How To Use Yoga Blocks To Assist Your Body When Performing Movements and Stretches That Are Becoming More Uncomfortable


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We all know the importance of exercise for health and longevity, but to take full advantage of what exercise can do for us as we age, we can’t stop doing something completely when it becomes a bit more difficult. Instead, we must work to find ways to make those movements more comfortable so that we can still perform them and enjoy the benefits that they provide.

In my new series Lift, Move & Restore: Functional Training for the Actively Aging Lifestyle, we will explore some of the ways that we can work with our bodies to find alternatives that allow us to continue doing exercises and stretches that we love, that may become a bit more difficult as we experience changes in our bodies.

For example, let’s consider the use of yoga blocks. This type of prop can be used to assist our bodies when performing movements and stretches that are becoming more uncomfortable. I plan to show some options using yoga blocks in different ways throughout the series, predominantly in yoga fusion, but in other workouts as well.

In these photos I am using the assistance of the yoga blocks to support my body and shorten the distance between my body and the floor. The blocks help to ease my body into positions with less tension and stress on my joints. If a movement is feeling uncomfortable or unachievable, the block can assist by providing support and decreasing the depth of the movement.

The yoga blocks can also be used to help relieve tension in the body when used in poses such as the picture here where I am shown on my back doing a pelvic release exercise with blocks behind my neck and mid back region. As you can see, I am using two yoga blocks in these photos, but do you really need two? For many poses, only one yoga block is needed, but you may benefit from having a set of two. Having two blocks provides multiple height options, allows one for each hand when needed for added balance and stability, and allows you to fill additional gaps between your body and the floor when needed. *Options will be shown for those who do not wish to use yoga blocks.

There are many tips and tools that can assist in making exercise do-able for wherever you are in your fitness journey. Take the time to find the best options to assist you in your routines before you rule out certain movements completely. Remember, flexibility and mobility play a key role in our ability to age well.
I love the setting of these pictures and think it would be so cool if the series could be filmed at Cathe’s house!
I think she filmed a few YT short workouts from her home during Covid....I remember one
was inside and a couple on the deck.
Yup, that’s what I was thinking, I am gonna check at a local store first, they say they have
blocks with the same measurements as Cathe’s, so I am gathering my tape measure &
away I go. They’re on sale & would be same price…..I really prefer Cathe’s, but…….the
shipping……. We shall see.
Yay for Target!! :). Yep, I got blue, the Firm ones I have are purple! I could tell right away
before I pulled out my trusty tape measure that they were bigger …..Wasn’t a set, had to
buy 2, but still that good price! :)

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