Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for May 2018

Jolie Fit

Today I got up early and picked up my son from Grad Night! I was just getting in my gym and my dad called and told me my mom was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. WTF! She was just here for my sons graduation and she was fine. She apparently passed out last night and this morning so my dad had her go, thank God! Still waiting to hear what is going on.

I did workout today, stressed out as Iam, and did Cathe Live Strong Upper Body and Core. Same workout, same weights as last week and I burned calories in 58 minutes.

My sons graduation was so great, I cried for two days! Now he is done and time to get ready to leave next Wed.

I will be back later to read your posts if I don't have to drive out to my parents to be with my mom. When she fell last night I guess she hurt her back really bad so my dad wants them to do an MRI on it. When will this stress end!!!

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