ICE To The Mat Legs and Glutes Equipment



The only equipment you need for ICE To The Mat Legs and Glutes is a stability ball,mat, 6ft stretch band, and a firewalker or similar loop.

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I noticed in the description for equipment needed it doesn't say dumbbells but I see one in the picture. Just curious. [emoji4]

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Maybe it's used as a heel wedge. She did that in one of her live classes for glutes tucks. Instead of using a platform to put your heal on, she used a dumbbell or you can just use the floor. I'm just assuming that's what it's there for.


Depending on the lower body moves....I might just strap on my ankle weights and see what happens! Might be a sweaty mess though! I love using my equipment!


I agree I may do ankle weights to! She probably gives that option verbally since it is for intermediate. I mean she may say if you want it hard add ankle weights. So I may not be able to do all the reps with ankle weights but I can do a few to try it out.

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