Hardcore Fitness Maniacs check-in for September 2017

Happy September!!

today is my daughter's 26th birthday and wedding planning began this weekend!

So yesterday was a hiit workout today plyo legs week 2


Today's workout was Ripped with Hiit Legs, 42 minutes, 265 calories, heart rate 120 average, 159 max. That is all I did because I wanted to clean floors and go with my daughter and grandchildren to the library. The youngest had a play and story time and we checked out books and came back to have lunch together. My legs were still sore from yesterday's Total Body Giant set so some exercises I did not go heavier on. Tomorrow is an upper workout so my legs can get a rest other than I may add a bit of cardio on to it. I found a post on the Fit Bit communities by the Fit Bit staff and they are working on the problem. They say it is not everyone's Fit Bit, but it is them and a bug that is in their system that they are working on. I wondered if it was something they did trying to get ready to launch their new Fit Bit that they are taking pre-orders for. There was over 400 complaints on their community site for the same thing.
Weights today
squats 20's x 24 reps/ squat digs
plie squats 35# x 16 reps/ plie jacks
static lunge right side 25's x 16 reps/ split jumps 24 reps
static lunge left side 25's/ split jumps 24 reps
squats 25's x 24 reps /pop squats 24 reps Cathe's counts I count 32?? maybe I am doing it different
plie squats 40# x 16 reps / narrow plie touch down jacks 24 reps
wood chop side lunge 10# x 24 reps
explosive side lunge 12# by 20 reps
cross back lunge 15# X 40 reps/ lateral skates 32 reps
low pulse lunges 20# x 20 reps/power circle scissors 32 reps
dead lift 30's x 16 reps/ snow angel jacks 20 reps
Dead lift wide stance 30's x 16 reps /frog jumps and quarter turns 10
walking lunges 15's 24 / scissor, squat wide tuck jumps

I did post earlier. Just not my weights. I forgot we started a new month thanks Roselyn.

Roselyn , have fun with the wedding planning.
Today was Day 2 of my Total Body workout. Had a great workout, Love this rotation.

3 sets/ reps with 1 minute 30 second rest - warmed up with Pyramid Upper Body

Squats - 20's
Upright Rows - 35#
Incline Chest Press - 75#
Hamer Curls - 20's
Lying Tricep BB Extension - 30#
Elevated Deadlifts - 55#

I also walked 1 mile on my treadmill.

Total workout was 1 hr. Avg. HR was 93, Max was 131. I burned 258 calories and went 3714 steps.

Diane Sue - Yea, I heard about it. So pissed that it's on demand. Why don't these people do DVD's anymore? Nice job on your workout! I forgot we started a new month as well.

Roselyn - How exciting about the wedding planning!! Lot's of fun, I'm sure!!!

Jolie - I'll have to go back to yesterday's thread and see if you worked out. I have to get to work so can't do it now.

Have great workouts everyone!!!


Today I started with X 10 Step, 30 minutes (I had to run down stairs with an envelope for dh) 178 calories, heart rate average 118, max 160. Then I did the rotation workout which was Ripped with Hiit Back, Biceps, and shoulders, 59 minutes, heart rate 103 average, 132 max, 229 calories.
I don't know how I got such a low average heart rate on X10. Total time was 89 minutes and calories 407.
Weights today were
One arm row 30,30,30 x 12 reps
finisher barbell rows 35# 20 reps and band power pulls
pull overs 35,35,35 x 12 reps
finisher barbell rows 35# 21 reps supine band pulls
one arm angled row 30#,30,30 x 12 reps
finisher 1 arm seated band pulls
rear delt flys 15's ,15's,15's x 12 reps
finisher one arm band pulls
prone rear delts 8s.8s,8s x 12
finisher t band pulls
biceps curls barbell close 35# x 12, standard 40#, x 12, wide 35# x 12
finisher W curls 10's x 20 reps
concentration curls 22.5# x 12 reps, 20x 10 reps, 20x 10 reps
finisher crazy 8's barbell 25# 24 reps
simultaneous standing hammer curls 17..5's x 12 reps, 15's x 12 reps, 15's x 12 reps
barbell crazy 8's 25# 24 reps

Debbie, I think we will find the dvds being slowly removed and replaced with downloads and streaming. The least they could do on Beach Body is sell the download. I find it all kind of difficult. My Fit Tower Downloads only play on itunes and I do not have an apple device. They won't play on media player for me. I am glad I have the discs as well. The technicians tried to help and this is the only way to play them. Also the premixes did not work with the Fit Tower downloads either even on itunes. I am hoping I don't run into this problem with the new workouts. My other downloads work fine. Les Mills has gone to streaming. I am not pleased with it.
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Jolie Fit

Today I did Shoulders. I put together a workout a little heavier than I have been lifting with longer rest periods. I did four sets of each exercise with a 1 minute rest between sets and the last set going to failure. I didn't sleep well so I was looking to do something slower with longer rest periods. I really liked this workout. I burned 224 calories, 108 heart rate and max was 143.

Warm Up STS Meso 2

Warm up Seated Overhead Press DB-
12# x 15

Seated Overhead Press DB's-
20# x 12, x 10, x 8, x 12 TF

1 Arm Lateral Raise-
12# x 12, x 10, x 8
2 Arm Lateral Raise-
10# x 13 TF

Seated Rear Flies-
12# x 12, x 10, x 2, x 12 TF

Upright Rows DB's-
20# x 12. x 10, x 8, x 8 TF (these were very hard!)

Seated Front/ Rear Raise DB's ( 4 day split style)
10# x 12, x 10, x 8
8# x 14 TF ( had to drop here my shoulders are fried!)

that total body workout looks good. I haven't ever done a workout like that, it looks similar to the Muscle and Fitness Magazine workouts you used to do years ago. I really should try it. Good job on the weights too! I wish everyone would get away from just the demand videos as well. Not everyone gets service in their gym rooms so dvds work better. I would like to do another Sagi workout but I hated the one he did last "Hammer and Chisel:.

Diane Sue, good job on the leg workout today. The weights are very impressive. I found out the reason my knee is hurting is because I have runners knee. My quad muscles are too tight and it is pulling my knee cap out of alignment. I need to work on my hamstrings more and stretch the quads more. I am going to look at the Sagi workouts you posted. I don't like demand too much because sometimes I have internet problems and that can drive you nuts!

I am sure you are very excited for the wedding! Do you know her fiancé well? Good job in getting your workouts in even though you have so much on your plate right now. Is your daughter having a small or large wedding? I love weddings!!!

Hot and humid here again but it is better than a Hurricane!!!! Our weather is crazy right now. Have a nice day.


Jolie, do you think wearing some knee supports along with the extra stretching would help? I have some I have used to help when my knee needs some extra support when doing a lot of jumping and heavy leg work. Do you think the tightness may start from farther up the hip area as well? I know you can get it worked out. A lot of problems come from the posterior chain. It doesn't get the work the front does.
Today I did Cardio Coach 6 with Sean and had an excellent workout. I like this one, it's so much different then Candace's version. Had a good time with it. My legs are SO SORE!!! OMG, I can tell I haven't worked legs in a long time. Just the few exercises I have done with the full body workout have really made me sore.

Workout was 52 minutes, ran 3.63 miles, burned 406 calories (TM said 496) and went 7348 steps. Avg. HR was 131 and Max was 178.

Diane Sue - You are right about the DVD thing. Are Cathe's new workouts only streaming now or is she still offering DVD's? I haven't even looked at that part of the workouts yet. I think I will ask for a new TV for my workout room for Christmas that can hook to our internet and do streaming. There is probably no other way around this technology now.

Jolie - Sorry to hear about your knees, I know what you're going through. Mine still hurt here and there but lately they've been ok. Nice workout!!!

Roselyn - Nice job on your workout!!!

Jolie Fit

Today I did Bicep and Triceps. I pulled out STS Meso 2 disc 13 and 15. I love these workouts, I have probably done them 1,000 times. I'm in the mood to lift a little heavier than I have all summer. I had a great workout, 42 minutes and I burned 221 calories. My max heartrate got up to 142. I am not walking because I am resting my knee and stretching. I think the older we get the more we need to stretch! I have to take the time while watching tv at night, why not?

Barbell Curls-
35# x 12, x 10, x 8, x 14 TF (felt weak with these)

Seated DB alt. curls-
20# x 12, x 10, x 10 TF

Preacher Curls DB-
15# x 12, x 10, x 10 TF

Lying Triceps Ext. DB-
15# x 12, x 10, x 8, x 13 TF

Cross Body Ext. DB-
12# x 12, x 10, x 15 (Should go heavier next time)

2 Arm kickbacks-
10# x 12, x 10, x 12 TF

great job on your run today! You had a good calorie burn and got some good steps in already. I went on facebook and looked into Sagi's new workout and it does look good, but it is only on demand. I might have to get that one for sure. I am getting new internet installed in my house next Tuesday so maybe on Demand might work better in my gym room. It looks like heavy weights, maybe a total body type of workout over one week.

Diane Sue, I used to where a band under my knee years ago but I stopped because they say they can be bad in the long run. I guess your body starts relying on the support or something. I might try something because I am sick of the pain. My knee cap tends to not track correctly and that causes inflammation which causes the pain. I will check back later to see what you did for your workout today. Read the post I wrote to Debbie regarding Sagi's new workout. I think it looks great!

Roselyn, Have a nice workout today.

I have a football game to go watch this afternoon and one tomorrow night! The first NFL game is tonight, My Patriots against the Chiefs! I love football season! Have a nice day.


Today's workout was Strong and Sweaty Cardio Slam, 50 minutes, heart rate 135 average, max 161, 358 calories, 4,065 steps. Then I did Strong and Sweaty Bonus Abs, 13 minutes, 103 average heart rate, max 126, 49 calories, 259 steps. I finished off with Kelly Coffey Body Design Yoga Flow segment, 13 minutes, 30 calories, 20 steps. Total time was, 76 minutes, calories 437. Tomorrow is Ripped with Hiit Upper chest, shoulders, and triceps. I may add the Ripped with Hiit abs scheduled for Saturday if I have time. I am not sure if I will get in Saturday's RWH Plyo #2 on Saturday since I have to be out the door early or hold it till Sunday before church. I would have more time then. TOtal steps so far today 6,547. I may make it to 10,000 by bed time.

Debbie, Cathe is still doing the dvds. I purchased both downloads and videos because I don't want to be left without my workouts when the dvd players become obsolete. I am sure that will be quite awhile though. I have recently upgraded to a 3D blu-ray player that has internet and even more stuff than our Roku player and Stick. My workout room has a large smart tv, but it seems running stuff through the blu ray player I got a few months ago is faster and more efficient. I haven't had drop outs using YouTube workouts since I got the blu-ray player. I was using very old dvd/vhs combo players before I recently changed and they were having problems with some of my newer dvds.

Jolie, I don't use my knee support all of the time. I only use them when my knees are bothering me. I haven't used them in quite a long time. I swear by multi collagen powder for my knees and joints. I watched the clips on Sagi's site and Beach Body. The workouts do look good. My only problem with a lot of streaming is having my CC info out there. If it is PayPal I am okay. I did recently notice Cathe also has Amazon Pay when I purchased my pre-order. Knee pain is not fun. Before my surgery it was mostly pain on the back of the knee and inner thigh side. I had a bakers cyst as well as the torn miniscus.
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Today was Day 3 of my Total Body workout. Had a good workout but this one wasn't very hard. I thought that with the other two I've done and I'm so sore this week, so it is definitely doing something!!

2 sets/15 reps with 2 minutes rest - warmed up with Pyramid Upper Body. Hate the long rest times.

Weighted Dips - 35#
Seated Dumbbell Curls - 15's
Lateral Raise - 10's
Pullovers - 25#
Pushups - On toes
Leg Extensions - 20#
I haven't done leg extensions in years and was afraid to do them today, that is why I went really light. My knees did ok with it so I'm going to incorporate them. Hopefully they will strengthen my knees and get rid of the pain I sometimes feel.

I also walked 1 mile on my treadmill.

Total workout was 56 minutes, Avg. HR was 91, Max was 133. I burned 257 calories and went 3356 steps.

Diane Sue - I doubt DVD's will ever be obsolete, at least not in the near future. I still have CD's and a couple CD players that I love using. In fact, I want to buy another CD player for work. But I agree, I guess we should prepare for On Demand workouts only. Nice job on your workout.

Jolie - Nice job on your workout! I love STS as well, I want to do it again soon. Hope your knees feel better, I can so relate. Lately, knock on wood, mine have been great.

Roselyn - Hope you have a great workout today!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Jolie Fit

No workout for me today. I woke up with such a bad headache I just couldn't get going. I am sore from yesterdays workout, so change is defiantly good. I also have been really stressed out which is zapping all of my energy. My youngest son is really challenging me lately and it is really taking a toll on me. When does it stop! He us turning 16 on the 21st of this month and he is really pushing the boundaries and getting poor grades. I need a break from it all!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job on the workouts and have a great day!


Today I did Ripped with Hiit Chest, shoulders, and triceps, 40 minutes, 177 calories. Then I did the bonus abs from RWH that is scheduled for tomorrow, 13 minutes, 30 calories. Total time 53 minutes, 207 calories. I am tired today. We went to the retired officers meeting last night and it was long with guest speakers on upcoming health insurance programs through the city and then other speakers. We came home on the motorcycle in the dark and took the car out to get something to eat. We were up a little before 5 this morning.
Weights today,
bench press, 20's x 12 reps 3 sets
finisher push ups 15 reps
incline bench press 20's x 12 reps 3 sets
finisher triceps push ups 16 reps
incline fly 20's x 12 reps 1 set 17.5's x 12 reps 2 sets
finisher decline push up 16 reps
superset barbell overhead press/ upright row 35# x 10/10 reps 2 sets; 1 set with 30#
finsher scare crows 5# x 20 reps
super set lateral raise 10's x 10 reps front raise 10's x 10 reps 3 sets
finisher external rotation lateral raise 8's x 15 reps
overhead extensions 30# x 12 reps 3 sets
finisher dips 20 reps 20 reps
lying extensions barbell 35# x 12 reps 3 sets
finisher kickbacks 10's x 20 reps

I am looking forwards to Kelly Coffey's Boxed workout set she is making called Build and Burn. It will come with a nutrition program. It is still in the making. She never does pre-orders till the workouts are about ready to ship and she usually has some clips.

Debbie, I am sure it will be some time before dvds and Cd's are gone. I have a Sony cd player with cassette in it in my workout room. I have two portable players. When I have purchased downloads I burn CDs. I am always afraid of losing my music like I id when I had my digital jukebox and had purchased loads of music from music match for it. I have no way of getting it all back. I have streaming in my car now for music but I would rather just pop a cd in than mess with my phone to run music through they system. I think I would go light on the leg extensions too. That would be great if it helps strengthen them.

Jolie, I am sorry your teen son is causing you so much stress. You can't give up on them, but finding how to handle them really takes a lot of patience and thought. Does your husband help?


Today was a rest day of sorts. I will have to do Ripped with Hiit Plyo Hiit 2 tomorrow. We rode almost 200 miles doing this poker run. Longer than any that we have done before. That was a lot and it triggered the allergies by the latter part of the ride. All the allergens are up there right now and I was feeling pretty good that I was not doing the usual coughing, sneezing, thing. My eyes have been irritated. Hopefully it lets up. I am still using the bee pollen. I barely got ready to head out this morning.


My workout is finished RWH Plyo Hiit 2, 28 minutes, 248 calories, heart rate average 137, max 166, 1,869 steps. I need to work on what workouts I plan for next week. I think a similar pattern to what I just did this last month b, but different workouts.

Jolie Fit

Today Sunday I did STS #15 Back only and I added extra exercises and omitted the deadlifts. Workout was 36 minutes and I burned 226 calories

Wide Grip Cable Pulldowns
50# x 12
60# x 12, x 12, x 12

1 arm rows-
25# x 12, x 10, x 8, x 15 TF

BB Rows-
50# x 12, x 10, x 8, x 12 TF (I haven't done these in while but I did ok with them.)

DB Pull Overs-
24# x 12. x 12, x 12 ( go heavier next time)

Rear Flies-
10# x 12, x 10, x 8, 15 TF

Diane Sue, nice job on the workouts. I read all the post I have missed tomorrow, short on time today.
Today I did the same workout as last Monday only in superset fashion. Had a great workout. I went real heavy and the last rep of almost all exercises was a struggle. Love this rotation!!!

3 sets/5 reps with 2 minute rest - warmed up with Pyramid Upper Body

SS #1
Barbell Bench Press
- 85#
Wide Grip Pull-ups - Assisted

SS #2
Leg Press Station - 165#
Arnold Press - 22's

SS #3
Barbell Curl - 45#
Close Grip Triceps Press - 70#

I also walked on my treadmill for 1 mile.

Total workout was 51 min. Avg. HR was 88, Max was 121. I burned 205 calories and went 3578 steps.

Prayers for all the people down in Florida. How devastating for them. I can't even imagine what they are going through. Texas as well, I wonder how they are doing? The news hasn't even mentioned Harvey's aftermath. It's like Irma took over and no one cares about the people in Texas anymore. I'm sure many are homeless right now. My heart is so heavy this morning. :(
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Today's workout was Ice Boot Camp Circuit no abs mix, 35 minutes, heart rate average 120, max 147, 220 calories, 2,0048 steps. I then did Fit Tower Boot Camp skipping the warm up, 48 minutes, heart rate 108 average, 142 max, 218 calories, This was 83 minutes and 438 calories. I am going to try doing a similar workout plan to what this last month was so today would have started with a boot camp workout. Tomorrow will be a Total Body workout.

Jolie, nice job getting back in. I hope you are feeling better.

Debbie, I do wonder that they at least don't keep up with the Texas aftermath. I realize they need to warn people and preparation is important to keep those in the area informed, but the other is still no less important. Praying for both. I can't imagine having to prepare and leave my home for safety. Good workout this morning :)

Jolie Fit

My day is in surgery right now to repair two hernias. I am nervous but I am sure everything will be good. He is 84 years old but he is very healthy.

Today I did STS # 13 Chest and Triceps, Meso 2. I think I will be doing STS but I am skipping Meso 1 because I just came off doing higher reps all summer. I didn't include Shoulders because I like to do that body part on its own and add a few more exercises to the workout. Workout was 42 minutes and I burned 288 calories. My average heart rate was 110 and my max was 143. It is till hot and humid so I just don't have it in my to do cardio. Also, I have to get my knee adjusted, it is not getting better. My knee cap isn't tracking correctly and it rubs on the tissue underneath it and it is painful.

Chest Press DB warm up-
15# x 15
25# x 12, x 10, x 8, x 13 TF

Chest Flies-
20# x 12, x 10, x 8

Incline Chest Press DB-
25# x 12, x 10, x 8

Incline Chest Flies-
20# x 12, x 10, x 8

Lying Triceps Ext. DB-
15# x 12, x 10, x 8

Cross Body Ext DB-
15# x 12, x 10, x 8

2 Arm kickbacks-
10# x 12, x 10, x 8

I really love STS!

Debbie, good job on the workout today, those were some impressive weights! I feel so sorry for all the hurricane victims too! So sad.

Diane Sue, That is a great workout you did today. Those workouts are hard for me, probably because I typically don't do that type on a regular basis and they get my heart rate up!

I cant wait for fall to arrive. I just cant take the heat anymore. I break out in weird skin rashes when I workout because I am so wet. I cant wait to be cold for once! I am taking my son to the University of Montana for his official visit and a big football game on Sept. 23rd so I am sure it will be a lot cooler in Montana! It is 40 degrees at night!!!!!! Yes!

Have a great day!

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