Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2020 !!

Diane Sue - So those of us with Roku an VHS Vimeo can't get to RAW anymore?? WTH? Why would they change that. Dang, I better go check and see if I can get to it here.

Jolie Fit

I forgot to post my workout today. This morning I went with my husband to the beach and walked for 1 hour 10 minutes and burned 510 minutes. We walked on a packed sand path along the ocean, it really got my heart rate up. Beautiful day, we ate on the pier over the ocean. My son comes home from college tonight, I think he will be able to stay till at least Jan. 15 or to the 20th!

I hope you all have a nice evening. Good night. I am really happy, I got 6 workouts in this week!
My Roku and VHS Vimeo is still working as of last night. I can still get to RAW. I hope that doesn't change.

I only had a half hour to workout today since I had to be to work early. I decided to do Cardio Coach 1 again. I bought new shoes by SAS - a company in California - because my mom had some shoes from them that are probably 5 years old and still going strong. I bought her a new pair for Christmas - $128! Well worth it though. I tried on the new pair I got her and I cannot believe how comfortable they are. I think they are nursing shoes so that is probably why. So I thought I'd check their website for running shoes figuring they had to be as good. I ordered a pair of running shoes ($199), used my Christmas money and wore them today. They are just ok, made very well, but I'm not sure they are worth all that money and they have NO ARCH in the shoe. What is up with sport shoes not having arch support? Doesn't everyone need some sort of arch support? I am very flat footed and need the support. I usually use Spenco arches but was hoping these shoes would not need them but apparently they do. My arches were killing me by the time I got done with the workout. I only did Challenge 1 & 2 and called it a day.

Workout was 30 minutes, burned 257 calories, went almost 2 miles and did 4091 steps. HR was 144/182.

Hope you all have a great workout!! Be back later...


This morning I did 251 Better Body Bootcamp. This is the standard 6 rounds of cardio then upper body and lower body moves. This is one she did right before the start of a roadtrip so she warns it will not be the hardest bootcamp because they have a lot coming up. It wasn't super hard and I took all the plyo moves out of the cardio so that made it even easier.

Jolie - If you think Cathe Live is too fast and is causing you issues you should check out Sydney Cummings on Youtube. Her pace is much more controlled but still good lifting workouts!!


Good morning,

This morning I did BARLATES Drop Set Chest = 42 min. That was tough! Linda used 17's and 15's, I had to drop the weight to 10's and 8's. She did 4 different chest press exercises heavy weight w/ different pattern, reps/ high reps. Round 1 heavy weight, 2nd round lighter weight. Than she did 4 chest flys with different pattern/count. Round 1 was heavier weight, round 2lighter weights. My chest was burning with the 10's I did those sitting, worked out fine. The rest of the chest exercises she did on a step, I used my weight bench. This week I will continue with Linda's Drop Sets, upper body only.

Roselyn - thank you! Great job on your workout.

Debbie - sorry about your aches hurting. I get new insoles every year. Ever since I wear them, I have no arch/PF problems. I hope you and Diane can figure out your Rokus. I know it's frustrating. That is so nice of your buying your mom those shoes. I am going to have to google them.

Jolie - I wouldn't mind taking a walk on the beach. It's cold here in WV. We suppose to get snow this week. Enjoy your walks. Great job! Your total body workout looks amazing. Need to try it one day.

Diane - the gel I am using is Diclofenac Sodium Topical Gel, 1%. It's for arthritis. I had to stop taking Diclofenac Sodium and Misoprostol pills. I can't take the pills even if I lower does. It tear up my stomach. I have a very sensitive stomach. Sorry you to hear you are not feeling well. Fell better soon. Sorry about your Roku. I would be frustrated too.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.

Jolie Fit

Today I had a great workout, CL, All In Upper Body, I changed it up a bit. I did not use bands at all, I just used heavier weights and I liked the workout better this way. I also used my Cable machine for certain exercises instead of bands and I liked using that too! Workout was about an hour and I burned 428 calories. Next I walked on my TM for 20 minutes up hill, 6.0 incline, 3.4 speed and traveled 1.25 miles burning 225 calories. It is warm and windy today, it should be about 75 degrees and just beautiful. My son is home from college so I am hoping to go out to lunch with him today. :)

Belinda, the workout that you did today, is that a dvd? That workout sounds really good! I am looking for some new workouts with a slower pace so I am looking for suggestions.

Debbie, great job on the Cardio Coach workout! Bummer about the shoes. I really like Saucony or New Balance. I have flat feet and I have to get a Stability Shoe for the support or even a motion control or my knees would kill me! Maybe that is why you struggle with hamstring issues? Go to a running store and get on their computerized scanners and TMills and see what they say about what kind of shoe to wear. If you have low arches, you should try stability.

Doreen, great job on the workout today. I am going to do more of my own workouts to slow the speed down, I am writing down CL workouts and just doing them at my own pace. Thanks for the suggestion, I will look at her workouts.

Diane Sue, i hope you have a great workout today!

Roselyn, How are you liking working at your new salon? You have made me want to go back and get my license. I am thinking of having a mobile hair salon where i come to you for hair and spray tanning services. I am also interested in microblading. I dont know if my schedule would allow for my to go back to school unless i can find one part time. The local college offers a free class, all you have to do is buy the kit for $1800. I am going to look into it.

BBL to read other posts. Have a wonderful day.


Jolie - I bought the downloads a long time ago. She usually has a weekly .99 cents (AUS $) sale. Each her downloads comes out to .74 US $. Linda uses a lot of different instructors moves like Tonique, Body Fusion and puts her own spin on them. Linda is super sweet and I love her workouts. Oh btw! If you lose a download or your download doesn't work, she will resent it to you for free. She is super easy to work with. She offers a lot of free videos on YT. Check them out first and see if you like her style. The only thing I don't like is her music. Again the downloads are super cheap. Most of her workouts are high reps. Here is the link to the download workouts I will be doing this week, except the lower:

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGmJMvoQfsmXgnnsmfF95PA/videos

I also recommend Sydney Cummings on Youtube or Fitness Blender.
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I have to leave in a few minutes to hit the bank and pick up my granddaughter from school. I will post and come back and read posts. I did Coffey Fit Raw Box & K-Bell 2, 170 calories, heart rate 139 average, max 195?,
30 minutes, 2,384 steps. I really liked this one. It seems those super high heart rates are always a brief blip on the heart rate and it drops way down. Not understanding that too much. I followed this with Coffeyfit Raw 5 Day Strength Day #1 back and biceps, 44 minutes(some time for adjustments and writing, 564 steps, heart rate average 114, max 159, 149 calories. Total time 74 minutes, 319 calories, 2,948 steps.
5 day strength Day 1 back and biceps
Warm up with lighter weights I used 8# dumbbells
1 arm rows 10 reps each set I used 20# for 4 sets and 25# for third set. Kelly used 30#. I can up it , but wanted to see where my strenght is
Seated Split stance reverse fly 1 arm Kelly used 12# I started seating and changed to standing. I just felt I was working into my shoulder more than I should have been sitting at that angle I used 12# all 5 sets
Frog legs lying prone on a bench body weight 5 sets , 2 sets of 20 reps, 2 sets of 15 reps, 2 sets of 10 reps
alternating pledges seated (seemed more like a hammer curl) Kelly uses 20# dumbbells
I used 20# 16 reps total, 15# 16 reps total, decided to stand and did 20# 16 reps total, then set 4 and 5 I did seated using 15# as she stated that standing you get some hip movement helping. I just felt my dumbbells kept hitting the sides of my step bench since I did not have a weight bench that I was using.
Preacher curls off of bench, arm braced on step 1 arm 8 reps Kelly uses 12#
set 1, 2, 3 15# dumbbell, set 4 & 5 12# dumbbell
ends with abs 5 sets of variations of reverse crunch 10 reps each
Music was good on this. I wish it was a bit louder though :)


Debbie, I was still getting it till my husband thought he did not need the VHX channel on the Roku. He did not realize it was one I used he left Kelly. Not sure if he left Les Mills as I did not look. I am not excited about getting Les Mills at this point anyway. I also had Beach Body, but did not check that one at. VHX is not a channel that sounds like fitness though. It took me through a lot of back and forth with the Vimeo people for them to finally understand what my problem was. I strung a long hdmi cable from my upstairs laptop to my television this morning. I put the Coffeyfit app on my Samsung phone and table thinking I might be able to run it through tv that way with the regular plug that I use same as when I hook up the external drive, but it would not play that way. So I tried screen mirroring and evidently my new Samsung tablet does not do that like the old one. I can do screen mirroring with my old tablet through my blueray player. I just gave up and used the hdmi cable. I will post what they sent me.


This is what they posted back to me
Trym (Support)

Jan 4, 9:13 PM EST

Hi Diane,

I'm happy to clarify why you're not seeing the VHX app in the store.

We actually have removed the VHX app from the Google Play, iTunes, and Roku stores because we have deprecated the app. I understand this is likely difficult news to receive. While I wish I had better news for you, I'll explain why this decision was made and what your options are moving forward.

The VHX app was originally built many years ago before Vimeo acquired VHX. Before the acquisition, VHX was perceived as more of a "locker" of sorts to access the various subscriptions and purchases someone made on the VHX platform. As VHX transitioned to Vimeo OTT, the company shifted focus from the idea of VHX being a platform to access multiple subscriptions/products, to a technology platform that powers individual sellers to make their content available to their fans.

As we shifted the focus to building out branded experiences on a per-seller basis, we stopped providing updates to the VHX apps. Over time, those apps became increasingly buggy, outdated, and incompatible with certain systems. We had to face the reality that we wouldn't be able to continue supporting the VHX apps, and given that, it no longer made sense to make them available in the app stores.

Since you're no longer able to get the VHX app on your device, I recommend using one of the below methods for accessing your content:

  • For watching on your TV, you can either use Chromecast or connect your computer to your TV using an HDMI cable or another preferred method
  • For watching on your iOS or Android device, we recommend logging into your Vimeo OTT account on the web browser app
I know this is not what you were hoping to hear, but I hope I've helped to clear things up. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Xtrain chest, back and shoulders

Jolie just started today with color class I LOVE that idea of a mobile salon a friend of mine from hair school and myself talked about that, we also talked about once a month going to give free haircuts to people who are shut ins or kids from underprivileged areas,
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Good morning,

BARLATES Drop Set Back is done. Had a great workout.

Diane - sorry you having so much problem and not getting any help with your Roku. Great job on your workout yesterday.

Roselyn - what a great idea of a mobile salon. That is so sweet of you thinking about giving free haircuts for people.

Will check in later.


I signed up for RAW again! Yes - I know I still have Cathe Live but Kelly's latest workouts have looked so good I just have to try them!!

This morning I did RAW Box and Pump 3 and I loved it!! I like how it starts with weight work for the legs and ends with band work for the legs. And the pace is perfect to go heavier if I want. Definately a winner! The music was good too.

Diane - I was able to stream RAW on my Roku through VMX app. Bummer it got deleted off yours. Could you re-load from an old link or from you Roku account if you logged in via a web browser? Can you screen mirror on your Roku? I've never done it but I know its a thing.
So my VHX Vimeo isn't working this morning, I'll have to look at it tonight. I'll follow the directions Diane copied. It's just asking me to sign in so hopefully it will be that easy. I don't remember what I used to create that account, though. Well, I do, I just didn't know it off hand before I worked out.

So I did CL #234, Strong Upper Body Express. I did this one in the middle of December, I like it because it's short. Cathe really rushes through it, though, so I did a lot of the reps slower than she did and I went way light. I'm tired of my upper back being sore.

Lateral Raise: 24/12 reps - 5's
Lateral U's: 16/8 reps - 5's
Scarecrows: 10/8 reps - 3's
Front Raise/Pour: 8/6 reps 3's
Do this once through, then repeat

One Arm Back Fly: 10 reps - 10#
Upright Row: 10 reps - 10's
Hip Hinge Fly (1 fly): 6 sets - 10's
Upright Row: 10 reps - 10's
Hip Hinge Fly (3 flies): 6 reps - 10's

Overhead Press: 12 reps - 12's
Sweeper Curls: 10 reps - 12's
Overhead Press: 12 reps - 12's
Hammer Curl: 10 reps - 12's
Overhead Press: 10 reps - 12's
Dumbbell Curls: 10 reps - 12's

Sweeper Curls: 6 reps - 12's
Hammer Curls: 6 reps - 12's
Dumbbell Curls: 6 reps - 12's

One Arm Row (right): 16 reps - 20#
One Arm Bicep Curl (right): 10 reps - 10#
One Arm Row (left): 16 reps - 20#
One Arm Bicep Curl (left): 10 reps - 10#

Double Arm Kickbacks: 10 reps - 5's
Overhead Triceps Extension: 6 reps - 15#
Another set of Overhead Triceps Extension: 6 reps - 15#

Close Grip Bench Press: 24 reps - 15's (killer!)
Dumbbell Press: 5 sets (1 + 1.5's) - 15's
Flies: 7 reps (15's)
Repeat but less reps for CGBP

Situps right into Pushups: 5 sets/5 reps each over and over
Reverse Curls: 24 reps fast and slow reps

Workout was 36 minutes, burned 281 calories and HR was 142/182.

I also walked on my treadmill for 17 minutes, burned 116 calories, went .83 miles and did 2053 steps. HR was 122/136.

Have great workouts everyone. I'll hopefully be back later!


This morning I did Step Boss Step Sync Bonus intermediate workout with the Step Sync warm up and cooldown skipping the ab stacker portion. This was a premix and was 32 minutes, 165 calories, heart rate average 128, max 150, 3,165 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw 5 Day Strength day 2 chest and triceps, 345 minutes, 112 calories, 303 steps. Total time was 67 minutes, 277 calories, 3,468 steps. I went to the pulmonologist this afternoon. He says not to worry over it as it is probably nothing. Those heart ct scans will show nodules on most people's lungs. He asked about my RA medicine and said that RA often causes some nodules on the lungs. I don't smoke and do not have the risk factors to make it a worry as far as cancer. So, I just go back in 6 months for a follow up and CT and then he says if it is the same he will spread the time out for checks just to be sure.

Raw 5 Day strength chest and triceps day 2
uses a bench, 3 sets of weights Kelly uses 10, 15, and 20# everything is done for 5 sets
Warm up push ups
incline flys 15# dumbbells 10 reps 5 sets
flat bench press Kelly uses 20's 8 reps 5 sets I used 20's 1 set, 2 sets 17.5's, 2 sets 15's
Kelly uses a 10# dumbbell throughout
single arm kickbacks palm up knee on bench 5 sets 10# 10 reps
seated 1 arm overhead triceps extension Kelly lowers reps through this 2 sets of 10 reps, 2 sets of 8 reps and drops to 1 1 set 6 reps I did 1 set 10# 10 reps, 1 set 12# 10 reps 3 sets 12# 8 reps
variations on crunches

Debbie, I sure hope that you can get your VHX to work on the Roku. It was so convenient. Someone gave me a link I will post and see if you can get it to work. I still have not got it figured out. Hard when I have little time alone to work on it and so many other things on my mind right now. I am hooking my laptop upstairs to the tv. I just left the hdmi cord plugged into the tv so all I have to do is pull it up on the laptop. It is difficult for me when I cannot just pick up a remote to pause to write or change something. Great job on the workout today. I understand on the weights. I could feel it in the front of that shoulder when I was doing bench press and dropped from the 20's. Just enough to worry me a bit since that side is pain free right now. Also Kelly sent me a link to her help and I told her I had already done that. She is one of the administrators to the Train Smart facebook group that I am part of. I have another lady that is trying to help. The problem is Vimeo ott.

Roselyn, that is a great idea with the salon. I have an elderly friend who's hair dresser would go to her house and do her hair and nails. She cannot drive or get around anymore.

Doreen, I tried going through Roku on my laptop to see if I could set up VHX and it was not there anymore. I tried searching and I tried a place where it said add a channel, but I guess that is just their channels. Someone on the Train Smart group at facebook searched and sent me an old link, but it wants me to put in a code and I am not sure how I am going to get a code for it. I will post the link here and see if someone else can figure it out. I have never mirrored with the Roku. I have my 12.5 inch samsung tablet that does screen mirroring and I tried it with Cathe live before. It dropped out a lot though. I had to do it through my blu ray player. It has a lot of apps on it and I had hoped that the usb port would allow me to go through it with my tablet or phone but it did not. It just wanted to let me run pictures and videos that were on my device. I hope that your VHX app stays working.

Belinda, glad you had a great workout with barlates today. I have a hard time with most meds. I cringe at the thought of taking anymore. Even over the counter stuff I have to be careful of.
HI all, back for personals.

Diane - So I had to log back into VHX and then my RAW workouts are working again. I don't understand why yours isn't? According to that message they sent you, VHX shouldn't be working on my Roku, but it is. How weird. I'm glad mine is still working. And I don't have Vimeo OTT, I have VHX Vimeo. Maybe see if you have that on Roku. I like the workout you did today, I may try it tomorrow. I seen the Back and Biceps one out there too. Is she going to post one for Shoulders and Legs too? Nice job on your workout!

Jolie - Nice job on your workouts. I thought you weren't going to do CL for a while? I think you are right, she goes way too fast and it does cause injuries. I also am a huge fan of Saucony, those are the only shoes I wear but I've noticed they aren't as supportive to my ankles as they used to be. And I always wear arches, I have too or I can't walk after a while. I was just hoping the SAS shoes would be as good as the ones I got my mom and I wouldn't need arches. I put my arches in them today and they were better. They are definitely supportive.

Doreen - Yay, so glad you have RAW now. The workouts are awesome and Kelly is so fun. I love her workouts. Box & Pump 2 is a lot of fun and has 80s music in it. I love that workout.

Belinda - Are the workouts you are doing right now free? Those look really good, I want to try them out. I can't believe how many workouts there are out there. Lots and lots. You can never get bored, that's for sure!!!

Roselyn - Mobil salons are cool, I've heard of them but never seen them here before. Sounds like you are having fun with the new job, I am so happy for you!!

Roxie - Hope you are doing ok and are still doing your workouts!!

Have a great evening everyone!


Here is the link that someone gave me, but I still cannot figure out how to get it. I don't know where I can get the code and somehow I end up back at Vimeo ott instead of VHX
There is no VHX app on Roku anymore. I don't know why it was staying and working. I have searched everywhere on Roku trying to find it to get it back.

Debbie, if you look above I did workout Day 1 yesterday and it was back and biceps. Tomorrow I will do Day 3 shoulders and legs. Day 4 is a stretch and Day 5 is Total Body. She put together a 5 day strength workout. I like them. They go at a good pace without really long rests and not a ton of reps. Your Lucky. If the app would have still been there I could have logged back in too. It is just completely gone. No VHX. I am not sure what Chromcast does. It is my understanding that it is sort of like screen mirroring. You plug it into the television and it picks up from your phone or whatever device and puts it on the TV. I am not sure though, but that was one of the options that they mentioned.
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Today I did RAW Boxing & Drills, really like this one except for the long jumps. Some of the drills she does in this one aren't my favorite so I modify. When I was doing the long jump my right knee started to hurt really bad. I stopped and rubbed it out and just did moves I knew wouldn't bother it. It is fine now, not sure what that was all about? I like the music in this one.

Workout was 31 minutes, burned 255 calories, did 2840 steps and HR was 143/190.

Also walked on my treadmill for 20 minutes, burned 149 calories, went 1 mile and did an additional 2344 steps. HR was 132/181.

Diane - I looked on the RAW channel and only seen the workouts for Chest and Tris, Back and Bis and the Total Body one. I don't see the Shoulder or Leg one. Are they separate workouts or are they together (Shoulder/legs)? I wonder how my VHX is still on Roku then? I thought for sure it wouldn't let me use it after I had to log in again. I brought VHX up on my Smart TV, then I used my tablet and went to the website the app on the Smart TV tells you to go (www.vhx.tv/activate). I entered my email when prompted and then VHX sent me a link in my email. So I got the email on my tablet and I clicked on link they provided and as soon as I did it asked me for the key code they provided on the Smart TV screen, VHX started working. It was really easy. Try it again and see if it works for you. You need one other device other than your Smart TV to get it to work.

Have great workouts everyone!


RAW Ripped and Ride October this morning followed by one round of Heather Robertson's new program on Youtube. Loved R&R October - I think next time I will plan on rewinding and repeating the first several rounds of bike and weights to make it more of a 45-50 minute workout.

Heather Robertson's new program starts off with all bodyweight exercises. She says the program is supposed to build through the 12 weeks. Today's circuit was 30 seconds work:
Laydown reach to pushup
Inchworm walkouts
shadow boxing
elbow plank hold
elbow plank jacks.
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