Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for May 2018

Jolie Fit

I have a sever sore throat again today so I am not going to workout. I supposed to do cardio and I am sure if I did it, I would get worse. Also, I am congested so breathing would be difficult.

I hope your skin is better today! I will check back later to see if got to workout or not.

Diane Sue, Good job getting some stretching in yesterday. I bet it felt great!

Roselyn, nice workout, I have to check that one out!

DOZ, nice job with the weight loss, I am so jealous!

Have a nice day.
Hi everyone. Well, this stuff is not going anywhere it seems. I'm still itchy, have red/purple skin everywhere and cannot stand it anymore. OMG. I don't wish this on my worst enemy, it is horrible. I couldn't skip another workout, though, so I just waked on my treadmill this morning. I'm afraid to break a sweat because the minute I do, my skin goes all berserk and starts to itch really bad. I started breaking a sweat at about the 2.15 mile mark so I stopped when I hit 2.25 miles. At least I did something. I contacted my doctor this morning but have not heard back from her. No surprise there.

Workout was 45 minutes, went 2.25 miles, burned 239 calories and went 5400 steps.

Jolie - Dang girl, you sound like you're having as much fun as I am. Hope you feel better soon and I hope your back doesn't go out again.

Diane Sue - Nice job with your workouts this weekend. I wasn't interested in the Royal Wedding either. In fact, I was ticked that the news wasn't on Saturday morning.

DOZ - Congrats on losing 4#!!!! You are doing great, keep it up! Woo hoo!!

Roselyn - Thank you, I really appreciate the prayers.


his morning I did P90X3 Dynamix with the cold start warm up added, 44 minutes, met 3.0, 146 calories, heart rate average 95, max 130. I then did Ice Chiseled Upper Body, 49 minutes, heart rate average 100, max 143, met 4.2, 227 calories. I used slightly Cathe's weights and slightly higher on some moves. I finished off with Sarah Beth Yoga 10 minute cooldown hips and legs, 13 minutes, 31 calories, met 2.1. Total time 1 hour 46 minutes, 404 calories. I always forget how good Dynamix is for mobility work. I am keeping the upper body weights a bit lower than I would normally use. I think just lifting and turning with too heavy of weights could possibly set things off again. Just being careful. The only thing that really hurts is when I sit for long periods. I am a bit apprehensive about sitting at the graduation for my grandson tonight. My daughter is picking me up extra early since my grandson has to be there early. Hopefully it is not incredibly long. They have loads of valedictorians giving speeches.

Jolie, I think that you are wise to take a rest day. The stretch felt really good yesterday. I felt great and thought my pain was finally gone till last night when I sat at the computer for a couple of hours intermittently. It set it off :( Sitting seems to make everything tighten up in the hip and low back area and hurt.

Debbie, I am terribly sorry. You have had a very severe reaction to poison ivy. I would pester the doctor for sure. I know doctors are very busy and have lots on their minds, but there should be a way to help patients when needed. It seems the messages get relayed down the line from the front desk to another desk and then finally to the doctor, who, if he/she gets it at all glances over and then relays to someone else in the staff to call back. It is never a quick process.
Not doing too bad today, the itching is there but not as prominent as it was yesterday. Yesterday was horrible. Hopefully it's on it's last legs now and moving out of my body. Now I'm paranoid about doing any type of yard work or cutting grass. I do not want to go through this ever again.

Today I walked again on my treadmill and did 2.5 miles. Burned 262 calories and went 6019 steps. Glad I'm able to at least do this. Hoping to be able to get a run in later this week.

- Hope you are feeling better. You are under so much stress, I think that's why your body is fighting you lately. Hugs to you.

Diane Sue - Nice job on your workout!!! My doctor got back to me and said that I should go in for labs and possibly see an allergist. I know this is poison ivy so I'm not going to do that. These doctors, all they want to do is test, test, test. My brother gets poison ivy like this and he said it takes 3 weeks for it to go away. Next Tuesday is my 3 weeks so we shall see.

DOZ - Great job with your workout!! That was one heck of a one with that log walk!!

Roselyn - Hope you are doing well!


Debbie nice work getting some cardio in again. I sure hope it continues to get better. I am never in a hurry ro go to a doctor. I will do everything possible on self healing first.

Jolie Fit

No workout today, I am truly sick now!!! Major head cold, congestion and sore throat. It was hard to sleep last night because I couldn't breath. I have so much to do this week with my son, Senior MASS tomorrow morning, Prom on Thursday, Finals next week and graduation! How will I ever get through it? On top of it, my back is so out and I am in pain but cant get to the doctor till Friday because of my hectic schedule. I was told yesterday that my youngest son will not be returning to the school. All of us are devastated. The stress is killing us. I have to enroll him into a public school today and sign him up for summer school. My life is really tuff right now. I need a break from it so bad I cant even tell you. My son is so upset he doesn't even study for finals. I just feel like I failed him as a parent. I just cant get him to do the work no matter what I do.

Have a nice day.


This morning I did Kelly Coffey Home Gym Intervals workout # 2 using the rebounder for the cardio, 30 minutes, 205 calories, heart rate average 139, max 165, met 6.2, 2,474 steps. I then did Barre Amped Bounce cardio and stretch, 21 minutes, met 5.7, heart rate 125 average, 161 max, 1,300 steps, 132 calories. I finished off with You Tube Sarah Beth 30 minute sciatica yoga, 66 calories, met 2.0. Total time was 81 minutes, 403 calories.

Jolie, I am so sorry that you are sick at such a stressful time. I hope that you can get past the head cold quickly. When I start getting a sore throat and cough I use Oil of Oregano for awhile since it is anti-viral and ant-bacterial. I don't know what to say that would help. My heart goes out to you that you are going through all of this stress. It seems like there are times in our lives where things pile up and the stress is huge and overwhelming, like there is not end at the end of the tunnel. There is, it sometimes can go on for much longer than we would like though.
Evening guys,

This morning, Legs & Glutes And LesMill’s Core Attack.

Diane - girl feeling bad for you. I hope you have relief soon.

Diane Sue- Nice work. Last night I watched P90x2 omg ....workouts is out of my league lol. Going to watch p90x3 needing another challenge.

Jolie - rest...I hope you feel better soon.

Roselyn- Hello

My GK’s will be here any second, need to get busy. Have a wonderful evening all.


Doz, P90X2 has long warm ups and lots of balance work in it. You may find P90X3 doable. It is different from the others though. The workouts are shorter and there is the cold start extra warm up if you want it. I have never totally committed to a full rotation of it though.
Today I walked again but only 1.75 miles. I had to go into work early. Itching has subsided a great deal, although it is not totally gone. Getting there!!!

Workout was 35 minutes, walked 1.75 miles, burned 201 calories and went 4287 steps. Not bad.

Jolie - Girl, you need a vacation! Hope you get the rest you need when school is out. My heart goes out to you.

Diane Sue - I want to do Gym Intervals, I love those two workouts. Can't wait to do them again! Great job on your workout!

DOZ - Diane Sue is right, P90 series is doable for anyone, you just need to go at your own pace. They are fun workouts.
Today was bulk shoulders and that was all I did today

Cardio on tap for tomorrow, grrrr

I guess I am going to preorder the new workouts

Great workouts everyone

Debbie glad to hear it is getting better, that poison ivy is a bitch (pardon my language but it is)
Morning guys,

Today’s workout, Cardio Coach #8 T: 60:00, D: 2.80, C: 386 and STS shoulders, biceps & triceps.

Diane Sue - P90x2 is crazy; not for me P3 doable, thinking to buy when I get extra lol

Debbie- few more days then home free lol. I’m going to be working in my yard next week needing to get my windows clean, will be cautious . Good job with your workout.

Jolie- meds and rest, you be up and out soon. Take care

Roselyn - bulk shoulders, is that part of the Beast series?

Headed to Sam’s Club to get my green juices and a few things, look like I’m going to have family till Sunday argh lol have a great day today all.


Today I did Low Impact Sweat using only 1 riser height on the step, 49 minutes, heart rate average 124, max 150, met 5.9, 319 calories, 3,176 steps. I then did Fit Tower Advanced Bonus core and stretch off of Legs, Glutes, and Core, 18 minutes, met 3.0, 60 calories, and finished with You Tube Sarah Beth Yoga, 20 minutes, deep hip opening yoga practice, 20 minutes, 44 calories, met 2.0, Total time 87 minutes, 423 calories.

Debbie, you make me so glad that I have never had poison ivy reactions!! I am glad that you are finally itching less. At least you are getting in some activity and decent steps. I love Home Gym Intervals. I have used it with the Tread Climber and the Spin Bike. It was fun trying it with the rebounder since I know a lot of rebounder moves that can get the heart rate up and all of these are low impact :)

Roselyn, I want to order the new workouts, but was hoping the first pre-sale price would have held out a bit longer. Particularly since they are not even going to be ready for months to come.

Doz, there is almost always someone doing a modified version of the moves on P90X workouts. X2 is really not that bad. I did that rotation when I first got it and then have just used my favorite portions since. Yes, P90X 3 is doable. If you follow the one rotation you start out doing the pilates, yoga, and dynamix between the other workouts. Also you will be surprised in that the non weighted ones can be pretty tough. I believe one of them was the warrior one?

Jolie Fit

Still sick, now I'm coughing but the congestion is going away. I had a hard time breathing the last 4 days.

I was at my sons senior Mass ceremony yesterday and I saw him walk out. I thought he just had to use the restroom. About 10 minutes later his football Physician came to me and pulled me out the crowd. We went down the hall and Jack was lying on the floor with people all around him taking his vital signs. He almost past out, he couldn't breath well or speak. His football coach was the first person he went to and his is very familiar with extreme issues due to being an ex football player. We got Jack up and got him breathing and speaking. I took him immediately to the hospital, all of his vitals were perfect thank god! They did a scan on his heart and it was perfect. After about 40 minutes he was back to normal. He had a spasm in his esophagus. He takes a lot of protein and things that just are too much for his system. He has to make a big change in his diet, more alkaline foods and drinks. He also needs more minerals in his system and some digestive enzymes. Wow, what a scare! I just cant take anymore stress.

Yesterday I got my son transferred and signed up for a new public high school and signed him up for online summer school. He knows a lot of kids at this school, he has played football with them since he was a little kid. The transition should easy. He went and saw his counselor at school yesterday and she told him if he does good this year at school he could probably come back his senior year and graduate with his friends. He seems pretty happy about that.

Prom is today, finals are next week, and graduation is next Saturday. Then I am done! Next June 13th we leave to take my son to college. I don't know how much working out I will get in this next month but I will do my best!

Thanks for being my friends and supporting me through all of this mess over the last year!
Today I walked on my treadmill again and did some light jogging. Feeling better and better, hoping to maybe do Gym Intervals tomorrow. I have to watch getting hot, though, because that causes itching to start. So I'll play it by ear in the morning. I can't believe how much this stupid issue has set me back. Really frustrating.

Walked for 55 minutes, went 2.9 miles, burned 317 calories and went 6842 steps. HR was 92/155.

Jolie - Wow girl, how much more can you take? I'm so sorry all this is happening. I'm glad Jack is ok, that is scary. Make sure he's not taking caffeine. We had a boy die of overdosing on caffeine tablets last year, it was horrible. I wish him well and hope he is feeling better today. Good luck the next couple weeks, it will be over before you know!!!

Diane Sue - Nice job on your workout yesterday. You do interesting combinations all the time, I bet you never get bored!!

DOZ - Nice job with CC #8, I have a dread factor of that one. I need to make a goal of getting that one done, I might change my mind once I do it again.

Roselyn - LOL! You are right, poison ivy is a bitch!!! Can't believe someone can get it so bad!!! Great job with your workout, have fun with cardio today!


Today I did Fit Split Low Impact cardio, 28 minutes, met 5.9, 182 calories, 1,814 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey Body Design yoga and cooldown, 16 minutes, met 2.3, 41 calories. I then did Ice Muscle Meltdown biceps, 19 minutes, met 4.7, 78 calories, and finished with Sarah Beth Yoga cool down hips and legs 12 minutes, 28 calories. Total time was 75 minutes, calories burned 329. I started early today because I am supposed to be able to pick up my husbands vehicle from the auto repair. They said mid morning. Almost 11 now. My granddaughter's high school graduation is this evening and the after party. It will be another late night as the graduation isn't till 7.

Jolie, that was a terrible scare that you had with your son. it is good to know what he needs to do before he leaves for college. That is great that your son may be able to go back to that school and does have others that he knows a the new high school. Keep strong, things will turn around. I hope that you start feeling better.

Debbie, you are getting some nice steps in. I am glad it is getting better. Soon you will be back to normal workouts again. I try to find things that interest me, but to be honest right now I am pretty bored. I am just trying to find things that help the joints and don't hinder healing.

Workout Kick Punch & Crunch And walked 1:30 I was pooped when I got home lol

Jolie- so glad all turned out well for your son, can’t imagine how scared you were.

Debbie- One day at a time, I’m sure it’s getting better. Smart to not irritate the itching, you getting there girl lol

Diane Sue- Nice workout; always.

I just found out my family is staying until next week, OMG......I think she found a house here in Cleveland, waiting game, praying she get it. Be nice to have them closes.

Well I’m off to the Walmart, need to get dog food, for puppies. You guys enjoy your day.


Doz, nice work and long walk. Have fun with family and enjoy walmart :) I swear I avoid that store as long as I can.
I finally got a workout in today and it felt GREAT!!! I did Home Gym Intervals #1 and I just love that workout. So fun and it goes by so fast. I only ran at a 5.5 highest mph but that was perfect for today. I used a 10# dumbbell for each exercise but could have gone up with a few of them:

Hot Potato Squat
TM Interval
Row - Hop - Row
TM Interval
One Arm Row, Right -
could go up in weight
TM Interval
One Arm Row, Left -
TM Interval
Step-Throw -
love this move!
TM Interval
Pendulum Curl -
could go up in weight
TM Interval
Press & Push, Right
TM Interval
Press & Push, Left
Cool down

This workout was 30 min., went about 1.65 miles on the treadmill, burned 266 calories and went 3749 steps. HR was 150/180.

Then I got back on the treadmill and walked for another 20 minutes. Burned an additional 98 calories, went 2003 steps and HR was 91/99 so not too high but just wanted to get extra steps in. Total distance was 2.5 miles with both workouts.

Fun stuff, can't wait to see the Home Gym Interval workouts Kelly has on her website, I do want to try those as well.

Diane Sue - Hope you had fun at the graduation. I don't think I know any kids graduating this year. Nice workout, I need to check out Kelly's Body Design, I have it but haven't even looked at it yet.

Jolie - Hope things are going better for you.

DOZ - Nice job with KC&P!! Have fun with your family!

Roselyn - Hope things are going well!

Hope you all have a great long weekend! Hoping to workout on Monday but it depends on what DH and I have planned for the day. I've lost so many workout days now, what's 3 more? If I don't heck in then, I will check in for sure on Tuesday!!

Happy Memorial Day!!!

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