Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2020 !!

Jolie Fit

Today was supposed to be a cardio workout but I am not going to do it due to my cold, which has now moved into my chest. I feel ok but I don't want a setback so I am skipping it all together. My eating is spot on so I am loosing weight and that makes me happy.

Belinda, great job on the workout with the walk too! That is exactly where I strained my hamstring, right behind the knee and up just a little bit. It feels ok today, I haven't even noticed it at all today and I already took my dog for a walk :)

Diane Sue, I bet you have lost a little muscle during this whole PT time in your life, it is easy to due as we get older. I have lost so much muscle over the last 2 years it is crazy! I am ok with it because I can fit into cloths better but I miss my definition, I hope to get a little of that back as I drop weight. I wouldn't go on the Statin drug either, that stuff is just poison for the body. You have to be one of the healthiest people I know so I am sure that a change in diet somehow would do the trick. Maybe the Mediterranean way of eating would be best? That is the way I am going right now and my body is loving it. Low fat meats, and a lot of veggies and some plant proteins. I think low fat high protein soups are great too but you already make those for yourself. I would take a lot of Grape Seed Extract along with Vitamin C, they are the Immortal twins and great for plaque and support the veins and capillaries.

Debbie, I am so glad you like your posture brace that you ordered. I should get one too because working on a computer and looking down at my phone really puts a strain on my neck and shoulders.

I hope you all have great workouts today and BBL to read your posts.

Have a wonderful day.
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Today I walked on my treadmill again for 40 minutes and did those yoga stretches again. I wore that posture corrector and my upper back did not burn while I was walking. Posture is definitely causing all of this. I am already sitting and standing taller and straighter. It's actually making me sore in other areas of my upper body because I'm not used to doing it. It feels so much better, though. The neck pain is almost gone and I still have a knot but it's almost gone as well. I hope this keeps up. I will wear the corrector this evening for a while too.

I'll be back later to read all of your posts, I don't have time right now.
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This morning I did Step Boss I Max 4 mish mosh mix double blast after every combo which was 61 minutes, 343 calories, heart rate average 138, max 201 ?? I saw that and then it went down to 152 and sometimes it was 129 during the blasts or showed no heart for awhile, 5,731 steps, met 6.5. I was kind of dreading the double blasts, but it was not difficult at all. I think something is up with the Fitbit. I had to restart my phone again this morning to get my sleep times which were awful. Minutes in the rem and deep sleep portion. I coughed a lot. I finished with Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga Total Body, 22 minutes, heart rate average 107, max 129, 52 steps Total time was 83 minutes, 3. I think I chose wisely today as first my computer would not load google chrome and then the internet went out. By the way that workout yesterday was Box & Pump not step and pump :rolleyes:

Belinda, I feel bad for you. It is sometimes a real struggle to keep on top of things when the body is giving us a fight. I still need to find an allergist and I need to get to an ophthamologist form my eye test for using paquinel. I am pretty tired of doctors. In 6 months I start making the rounds of these doctors all over again. I think they like making money off of people. I hope you can get some help.

Jolie, I have been pretty lucky as to not getting a cold so far this year. Just allergies that seem to be year round. My cough is always from a dry throat and itchy sinuses. Drives me crazy. I did get that stomach virus when my grandchildren were both sick here. I hope your cold clears up quickly. I am sure you are taking plenty of anti oxidants. Nice work sticking to your nutrition goals. I am mainly monitoring fats. I found Vital Proteins is making a Collagen protein bar that has not cholesterol. It does have some MCT oil in it though. I just pick up one or two once in awhile otherwise I get the RX maple sea salt or chocolate sea salt bars. They tend to tide me over when I have to run places. I went to Sprouts today and picked up some more Vitamin C and some magnesium. I have let a lot of things run out. I am thinking maybe I will skip the statin. I have to go back for another heart CT to see if that lung nodule is still there and if there is changes. Or at least I think that is what they are going to do in 6 months. Maybe it will show the plaque in the artery is better?? Maybe that is just wishful thinking. How do they know whether it is hardened or soft? I just keep researching. I have never taken grapeseed extract before.

Debbie, I know what you are talking about when the upper back burns. That is wonderful that it didn't with the posture brace on. I really need to look into getting one.

Roselyn, wow, you were able to do bulk leg day already. You must be doing really well.
Back for some personals:

Jolie - I hope you feel better soon, dang, something is going around. So far - knock on wood - I haven't caught anything. Hopefully I'll get by this year with no ailments.

Diane - Yes, I believe our posture is the cause of all these upper back and neck problems. I'm hoping by the end of this week I will feel a lot better. I found that I was really mindful of sitting and standing up straight today at work, so hopefully that will continue. My shoulders and traps are sore, though, I am certainly not used to pulling my shoulders up and back all day long. Wow on your foods, I knew you ate all the right things. I guess genetics does play a huge role in heart issues, but still - when you are so healthy it should not happen. Isn't that the point of staying healthy, eating right and exercising? To avoid all these problems. How frustrating for you. I don't blame you, I wouldn't take the Statin either. These drugs just have way too many side effects.

Belinda - How is the knee? Is the swelling going down any? I hope it is getting better.

Roselyn - Nice job with legs. Hope your hips are doing good.

Doreen - Is Power Up a new one? I can't wait to start being able to do those workouts again, hopefully next week.

Roxie - Hope work is going better.

Have a great evening all!


Debbie, I was so sore after a lot of the physical therapy sessions. I do find myself correcting when I start feeling uncomfortable and realize my posture is slipping. I think eating healthy has probably protected me. My grandfather died of a heart attack at 65 chasing a bull. My Dad had heart problems although he had good cholesterol till recent years and then ended up on blood pressure meds. He did not eat healthy though. He was always active.


Debbie - yes - Power Up was just added. Its under the strength category.

Jolie - Hope you feel better soon!

Diane - you always do such a good job with your eating and supplements - I'm impressed.

Nothing super new to report here. This morning I walked on the TM for 50 minutes while trying to catch up on emails,etc.
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Roxie 1965

Good Mornin,

Well stuck at home with two grandsons because of a snow day and the baby is whiny and wants nothing to do with me so this is a fun day. When DH gets here I need to workou.

Jolie Fit

Today i feel better but my dog is really not doing well and I am very upset. He was just diagnosed with a heart issue and I think it is starting to get bad. I am supposed to get him an Ecco and Ultrasound to see if medication can help him but my husband doesn't want to spend the $1000! Let me just say, I love this dog with ALL of my heart, he has been with me through this total nightmare issue with my son, I swear I wouldn't have made it without him, and I cant imagine not helping him since he has helped me so much. I am going to take the money out of my savings account and just pay for it myself. I could not live with myself if I didn't do it. I love him and want him around longer. My husband never goes to the doctor or dentist, he doesn't take care of himself, and I do. I am proactive with everything that pertains to my heath and I feel the same way about my dog. Anyway, I did Cathe Live Pumped Upper Body, and had an ok workout. I am just too preoccupied with this issue but I still did it. Workout was 55 minutes and I burned 397 calories. I like this workout because she goes slower than most of her workouts but I don't like starting with Biceps. When you start with arms it is hard to go heavy with Chest, Shoulders and Back.

Diane Sue, Grape Seed Extract is the number 1 supplement to support the heart, veins, arteries and capillaries. Along with CoQ10 I take it every day since my mom has heart disease.

Doreen, i love a good walk on the Treadmill! :)

Roxie, i hope you end up having a good day and a good workout.

Belinda and Debbie, BBL to read your post.

Have a good day.
I just did the same as the last few days, treadmill and stretching. Getting better slowly. Still have a weird twist in my left side where I can hardly turn my head that way. WTF? I took an Aleve this morning and it's better but doesn't mean it's gone. I wore the posture corrector again while walking, I like that thing. It is helping a lot.

I'll try to be back later for personals.
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Hi everyone,

Didn't slept well last night, coughing up a storm. I made an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow. I almost didn't worked out today, glad I did. I walked for 30 min plus did SBF Feel Good Cardio.

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Jolie - I am so sorry you are going through this with your dog. I hear you on paying the money for your beloved fur baby. I felt the same way about my Brawler as you do about our dog. I hope the meds will help him. Great job on your workout today.

Debbie - glad the posture thing is helping you. Sorry about those knots you getting. Thanks for asking. The swelling in my knees went down a little. Not sure what is going on with my throat? I am coughing up a storm with cough meds every night. My chest hurts from coughing so much. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. The over the counter stuff isn't helping. I probably need something stronger. Tried everything from vitamins, honey nothing is helping. Something is going around.

Diane - I feel bad for what are you going through too. This year already started out great. I hope we all get a break soon. I feel like I am seeing my doctor a lot more than I want too. I hope you get some help and answers soon.

Roxie - sorry about the fussy baby. Hang in there, girl. Hope you got your workout in.

Roselyn - great job on your leg workout.

Doreen - I love walking on the TM.

I will be back tomorrow.
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Today's workout was Coffeyfit Raw Power Up, 50 minutes (actual 44:18) heart rate average 118, max 150, 181 calories, 1,080 steps. I finished with Raw Day 5 of the strength program which is stretch and foam roll, 40 minutes( actual 36) 64 calories, heart rate average 96, max 133, 79 steps. Total time was 90 minutes with interruptions, 245 calories, 1,159 steps. This was one of those days of multiple calls and texts throughout my workout, but I stuck with it. I had a text from my arthritis center pharmacy saying my prescription was ready which I had not asked for. I guess when my doctor said he would put it down for a 90 day supply for me it went to the pharmacy. Then I had to contact them and when I found out how much with the new medicare deductible it was way out there at 474 dollars. I told them I would have to hold off. Then I ended up talking to them several more times and my daughter. They got me the prescription with a discount which does not go toward my deductible, but it was less than I paid with no deductible. I am happy about that. I needed the stretch, but still had more texts and calls. Was hoping to relax a bit. Now I need to get hold of my Smart Hours people for my thermostat they put in. I sometimes have to turn it off and restart because the heat is not cutting in. I hate when I get up and it is in the mid 60's in my house and I have it set for 70. The upstairs thermostat works great.
Coffeyfit Raw Power Up

5 rounds and active rests which are Kettlebell swings or other activity

44:18 length Kelly uses around 32# barbell and 20# Kettlebell
First time I used 30# barbell and 20# kettlebell

Rnd 1 high pull 10 reps, hang pull 10 reps, clean from the hip 10 reps, bench squat 10 reps then quicker pace 10 reps, clean from the hip 10 reps, power clean from the floor 10 reps

25 kettlebell swings

Rnd 2 high pull 10 reps, hang pull 10 reps, clean from the hip 10 reps, bench squat 10 and 10 reps, power clean from the floor 10 reps

Kettlebell swings alternating 26 reps

Rnd 3 high pull 10 reps, hang pull 10 reps, clean from the hip 10 reps, bench squat 10 and 10 reps, power clean from the floor 10 reps

Kettlebell figure 8’s 26 reps (Kelly gives the option of stopping here at 23 minutes)

Rnd 4 Kelly takes out all high pulls

Clean from the hips 10 reps, squat 10 and 10 reps then squat sit and knee pulls 10 reps, then 20 squats sitting on the bench and up, power cleans 10 reps

Kettlebell swings alternating 26 reps

Rnd 5 Clean from the hip 10 reps, squat and sit 20 reps with knee pulls, 20 squats quick paced, power clean 10 reps

Kettlebell figure 8’s 26 reps

At 35 minutes abs

Sit ups feet under bar, sit ups with kettlebell 20#, reverse crunch feet over barbell, obliques waistline alternating side crunches, knee up

Repeat for second set

Stretch at 42 minutes


I am glad that the Power Up workout did not have clean and press. I previewed it this morning and wrote things down. Still was a bit conservative. I did drop the bar to 25# for part of 1 round, but it felt too light so went back to 30. I liked it though. My legs and hips are feeling it as well as my triceps which I thought was odd.

Doreen, thanks on the eating. Nice way to catch up on emails and stuff :) Too bad life is so busy that we have to multi-task to get things done that we want to do.

Roxie, sorry you are having a rough day with it being a snow day. I imagine the baby misses its mother. Sometimes we are not the greatest substitute. Maybe just sit and hold the baby and talk soothing and after awhile it will settle down. Then from daycare experience that may make it scream and cry more. After awhile they settle down though.

Jolie, I am so sorry about your dog and the decision you have to make on your own. I hope taking it to the vet is positive. Is your dog old? It is so hard to watch them when they are obviously not doing well. I am taking Ubiquinol which is the better form of CoQ10. I read that grapeseed oil is really high in omega 6. I used to love a vegan mayonnaise that was made with grapeseed oil, but quit using it. I had to go back and do some reading because I knew that I had used it for some of my cooking and salad dressings before. I also am using vitamin E when I take the Ubiquinol to help it absorb better.

Debbie, that is the way my neck was. I could not turn it that far because it was so tight or something. I am glad things are better and pray you will get better soon. I really sympathize with you.

Belinda, maybe your doctor can give you some prescription cough medicine. When I had the bronchitis they gave me a steroid injection. It didn't help my coughing :( It is good you are going in to see what you can do with it. I try to stay clear of the doctors as much as possible. Until the last couple of years I mainly went for my yearly and that was it. I talked to my younger brother while at Sprouts yesterday and he is having a terrible time with degeneration in his knees and trying to get help.
Woke up feeling really good finally. A little pinch still when I turn my head but nothing like it was yesterday. Hope this continues.

I walked again - don't want to risk it at this point - and then did some yoga on my own.

Hope you all have great workouts today!!!
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Good morning,

CL Awesome UB is done. Great workout except all that wooing :rolleyes: Next time I do the workout I will mute, write down the exercises and play my own music.

Off to get ready for my doc appointment. BBL!


CL #57 PHA Training this morning. Oldie but goodie total body workout. I modify a little bit in order to lift heavier the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Diane - Good job on power up - Did you like it? I'm glad she dropped the high pulls after a couple rounds. Next time I do it I will try to add to my bar... or load a separate bar for squats. I was using 45# which was too heavy for high pulls and too light for squats. Can't win!!
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Debbie, I am glad you are being careful to not have a set back.

Doreen, I liked Power Up. I thought that too on the barbell weight. I almost got out the ez curl bar and used it for the squats so I could go a little heavier. I would not want to do the high pulls with the 45 lb. I felt the same that I was glad there was no more of the high pulls in the rnds. My shoulder that was hurting before is a little sore. Not terrible, but I dropped once to 25# and decided it was too light so moved the weigh back up.

Jolie Fit

I woke up feeling really good today, I have made myself sleep so much over the last week so I could repair and get better. I walked on the TM for 40 minutes, 6.5 incline, 3.3 pace and traveled 2.25 miles. Then I ran on my elliptical for 15 minutes, interval mode and traveled 1.88 miles. Total workout time was 55 minutes and I burned 541 calories. I cant believe how out of shape I am on the elliptical!!! I used to run on that thing for an hour a few years back, wow!

Debbie, i am so glad you are feeling better today!!!! Great job walking and doing yoga, I am sure that is the best thing you can do right now.

Diane Sue, I cant believe how high your prescription drug costs are on Medicare!!!!!!! The politicians need to stop trying to impeach Trump and get going on the business at hand, like lowering drug costs and insurance premiums! Nice job on the workout.

Belinda, I am so sorry you were coughing so much lately!!!!! I hope you feel better soon. Good luck at the doctors appointment, maybe they can give you something to make it stop so you can get some sleep. I am glad that you are still getting in your workouts, I had a hard time with my head cold because if I worked out, I got worse!

Roselyn, great news on the hip feeling good!!!!!!!

Doreen, i like Cathe's older workouts more than the current ones, she goes so fast through the newer workouts, i am not sure why! I like the Gym Style workouts too and STS, the speed is great and she takes rests between exercises so you can lift heavy.

Beautiful day here today, i am going to sit on the deck in the sun and read for a while, that is my new years resolution, read more! :) Have a nice day.

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