Group Shot & Outfits From PHA Training


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This is a group shot from the Strong and Sweaty PHA Training workout. From left to right: Brenda,Jai,Cathe, Amanda, and Nicole.

Capri- Under Armour
Tank- Nike
Sports bra- Under Armour
Sneakers- Nike

Jai and Amanda
Shorts- Nike
Sports bra- Nike
Sneakers- Nike

Capri- Under Armour
Tank- Nike
Sports bra- Eastbay
Sneakers- Nike

Capri- Nike
Tank- Nike
Sports bra- EastBay
Sneakers- Nike

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Everyone is looking incredible & bright here!! :)
So, is Nicole the lady that Cathe refers to as "her gymnast" in the LIVE classes? She is a smart addition.
I wonder what Brenda has been up to pre-filming here? She is just looking so firm isn't she?!! :)
I wonder how many they have filmed so far? I guess we can assume Bootcamp has been done, with all the info, etc., I always kind of wonder
how long it takes to film a workout, whether they film it straight thru', or do they take breaks, etc. I find that kind of info interesting, since I
don't really know the filming process, etc. The pictures have been very good, and they look amazing....
Ladies look super fit! Would love to see Cedie and Lorraine again too.....

According to someone on videofitnesss. Cedie just remarried which probably not a good time for her and Lorraine moved to ?Colorado. I'm guessing the poster is a local to Cathe's gym.

I have no first hand knowledge just repeating from a thread on the other site.

SO maybe Cedie will come back :)

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