30 min. all brisk walk plus segment one from Stretch Max

Sun: OFF


Mon: Maximum Intensity Strength

Tues: Cardio Kicks

Wed: Cardio and Weights

Thurs: OFF

Fri: Step portion of Step, Jump& Pump right into SUPER SETS


Sun: Seg 2 Coremax plus Seg one Total Body Stretching


Mon: Kick Punch & Crunch

Tues: Power Hour

Wed: 40 minute indoor/outdoor cycle ride

Thurs: Low Impact Circuit

Fri: Warm up plus 1st step section of Step Heat followed by 1st section of Step Max, followed by step portion of Step Jump and Pump and fast forward into the S,J,P stretch.

Sat: Muscle Endurance

Sun: OFF
Oh Cathe, thank you so much! This is just what I've been hoping for. Yea!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Thank you Cathe!!!I just completed my first rotation and am excited about starting another:) What can I substitute for Body Fusion? I have most of your other workouts except for that one and the CTX series. Thanks!

Cathe you are incredible:) :)
The rotation looks awesome.
Can't wait to start tomorrow:D :D
We really appreciate it!

Thank you so much!:)
Thanks Cathe!! Even though I am advanced, this will work sooo good during the lovely PMS week, when all I want to do is bury my head in a pint of Ben and Jerry's and my body in my comfy bed!:)
I appreciate you taking the time to do this for everyone.
Thank you so much Cathe. This long awaited rotation, is just what I've been looking forward to. I'll start tomorrow. Since I'm mostly an endomorph, I will modify and add one or two more cardio to this rotation.

Thanks again, what a great looking rotation! Also I'm sure you've pleased a great many people here on this forum.


The idea is to die young as late as possible.
Thank you!!! I just completed the November 2006 rotation--LOVE the new workouts! I was looking for a workout rotation to include the much loved KPC, SJP, C&W, PUB, & PLB!! YAY!

I sure hope it's warm enough and the snow is melted so I can do an outdoor bike ride by the end of the month!! :)

Thank you Cathe!! You are the best!

Thanks Janie and yes do what you know works best for you. No individual rotation will ever be the perfect fit for each person, so good for you for making the changes to suit your needs. I always say "listen to your body" :)
Hi Beth! You can put Low Impact Circuit in place of Body Fusion that week. For CTX Kickbox, you can do 30 minutes worth of Cardio Kicks in its place and then pop in abs and a stretch from your favorite workout when your finished.

Have Fun!
Hi Cathe,

I just realized that I don't yet have Cardio Kicks or CTX (I've been acquiring your DVD's gradually over the past few months and was planning to buy CTX next month, wouldn't you know it;) ). I do have KPC and Kick Max. Could I sub with one of those?

I was also wondering if I could use my elliptical for any of the cardio workouts? Thank you so much, I sure appreciate all your efforts on our behalf. :)
Thanks for the rotation Cathe. I don't have Maximum Intensity Strength yet. I have just about every other workout and was wondering which one I could substiture MIS for.


I think that Cardio & Weights would be a good sub. I've often thought that Cardio Fusion seems like a lighter version of C & W.

Good luck!

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