Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2020 !!


I am really late getting my workout in and have things to get done as my husband is off tomorrow and I am not sure if I am picking up my grandson. Too much time on the computer this morning. Today I did Step Boss Step Sync + ab stacker mix, 67 minutes, 358 calories, heart rate average 134, max 163, 5,969 steps. I finished off with Step Boss extended chair stretch, 17 minutes, 46 calories, heart rate average 11, max 148, 42 steps. Total workout time 84 minutes, 400 calories, 6,011 steps.

Belinda nice work on the upper body this morning. I hope the doctor can give you something to give you relief.

Jolie, I am glad you were feeling so much better. It is amazing what sleep and rest can do for you. How is your dog today? I take mine for her well check Monday. I am glad we have made it past the time last year when she was getting bald spots all over. That sort of dispels the vets idea that it could have been season alopecia. That would not have been good as over years it gets worse. I have tried to make her spend a little more time in the sun. She hates being put outside if I am not there.
Medical costs is ridiculous. My daughter mentioned that that end of things has not been addressed. I am glad we have a president that keeps at it and does not back down. He has done a lot. I do not understand why they started charging the deductible on tier levels above 2. I could have purchased a more expensive part d package, but by the time I was done paying for it I would have more than paid for my one prescription that I use.


I am back from my doctor. I have an entire grocery bag full of medicine to help with my coughing and breathing. When my doc listen to my lungs he can hear the wheezing sound. He put me on a 5 day antibiotics. He also wants me to use an inhaler twice a day. I also have to take 2 other medications for the cough. I also have to take Flonase Nasal Spray and vicks vapor rub. If that doesn't stop that cough I don't know what else will, lol. He said he been seeing a lot of people with the same symptoms lately. So something is going around.

I probably should take it easy for a few day's with my workouts. I have to get rid of that cough.
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Belinda, it sounds like your immune system needs to be built back up. A rest might be a good thing. With all of that medicine I would be useless anyway. Wishing you a quick recovery.


I did Raw Ripped & Ride January 2020 and then R&R January 2019 for 25 minutes for a 50 mintue total workout.

R&R January 2020 is so much fun! I almost went back and started over to follow along with Kelly on the step instead of Jane on the bike. Kelly's step routine is three moves done for a minute each so really you could just do one cardio section following Kelly and then follow Jane for the other cardio sections on the bike.

R&R Jan 19 starts with a bike warm up so it was seamless to just jump from one to the other.

Jolie Fit

Today is my 2nd rest day for the week. I am tired from my cardio yesterday, it is amazing how fast you can get out of shape with cardio!!!

Doreen, it sounds like you had a great workout this morning! :)

Belinda, I feel for you, I have been sick for about 2 weeks but I feel much better now. I never got the cough, I just had a really bad head cold. I am so happy mine didn't go into a sinus infection because it usually does. I would not workout right now, you need to help your immune system get back up. I would focus on getting a lot of sleep and I would only walk for cardio. Stay warm and drink a lot of ginger juice, you can get shots of it at Trader Joes, put a lot of cayenne pepper in it with lemon. Also, load up on the Vitamin C. Feel better soon.

BBL to read the other posts.

Happy Friday.
Treadmill and stretching again today. Feeling better but have this muscle running from my left trap down to the bottom of my ribcage that just won't get better. At least the knot is gone, but the muscle is still very tight.

Belinda - So sorry you are that sick, I HATE coughing. I got that last year and it was awful. The doctor put me on cough medicine with some drug that helped me sleep, can't think of it right now, starts with a "T" I think, dang, what is wrong with my brain lately? Anyways, it really helped.

Have great workouts everyone!!
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This morning I did Ripped and Ride December 2019, 36 minutes, heart rate 139/170, 1,888 steps. I did the boxing with Kelly instead of the spin bike. The only lower work is really the spin bike. I then watched Kelly's in the Kitchen making protein balls and rode the spin bike for 13 minutes, heart rate 125/148, 762 steps, 54 calories. I finished with Jane Adams yoga morning energy practice, 17 minutes, heart rate 116/138, 52 calories, 67 steps. Total time was 309 calories 66 minutes, 2,717 steps.

Doreen, I did not see the January Ripped and Ride. I will have to check it out.

Belinda, get better.

Debbie, I am sorry you still have that feeling. Keep working on it.

Jolie, I have picked up shots with ginger juice and cayenne. I generally make my own and drink it. I don't know if it is my allergies or a cold as yesterday I started coughing like crazy. Not much sleeping last night.


Hi everyone,

Today I only did SBF Interval, it was very low impact. I will take it easy until Monday. Hopefully the cough will be gone by them.

Debbie - thank you! I am so sorry you still dealing with this muscle problems. Wonder what is causing it? Fell better soon. My doc was going to put me on cough meds with codeine. I didn't wanted to take it. I am taking Tessalong, Musinex 600 MG, Albuterol (Proniar) inhaler I have to use it with Easement Spacer Device and Antibiotic. I also have to use Vick rub and Nasel Spray. I think, I got it all. I been dealing with a sore throat since Xmas. When I saw my doctor last week, I mention it. He checked my lungs, they sounded clear. I even told him last week I was starting to feel better. Than all the sudden last week, I lost my voice for almost 3 day's. I bought some cough syrup at Costco. The robitussin didn't help. I also took Elderberry syrup to boost my immune system, took it daily. I also took Airborne daily and organic raw honey. I still lost my voice and my throat was killing me. My husband had that cough too but his wasn't nothing like mine. His was more like a dry cough, mine was the opposite. With all the meds I have to take I think I will be fine in a day or two.

Diane - thank you. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon too. How do I boost my immune system? Last week I talked to my doctor about a Vitamine B shots. I don't know if that would help? Yesterday I forgot to mention to him again. I will make a note to sent him a email.

Jolie - thank you. I hope you feel better soon and it doesn't get worst. I did started to feel better when I saw my doc last week for my knee. I thought I was done with the coughing. Little did I know 2 day's later I completely lost my voice for a few day's. My voice it still horse. I had emergency surgery on my sinus before. I have acute sinus infection. I have it under control for the last few years. I ended up in the hospital a few times due to sinus infection. Mine got so bad that my body shut down.I had to be hospitalized a few times. I had to stay in the hospital for a week the last time I had an infection. I also had a fever of 103. I know it's not my sinus or my ears infection. I usually get a ear infection on top of my sinus infection. My ears are fine this time. It's all in my throat and chest. My energy is very low the last few day's. I don't have a TJ near me. I usually go to one in DC. My DD is coming tomorrow to pick up her dog. Maybe she can run to TJ and pick up some Ginger shots. So they really help, had?

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Belinda, as much sleep as you can get even though it is hard with coughing is great for the immune system. Astragalus is excellent. I drink an matcha tea powder mix that has mushrooms and astragalus in it. I prefer plant based supplements. My favorite vitamin formula is Garden of Life Vitamin Code 50 and Wiser. It covers vitamins, minerals (no iron) has glutathione which is excellent, a good probiotic. It pretty much covers everything. Lots of water and hydrating foods like cucumber & watermelon. Also there are mushrooms that help immune system. I drink mushroom coffee from Four Sigmatic every morning. You can get immune formulas that are a mix of mushrooms. Garden of Life makes a couple of them. Also here is one from Garden of life https://www.amazon.com/Rainbow-Light-Counter-Attack-Tablets/dp/B00L9NZRY6/ref=pd_ybh_a_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=QQ8DNCSWS7W52P2BR8SS
I almost forgot that I put Mediterranean oregano oil drops into some water and drink it when I am coming down with something. There is oregano in the rainbow light formula.


I got my Amazon Fire TV stick today and it works great with Coffeyfit Raw. The app is there when you go through the fitness and health categories and it was so easy to set up. It has Cathe and beachbody and lots of other fitness apps. It was so annoying this morning when I was streaming via hdmi and my laptop and in the middle of it iTunes popped up wanting to do an upgrade. It will be so much easier and less time consuming in the morning.


This morning I did Raw Box & Pump. This was fun - Lori and Noelle were there and they were all just being a bit silly!

Diane -that's great that Fire TV stick works so well and you are back up and running with RAW!

Good work everyone with your workouts... I hope everyone gets healthy and stays healthy quickly!!!


Good morning,

SBF Core + Pelvic Floor is done.

Roselyn - thank you!

Diane - thanks for the links. I will place my order today. I really appreciate all your help.

Jolie - my DD is bringing me those ginger shots from TJ. How many a day do I take? She said there are 16 total ginger shots?

That's it for me today. Have a great weekend everyone.

Jolie Fit

Belinda, take one ginger shot and put it in a glass, add the just of half a lemon or if it is small, the whole thing. Then take cayenne and put in about 1/4 teaspoon, or whatever you can stand, mix it and drink it. Cayenne is the most healing herb in the kingdom so consume as much as you can. I took one in the morning and one in the evening. Ester C in high doses is great with it! Ester C is buffered and it easy on the stomach and a better form of Vitamin C.

Today I did Cathe Live, Barbell Upper Body, workout # 36 and had a great workout. Boy, using a Barbell again after using DB's for so long was hard! I loved it! This is a low weight high rep, multi count workout that is sure to make your muscles cry, mine were burning by the end of each set. It is a nice short workout, 45 minutes including abs at the end and I burned 289 calories. I added one more set of BB overhead presses at the end because I felt I need to do more. You all should try it if you are in need of a short workout

, great job on the workout.

Doreen, Doing a lot of RAW workouts lately, I see! Great job!

Diane Sue, I have to look into that stick you got from Amazon, sounds great! If I didn't have to use my computer all of the time that would be awesome. Thanks for sharing.

I will not be working out tomorrow, my husband and I are going to visit my parents in Palm Springs. I am looking forward to the warm weather, it is supposed to be 80 degrees. I think I will take my walking shoes and go for a long walk around the golf coarse to get some steps in for the day.

Have a nice day.
I am feeling GREAT today, no pain or tightness whatsoever. I'm hoping I can get back slowly to my normal workouts.

I did Kelly's RAW Strength Stretch today, I really liked it. Mostly for lower body, but still good. I am heating my shoulders now just to relax them a bit more.

Happy weekend everyone!


Jolie - my daughter got me the ginger shots from TJ. It already has lemon and cayenne pepper in it. Do I add more lemon and cayenne pepper? I already drank a ginger shot. Was pretty good. I will order Ester C. Thanks again for all your help! Really appreciate it. Great job on your weight workout today.

Debbie - glad you feeling better today. Great job on your workout as well. Have a relaxing afternoon.


This morning I did Raw Ripped and Ride January 2020 using the step and 10 and 5# dumbbells. Most is the heavier weights but one interval was lower and Kelly uses 7#. 37 minutes, 132 calories, heart rate 114/157, 1,574 steps. I then did Walk Strong Build Balance & Inner Strength Core control with Jessica Smith, 33 minutes, 148 calories, heart rate 121/146, 2,566 steps. Total time was 70 minutes, 280 calories, 4,140 steps.

Doreen, I like the comraderie that Kelly and the others have on her workouts. Glad your daughter got you the ginger shots.

Belinda, I am glad you are getting some things to help boost your immune system. Nice workout today.

Jolie, I downloaded the Cathe app on my Fire Stick. That way I can just log in if I pay for some time using it. I got the 4K fire stick that is 49.99. It is so easy for Coffey Fit Raw with the App right there.

Debbie, that is great that you are feeling good again. I don't know why most stretches seem to focus more on lower. I really like the Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga that I purchased on Amazon prime video. I just watch them from the app. My two favorites are the neck and shoulders and the chest and back one. Each at 20 minutes long.
I am feeling really good finally. Just a slight pinch in my right side up near my neck, but other than that, no pain or tightness any where. I was a bit scared of attempting a weight workout but I ended up doing Kelly's Muscle Up Legs & Glutes premix. Great short workout, perfect for how I was feeling.

This is how it went:

Super Set #1
Sumo Squats
- 15's - 8 reps
Bridges - 12.5# - 16 reps
Total of 2 sets no rest

Super Set #2
- 12.5's - 8 reps each leg
Stiff-Leg Deadlifts - 12.5's - 8 reps
Total of 2 sets no rest

Super Set #3
Curtsy Lunges
- 12.5's - 8 reps
Praying Frog Squats - 16 reps
Total of 2 sets not rest

Workout was 20 minutes, burned 154 calories and HR was 131/156.

Then I got on my treadmill for 26 minutes, burned 203 calories, went 1.25 miles and did 2994 steps. HR was131/181.

Felt great to hold weights again and it did not bother my upper back. Fun workout, I haven't done Muscle Up siince 2018!!

Have great workouts everyone!
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