Fit Tower

I live in southern California, I did not receive any email about shipping and I was quite surprised to see it at the front door.

Edited to say: It appears very well made and sturdy. I'm very happy with it.
Guess what just showed up on my porch!!! I'm so excited. Yes, the FitTower! I wanted to share my excitement will all you awesome Cathletes. Now to tear into it. I'm hoping it's not too difficult to put together. Have faith, all you who ordered, yours should be arriving very soon!!
Happy Workouts!!
There is a concern or 2 on Cathe's Facebook page about people wondering about it.....I know one thing, I don't
Think I'll be ordering from that company again!

Me either! Being charged for something and not getting any info about when or if it will ship?! A bit unprofessional, to say the least. Add to that the fact that website clearly states that you'll receive the Fit Tower 1 to 2 weeks after placing an order. Ummmm.... it's been how many months? I knew that was wrong but I really don't like being billed without confirmation of - anything? Sorry! Very annoyed at this point. If I ever get the Fit Tower I am DONE with that company. Rant over! :rolleyes:
Guess what just showed up on my porch!!! I'm so excited. Yes, the FitTower! I wanted to share my excitement will all you awesome Cathletes. Now to tear into it. I'm hoping it's not too difficult to put together. Have faith, all you who ordered, yours should be arriving very soon!!
Happy Workouts!!

I certainly hope so! I just would love to know when I can expect it but I won't complain if it just shows up! :)
I am very happy for the ones that have received it, but if I had it to do over again, I'd think twice....and then think again ! At this point,
I'd be happy for a freakin' tracking #.....I've called 2 or 3 times and been told different information each time....Not good, folks.....
If my cc bill comes and I haven't received any shipping info or the tower itself, I'll just file dispute with CC company
Me too, aqua girl! This is ridiculous! I've never dealt with a company who charges you and doesn't give you any information about your purchase! I too am happy (and jealous LOL) for those who received theirs but to just drop it off at the door without any sort of receipt? How could you return it during the 30 day trial without proof that you bought it to begin with? Yes, you have the credit card bill but returning a product based on that alone would be very difficult. I really hope that anything Cathe develops that is designed to be used with the Fit Tower will NOT go through their horrible site. Sorry - I rarely complain but I'm pissed off about this.
I sent them an e-mail about the lack of information or shipping arrangements... we shall see! Also echoed aqua girl about contesting my credit card bill if I don't receive the Fit Tower package before it's due (credit card payment, that is). Ugh. :rolleyes:
My Fit Tower arrived today. I ordered it the first day of the pre-sale. Very easy to put together, took about 10 minutes.

Mine is here too but I can't even open the box until I get the cast off my hand! I'm really excited to try it out.
I wanted to detail my first impressions of the FitTower for those of you still waiting in anticipation. I’m hoping it will help ease the wait, however, I’m sincerely confident you won’t be waiting much longer!!

FitTower First Look:

Packed very well.
Outer box was smooshed ever-so-slightly but contents intact and perfect.
Only negative about packing is that the label was applied over the seam of the box, which is a shipping no-no because the label tends to split where the seam is, as mine indeed had. Fortunately, it was not in an area that touched the address so it was still clear and readable. Interesting to hear that that they’re shipping from CA, because the return address indicates PA.

I was emailed a receipt the day I submitted my order to the company. (Maybe check your spam folder if you didn’t see an emailed receipt the day you submitted your order.) A duplicate receipt did not come in the box. Only a bare bones shipping stub was included with the unit.

10-Page Owner’s Manual
Details assembly, safety instructions, product specs., warnings & cautions, maintenance & storage, and parts list.
Details seven warm up & cool down stretches with black & white pics of examples demonstrated by Cathe herself!
Includes phone number for ordering spare parts. (Hope I don’t need this!!)
Has place to write down serial number but haven’t yet found serial number. Not even on shipping stub!
**Found serial number. It’s on one of the bottom brackets.
It’s only printed on a sticker, so best to write it down as it likely will rub off over time.
(At least I think is the serial number. Closest thing so I’m writing it down & crossing fingers.)
Note: The manual also says to indicate where purchased, so possibly these will be available in stores.

Shortest Limited Warranty I’ve ever seen: 6 months!

Includes tools for assembly. (Sweet!)
The tools, bolts and knobs come in a blister pack rather than loose in a bag or box, which I really appreciated.

The workout CDs come with only thin cardboard sleeves, not jewel cases, but easy enough to store safely so I’m happy.

The FitTower mat is about 1/4” thick, which, although could be thicker, still seemed quite cushy. Also, personally, I LOVE the color. It seems more vibrant in person that in the teaser video, but that may be an issue with my monitor. haha

Note that the band and loop are latex, in case anyone has latex issues and needs to know that.

I agree that it’s very easy to put together. The instructions are also very clear and concise, which tends to be a rarity these days!

FitTower Customer Service: 800-443-9130
M-F 8:30 am - 5 pm EST
[email protected]

It is not as rock solid as I thought it would be after hearing Cathe detail the improvements over the first Tower. It does seem, however, strong and well made, and that it will be sturdy enough for the intended use so I remain optimistic.

Lastly, the straps from the outer packaging make great cat toys! My five-month-old kitten is having a blast playing with them. He’s carrying them from room to room, batting them around and pouncing on them as if they were catnip!!

I hope you found this useful. If anyone has any questions about the above, let me know and I’ll try and answer if I can. Now off to get familiar with the workouts!!

Stay strong, my Cathlete friends.

Happy Workouts!!
Retajo - thanks so much for the great description! I'm still hoping that mine shows up on Friday. I previously purchased a yoga bag to store the mat,etc. in. Tried to match the color.
Hi. I live in Maryland. Like lisavh2 I also received an email from UPS saying mine will be delivered Tuesday. I ordered on 7/17, and it was shipped the night of 8/17. I hope this helps.
Well, guess I'm gonna make another call................(sigh)...............................I think I ordered the 14th of July............. I really wanted to start
my day off better than this........(another sigh)
I ordered on the 12th. I hate not knowing where it is. I always keep track of things that I've ordered especially large ones. Lately my UPS seems to come during my lunchtime so hopefully I'll be home whenever he comes.

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Yes, I am a faithful "tracker" as well, I want to know when to expect something......and get it in the house as soon as I can, even it means
slipping home from work to do that....I have had things to show up "delivered" but it's not there.......when you have to track it down and
always, the faster you do that, the better off you are......I have always received my orders..but it's always good to keep an eye on them if you
Thanks Retajo and Tacar for letting us know you received yours and your impression of it. Retajo, did you receive an email notifying you it was on its way? I haven't received any notice yet. Every day is a new day of anticipation and hope. I am so impatient but it seems like we will all have it very soon! I can imagine this company is pretty busy shipping out so many orders at once. Its just like when Cathe ships out all of the new DVD series we order, they stay at it for days and even late into the night to get them all out. I never get notification of my Cathe DVDs when they ship. I know some people do and some don't. I am not sure why that is but once its announced they are on their way, its maybe a couple of days after that I receive them. Soon we will all be sharing our excitement that its arrived! :):):):):):):):):):):)

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