Anybody else on here do the whole Facebook thing?
I really like it, it is a great way to keep in touch with all of my old classmates and also my family out of state. Most of the time, it is the only way I talk to my family and the majority of them live in the same city as me...phones are so archaic, ha!
I also like it because you can see who and who does not (even more importantly) see your information.
What is your take/opinion on it?
Who would have thought when they first came out with computers...that we would rely on them for almost every facet of our day to day life.


I like fb too, and use it often to keep in touch. My parents and I also use it to play scrabble, and I used to be addicted to wordtwist (but I'm so bad at it!). I like that only your friends can easily see your info, BUT don't get too comfortable. Anyone with a little bit of knowledge can easily hack into anyone's profile. I never put anything on there that I wouldn't want anyone and everyone to see. Plus fb's recent shady TOS stated that they own everything people say and post. They took it back after an uproar, but still...I don't completely trust it.



Also, know that unless you mark your pictures as private, any friend of a friend can see that they posted on your picture and then get into your albums. I have my albums marked as private, so ONLY friends can see them.


I am really careful about what I put on there. How crazy is it thought that someone would want to see/get your profile info! I am always careful about what I share, well I try to be anyway.


I love FB too. I resisted signing up for fear of not having any friends but within days of opening my account I was found by an dear old friend in Italy and recently two of my cousins found me. I've never been real close with my cousins but it's nice to know what they're up to. Most of my local friends are ex-coworkers. Since the only thing I miss about my old job is the socializing aspect, I'm a little isolated working out of my house, for days at a time the only people I talk to other than DH are cashiers, FB is perfect. My secret fantasy is that a particular ex will try to contact me just so I can ignore him!:eek:


Yes I try to be careful.

I have heard of stories where kids are careless and it comes back to haunt them. I always tell my kids to be careful what they put out there. I heard employers are now searching facebook to see what kind of person they are hiring.


I have been on FB for almost 2 yrs now, its a great way to keep in touch with people but its also a great way for people to be nosey! Im thinking about closing my account actually.


I use facebook although I'm not an avid user. It is a good way to reconnect with old friends. I'm very careful about who I "friend" and what I put on facebook. And yes, I can vouch for the fact that employers check facebook when they are interviewing people. I don't know if the HR department in my company checks fb as a rule, but I know some of my colleagues regularly google applicants' names and check fb when they are scheduled to interview someone.


I'm on facebook too. I recently reconnected with my high school Spanish teacher! I love playing Mafia Wars too! :)


Great way to reconnect. I also found an old high school friend that I haven't seen in to many yrs!!
Kind of scary though how easy it would be for someone to get into your info.
Through a tagged photo I was able to get into that persons photo who wasn't even on my friends list. (Someone I previously knew)
Smart to be very careful what's put on.


I saw a picture of one of my exes and boy am I glad he is my ex, ha ha! My husband's ex is on there, they dated for a while, is on there, but I can't look at her profile, and she can't look at mine.
I am very careful about who I "friend" on there, I have ignored more than a few requests. Heck I even ignored one from a neighbor because she has loose lips and I really don't want her knowing all of my business...or shall I say what I say between friends on there!
Are any of you members of the Cathe Group on there?


I am a member and there are a lot of Cathe gals - even Cathe has a proflie up now. There are a couple of Cathe Fan groups too...

I have to say that I had a FB for at least over a year and it was very quiet - but recently it has seemed to explode and I have found SO many old friends and classmates. I was thrilled to that two of my best friends from basketball - one from HS and one from college found me! I have reconnected with SO many people. There are names the come up that make my heart skip a beat - just those people from way back when that you totally lost track of - and now here they are!!! :)

Although my sister is annoyed with me - as soon as she was my friend - everyone else found her... lol... she kids - but it is funny...

I have facebook on my Blackberry too - so I can change my status or check and comment on other peoples status's I think it is fun... :)

I do have my pics set to only friend being able to see them - but heck I have nothing to hide and not like my SSN# or home address is broadcasted. Google is worse for that. I am proud of my family and friends - so why not share a few pics and reconnect with long lost friends.


I recently joined FB. I"ve reconnected with a lot of friends from HS. In fact, I'm going out to lunch with one of them tomorrow.


This is something i´ve been thinking about My kids, of course all fb but i´m thinking OK, I´m 52 maybe I don´t need it. But I watch how my kids have reconnected with their friends from grade school, and am thinking it would be a great way to find my far-away and long lost friends.


I joined FB a year ago and just didn't really log on alot....no reason why. But recently ive had to close my myspace account(to much drama) and now im on facebook(minus the drama makers;))

I just started logging in there yesterday...now im udating my account there!

I agree with everybody...its a nice why to keep intouch with family and friends!

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