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Debbie - Drop Sets workouts are not free. I bought them as downloads a long time ago. Every week she had a 0.99 AUD sales on her workouts. Linda does have hundreds of free workouts on her YT channel. I want to take advantage of the all the free YT workouts. Like you said, you never get bored. The workouts on YT are just as great if not better than you can find on dvd. Here is the link for her Drop Set review:

I have to go a lot lighter than Linda does. I am doing all the exercises sitting. I find doing them sitting is a lot harder than doing them standing up.
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Jolie Fit

Yesterday was my rest day, I worked out 6 days in a row so I was due and I am getting a head cold!

Today I had a great workout, I walked on the TM for 60 minutes, 7.0 to 8.5 incline, 3.2 pace, I went slower since my incline was high, traveled 3.25 miles and burned 621 calories. I burned an additional 150 calories on my after burn for the last 30 minutes. Average heart rate was 133 and max was 179. I could have kept going but my big toe was sore and stiff, it is cool out today.

Debbie, nice job on the workout today. The thing about online workouts is all of the technical difficulties we have, it is so frustrating. Hopefully you can get everything straightened out so it is smooth sailing going forward. I am doing Cathe Live workouts, but I do them at my own pace, slower and heavier. I wrote most of them down so I can do them with music. I like my speed better, less chance for injury.

Roselyn, I am so glad that you liked your color class! I just did a really cool ashy toner and love it, I love using Shades EQ from Redkin or Goldwell is awesome for a level 10 toner.

Belinda, I am glad you enjoyed your workout today. Thanks for posting the links, I will check them out!

Doreen, good for you for signing up for the RAW workouts, i love variety too, other wise I get so bored. I am going to start using my elliptical and spin bike again just to break things up.

Diane Sue, I hope you and Debbie fix your problem with online workouts soon. I hate technical difficulties with electronics, it is so frustrating. I just use YouTube on my laptop and I find it easy to use without problems. Nice job on your workout.

Going out to lunch with my son today! Mexican food Yum!

Have a nice day.
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This morning I did a check to see if I could get VHX tv via internet on my television and it did not work. Tried that through the www on my blu ray and that did not work either. So still using the hdmi cable. I went for my arthritis appointment and was happy not to have to do blood work or the eye test thing. I got out of there earlier than expected so stopped at Sprouts and came home and attempted to do my workout. Internet went out in our area right in the middle of my weight work. Fortunately I have the Gentle Yoga from Amazon prime downloaded so I got that in with shoulders and core work.
I started with Coffeyfit Raw 5 day strength day 3 and did the shoulders and finished off the plank core work that I had started on my own when the internet went out. This was 23 minutes, 95 calories, heart rate average 122, max 158, 575 steps. I then did Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga neck and shoulders flow, 20 minutes, 96 calories, 11 steps. Total time 43 minutes, 191 calories, 586 steps. I am not sure why fitbit is giving me so many calories for yoga. It probably averages out for what I am not getting on strength.

Raw 5 Day Strength day 3 shoulders and legs
This has Noelle and Kelly in it. I have done all but the shoulders on this one when it first came out.
Kelly mentions legs squats and weighted bridges and then starts in on shoulders. So, that confused me and I remember that from before because I was thinking I had to find the starting point for legs before. I
Kelly uses 12's and 15's Noelle 10's and 12's 5 sets of 10 reps
side lateral raises thumbs down to keep from working the traps Kelly used 12's
I used 12's for 4 sets and dropped to 10's the last set
Butterfly& press Kelly uses 15# 1 set and drops to 12#
I used 12's 1 set, 10's 2 sets, 8's 2 sets
plank drive knee in hip drop both sides 1 set 10 reps, then just 1 side 10 reps for 4 sets alternating sides

I believe lower is squats and bridges, but do not know how or if anything else was added.


Debbie, the Raw 5 Day Strength is 5 different workouts. Day 3 Shoulders and Legs is under Raw Strength workouts. I am going to go back and do the legs tomorrow. I had VHX on Roku, but all searches have left me not being able to find it again. I sure wish I could. I keep trying different things that I come up with.

Belinda, nice work getting Barlates biceps drop sets in this morning.

Doreen, I am amazed how many different ways Kelly does the Ripped and Ride workouts.

Jolie, sorry your toes were stiff and sore. I am sure it is frustrating when you feel you could keep going. I hope you do not get a cold. The problem with using just the laptop is the size screen. I like my large Sony tv that I do it on. I could adjust, but would rather have the tv.


Good morning,

Drop Set: Shoulder is done. I am surprised my upper body is sore. Tomorrow I will do the last upper body workout in this series. Drop Set lower is going to have to wait. I have an follow up appointment with my doctor next Tuesday. I don't think it's arthritis, maybe I pulled a muscle or ligament? I am sure he going to do an X-ray on Tuesday.

Jolie - you are welcome! WTG, on that inline walk and calorie burn. I am getting a head cold too. It's been snowing the last few day's. The snow melted a little yesterday, today we have freezing temperatures. This weekend it's suppose to get up into the 70's. This weather is crazy.

Diane - nice workout yesterday too. Your workout looks interesting.

Roselyn - how is your hip doing?

Roxie - where are you?

I will be back later to catch up on personals.
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My traps and neck and upper back keep aching when I do a weight workouts or kickboxing. I'm getting really frustrated, why on earth does it take my body so long to heal?? It is worrisome. Last night I rolled out the endless knots I seem to have and then heated my neck and upper shoulders with my heating bag. I feel fine today, no pain or stiffness. This happens, though, until I workout. So I decided to walk on my treadmill instead of lifting. Sick of walking on my treadmill, though. Good thing I'm reading a good book.

Workout (if you call it that) was 50 minutes, burned 361 calories, went 2.5 miles and did 6001 steps. HR was 125/187 but 187 is not right. I never went above130 so not sure where that came from.

Diane - that is such a bummer that you don't have VHX, I wonder if you can find the app and download it? I think there is a way to search for apps on Roku. Kelly should make it easier to stream on Smart TVs, she is missing out on may customers, I think. If I can't stream her workouts on my TV I would probably cancel the subscription I hate using my laptop or tablet for that. Maybe you should contact Kelly directly and let her know this is happening. Maybe she can find a platform like Cathe has to run her workouts in?

Belinda - Nice going with your workout this morning!!

I'll be back later to see what everyone does today!!
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I was going to do live PHA 2020 this morning but live would not load on my roku!! So I switched and did RAW strength Day 4 - Total body with Kelly and Sammy. They use weight plates for this one which I liked for some exercises (pull overs) and not for others (biceps).
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Jolie Fit

Today I did CL Vertical Loading and had an awesome workout. I went heavier this time on a few exercises and I added some ABS on at the end. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 501 calories. My son worked out with me and boy did he push me :) He is so knowledgeable about lifting and cardio, he workouts out with experts in football from both the military and football weight trainers. He was impressed how much I was lifting! Then I cleaned my gym room for the next hour and burned and additional 360 calories, I moved everything and dusted and vacuumed. Im done, now my son and I are going out to lunch once he gets back from lifting with his high school football coach.

Debbie, sorry you are feeling sore again. I feel not so good either. On Christmas Eve I was at TJ Maxx and hit my head really hard on a glass shelf and I swear it gave me a concussion. I have had my head and neck adjusted once but I am starting to feel bad again. I hope TJ Maxx pays for my Chiropractor bills because they are very expensive and I was feeling so good before that happened. Their insurance people have been in touch with me so that is good!

Roselyn, I hope you get the green light on the cardio!

Belinda, nice job finishing the upper body rotation! It is cool here too, it is a high of 60 degrees today with a slight chance of rain.

Doreen, dont you hate when you cant log onto workouts or something goes wrong! At least there was an alternative for you.

Diane Sue, I hope you have a nice workout today. I am making Turkey Chili today since it is cool and comfort food sounds good along with a fire in the fire place.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.
Back for personals:

Belinda - Thanks for posting that link for the Barlates workouts. I'll check them out. They look good. I sure hope your knee is ok, that really sucks. I know what you are going through. Hopefully it is just inflamed from doing step workouts. My right one has been bothering me since I started doing step workouts again. I have to stop doing them for a while.

Doreen - I usually have to push play on the CL workouts several times before they load. I wonder when they are going to fix that problem?

Diane - I did see the Strength workouts on RAW. I will try them next week, they look fun. You are using some good weights with these workouts, be careful.

Roselyn - Nice job with your workout! Hopefully you can do cardio soon.

Jolie - OMG on you hitting your head on that glass! I bet you did have a concussion. You probably should have gone to the emergency room after it happened. Wow. I'm glad TJ Maxx is helping with your medical fees. I'm sorry that happened to you. Great job with CL this morning!!!

Have a good evening everyone!!


Today I did Step Boss I Max 4, 44 minutes, heart rate average 130, max 150, 235 calories, 4,197 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw 5 day Strength day 3 legs that I missed yesterday due to the internet going out. This was 18 minutes, heart rate average 105, max 127, 51 calories, 217 steps. I finished off with Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga hips and knees, 22 minutes, heart rate average 107, max 133, 57 calories, 46 steps.
Total time was 84 minutes, calories 332, 4,460 steps. I have 11,000 steps today. I have been cleaning and catching up laundry all day.

Debbie, I did search for the app on Roku. I used the search button multiple times. I even went to a place on Roku to add apps, but they only let you add apps that they have. I checked today and asked some others about the Fire stick. They use it and there is a link on Kelly's website for firestick and it takes you to Amazon and you download Amazon's free Coffey Fit App. They say it works great. So I might give in and buy a Fire stick. I have contemplated that before. We have had a couple of things that we watch that would not play on Roku, but would have worked with Amazon Fire. When Fox Nation first came out you could not use it on Roku. It took them a year to get it on Roku. Same with the Sooner Sports App. It says Amazon Fire. We got the App on Roku, but it won't work. Kelly did see that I was having problems. I don't think that she knew what to do as she asked me if I had checked out her help section and I told her that I had. Then one of the other women did some searching and offered suggestions which Kelly thanked her for, but they did not work. She gave me the VHXtv activate link, but I have to be able to pull up the app to get the code. I have not VHX app. I have wasted a lot of time trying to come up with a solution so have just kept the hdmi cable hooked to the televisions so all I have to do is plug it into my old laptop and I am streaming that way at the moment. I love Kelly's Raw channel. I just don't like to do it on my laptop or even worse, something smaller.
Glad that you have something good to read while walking on the treadmill. That is what I used to do. I get bored otherwise. I woke with my back hurting this morning which I thought was odd since I did shoulders yesterday, not my lower back. Maybe the plank with the drops did it.

Belinda, nice work on another upper body workout. I find that arthritis feels somewhat different at times than a pulled muscle or something. Although I think those pulls can cause some inflammation with the arthritis as well. I hope the doctor can help you.

Doreen, I am doing day 4 total body tomorrow. It is frustrating when the streaming does not work right. Hope it works for you next time you try. I think that I did this workout once and I used dumbbells for most of it. I do not care for weight plates or even kettlebells that much for biceps. It is uncomfortable on the wrists and hands. I have the Les Mills weight set with the holes in the plates which makes it easier to hold than my weight plates I used on my other barbell. But, still the thickness is uncomfortable.

Roselyn, I am sure you want to get back to more cardio. I hope they give you the go ahead.

Jolie, great job on the weight work. So is that your younger son that you were working out with? That is great that you can workout together. It sounds like you had a really busy day. I hope TJ Max does take care of your chiropractor costs. I made a Mexican Zucchini skillet last night that is low carb. I have made it a lot because it is easy. I put it on some rice for my daughter and grandchildren last night. I had some left over for lunch today. I also had made an Asian Chicken skillet one evening. Sort of a mish most of different recipes. It was really good.


Oh, Coffeyfit Raw strength #3, legs weights went like this: started at 19 minutes into the workout
Squats 1 1/2's Kelly uses a barbell and Noelle uses a weight plate to start.
Kelly does one set as front squats and the other 4 sets with it on her shoulders
I used a 35# barbell 10 reps 5 sets
Bridges which Kelly does with her shoulders on a bench and the barbell and Noelle uses a step with one riser and the weight plate
5 sets 10 reps and 10 pulses 5th set she goes beyond 10 pulses I used the 35# barbell


Good morning,

Drop Set Triceps are done. I am done with all the Drop Sets upper body. I really like all the upper body. Can't wait to try all the lower once my knees feel better. Not sure what I will do next week for upper body? I still have some CL upper body only? I will review them this weekend and see if I can do them sitting down.

Debbie - thank you about my knees and link. I am glad you being careful with step. I love step, but have to limit it for awhile or just don't do it.

Jolie - holy crap! Glad you ok and the insurance are taking care of you. How did it happen? Great job on your workout yesterday.

Roselyn - hope you get the green light today.

Diane - that's what I was thinking. I really think I pulled or strained something in my knee. I will find out on Tuesday. Great job yesterday.

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Jolie Fit

No workout today, it is my rest day. How I hit my head on the glass shelf is, They were moving all of the bath towels to another part of the store. Some of the shelves had towels on them and some did not. Glass shelves can be hard to see. They were taking some of the shelves down and I saw some towels on the lowest shelf near the floor that I liked. They had taken all of the shelves above it out moving them to another part of the store. I bent down to get the towels and came up and hit my head so hard on the top shelf that I did not see. I almost knocked myself out! I cant believe that I did not break the glass! I wasn't going to file a report but the man at the register said to just in case. I am glad I did because I have the worst headache still and my neck is so out of alignment it is crazy. I have gone to one appointment so far and need to go back again. My son who plays football knows concussion protocol and so when I got home from the store he said my eyes look as if I had a concussion. I did not go to the ER because it was Christmas Eve and there isn't much they can do for you. I am not going to sue them but I do expect some sort of money to pay for my Chiro since it is not covered by my medical insurance. I was just starting to feel really good and now this! I know I can get relief, it will just take a few adjustments.

Belinda, great job with the workout today.

Diane Sue, I would love that Mexican Zucchini recipe, it sounds great and I have a bunch in the fridge.

BBL to read all of your posts.

Happy Friday.


This morning I did Coffeyfit Raw Day 4 Total Body, 33 minutes (28 actual), heart rate average 114, max 149, 114 calories, 711 steps. I also did Day 5 stretch, 36 minutes, 147 calories, 142 steps, heart rate average 118, max 140. I still wonder at the yoga and stretching with my versa watch. Total time was 69 minutes, 261 calories, 780 steps .

Raw 5 day strength Total Body day 4
Kelly uses a 25 and 35 # weight plate all exercises are done for 10 reps There are 3 rounds of all exercises with a rest between rounds
Modified Pull over (25# Kelly) 20 all rounds me
Biceps Curls (25 # Kelly) 20 rnd 1, 25 rnd 2 20 rnd 3 me
Squat/reverse lunge (25# Kelly) 20, 25,25 me
Bench Press (35# Kelly) me 25# all rounds
Dips (35 # Kelly) me 25# all rounds
lunges (35# Kelly) me 31,5 # kbell rnd 1, 30# rnd 2, 2 15# kbells rnd 3
Upright Row (35# Kelly) me 15# all rounds

I kept changing some things. I felt like Sammy was really shrugging up her shoulders holding the weight plate to do the lunges. It looked like a struggle and I did not want my shoulders so much in play.
I forgot to post this morning. I did a really fun Max Trainer workout called Max Endurance 14 with Jared. Very fun workout, I enjoyed it a lot. Only 8 sprints but he did hills in between. Tough workout. I'm so glad I decided to keep the subscription for these workouts, very much worth the money.

Workout was 18 minutes, burned 129 calories, went .48 miles and did 1145 steps. HR was138/168. My Versa 2 seems to clock these type of workouts way better than my Ionic did. My HR never got up that high with my Ionic and I know my HR gets high with these workouts.

Also walked on my treadmill for 30 minutes, burned 202 calories, went 1.5 miles and did 3586 steps. HR was 121/179.

Jolie - OMG that is horrible. I hope you feel better soon. I had amnesia when I was in 10th grade, fell into a ravine and hit my head on a rock. Had a concussion and no memory for about 24 hours, it was awful. My long term memory has been affected by it because people will talk about things I did with them (like I was in my best friends wedding and do NOT remember it at all!!) Some things I remember, but I need that person to tell me about what happened and then I remember. Scares me sometimes. Take care of yourself!! Glad your son helped you.

Be back later for more personals.
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I had to go out and pick up my grandson and a couple of store stops after my workout today. It is supposed to snow tonight. Raining right now. I really liked the Day 5 stretch from Coffeyfit Raw. She does foam rolling for the last part. I felt pretty well stretched when I was done. She does the holds and then you get some more active stretching as well.

Belinda, for some reason I thought you already finished the upper body drop sets. Nice work. Has the swelling gone down any?

Jolie, that must have been awful. Stores are pretty good about taking care of things and wanting paperwork done. I had a grocery store do that once when my granddaughter was hanging on the side of the shopping cart ( I had 5 children with me) and it tipped over with all of the groceries spilled out on her and she was screaming. I got her up and checked her out and was not going to do anything, but they insisted I fill out papers. I came up under a window that opened inward one time really quickly and my eyesight went blank for a bit along with stars. My husband said I had a concussion. I never did anything about it. I was at home though. It was scary. I hope you do not have any problems later on with it.
I posted the Mexican zucchini skillet for you. I sometimes top it with some sour cream and avocado slices.

Debbie, your workout sounds really good. I am glad that you enjoyed it so much. I love when I find something I really enjoy like that. I find that my heart rate seems more normal with the Versa and it picks up steps well. I am still not so sure about yoga though. I guess because it has always given me practically nothing with the Blaze. Then I look at the heart rate and compare it to just light movement and I think it could be correct.

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

My DD’s and I have been doing 21 Day Fix Live and holding each other accountable today was Week 1 Day 6 Dirty Thirty. we are having an ice storm today and expecting rain all weekend. The temps have been in the mid 50’s to 60’s all week and until today when it thunder lightning and rained ice.
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Roxie - that's so nice your daughter is doing the program with you!!

Jolie - that sounds painful! I hope they can cover some expenses for you!

This morning I did Express your Step with Cathe Live and it streamed perfectly! And started on the first time I pushed play too! Weird. I really like this one. I think its mostly moves from Step Sync and Imax 4 but the music was a little faster. I also used 2 risers so my heart rate stayed up nicely.
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