Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2020 !!


Good morning,

I did my own DB upper body + BARLATES Bosu Balance Ball Full Body. I really need to pull out my bosu more often. The Bosu really works your core, abs were burning

I will be back later.
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Today I did Raw box and Pump 3, 59 minutes, 301 calories, heart rate 131 average, 165 max, 3,942 steps. I followed with Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga neck and shoulders, 19 minutes, 47 calories, heart rate 107/132, 43 steps. Total time 78 minutes, calories burned 348, 3,989 steps. I have my grandson coming to bring back my car I loaned him while his is in the shop so I can take my dog for her vet visit and immunizations. Hopefully it doesn't cost him too much to fix it and they are quick.

Debbie, nice work today. I hope you continue to not feel the pain and knots.

Belinda, I need to pull out more bosu workouts. I have them. I just don't think about them much.

Jolie Fit

Ok, let me start off by saying this. I was driving by the airport yesterday in the morning, about an hour before Kobe's helicopter took off. It was incredibly foggy and I told my husband that I was shocked that air traffic control was letting planes take off in this type of weather. You could barely see 20 feet in front of your self it was that foggy. About 2 hours later my son calls me to tell me Kobe's helicopter crashed and all on board had died! WTF! What a tragedy. Or community is mourning a great loss, he and his daughter will be missed. The other family that died was a head baseball coach here in town at he college and his daughter played basketball with Kobe's daughter. Thank goodness he was very religious, going faithfully to the Catholic Church with his family. God be with them all.

Today's workout was Cathe Live, workout #232 Kick Box and Bags and had the best workout! I used 1 pound gloves, workout was 1 hour with the stretch and I burned 504 calories. This is a great workout because it is slower pace, you can really punch and kick with good form and at higher power, there is little impact and it flowed really well. It also has a bag segment. I will do this one again soon!

Debbie, I am so happy that you got to lift today! Yeah!!!!!!!! Great job, I like that workout, I actually have that one sitting on my table right now!

Belinda, nice job on your own workout and including the Bosu ball. I have never had one of those but they look fantastic for ab work.

Diane Sue, nice job with the workout today. I have to take my dog to the vet tomorrow to get his heart check, $900. Now I am having second thoughts because of the cost. What do you think. Would you put your dog on heart meds to help him live longer or just let him live the best life that he can naturally? I know that when you are on meds you just don't feel well. Will it be like that for my dog I wonder? Please give me your advise.

BBL to read your post. I was really bad on my diet yesterday, I went to lunch with my parents and I had French fries, a cheeseburger and wine. I felt horrible afterwards.

Have a nice day.


I had such a busy day yesterday. Eating was not so good. Very little till in the late afternoon I grabbed some peanut butter and mixed with protein powder. Small salad at dinner and then we went to drop my car off at my grandson's work so he had a car. I had a raspberry cream filled pound cake there. It is a coffee shop. I didn't want coffee before bed. I need to get started on my workout.
Need to go do a workout. I have not had much sleep lately. Too many things bothering me right now and it keeps me up along with coughing.

Jolie, those decisions are so hard to make. It seems to me that years ago so many dogs lived to be very old and were not on special diets or anything. My husband is like you with those tests and costs. My vet gave me a new dog food that I should try for mine because he says she is a little heavy and I am feeding her so little and she acts hungry all of the time. Unfortunately when I looked it is a vet recommended one and they have to get vet info. I was wondering why I couldn't find it on Amazon. My husband thought the whole thing was ridiculous. Also the vet said I should quit feeding her grain free dog food. There is new advice out there that it is causing cardiovascular disease in dogs. I suppose with yours it would depend on how old your dog is. I probably would not spend the money if my dog was older and only had maybe a year or two left. I cannot really tell you one way or another as it would be a very difficult decision for me as well. Particularly if money was tight. I didn't pay for a test my dog Mudd that passed away, At the time, it was something the vet said would probably not make a difference, but we would know for sure?? They had done some already and diagnosed it as tic born disease. He had her on antibiotics. It was tough. That is all I can say.


Jolie - Best wishes as you sort out what to do! Tough decisions!!! I'm biased because I grew up on a farm and the only time we spent money on a vet was for the income producing animals! Sounds horrible!

This morning I did the first 3 combos of Warrior Kickboxing Live and then hopped on the TM to do some emails and walk.
My upper back was tight a bit this morning so I didn't chance it. I walked on my treadmill and had a pretty good calorie burn. I'm hoping to do arms tomorrow and some yoga. I'm trying to be careful. I'm telling you, sitting all day in that dang chair is killing me.

Jolie - I'm so sorry about the decision you have to make. I was in your shoes a couple years ago with my cat. We did spend quite a bit of money on x-rays and tests and they found he had cancer of the spleen. How on earth does that even happen to a cat? They said they could do surgery but had no guarantees. We decided to put him down when he stopped eating. It was the worst thing ever. If he is in pain or not eating anymore I would say let nature takes it's course. I had a real issue putting my cat through surgery, that just seemed mean to me. So sorry you are going through this.

I'll BBL!


My workout was Raw Boxing and Kettlebell 2, 29 minutes, 153 calories, heart rate 133/192, 2,171 steps. I then did Real Raw Box and Pump 2, 40 minutes using the 15 and 8# Kelly uses except for the overhead shoulders where I used 10#, heart rate 132/161, 2,809 steps, 205 calories. Total time was 69 minutes, 358 calories, 4,980 steps. Yesterday it was beautiful out. Lots of people out walking their dogs and taking their children out for walks. Today it is in the 30's and raining. Such crazy weather.

Doreen, my Dad grew up on a farm and farmed some years when I was little. The only pet that ever went to the vet was my Siamese cat and that was because my mother did it. She was not happy that she spent money on it, only to find out the cat had bronchitis. Even us kids hardly went to a doctor. Only if they felt it was absolutely needed. Even big gaping cuts, my dad would just clean them up, put salve on them, and tape it up and it would heal. Funny how different things seem to be.

Debbie, wise decision to be careful. I still am careful if something does not feel right. Is the posture brace still helping?


Roselyn, I am glad to see you are able to work your legs now.

Belinda, nice work with the walk and UB core today.
Today I did Kelly's Muscle Up Arms only and had an ok workout. I went light and it was a short workout but good for what I'm aiming for this week. I couldn't find this on the RAW channel so I used my DVD. There really isn't a premix for just the arms, so I had to ffw the Legs & Arms workout until I got to arms.

This is what I did:

Super Set #1
Flip Curls/Pledges
- 12's - 4 sets each
Skull Crushers - 10's - 8 reps
Total of 2 sets no rest

Super Set #2
Side Curls
- 12's - 8 reps
Overhead Triceps Extensions - 15# - 8 reps
Total of 2 sets no rest

Super Set #3
Hammer Curls -
12's - 8 reps
Kickbacks - no weights - 8 reps
Total of 2 sets no rest

Workout was only 19 minutes, burned 130 calories and HR was 133/157.

Then I did Yoga Focus Strength which wasn't a great selection. I did about 14 minutes of it, it was too taxing on my upper back and shoulders. So I stopped after I started feeling pulling in my neck and upper back. Workout was 14 minutes, burned 70 calories.

Then I had like 15 minutes left so I walked on my treadmill. Burned 117 calories, did .75 miles and went 1758 steps.

Diane - I ordered the Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga DVD, I can't wait to try it.

Have great workouts everyone, I'll be back later.


I did RAW Pyramind Lower body. Woah- there is nothing fancy about this workout but I was really challenged. I used heavier weights than Kelly to start with but had to drop by the third round.
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Jolie Fit

I decided not to do all the tests on my dog because he is 13 years old, he acts completely normal but he has heart erythema. I did a lot of research and decided to put him on all natural supplements for heart support. I walk him at least a mile per day and he eats like a horse. I think they try to scare you into doing test because they are big money makers for them. I ordered on Amazon dog supplements and this is what I got because this is what I take for heart support and it is the same for dogs.
Young at heart, vitamin supplement drops to support heart health
Vitamin C
Vitamin B complex
Vitamin A and E

I hope this helps, it surely wont hurt. My mom felt so horrible on heart meds she thought she would die. I didn't want to do that to my dog, that is not a life. My mom is off all of her meds, my dad put her on all natural supplements and her doctor is amazed how healthy she is now. I think fear overcame me and I wanted a quick fix. Rusty is very happy today. :)

Todays Workout was a walk on the TM, 45 minutes, 6.5 incline, 3.3 speed, 2.5 miles and I burned 424 calories. I stopped early, I wanted to do an hour but my knee was hurting from the kickboxing the other day. Front kicks hurt my knee.

Debbie, nice job on the arm workout and the walk today. I love lifting but truly don't feel great the next day either. I am almost thinking of doing cardio for a month and see how I feel and let my muscles rest. I have been lifting for 15 years and feel I need a break. If I do lift it will probably be lighter weights. I want to focus more on loosing weight than gaining muscle right now because I crave to be pain free. If I workout hard I am so darn hungry!

Diane Sue, thanks for all of the advise about my dog. I give my dog wild rice and sometimes kibble, I am not sure if that is grain? Do you know of any workouts that are light weight, higher reps that are good? I want to lift lighter for the next month and I am getting sick of Cathe Live. I found a woman on youtube and I like the looks of her workouts. I may try one tomorrow for Upper Body. Heather Robertson looks like some great workouts, have you tried any of them?

Doreen, great job on the Pyramid lower body workout today!

Belinda, i hope you have a great workout today! Sorry to hear about your dog that went through tuff times.

Roselyn, great job on getting to work lower body already!

Have a nice day.



I did Cathe ICE UB and SBF FB workout.

Jolie - are the vitamins for dogs? Glad your dog is doing well.My DD's dog has heart problems too. Maybe it would help him. Glad your mom did well on natural vitamins. I think you like Heather Robertson workouts. So many great instructors on YT. I will do Sydney's daily workouts next week. Just to switch things up. I do have to take breaks from Cathe's workouts. They are all similar.

Debbie - is that a dvd you did today? Looks great.

Diane - great job yesterday.

Roselyn - nice job on your leg workouts.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me. I am done for today.
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Finally finished with my workout. My grandson is supposed to be over between jobs this afternoon so we can go pick up his car so I need to get put together :)
I wanted low impact today so I did Jessica Smith Walk Strong and Have Fun: Have a Ball, 33 minutes, 172 calories, heart rate 129/150 ( I hope everyone realizes I mean average and max :) ), 3,143 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey Cardio Quick Fix #1 which is the low impact one, 29 minutes, heart rate 135/191???, 160 calories, 2,795 steps. I also did the Cardio Quick Fix Bonus abs/hips & glutes, 16 minutes, 71 calories, heart rate 125/138. 503 steps. I used 3# and 2 # for this. I finished off with Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga chest and back, 21 minutes, heart rate 94/126, 31 calories, 28 steps.
Total time was 1 hour 39 minutes (long but I really wanted to get in the stretching too) 434 calories, 6,469 steps I got in the 10,000 steps yesterday. Maybe I will get there today too.

I will be back after I shower and get dressed.


Jolie, here is a link to the report that my vet gave me on Dog foods and also talks about diet associated cardiomyopathy. You might find it interesting. Taurine supplementation is mentioned here. I have not read all of the report. I think that you have made the right choice for your dog. It is good that you walk your dog every day. Mine really needs me to do that. Are you going by your dogs weight for the supplements?
As far as lower weight high rep workouts I would have to think about it. Do you have Les Mills Pump? What about Cathe's Power hour? Maybe Coffey Fit Raw would work for you. I am kind of interested in Jessica Smith's weight workouts, but have not tried them yet. You could check some out on YouTube. I did look at a weight dvd on Amazon this morning and she goes up to max weight of 25# on it.

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Here is one of the Jessica Smith workouts I was looking at this morning. Just thinking I might try some of her strength. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YQCGYWS?pf_rd_p=ab873d20-a0ca-439b-ac45-cd78f07a84d8&pf_rd_r=2MJ2W0ESCYR0G9H7EJW3

Doreen, some of Kelly's strength workouts are not joke. I like the Pyramid lower workout.

Debbie, I know some yoga workouts are too tough on the neck and shoulders. Particularly when they have you on your hands for long periods of time in those down dog up dog positions. I think you will like the Gentle yoga. Some of the moves in the neck and shoulders I did in PT. Also you will get some shoulders and stuff in the back and chest one as well. I was going to use the Cardio Quick Fix on the Raw channel, but changed to the dvd because I wanted to do just workout 1 and the bonus which I did not want to hunt around for on the Raw channel. I think Muscle Up had premixes on the raw channel. I could be wrong though.

Belinda,I tend to get bored if I stick with only one instructor so have to change it up once in awhile myself. Plus I think the change in styles is good to boost effectiveness.


Diane - I agree with you! change ins styles is good to boost effectiveness. I have that Jessica Smith dvd. I still in shrink-wrap. Do you want me to review it tonight?

Jolie - you should give Sydney a try. All her workouts are free,
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Belinda, that would be great. I would like to know how it is. I almost purchased on Amazon Prime and was wishing there was a preview or something. It sounds like there is an interval weight cardio and then an all strength workout. It said up to 25#. That is all I know from it.
Edited to say, I don't know how you leave workouts in shrink wrap. I open tight away and start doing them within a day or two. :) I get excited over new workouts LOL
Jolie - I'm glad you chose what you did for your dog. Sometimes we have to wonder if all that testing and surgery is actually helpful. Hopefully the supplements will help him. I'm glad he is healthy and walking him daily is a great way to keep him that way.

Diane - Yes, I am still using the posture corrector, it helps. I am still having a hard time sitting upright when at work. That is a killer sitting in front of a computer day in and day out. I wear it when I walk on my treadmill and when I get home from work for about an hour each. RAW has the Muscle Up Lower Body premix out there, but not the arm one. Not sure why? Or at least I couldn't find it. It was just as easy to use my DVD. I'm looking forward to the Jessica Smith Yoga.

Doreen - Good job on RAW Lower Pyramid, I don't think I've done that one yet.

Belinda - How is your cough? Are you getting better. I hope all those meds are helping you. You are doing great with your workouts! Yes, the arm workout I did was Kelly's Muscle Up workout. It's on Workout #1 I think, it's with legs. I just ffw to the arm section.

Roselyn - Great job with your workouts!

Have a great evening everyone!!

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