Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Sept., 2019


Debbie, I always have liked that workout. I have done the same thing with barbell weight and realized I didn't have as much on the bar as I thought. I heard back and I do not have an appointment till the 10th :(

Belinda, I am glad you felt better after some rest. It sounds like you will have a great time. That is a lot of steps. ;)


I looked at the Sydney workout for today but it had cardio in it and then decided on LITE PHA. I do all the lower body moves in this workout at least 10# heavier than Cathe but I still like this workout.

The Step Boss pictures are looking good!!
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Jolie Fit

I am back from vacation and had an awesome time! However, i have never eaten or drank so much in such a short period of time :( I have to get back to my WW today, i think i put on 10 pounds, at least if feels like it. Napa was 101 degrees and Reno NV was 87 degrees the first day and 32 degrees with snow and rain for the game! I thought i would die LOL! I am just trying to figure out what to do for my workout today. I will probably do an upper body workout from Cathe Live, it has been a week since i have lifted so i am due. BBL with my workout post.

I missed you all and it looks like you had a great week of workouts!
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Jolie Fit

Today I did Upper Body Challenge with Ball, workout #136 and had a fantastic workout. I did the same weights that i did before except for the seated shoulder press, instead of 20's i used 15's and that was perfect. I love this workout, it works every upper body muscle really well and i did core along with Cathe except i did my own exercises so my back wouldn't hurt. Workout was 1 hour and i burned 407 calories. My average heart rate was 118 and my max was 161. It is really dry weather here for Fall and it is really sunny, my favorite time of the year!

Debbie, nice job on the Kelly workout today, that looks like a really good one. Are you going to be doing Kelly's workouts along with some sort of cardio this coming month? I am going to do Cathe Live, kickboxing, a little running on my elliptical and possibly some Tony Horton mixed in. I am going Rogue this month!

Diane Sue, i sure hope you start feeling better soon. My low back and hip were killing me on my trip, but my husband massaged it really hard each day and now it is feeling much better. I hate being in pain, it is horrible. I almost forget how it feels to feel great anymore.

Doreen, great workout today. I will have to look at the new workouts when i get a chance.

Belinda, you are so lucky to be Hawaii, enjoy yourself! Have one of those tropical drinks for me! :)

Roselyn, did you sell your house? Great job with the STS workouts!

Roxie, I hope you are enjoying your workouts that you have been doing lately.

BBL to read your posts. Have a wonderful day!
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Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

Yesterday was Morning Meltdown #54 Total Body Bad Ass then #55 Freestyle Flow and tonight was #56 LIT Cardio. Four more and I enter phase 4. It’s hot here.

Debbie-summer took forever and now it’s over.


They had me do some different exercises for PT today. I knew when I got home that I was going to hurt. I immediately took an Advil and used ice. Hopefully it lets up quickly. More stuff to strengthen my postural muscles while practicing not tightening the neck and shoulder. I have a hard time keeping my shoulders, neck, and traps from coming into play with the rows. She had me do a kind of plank with my hands on the massage table and those turn and lift one arm up. I stood in a door frame with hands on the frame and walked forward held for 3 minutes, pullovers with what looked like a plastic cane. I know I need to strengthen the right areas, but man does it cause pain afterward.

Doreen, I think the Step Boss workouts look good. Although I winced at the plank rows picture. I am sure there will be some premixes I can do if I am not ready to try that yet.

Roselyn, I bet you will be extra busy with moving. Do you have a house already picked?

Jolie, good to have you back. Sorry you had pain while you were on vacation. Sitting and traveling can sure bring out those painful areas. There were big temperature changes there for you. We are in the 80's, but in a few days we are going to have some drops in temps here. Nice job on the workout. It always feels good to get home and back to the workouts and eating correctly. I keep trying to keep my foods anti-inflammatory. I have eaten so much salmon and blueberries lately.

Roxie, is phase 4 the last phase? Nice work.

Jolie Fit

Last night I went to bed with a sore throat and today i woke up with a cough! It couldn't be from sitting in pouring rain and snow for 4 hours at a football game, could it! Even though i had a rain poncho on, i still got wet feet and my toes were frozen by the time i got back to the hotel after the game. I am taking today off and bundling up since it is cool and will take a ton of Vitamin C and hopefully tomorrow i will feel great. I did take my dog on a 2 mile walk, but it was slow and up hills. Today will be one of my rest days for the week. My eating was on track yesterday so that makes me happy.

Diane Sue, hopefully those new exercises that the PT had you do work! My low back finally released and i am feeling good today. My husband did deep tissue massage on me all week and that really helped. I need more stretching everyday, that is for sure!

Roselyn, where are you moving to? Are you downsizing since your children are off on their own now? How is school going? Great job on the workout yesterday.

BBL to read your posts. Tomorrow i want to do cardio that was scheduled for today, kickboxing i think.
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I forgot to post my workout this morning. I did Cathe Live Warrior Kickboxing and had a blast. I love this one and now I know it really well. This is a fun one. I love the abs but stop when she gets to the plank work, I just don't care for all that plank work, it hurts my upper back and shoulders.

Workout was 58 minutes, burned 408 calories, did 5087 steps and HR was 134/181.

Be back later!
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Today I did Power Walk with Jessica Smith from YouTube, 33 minutes, 180 calories, 2,844 steps, heart rate average 125, max 158. I also did PT exercises for 35 minutes and 46 calories. I go to PT tomorrow afternoon.
I went out and got my 2nd Shingrix vaccine this morning.

Jolie, I hope the vitamin C and rest knocks out the impending cold.

Debbie, I liked that workout a lot too. I don't normally mind plank work, but right now they would be way too much for me. The thing that bothers me is when in plank you are doing other things than just a plank.

Jolie Fit

Today i started my workout by running on the elliptical for 15 minutes on Interval mode, 2 minutes up hill higher resistance then to 2 minutes lower elevation and lower resistance by one number. I like this because you work hard for 2 minutes and then you work a little less for two minutes and so on. I burned 170 calories. Then I did Les Mills Combat 30, 30 minutes with 1 lb gloves and had a great workout. Total workout time was 45 minutes and i burned 479 calories. Average heart rate was 135 and max was 188. I am not sure if i am getting sick or i have allergies. I had enough energy to workout so maybe it is allergies.

Doreen, Great job on PHA this morning, i really like those workouts.

Roxie, that is a lot of workouts for one rotation, i bet you will never get bored.

Diane Sue, i was reading about several ex models that have gone through what you are going through with pain and they said it was all due to their breast implants. They all said they went to every doctor and no one could figure out how to get rid of their pain, and a lot of it was muscle pain. I know that you had yours replaced a few years back, is there any chance your body is rebelling? Just a thought. I hope you are feeling better today and your PT goes well.

Debbie, i will check back later to read your post, i hope you have a great workout today.

Belinda, how is Hawaii? Are you working out at all?

Roselyn, How is the packing going and where are you moving to? Do you have a 45 day escrow?

Make it a great day, it is beautiful here today, 79 degrees, sunny and very dry.
Today I did Kelly's RAW Ascending Pyramid Upper Body. I had a pretty good workout but this one isn't a favorite and I've only done it once before. I did not wait for Sammie to do her sets and then go with Kelly. I jut rested a few seconds and kept doing the pyramid on my own. I definitely felt more than having all that rest. I then added some exercises or ffw through the rest of the segment.

All reps were 16/12/10/8
Chest Press: 12's/15's/20's/25's
Chest Flies: 12's/15's/20's/25's
Added Pushups off the Step: 10/10/10 reps

Upright Rows: 10's/12's/15's/20's
Lateral Raise: 5's/8's/10's/12's

Seated Overhead Extensions: 12#/15#/20#/25#
Skull Crushers: 8's/10's/22's/12.5's
Added Dips: 24/24 reps

Seated Rows: 12's/15's/20's/25's (did them standing)
One Arm Row: 8's/10's/12's/15's (did Bend Over Raise)

Biceps Curl: 10's/12's/15's/17's
Double Arm Pledges: 8's/10's/12's/15's/15's (added a set)

I like the double arm pledges, I really felt it in my forearms and right in the middle of my biceps. Felt great!

Workout was 58 minutes, burned 475 calories!!! - so not bad there - and did 1368 steps. HR was 151/194.

Again, no time for personals. Sorry everyone. I will really try to get back in here this evening. Work has been crazy!

Hope you all have great workouts!!
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Today I did Jessica Smith Burn Fat and Have Fun: Step and Stride, 189 calories, 3,158 steps, 31 minutes, heart rate average 135, max 174. I was going to do something of hers on YouTube, but it keeps not wanting to load. It did it yesterday too and then I kept having to push the start button on the JM workout to get rid of the stuff on the bottom of the screen. Today it just went to a blank screen. So, I went to Amazon and purchased the second workout in the Have Fun series. There are 3. The third uses a play ball. This one was pretty good. It just used the high step platform and not too many huge upper body movements. I had Physical Therapy this afternoon. I really need to do something for lower body. Maybe tomorrow along with PT exercises. I needed to get some house cleaning done today. After PT my shoulder and neck feel pretty good. I hope it stays that way tonight.
Sleep was not so good last night. Partly my shoulder and a lot my allergies. I just could not get comfortable.

Roxie, that is a long workout series.

Doreen, nice work on PHA today.

Jolie, allergens are high here right now. If it rains tomorrow it should wash some of them out of the air. I took water and lozenges with me to PT today. I feel kind of under the weather today, but I am sure it is from the 2nd Shingrix vaccine I had yesterday. This happened last time too. It lasted a couple of days and went away. I really think that the pain is the way my shoulder lifts and a nerve that runs from my neck/trap area down my arm. When it is inflamed it puts pressure on the nerve. The therapist can hold my shoulder down and back and the pain lets up. I have thought about the implants and the fact that the earlier ones years ago had leaked silicone and my lymph nodes were taking up the silicone. The doctor tried to clean as much as he could out when I had my last surgery. He said there will always be some. I have mentioned to my daughter that I wondered if this has compromised my immune system and is why I have the negative RA. I had to read up on that one. It doesn't show in RA tests, but they can see the evidence that it is there. Some people show up in the tests later on. Sometimes it may be something else. The doctor showed me the x rays though and where it was in my knees that was proof of it being RA. I am still not completely convinced, or maybe in denial. My mri of the neck shows the Dr that did the impression of inflammatory arthritis, possibly RA. Also the impression of the shoulder said erosive arthritis consistant with RA. I won't know much till I see the doctor on Thursday next week. I have been predominantly trying to handle this with natural supplements and half a dose of the prescription they gave me. I am so afraid they are going to want to do immune blocking drugs or some of the stronger stuff. I have read peoples stories about getting implants too large for their frames and having back problems. I never went that big, but I had them drop the size some more the last time.

Debbie, didn't Kelly do another upper body pyramid workout? It seems there was a descending one and an ascending one. I have only done one of them and I do something else or try to forward ahead rather than the long wait. I think the second one was a bit shorter? She put it up when I stared having shoulder pain and I have not done it. I will be glad when I can do the workouts I have missed. Box and Pump Strength looks good.

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