Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2020 !!


Happy New Year everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Happy New Year. Can't believe it's 2020 already. Any new year resolution? I am trying to make this year a healthier one and stretch more.

I will get my workout in after I have more coffee.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! It boggles my mind that it seems like 2000 just happened. It has been 20 years since we moved into the 21st century. So scary how fast time goes by.

I wasn't going to do anything today but I've been really good with my eating and workouts so I decided to at least get on my treadmill. I did so and did some hills while walking, HR really didn't get up that high but I was sweating.

Workout was 61 minutes, burned 392 calories, went 3 miles and did 7271 steps. HR was 116/141. I'm almost at 10,000 steps already!

Diane - I'm feeling really good today. I hate how these knots and pain come and go. One day I'm great the next I'm in pain again. I don't get it. I agree with you that the more supplements you take the more your body gets used to them. I stopped taking the Change O Life supplements a while back because they weren't helping with my hot flashes. About 6 or 8 months went by and I started using them again and they are working. I hope it lasts for a while, sick of these hot flashes. If you ever find the perfect One A Day, make sure you let me know! LOL! TENS is what I have. I may try it, just need to get past the scared part!

Jolie - I hope you have a better year this year, I know you went through a lot last year. Cool that you can cut your own hair!! Wish I could. I'm letting mine grow out a bit. I'm liking it longer for a change.

Belinda - Wow, $39 for a yoga class!! Holy smokes! When are you heading home? I should make my resolution to stretch more, too, but I know how that will go! LOL!!

Roxie - Hope you are doing well, and I hope this year is better for you than last year was! :)

Doreen - You should try Jingle All The Way, it is a fun one.

Rosleyn - Hope your New Year is awesome and that you find the salon of your dreams to work in!! I also hope your hip is good as new in a few months!!

Have a great day, everyone! I'm not doing much of anything today!
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I did CL #57 PHA and a walk.

Debbie - isn't it $39 for one pilates class expensive? I feel bad when I spent some $$ on downloads/dvd's. DH and I will head home later today.

Jolie - DD loves pilates on the reformer. I will try more free live classes out next time I am dc. I agree, $39 is very expensive :)

I will be back later.

Jolie Fit

Happy New Year!!! Today my husband and I went for a long walk along the ocean, 70 degrees and all of the surfers are out and in the water! We walked for 1 hour and 10 minutes and I burned 512 calories. Then we stopped at the pier and spilt a breakfast over looking the ocean, it was beautiful. Now I am home going to watch the Rose Bowl football game. Friday at noon is the Idaho Potato Bowl and my sons team is playing in it!!!!!!!! If they win, that is back to back championship games Woo Woo! He said it is snowing so they went sledding this morning before practice. I hope the altitude effects the other team, that we give Nevada a leg up. Nevada has high altitude so they are used to playing in it.

Debbie, great job on the walk today! I love that I can do my own hair. I went really short just for fun and I love it. It now stays out of my face when I workout. Last year I grew mine out to a shorter Bob hairstyle and all I did was clip it back away from my face. I have had short hair almost my entire life and I guess I am just used to it. It also makes me look about 10 years younger :)

Belinda, nice workout today! I am going to do a CL tomorrow before I go to the chiropractor and then I will probably walk the next couple of days.

BBL to read your posts!
HAPPY 2020!!

Worked chest and tris today

I start January 6th( at the salon I reception at) as an assistant I am excited to learn color and cutting there. I am going to still look at a couple other salons just to see what is out there.


Good morning,

I am home again. I have an appointment for my knees.The other knee is swelling up too.I was in so much pain last night couldn't sleep. Not sure what is going on? I need to get it checked out.

Jolie - your walk yesterday sounds lovely. Have fun with CL. Good luck at the chiropractor.

I will be back later for personals.
Back to getting up at 4:30. Yuck. Back to work today, break went by extremely fast like always. This morning I did RAW R&R December. This is a fun workout but I didn't even break a sweat. Next time I need to get on my treadmill or Max Trainer and do this workout. The boxing section so easy but it's great for a day where you just don't have it in you to do 100%. This morning was one of those for me so the workout was perfect.

I used 10# and 12# dumbbells for whole workout. 30 seconds each exercise with no rest.

Boxing segment

Biceps - 21's
Double Arm Row/Stand:
REPEAT - no rest


Hammer Curls
Upright Row
Double Arm Row
REPEAT - no rest


Skull Crusher
Chest Press: 12's
Chest Press: 12's
Skull Crushers


Repeat last section of chest and tri's again. Weird that she put the boxing in again and then repeated chest & tris, but it works.

Workout was 37 minutes, burned 280 calories, did 2034 steps and HR was 138/160. Didn't really get my heart rate up that high.

Then I jumped on my treadmill for 15 minutes, burned 98 calories, went .80 miles, did 1824 steps and HR was 119/134.

I'll be back later for personals. Have great workouts everyone!!


Yesterday was busy cleaning for New Year's party and then the party but I did get a workout it. I did Body Box by Amy Bento. I forgot how tricky her combos are.

This morning I did CL 214 Total Body Giant Sets #2. This is a good one. I have to use heavier weights than the class but I'm now just used to that wtih Cathe Live.

I'll have to do the PHA 2020 and Jingle all the way soon too!! I haven't decided how to work in the new Step Boss workouts yet into my schedule.


No workout yesterday. Today I did Imax 4, 46 minutes, met 5.9, 234 calories, heart rate average 129, max 187?, 4,035 steps. I think this is wrong, but that is what the Fit Bit gave me. The 187 was just a brief high point and it stayed around 155 for a high. I then did Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga Neck and Shoulder flow, 20 minutes, 56 calories, heart rate average 116, max 138. I will try to get back later. I have house guests. Tomorrow morning I go for my Stress Test at the heart doctors so no workout in the morning.


Saw the doctor for my knees this morning. I can have zero pressure on my knees until the swelling goes down . I only can use 2# for upper body, LOL! No yoga/no twisting. I can only do light 10 min walking 3 times a day until the swelling goes down. She pretty much wants me to sit on my butt all day long. Not happening! I still can do heavier weights sitting. She also changed my arthritis med. I can't take the arthritis meds it upset my stomach. I am taking a gel and apply it on my knees.

I did an easy outside walk this afternoon. Walking doesn't hurt my knees. I will plan my workouts for this week. Should be interesting what I came up with, lol. BBL!
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Today I did two Max Trainer workouts and then walked on my treadmill. Once again, my neck is tight, feels like I slept wrong. Started yesterday after I lifted.

Anyways, I did Max Mix Cardio 10 with Taneetra and Max Climb 10 with Marc. Great workouts, my legs were jelly when I got off that thing. It was hard to walk at my regular speed on my treadmill after that.

Workout was 26 minutes for both workouts, burned 171 calories, went .67 miles and did 1678 steps. HR was129/146.

Treadmill workout was 20 minutes, burned 188 calories, went 1 mile and did 2408 steps. HR was 152/182 which was really high. I did not feel like my HR was that high. I'm wondering if the Max Trainer caused that? But I would still think I'd feel it. Weird.

Belinda - I'm so sorry to hear about your knees. Dang, could doing those step workouts cause that? I suppose as mine get sore when I do step workouts. So is it just swelling or did something happen that is worse? I hope the swelling goes down fast for you.

Have great workouts everyone!!!


This morning I did #277 Jingle all the way. Its 10 minutes of floor cardio - lots of jacks in this one (which I did low impact jacks) then 10 minutes of Legs (lunges, deadlifts, pulsing lunges, crossback lunges, outer thigh raises) then 10 minutes of upper body (OH presses, biceps, triceps, pushups, chest press) then 10 minutes of core. But my video froze at the pushups. The audio was still going so I followed along for a while until she got to core and I could no longer decipher what they were doing so I quit.

Another thread Cathe Admin said they are working to switch platforms that Cathe Live is hosted on so hopefully it will fix the little video bugs that keep happening!

Jolie Fit

No workout yesterday, I went to the Chiropractor and had to leave early due to the heavy traffic. My ankle was still out, though I did a pretty good job adjusting it myself so I could at least workout, but my knee on the same leg was out and that got adjusted too. Anytime I get swelling that means I need an adjustment. Today I walked on my Treadmill for 40 minutes and I traveled 3.25 miles and burned 345 calories. I did different inclines the entire time and changed up the speed as well. I only had a little time today because it is my Son's teams Bowl Game at 12:30pm on ESPN and I want to get ready for that game!!!!!! Super proud of these boys, such hard work all year long along with a full load of classes and travel.

Belinda, you should go have a Chiropractor look at your knees. A doctor will NEVER refer you to one, they would rather have you rest it because they don't know what to do for you or just do surgery. It cant hurt, I love going and I fix the problem in one visit. It might be as simple as your hips being out and that might fix the problem. My Chiro says that if you have feet, ankle or knee issues, look to the feet. That means adjustments and or new shoes or orthotics. Just a suggestion because I hate to see you like this.

Debbie, great job on the workout yesterday and today. Bummer you had to go back to work, I bet you loved the break and the sleeping in with the longer workouts. I think the way that I sleep on my side is half of my problem of why my back and hips go out. I got a memory foam mattress topper and that has really helped a lot. I got it at Costco.

Diane Sue, good luck with your stress test, you will knock it out of the Ballpark!

Doreen, I want to try the new PHA 2020, it looks amazing except for the pushups, which I could do Chest Press instead. I am glad you liked the Jingle all the way, I cant do any high impact anymore. I am 53 years old, you look extremely young! :) Keep it up while you can, I really miss those types of workouts.

Roselyn, I hope you like your new job, you will learn so much. I have learned so much on YouTube on how to cut certain styles and color.

Go Pack! It is game day!


Stress test this morning. I am still very busy. Grandchildren here today as my daughter had to go to work. The 12 year old had to watch the 5 year old while I did my stress test. I need to do some cleaning. I took the 5 year old to the store to get some more snacks and lunch stuff. Forgot the turkey for sandwiches :( I doubt I know the results of the stress test till I go back the 17th for the carotid test and the doctor to go over results. Too many appointments!! I go to the pulmonary doctor about the lung nodule next week along with the arthritis doctor. I feel like I am falling apart. The stress test was easy and the guy that did it kept saying everything looked good and you could tell I work out.

Debbie, I want to do that Ripped and Ride. She put up a new workout this morning I think. I will have to check it out. Don't be afraid of the 10's unit. Those knot come and go with me too. One day I will feel fine and another they just suddenly show up and you can sure feel the tight lump that needs loosened. My daughter had to go back to work today, but the school children still have a day of vacation.

Belinda, I am sorry the doctor told you all of that. Be careful. Are you using ice packs? I do not want to switch arthritis meds. I was afraid my doctor was going to suggest it when I went in and he gave me the steroid injection. Glad he didn't. I don't tolerate the one I have unless I take half a dose which is one instead of two and I take it between 4 and 5. Otherwise I do not feel well, am dizzy and pretty much weak and useless. The Paquinel is an anti malarial. I am so afraid of most of them. I have read up on them just in case it is brought up. You are so active I know that is going to be hard for you.

Jolie, I am glad that the chiropractor helps you so much. I am not sure that medicare would pay for that for me and you are right doctors do not usually refer to a chiro. I swear my PT used some chiro moves on my neck. At first I was afraid she was going to injure me. I have watched some chiro vids working on the neck.
Have fun watching your son's team play today.

Doreen, I hope it helps the little bugs on Cathe's streaming and does not cause issues. I got an email back from the Vimeo people on my problem getting my VHX Coffey FIt channel back on Roku. I just have not had time to read and try what they said. Right now it is a bit crazy around here.

Roselyn, that is great that you get to start working at the salon.


Hi everyone,

I walked a total of 30 min plus did Barlates Old School Arms (biceps/shoulder + triceps), she used 3'5 and 8's. She did them all standing, I did all the exercise sitting. I bought the downloads a long time ago, finally pulled it out. Very fun upper body workout. Linda did 2 rounds. The first set was single, single, than double. The 2nd set was both arms everything was done high reps. I have no idea how many reps she did? I lost count. I always like Linda's workouts, she puts her own spin on traditional weight workouts.

Debbie - a few weeks ago, I did a CL step workout. I felt a sharp pain behind my knee cap and kept going. Ever since that workout I am having lots of problem with my knees. It keeps swelling up. Of course, I am working out and really not giving it time to heal. I have been icing/applying meds and taking my arthritis meds. I only could take the meds a day or two. The arthritis meds tear up my stomach, I get very severe stomach cramping. I have a sensitive stomach. It's really my fault for not staying off my feet for awhile. So sorry about your neck bordering you again. I hope you feel better soon.

Jolie - I will look into Chiropractor. My doctor wasn't at the office yesterday, I had to see someone else instead. I need to make an appointment with him next week anyway about my knees. I am going to see if he can give me a referral to a Chiropractor. I been having problems with my knees. I already got the steroid shots in my knee and heals for PF. Really don't want to go that route again. I feel the same way, all this stuff scares me. Glad the chiropractor is helping you. Hopefully the swelling will stay down. Great job on your walk.

Diane - sorry to hear you are going through so much. Hope all your test come back normal. Good luck with all your appointments. Sometimes I wonder if we are pushing ourself to far with all those workouts? My sister said yesterday, now you need to stop exercising you are getting to old, lol. I been icing/taking meds/taking the gel which is an arthritis cream you apply. The arthritis meds is tearing up my stomach. I have a very sensitive stomach. Last time I saw my doctor he already reduced the dose by half, I still get severe stomach cramping. I have that problem with antibiotics too. I still can stay active with walking and doing upper body workouts.

Have a great Friday, everyone.
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DH and I walked outside this morning. I also did Barlates Old School Chest and back. I did all the exercises sitting on my bench, took out single leg w/a deadlifts. Just did deadlifts sitting, worked out great. I really like Linda's Old School series.

I am going to DC today, we have our company holiday party today. Have a good one.
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Jolie Fit

Today I had a kick butt workout and I am feeling so good! I started with a walk on my Tm, 30 minutes, 1.75 miles traveled, 3.4 speed, 6.0 incline and burned 279 calories. Then I put together my own total body workout, 30 exercises and never repeating an exercise. Most of the reps were x 12 but for abs and legs I went higher. This workout was 50 minutes and I burned 370 calories. Total workout time was 1 hour 20 minutes and I burned a total of 649 calories.

Chest Press- 20's x 12
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50# x 12
Seated Overhead Shoulder Press- 17's x 12
Bicep Curls- 15's x 12
Lying Triceps Ext. 12's x 12
Squats DB- 15's x 12
ABS- Alternating leg lifts- x 20 each side
Chest Flies- 15's x 12
DB Pull Overs - 12's x 12
Upright Rows- 12's x 12
Sweeper Curls- 15's x 12
Kickbacks- 10's x 12
Leg Ext.- 40# x 20
ABS- Weighted Crunches x 20
Incline Chest Press- 20's x 12
1 Arm Rows- 25# x 12
1 Arm Lateral Raise- 12# x 121
Hammer Curls- 15's x 12
Lying Cross Body Triceps Ext.- 12# x 12
Side to side lunges with a shoulder press in the middle- 8's x 20
ABS- Bicycles x 40
Incline Chest Flies- 15's x 12
Narrow Grip Pull Downs- 60# x 12
Rear Delt Flies- 10's x 12
W Curls- 12's x 12
Triceps Cable Pull Downs- 30# x 20
Squat to Shoulder Press- 10's x 16
ABS Crunches- x 30
Leg Curls- 20# x 16
Alternating Leg Lifts with 2# ankle weights- x 30

I liked this workout and the pace that i did, focusing on form. I think I have been hurting myself because all of Cathe's Live workouts besides a few are too fast for me and i think that is what is causing pain. I looked back in my log and noticed that ever since i started doing Cathe Live, i have been going to the Chiro a lot more than before. When i used to do Body Beast or STS i had fewer injuries even though i was lifting more weight! Also, compound moves are really tough on my back as well. Just an observation.

Diane Sue, i know what you mean about all of these tests and how stressful they can be. i have to have a cyst cut out of my back, two Ultra Sounds and a few more things. My son just got a job at Sprouts so i now get 20% off everything even on top of the sale prices. Yeah!

Belinda, nice that you got a walk in this morning. My DH and I are going for a walk at the beach tomorrow and then breakfast at the pier afterwards.

My son's team lost yesterday but it was a really good game! He is coming home tomorrow and i cant wait.

BBL to read your posts, I hope you all have fantastic workouts today!


So it's in the 50s today and hasn't snowed in a couple weeks so I hit the trails on my bike. ( Attaching picture of the trails).

Also attaching a couple pictures on my reorganized workout room. There used to be a sofa sleeper where the squat racks are. We hung up the bars above the treadmill for the stability ball rack and the bars in the window behind the squat rack for the med balls and KBs. It's Soo much more floor space now without the sofa in there!

Ok nevermind- my phone isn't letting me upload...says the files are too large!!!
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I still have company. Yesterday I did Cathe Lite Metabolic Blast with Calorie Crush 54 minutes, heart rate average 126, max 158, met 5.4, 2,927 steps, 242 calories. I also did Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga Back and Neck Flow, 22 minutes, 47 calories, heart rate average 104, max 152, 29 steps. Yesterday evening I finally got the stomach bug my grandchildren have had. So laid around last night and this morning.
I wasted time yesterday following Vimeo Ott description of how to get my channel back on Roku so I could watch Coffey Fit. Did not work and so I let them know. They sent me another message and said they got rid of VHX and the only way I can watch on the television is with hdmi or chromcast. :(

Roselyn, nice work today.

Belinda, you are doing well with choosing what to do for workouts. I hope the doctor can come up with something better for your arthritis.

Jolie, I see employees come into Sprouts with their discount card. That is great for you. Glad your workout went well. I hope your tests come out as something good.

Doreen, great that you got out on your bike. Sorry your pictures did not upload. I would love to see your workout space.

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