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Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

Morning Meltdown #51 Cardio Meltdown and I finally cracked the 200 calorie burn range all the workouts have barely hit 150 but today it was 224. DH and I went to the lake today it was in the Lower 80’s and I had the day off so it was perfect.

Jolie & Doreen- when they get married and become parents they become more irritating.
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Good morning,

Lite Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper is done. If I have time today I will do tomorrows workout as well. I want to finish the September rotation before Saturday.

Roxie - great job yesterday.

Jolie - enjoy your vacation.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me. BBL!
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Today I did a couple of fun workouts. First I did a Max Trainer workout called Mix Max Threshold 14 w/Breanna. Great workout, last time I did this one I did it at a resistance 4 because resistance 6 (which it's done at) is way too hard. But I did it. It killed me though.

That workout was 18 minutes (with warm up and cool down), burned 124 calories, did 1130 and HR was 129/147.

Then I did Kelly's Build & Burn Trim and Tone. I've never done that one before and I really liked it. I used 5's and 8's. She uses 8's through the whole thing but some of those shoulder exercises she did is dangerous with 8's (jmo). Not sure why this new series has 20 minute workouts, I was sort of bummed it's not 30 minutes. I remember the KB Kettlebell is the same way.

Workout was 25 minutes, burned 213 calories, went 1745 steps and HR was 155/205.

Ok, now my HR did not get that high doing this workout. I feel it got that high doing the Max workout. Not sure what is wrong with my FB.

I agree with Roxie about our kids. LOL!!

I'll try to be back later for personals. Have great workouts everyone!!


I did Sydney Cummings Glutes and Cardio this morning. All the cardio I did on my rebounder which was fun.
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Today I did Jessica Smith at home fat burning cardio blast youtube, (I modify overhead arm moves and too fast of arm movements) 15 minutes heart rate average 135, max 158, 1,201 steps,97 calories. I then did her youtube standing abs (more modifying arms) 9 minutes, heart rate average 96, max 116, 45 calories. I then did physical therapy exercises and some extra stretching, 70 minutes, 120 calories. Total time was 94 minutes, 261 calories.

Roxie, that is nice that you were able to lake.

Belinda, I hope you get all of that rotation in as planned :)

Debbie, I swear my Fitbit is confused half of the time. I am surprised at my calorie burns sometimes with what I have done. Two different workouts, one that seemed light and much less effort and then one taxing one and totally odd readouts do not make sense. Mine keeps having days where it does not do the sleep stages. It gives a generalized reading and the other day it said I had 8 hours in bed and over 7 sleep. I knew for sure it was way off, and then I noticed it had me waking up at 8 and by then I had done some laundry, emptied the dishwasher and had a cup of coffee. So, I was definitely not in bed. I know what you mean about the shoulder work on Trim Down from the Build and Burn set. I always feel I get a good workout out of it, but it is a bit short and I always lower the weight on the shoulder work to 5's. I generally just add a premix from one of the other workouts to that one. There are some that are pretty short.
This morning I did Kelly RAW Back & Front. I love this workout, even though it's an hour, it goes fast. I did the warmup from Muscle Max as I don't care for the one Kelly does. Had a great workout.


Reverse Fly - 15's/10 reps
Alt. Step Back, Row - 15's/10 reps
Bulgarian Split Squats - 15#/10 reps
REPEAT - no rest

One Arm Kickbacks - 10#/10 reps
Standing Cross Body Ext (same arm) - 10#/10 reps
Suitcase Deadlifts - 15's/10 reps

Plies - 25#/10 reps
Calf Raises - 15's/30 reps (toes in, out, forward)

Low Back:
Supermans on bench - 10 reps - SKIPPED
Frog Legs on bench - 10 reps - SKIPPED

Low Back:
Good Mornings - 15# - 10 reps
Plank Wipers - 10 reps
REPEAT - Did good mornings even though I feel they are dangerous. I went light.


Arnold Press - 15's/10 reps
Dumbbell Front Raise - 15#/10 reps
Sissy Squats - 15's/10 reps (I did regular squats)

Chest Flies - 20's/10 reps
Dumbbell Press - 20's/10 reps
Quad Presses - Many reps, worked the quads and they burned!

21's - 12's/7 low, 7 up, 7 full
Supinated Curls - 15's
Side Lunges - 12#/10 reps

Pulse Crunch - 10 reps
Reverse Curls - 18 reps

Workout was 53 minutes since I skipped a couple exercises, burned 434 calories (I'll take it!), did 1417 steps and HR was 148/185.

I'm sorry I haven't had time for personals. I will try tonight to get it in tonight. Been really busy lately. Glad it's FRIDAY!!
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Good morning,

Yesterday I did Lite Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper as scheduled on the rotation. I wanted to finish the September rotation before I leave for my vacation. Yesterday I doubled up, also did RWH Plyo HiiT Two plus Bonus Abs Two (it was scheduled for today). Today I Athletic Training which is scheduled for Saturday. I will be flying on Saturday. I am done with the rotation.

Now I need to figure out how to transfer the Cathe Live downloads on my phone.

I will try to check in later. Been repacking my suitcase :) BBL!
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Doreen - I have a Apple iPhone. When I downloaded the workouts, they downloaded straight to my computer. Didn't give an an option. I am getting ready drive to DC, I will be back.
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I did youtube Jessica Smith 1 mile walk belly, buns, thighs, with the warm up and start of another of her workouts that I switched because it jumped into jumping jacks, 21 minutes, heart rate 139 average, 166 max, 2,021 steps, 134 calories. I also did her hips and glutes focus, 19 minutes, heart rate average 95, max 132, 220 steps, 71 calories, and finished with physical therapy exercises, 40 minutes, 71 calories, 122 steps. Total time was 80 minutes, 276 calories, 2,363 steps.


Belinda, I would think you could just hook your iPhone to your computer and slide the downloads that you want onto your phone from your downloads library.

Debbie, front side backside always goes by quickly.

Roxy, nice work.

Roselyn, I hope you get some rest tonight. I really hate those sleepless nights.
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I cannot believe I have waited almost two weeks to hear about the mri. I called today and first they were busy and said they would return my call by the next business day. Then they call and say I have to get an appointment with my doctor because he did not leave any information for them to give me and they cannot try to diagnose what the mri says. So, I called right away to make an appointment and I got the message they are too busy and will return my call by the next business day. Anyway, I went to my portal and put down times I would like for an appointment so they can contact me.
Diane - Yes, how ridiculous to wait that long. Same thing just happened to me with my colonoscopy. I never heard back about whether the polyps they took out were cancerous or not. I called and they told me there were benign and then said that the place that tests them got back logged. What is with these places? Hope you hear back soon.
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Just some PT exercises and stretching this morning. My neck and shoulder is hurting, Glad I go to PT tomorrow and hope to get in to the doctor this week.

Roselyn, nice work on the STS workouts.

Debbie, that is ridiculous that you had to call and get your results. I told my husband that those facilities seem so busy with staff all over and so many people in and out, and I feel like it is like a big business herding the cattle through and back out the stile. Not quite the caring compassionate way I feel they should be when dealing with people and their health problems.


Good evening,

Sorry I didn’t check in yesterday. I was beat from the flight, 11 hours. I had a blasting headache once we ll landed in Honolulu. I feel much better after getting a good night sleep. Today DH and I went to the beach. We spend all day at the beach. We having a blast. It’s so beautiful in Hawaii . After dinner we took a long walk at the beach. I got 20k.

Good night.

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One more day and then it's October. My gosh, where does the time go?

Today I did Kelly's RAW Strong & Lean and had a great workout. This one is fun. Only thing, the whole time I thought I was using a 35# barbell and it was only 30#. At the end I was really surprised how the Clean & Press felt and then I realized it was only 30#. Oh well, next time I'll try 35#.

This is how it went:

10 minute warm-up plus punching drills

Circuit 1
Squats - 30# barbell/10 reps
Kettlebell Hip Swings - 15#/20 reps
Ice Skater/Hops - 30 seconds

Circuit 2
Barbell Curls - 30#/10 reps (I used dumbbells)
Kettlebell Sumo Swings - 15#/20 reps
Mountain Climbers - 30 seconds

Circuit 3
Deadlifts - 30#/10 reps
Alternate Kettlebell Swings - 15#/20 reps
Jog/Insole Slaps - 30 seconds

Circuit 4
Barbell Cleans - 30#/10 reps
Kettlebell Figure 8's - 15#/20 reps
Wood Chops - 30 seconds

Circuit 5
Thrusters (Overhead Barbell Press) - 30#/10 reps
Double Arm Kettlebell Swings - 15#/20 reps
3 Punch/Knee Touch Hops - 30 seconds

Circuit 6
Barbell Rows - 30#/10 reps
Alternate Kettlebell Swings - 15#/20 reps
Step Shoot - 30 seconds

Circuit 7
Kickbacks - 10's/10 reps
Double/Alternate/Figure 8 - 15#/20 reps of each - KILLER!
Ski/Jog/Step Shoot - went on for more than 30 seconds

Circuit 8
Deads/High Pulls (Upright row) - 30#/10 reps
Clean & Press - 30#/10 reps

Bridge w/feet on barbell - 20 reps
Bridge w/feet on barbell - 20 fast reps
Situps - 20 reps

Then she realized she didn't work chest so she added:
Wide Grip Bench Press - 15's/20 reps
Close Grip Bench Press - 15's/20 reps

Workout was 47 minutes, burned 349 calories and did 2458 steps. HR was 138/196.

ETA: I forgot, I also did a 4 minute Max Trainer workout. Burned about 49 calories in those 4 minutes. Fun!!

Jolie - Hope your vacation were awesome!! I think you're back today, right?

Belinda - You are in heaven right now!! I'm jealous!!

Diane - I agree, those facilities seem like they are just factories getting people in and out. They don't care about us. I hope you hear something today about your MRI. Sorry you were in pain again. :(

Roselyn - Nice job on your workout!!

Hi to Doreen and Roxie!!

Have great workouts everyone!
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