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ok, I called & got my tracking #.....oh happy day ! Mine should get to me next Wed......the lady I spoke with was very professional, helpful,
and nice. Now, just gotta play the waiting game :) but at least I know it's on the way.....
ok, I called & got my tracking #.....oh happy day ! Mine should get to me next Wed......the lady I spoke with was very professional, helpful,
and nice. Now, just gotta play the waiting game :) but at least I know it's on the way.....
So happy for you aqua girl!! At least you have answers and can quit wondering. I wish it were sooner for you but at least you know something. I may just give them a call myself. Thanks for the update.
I asked about my order in an email too Peanuts. I was hoping it would come on Monday since I took the day off, but it will arrive on Tuesday! Awww yeah!!!

Your Fit Tower order shipped via UPS and the delivery is scheduled for Tuesday, 08/23/2016, by the end of the day.
Fit Tower Customer Service
I just called and mine will be delivered today (I'm in Arizona). Thanks to those who were able to post reviews, I was a little nervous about how sturdy it will be and how easy it will be to put together so these comments help to ease some of that.
My e-mail seemed to light a spark too - just got a confirmation of shipment from UPS that mine should be arriving next Wednesday. I'm in MA so I would guess that anyone on the east coast should get theirs around that time too. Yay! :)
There still has been no charge on my credit card so I e-mailed them this morning. They sent me a reply with a tracking number and invoice. Still no charge on my card, but it is scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday. Woohoo!!
I'm a little concerned. I got my bank statement and the fit tower was not there. No charge was taken out. I have an order number from the email confirmation I got. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Even though I pre-ordered, the money just came out 2 days ago. Still no email notification the it has shipped though.
Thanks Retajo and Tacar for letting us know you received yours and your impression of it. Retajo, did you receive an email notifying you it was on its way? I haven't received any notice yet. Every day is a new day of anticipation and hope. I am so impatient but it seems like we will all have it very soon! I can imagine this company is pretty busy shipping out so many orders at once. Its just like when Cathe ships out all of the new DVD series we order, they stay at it for days and even late into the night to get them all out. I never get notification of my Cathe DVDs when they ship. I know some people do and some don't. I am not sure why that is but once its announced they are on their way, its maybe a couple of days after that I receive them. Soon we will all be sharing our excitement that its arrived! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Hi, Mello!

No, I received no word whatsoever. It just showed up! :)

This is to everyone who pre-ordered:

I think it's important to remember that these pre-orders are shipping direct from the manufacturer, if I'm understanding it correctly, so here's my educated guess about the situation (I had a retail store for about 20 years):

Manufacturers are really not set up to deal with individual customers. Business to consumer is a whole other wheelhouse, so to speak, than business to business. The internal order processing, account handling and mindset really is different. Most likely, the manufacturer is "drop-shipping" the pre-orders to us. The actual account they are fulfilling is probably that of a of wholesaler's. (Joint venture of Cathe and the manufacturer, perhaps????)

Wholesalers often also only want to do business with other businesses and are set up as such. This may explain the lack of and or slower customer service, but this is only an educated guess. Furthermore, it clearly stated that orders would not ship until mid-August and that was only Monday! :D

Just remember the sweet deal you got on the equipment and hang in there. Mine came, and there's no reason to believe yours won't be on your doorstep very soon, too. :) :) :)

Happy Workouts!
Retajo, thanks for your post. I've never been in retail except to buy, buy, buy! But I kind of figured it was something along the lines of what you said. I'm not worried at all. The money came out of my account, now I wait, that's all. ItS not really that big of a deal if you've ever done a Cathe presale. That's a loooong wait....but it's always worth it! I've rarely had a problem with on line shopping. If I have, the company usually makes it right. I'm looking forward to my new fitness toy....whenever it gets here.
Is there any way we will be notified when the Fit Towers will ship? When we purchased the tower, it stated that they would ship mid-August. Will it be announced or will we receive any notice when they are on their way?
Thank you!!
I actually received my Fit Tower yesterday. Haven't opened it, but I did receive it on Friday. I would imagine they're on the way.
Peanuts is right - contact customer service if you want a shipping notice. That's what I did and they sent me a UPS receipt. It comes under the title America Telecast Products LLC... I had no clue what that was and almost deleted it! But they're on their way! :)

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