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    Strong & Sweaty PHA Training

    How varied are your workouts? Varying the way you train and adding new challenges to your fitness program helps you continue to make gains and avoid those frustrating training plateaus. Variety also adds an element of novelty and fun. One form of training you might not be familiar is called PHA...
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    What is PHA Training?

    This picture shows Amanda and Brenda doing a lower body exercise in PHA. The goal of peripheral heart action training is to maximize the amount of blood that circulates to your upper and lower body as you complete a sequence of resistance exercises. With PHA training, you alternate between...
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    Group Shot & Outfits From PHA Training

    This is a group shot from the Strong and Sweaty PHA Training workout. From left to right: Brenda,Jai,Cathe, Amanda, and Nicole. Cathe Capri- Under Armour Tank- Nike Sports bra- Under Armour Sneakers- Nike Jai and Amanda Shorts- Nike Sports bra- Nike Sneakers- Nike Brenda Capri- Under Armour...