Length of XTrain workouts


I haven't seen anything posted how on long each of the XTrain workouts will be. I know it's hard to know exactly being that filming hasn't started yet but do you have an estimated time of how long the average workout will be?

Just curious :) I'll be ordering them regardless :)

Btw you rule! LOVE all your workouts! Thanks for all you do!

Thanks, Marie


With the flexibility of the premixes, they can be almost any amount of time you choose. That's what I love about Cathe's workouts.


The goal is to be under an hour. I'm aiming for 45 to 50 min workouts but can't promise this exact number :)

This is wonderful news to me! I am a teacher (with 5 kids of my own), so I have been off for the summer. I have totally been taking advantage of this time by doing much longer workouts, but once school starts, I am SOOOOOO BUSY. I have to get up EARLY to get everyone out of the house (and I am still nursing a baby), soooooooo I need to be under an hour when school starts! Yay! :D


Sounds perfect!

So pumped for this series...like everyone else haha!

Thanks so much Cathe!!!!! :)

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