Index of Cathe Rotations April '03 - Jul '08 (CatheNation Links)

September 08 has been added to index

Just added Cathe's September 08 rotation to the main index focusing a "little more emphasis on total body conditioning and cardio output"


If you'd like this to be a sticky please consider an email to Cathe requesting a sticky for this posting or we'll just need to keep bumping it so others may find it readily.

Have Fun & Take Care :)

If you're happy to keep updating this Vilma - that would be great. I don't use the WM as if I don't go in for a week I have to reset passwords and I'm fed up with it!
I don't use the workout Manager either Ronne.

So As long as I have breath I'll keep updating this thread with Cathe's rotations then.

I really wish this could be stickied though :confused:


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