March 07' Intermediate Rotation

Thanks so much Cathe!!! I used to use the Firm but once I saw your Fit tv workouts, I was hooked!!! My DH got me the beginner step package for Xmas, with basic step, low impact step and low max...I'm definitely past basic and low impact step, but the jump from low max to IMAX 2 is a big one!!! This will surely help me bridge that gap..thanks again and I hope to meet you on the roadtrip!!!
Cathe, I don't have the following: low impact circuit, kick punch and crunch, cardio and weights, or max. intensity series. But I do HAVE power circuit5, and interval max. Can these be substituted? I do run and ride a stationary bike, can these take the place of the DVDs I don't Have? Gettingfitmom
Hi Gettingfitmom! While you definitely have enough workouts to keep you fit and healthy, I'd say that this particular rotation is not your best choice since you do not have most of the staple workouts listed. Also, I avoided doing any interval max workouts in this rotation as they are very advanced workouts. While running and biking are great substitutes for some of the workouts, too many other substitutes would have to be inserted to make it a reasonable swap. Feel free to check out the many other rotations I have created over the last couple of years. Many of them include biking, running, and interval max workouts too :7

Have Fun!
Hi Cathe,

I am a big fan and loving your routines. Do you have an Advanced Rotation routine set?

Keep up the good work, you are awesome!
:) Hi Cathe,

I am kind of new to your workouts, but I love them. I don't have all of the videos mentioned for the intermediate rotation. The ones I have are:

Gym Style - Chest & Triceps
Gym Style - Legs
Muscle Max
basic step + body fusion

What kind of rotation could I put together using the videos that I have?


Bless you! I finished the Beginner Rotation in January and have been floundering ever since, trying to figure out what to do next. I'm so glad I found this today! Thank you!
Dear Cathe:

First I want to tell you that I love your workouts, they are the best and I should know because I have quite a few exercise dvd's at home. Any way I am an advanced exerciser but after recovering form surgery I wanted to start with some easier rotations. I did the beginner rotation to start and now I am moving up. This one would be great to continue. I thought that I had all the dvd's but realized that I do not have Step Heat is there a good substitution for this one. I have just about all the others.


Carol Berube:)
I don't have power hour, is there a subtitution for this please.
I do have muscle max and muscle endurance. thanks for the help in advance.

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