Friday Schedule for RT!

Which format do you prefer for Friday?

  • Registration, Step Class, Intros, Dinner & Stretch Class

    Votes: 46 90.2%
  • Registration, Intros, Dinner, Stretch Class

    Votes: 5 9.8%

  • Total voters


Hey everyone! I can hardly wait! The countdown is on! Cathe would like an idea of the schedule you would prefer on Friday night. After seeing the results, Cathe will respond with the schedule on Monday. I am going to try to make this a poll survey but if not possible due to me only having access to an iPad and no computer, I am not sure. Here are the two choices:

1. Registration, Step class which will immediately follow registration, introductions, dinner & stretch class


2. Registration, introductions, dinner & stretch class

Either way, there will still be a step class on Saturday also! :) I just previewed and no survey poll available for me so hope this will suffice for now! I cannot wait to see you all!!!!!


Hi, Debbie, I don't have a preference, so will not vote, but I did want to point out that July 31st is National Dance Day:

The founder of So You Think You Can Dance declared it and it's a way to get people moving. Since it's during the road trip, I didn't know if Cathe would want to include that in any way. I realize it may too late in the planning process, but wanted to let you know about it. Thanks for all your hard work on this project.



I really enjoyed starting out the Road Trip with a regular Cathe cardio class! It just seemed to add to the excitement and enthusiasm. A friend of mine who is relatively new to Cathe will be coming with me and I think for new people it would be great to get right into the thick of things with one of Cathe's Step workouts!:) Kareng


Personally, I would like to have the step class followed by an extended stretch after an early, light dinner. And then going back to our motels to shower. :D. But then that wasn't one of my choices, was it? LOL. If that's not possible, I vote for the step class. :) I'd just rather not have to rush to shower and freshen up before dinner.


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Count me in for a step class! We are driving in from Indiana and I can't wait to take as many classes as possible.


I voted for the step class, but don't have a strong opinion about it. Having done it both ways, I can say that it's a fun evening either way! :D


Cannot wait!

I voted for the step class too. I also do not have a strong opinion either way. I am just so excited to be going and reading this thread made me realize how close it is getting. YAY!



I agree Kayla! Let's get busy right out of the gate! And, of course, then we can eat more! lol! Can't wait!!!!


This is my first roadtrip and I voted for the step class too! My sister and I are traveling to NJ together from Virginia. Need to let her know that she should vote for her choice. Just a little over 1 month before we get to meet all of you, Cathe, and her gang! Wow! Somebody pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming.


I voted for the step class, but also don't have a strong opinion. I am just so excited to be going!!!:D


Thanks for voting!!!

Thanks Deb! Keep those votes coming in ladies and thanks to those that already have! It's getting close!!! You can almost hear Cathe saying "What you do to one side... :eek:"


Looking Forward To Meeting Everyone!

Hey Glassboro Daytrippers!! I'm so pumped to be attending this year - I last attended in 2008 and thrilled to be a fellow Cathlete with y'all!! Let's make it a really fun weekend - work hard and play hard(er)! LOL!



I'm SO all for as many classes as possible so I obviously voted for the class - though, since I'm horrible at step these days, can I put in a renegade vote for kickboxing instead?? Hey, thought it was worth a shot ;-)
And PS. We are all true Cathletes based on the poll - everyone's looking for MORE workouts, not less. Love it!!

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