Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for May 2018


I thought I would go ahead and start us a May thread :)
This morning I did Piyo strength intervals which is yoga/pilates based moves strength alternated with cardio, pretty low intensity. This was 23 minutes, 147 calories, heart rate average 114, max 141,, 1,192 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey Trim Down Kellys mix using 5 and 8 # dumbbells. I did not do the romanian deadlift upright row, instead I subbed squat and bicep curl for that 1 minute segment, 21 minutes, 129 calories, heart rate average 127, max 153, 876 steps. This was pretty easy for me as the cardio is boxing. I finished off with Sarah Beth Yoga doing the Sciatica Low back plus a bit more from her stuff, 41 minutes, 90 calories. Total today was 85 minutes, 366 calories.


Happy Mothers Day :) I will do a bit of stretching and rolling this morning before church. My family will be here later :)

Jolie Fit

Happy Mothers Day my friends! Every woman is a mother no matter if they have children or not. Pets count as kids!!!

Today I ran on the Elliptical for 46 minutes, interval mode again, 4.6 miles and I burned 494 calories. My average heart rate was 136 and max was 163. I was tired today so I didn't give it my all. I had company the last four days so I didn't get enough sleep from having to entertain. We went out to dinner last night for Mothers Day with my parents. I don't like the place we went so I just had a glass of wine. Whatever they put in the food makes me break out in hives and sores all over my body so I opted to not eat. I never really get a Mothers Day because its my Dads birthday 2 days before so it usually always is about my Dad. OH well... Today I have to clean all day, the house is a mess from having so many people for a couple of days. I cannot live in clutter, it stresses me out!

Have a wonderful day with your kiddos!
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Today I normally would have taken the day completely off, but I did P90X2 recovery and mobility through the mobility/ yoga and then the lower body foam rolling and finished with Sarah Beth restoration up the wall yoga 10 minutes. It has really helped doing this with the pain and tightness I have been experiencing. My husband took me the The Garage restaurant and I got an avocado melt and sweet potato fries. The family is coming at 5.

Joiie, we often end up doubling up a family event. Did your family get you anything or do anything for you? Who chose the restaurant? You should have pointed out the food affects you badly. I hope that you enjoyed your family visit.
Yes, some are pet mothers :) Some are wanna be mothers, some are future mothers. Our church had a gift for mothers day and gave them to all of the women.


I still have hip/low back pian this morning. I will probably do mobility stretching and some upper that doesnt affect my low back & hip. I didnt eat as well for inflammation yesterday. I had bread two meals, chips, and cake last night. It is no wonder I feel extra achey this morning. I also cleaned out my car and its windows before the family came over.
No workout for me today, the poison ivy is spreading all over me. I was up until 2 a.m. and finally read online to put apple cider vinegar on it. It helped the itching and burned a little, but I welcomed the burn. Man, this is horrible. We found the poison ivy at my moms. I still don't understand how I got it so bad because I was riding on a lawn mower when I passed over it. It must have blown at me or I inhaled it or something. Horrible. It's everywhere on me and I itch so bad I can't stand it. I put the vinegar everywhere and that is helping.

I just finished the steroid pack and I'm taking Allegra for the itching, which isn't helping. I ordered poison ivy soap from Amazon that is made with jewelweed and I should get that tomorrow.

Hopefully I can do something tomorrow but this week will be play it by ear.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!!! I had a great day with my mom!!


Debbie, that sounds so miserable. I think I would want to bathe in vinegar. Is there any indication anywhere as to how long this cantake to clear up?

Jolie Fit

Today I did Cathe Live, Strong Upper Body and Core. Workout was 1 hour and 15 minutes and I burned 420 calories. Average heart rate was 101 and max was 154. There was no rest except for setting up for the next round of exercises. I added leg extensions at the end of the workout. Each body part was 3 rounds, times 12 reps.

1 Arm Rows- 25# x 12 ( 3 rounds )
Pullovers- 24# x 12 ( could go heavier )

Seated Overhead Press- 20# x 12 ( 3 rounds )
Rear Flies- 10# x 12
Front/Rear Raise- 10# x 12
1 Arm Lateral Raise- 10# x 12

Chest Flies- 17# x 12 ( 3 rounds )
Close Grip Chest Press- 17# x 12
Chest Press- 20# x 12

Lying Triceps Ext- 12# x 12 ( 3 rounds )
Cross Body Ext - 12# x 12
2 Arm Kickbacks- 8# x 12

Traditional Curls- 15# x 12 ( 3 rounds )
W Curls- 12# x 12
Hammer Curls- 15# x 12
Crazy Eights- 10# x 24


Leg Ext- 50# x 20, x 16, x 14, x 12, x 10

I am so sorry you are dealing with the skin issue. I think the apple cider vinegar will work good, I use it for just about everything. Look for home remedies on youtube, there are usually some really good remedies. I hope you stop itching soon!

Diane Sue, DOZ and Roselyn,
I hope you all have great workouts today. I will check back later to see what you all did today!

Happy Monday, This is the last week of high school for my oldest son who is off to college next month!!!
OMG Debbie, I have a light case of poison ivy right between my boobs!! Don't know how that happened I was pulling weeds in my yard but usually I get it terrible, and i don't think anything clears it up, it really does have to run its course. Stuff may help with the itching but that s*** sucks, and sweating really aggravates it. I feel so bad for you. I used something called tecnu I think but I think keeping it dry and cool and the home remedy stuff is better than buying stuff. Hang in there and take care


Today I did You Tube Sarah Beth 20 minute yoga for energy and weight loss, 25 minutes, 61 calories, met 2.2. I then did Strong and Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body timesaver mix 12 double triceps and biceps, 45 minutes(37 actual) met 4.5, 184 calories, 613 steps. I finished off with Sarah Beth 10 minute cool down yoga for legs and hips 13 minutes, 30 calories, met 2.1. Total time was 83 minutes, 275 calories.
I am feeling somewhat better today. I am not taking any Advil or anything like that. Just stretching and trying to keep the nutrition right. I am hoping to maybe do the some of the Ramped Up workouts the rest of this week. Maybe when the hip as all better I will try some floor work like on the Ice dvd.
I kept the weights with what Cathe used today.
close grip bench press 20# dbs 8reps, 12 reps
triceps dips 32 reps, 16 reps
triceps lying extensions 10# dbs 10 reps, 4 reps with pulse between each, 8 reps
triceps standing overhead extensions 12#dbs, 10 reps
band kickbacks
Repeat all
biceps hammer curls 15# dbs 12 reps
biceps sweeping curls 15# 12 reps
biceps isolation curls 12# dbs 4 reps
standing biceps culrs 15# dbs 12 reps
biceps crazy tubing 24 reps /24 reps
repeat all

Debbie, I hope that it starts feeling better from now on.

Jolie, nice work today on the live workout. Two of my grandchildren have finals this week and graduation next week. I sure wish they planned these graduations at a more convenient time than on early evening week nights. My husband cannot go. He will be working. He just started a new job and day one he had to get off early for the Thursday wedding. Her sure cannot take off more. I will ride with my children. He will be able to go to the after graduation party though.
I went back to see my doctor yesterday because this is getting really bad. The poison ivy outbreak on me now looks like I have a sunburn, bruises and blisters. She couldn't believe it when she seen me. She prescribed a higher dose of steroids and I certainly hope it does the trick. I can't stand it anymore, it's so uncomfortable.

Needless to say, no workout today.

Hope you all have great workouts!!


Debbie, I am so sorry. You must be very allergic, or maybe you were right that you inhaled some of it. I am glad that you went back to the doctor.

Jolie Fit

Today is my rest day. I have a lot of things to do around the house so today is the day to get it all done. I have to send out graduation announcements, get my dress altered and figure out what I am going to buy him for a graduation gift. I really have to get it together and fast!

I hope that you get this under control and fast! How incredibly uncomfortable for you, I bet it is hard to sleep.

Diane Sue
, have fun at all of your upcoming functions! What does your husband do, I thought he was in the military? Or is he retired and just chooses to work?

Roselyn, I hope your skin is getting better. This is crazy, just from mowing lawns and gardening you could get poison ivy.

DOZ, I hope you have a nice workout today.

Have a nice day.


Today I did Strong and Sweaty Ramped Up cardio timesaver mix 11, double back and chest, 45 minutes (38 actual), 228 calories, 96 average heart rate, 136 max. I then did double shoulder mix from Ramped Up upper skipping the warm up and stretch, 20 minutes, 108 average, 141 max, 104 calories. I finished off with YouTube Sarah Beth 15 minute flexibility yoga for hip flexors and hamstrings, 5 minute hip yoga, 10 minute sciatica (up the wall) which I had to finish on my own because the streaming stopped suddenly, but I knew the moves. This was 32 minutes, 75 calories. Total time was 99 minutes, calories burned 407.
back one arm row R 30# 16 reps followed by back 1 arm fly R 10# 10 reps
back one arm row L 30# 16 reps followed by back 1 arm fly L 10# 10 reps
repeat Right and Left
back-pullovers 35# DB 10 rep; 35# 10 rep rear
back rear delt flys 10# dbs 10/10 reps; 10# dbs 10/10 reps
band t rows 32/16 reps
repeat all
chest flys 15# dbs 12 reps followed by push ups pyramid 12,10,8
chest flys 15# 12 reps followed by push ups 4 reps variable movement
Shoulders overhead presses 15# dbs, 12 reps, front raise 15# db 12 reps, lateral raise 5# dbs 8/4 with pulses/8 reps
Shoulders overhead presses 15# dbs 12 reps, front raise 12 reps, lateral raise 8/ 3 with pulses/ 4 reps
shoulders lateral band circles 32 forward/32 back
shoulder band kickback rear delts
repeat all

Jolie, my husband is retired police. He has worked in other countries with the military as a contractor and is now doing other police related work.
Yes, he chooses to work. Besides health insurance takes up a lot of the retirement check that does not increase. My grandchildren that are graduating high school this month both want money. My granddaughter is saving because she gets so much from her parents and she needs more as she wants to stay in the dorms. My granddaughter got her announcements and they misspelled her last name as well as not giving the correct location at the private school she goes to. They mailed them anyway. Then the school sends them new ones.
Once again, no workout. I seem to be slowly getting better, the bumps are less but the itching is horrible today. I'm hoping its a "healing" itch and not a "You're screwed lady, I ain't going no where" type itch. It feels different so hopefully it is getting better.

Nice job with your workouts everyone, I miss working out so much. I just got two of my new running magazines and I just want to get on the treadmill. Hopefully Monday I can start again.


Debbie it looks like you are getting one of those forced rests that are really unpleasant. Praying you are on the healing end of things.

Jolie Fit

Today I had a kick butt workout, I started with Les Mills Combat 30 and finished with Power Strike 6 Combos 1 and 2. I used 1 pound weighted gloves for both workouts. Workout time was 1 hour and 6 minutes and I burned 629 calories which includes the time I stretched before and after the workout. It is so important that I stretch prior to the workout because of all of the kicks. Average heart rate was 133 and max was 172. I am dripping wet after this workout.

goodness, this skin issue sounds terrible! I hope you are on the mend. Did you look at any holistic remedies online? I am praying for you that you recover quickly so you can get working out again.

Diane Sue, I made goulash yesterday with tomatoes, zucchini, red pepper, orange pepper, white onion, garlic, tomato juice with bread crumbs on the top with parmesan cheese and a little Swiss cheese. I backed it until bubbling and it was so good. I am having it again today. I hope you have a good workout today.

DOZ and Roselyn,
I will check back in later to see what you did for your workouts today.

Have a nice day.


This morning I did Kelly Coffey Body Design Bootcamp cardio with the warm up, 18 minutes, 117 calories, heart rate average 128, max 166, met 5.9, 1701 steps. I then did Youtube Sarah Beth yoga, weight loss yoga followed by gentle hip opening, a bit more plus I restarted hip opening because it dropped out while doing it. This was 42 minutes, 93 calories. Total time 60 minutes, 210 calories. I wish this hip pain would go away!! I woke in pain at 3 this morning and took advil and checked to see if the rain was leaking in the sunroom (it was not) and crawled back in bed only to toss and turn. My silly FitBit is not giving the correct sleep info. Just basic. It tried to congratulate me on 8 hours of sleep. There is not sleep stages for two days now despite restarting the Fit Bit and the app. I looked on their community thing and this is not mentioned at the moment. Generally it goes on till they do an update and then it starts working. I went over the check list for what to do if not working and the battery and everything is up and correct. I even did a change the wake sleep times by 1 minute as suggested.

Jolie, nice work today. Your goulash sounds good. I make a Mexican zuchinni skillet with ground beef for family meals a lot and they all love it. I put out some cheese, tortilla chips, sour cream, avocado, and more salsa for those that want extra toppings. This is a low carb recipe so the additions are just for the non low carbers. I use avocado on mine. I usually do not eat much cheese and right now I am trying to stick more to anti-inflammatory foods. The only dairy I am using is grassfed plain kefir for the calcium and probiotics.

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