Hiccups between chapters in STS 2.0

Hello! For those who have received a response from support, have any of you received a timeline as to when the replacement Active Recovery and Total Body Stretch DVD will be available?
How long do we have to decide on that? I have the short pauses on that dvd too, but I
am undecided, cause it’s not enough to really bother me….
I've been through all the DVDs now and only have skips on the Active Recovery/Total Body Stretching. Since it's only that one, I can live with it and don't really want to send back one for the carbon footprint. I'll keep mine.
After they get it fixed - I definitely want a new DVD.
It's annoying....

The email I received said they will let us know when the new DVD will be sent out.
Maybe I'll just wait till they announce the replacements are there, I am supposing that will be ok? I guess I
could request it, get it, try it and if all is well with it, then return the first one, if they request the return. I would
want to try the new one completely to make sure all would be ok with it before I returned the other one.
Gosh, I don't know...
I put in a new player ... Electcom Pro ... we had the "stutter/hiccup" issue with the Total Body Stretch dvd .... it did seem to be between chapters & is somewhat annoying.
In the "Body Parts: Chest" dvd, Cathe's voice is out of sync with her lips, noticeably. I tried the dvd in 2 different players, including a BLU-RAY- same thing.
Hi Debinmi, We're not seeing any issues with audio sync on Body Parts Chest and have not had any other reports of this issue.
I got my replacement Disc #11 yesterday (Recovery / Total Body Stretch)
Will be returning the one with hiccups tomorrow.

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