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My shower and bath will not be fixed until the 13th, so when I get back from Mass and Confession, I will do only my legs. I guess I will use high reps for it. I can't wait until the 13th. I have all this Avon bath oil, and I adore it. I could only do a root touch up last night.
My shower and bath will not be fixed until the 13th, and I can hardly wait. Right now I can only do weights, because if I sweat myself up, I can't take a bath. I should also tell you what my physical problems are: I have herniated and bulging discs from my neck to my waist, and my para spinals are also bad. I also have a bum right knee, and I wear a big black McDavid brace on it. When I make more money, I will be a hinged one. The knee brace allows me to run, but I run every third or fourth day;. I am very slow now, bu;t if I can get a car, I will go to one of the high school tracks and do speed runs for quarter miles, and half Miles. I have a very good heart rate monitor. ISA please tell me more about your surgury so I can try to find out if my health insurance covers it. Thanks.
Oh, Caitlin, so sorry to hear about all of the problems you have been having with your shower. What a pain! I feel you.
Thanks so much for sharing your story with us regarding your challenges. The ones that you meet and exceed every single time your work out!!! :) I do not know a lot about knee braces, but I hope you are able to get one that suits your needs and discomfort levels very soon. ((hugs))

I've spent the last couple of days being very, very exhausted so am doing under 40 min Pilates workouts at home. 100's will always be killer no matter much more in shape I am! lol. Today, I also did some extra progressive rotator cuff exercises (no resistance, then bands, then weights) & a short band and light weight tricep workout.

Have a super weekend everyone!
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I took today off to do some cleaning, walk the dog, do some decorating. It was such a productive day, I need to do this more often!
Tomorrow will be STS 6, legs.
Good for you, Katie! Feels so great when it's done right?! :)

Today, I did Kelly CM NYC. Was expecting a fairly easi(er) workout but is it tough! MY shoulders are really burnt!! I did like it and think it's an excellent one, although moved far too fast for me with switching up weights and such. I did cheat and bailed on 80% of the ab work (I really have to remind myself to get this overwith at the start of my workouts! I'm just too wiped by the end.), but I added in some step tap touches (like from sts Plyo) as the leg work wasn't all that intense.
I have to remember this workout more often!
Today I did STS legs, disc 6. I really had to lower my weights and not go as deep as usual since my knees have been bothering me as of late. It is so frustrating not being able to do what I want in regards to certain exercises, but I guess this is my new norm. I also did RWH abs 2.
Elsie, I love doing ab work, no matter how exhausted I am at the end of a w/o I want to do abs. I have to restrain myself from not doing them everyday.
I hope everyone is having a nice week so far, I am loving the warm weather!! I wish it would not get cold this winter.
Last couple of days, ran off my feet with errands, post office etc! No working out.

Today's my birthday though!! :):):p Can't wait for cake!
Happy Birthday Elsie, I hope you have a wonderful day, eat some cake for me, lol.
Today is my yoga class, I am looking forward to it!
Happy Belated Birthday Elsie! What cake did you have?

This week has been busy prepping things for a Christmas party. Dd is very excited about it and loves to help.

Workout this week was legs from xtrain, treadmill walks tues and wed., rest yesterday and gym style legs today.

Katie, I share your frustration about having to constantly modify because my body doesn't cooperate. I'm still not getting anywhere with my left shoulder, anything I do is only temporary so far. It has both my acupuncturist and myself puzzled. We are assuming it's related one way or another with the heavy metals getting released and getting in the way on the way out...

But I keep telling myself, at least I can do something.... Sometimes, if I'm in a self pity place, I feel like doing nothing at all. Good thing those times don't last...
Thanks for the Birthday wishes! :) My friend got me a Korean sweet potatoe cream cake. Sounds odd but it was divine! Yum!

After 5 days away, today is Jari Love BootCamp 2 (45 min).
My friend got me a Korean sweet potatoe cream cake. Sounds odd but it was divine! Yum!
That sounds so good!
I haven't been able to w/o lately due to a bad cold, what a time to get it!! I still have so much to do before all my boys get home for the holidays. I am hoping I can w/o tomorrow, I am in the 3rd week of STS and would really like to finish Meso 1 before the holidays.
We have been having such a warm fall/winter thus far, I hope to get outside and enjoy this weather before it gets cold.
Have a nice weekend.
Elsie, that sounds really yummy, can't say i ever had it though!

Katie, sorry about your cold! no fun! have you ever tried colloidal silver to help recover? I have heard it supposedly works really well. dr mercola has dosage information. I was going to give it a try next time anyone in this house needs it. Fortunately nobody has been catching anything and I pray it stays that way!

Here's my attempt to link the recipe to the cranberry pie, in case you want to try it for Christmas.
ok, it doesn't want to upload the file, so here is a copy and paste of it....

Cranberry Pie
For the Crust:

1 ½ cups flour process in food processor for 30 sec.

1 tbsp fresh grated orange rind

2 tbsp sugar

1/8 tsp salt add and pulse a few seconds

¼ cup (1 ½ sticks) unsalted butter, chilled add and pulse about 10 times

1 large egg whisk separately, then pulse with flour until

½ tsp vanilla dough holds together.

Chill for an hour or overnight.

Place dough into well greased pie dish (11-inch) then chill for 20 minutes while preheating the oven to 375.

Grease heavy aluminum foil, gently fit foil, greased side down, over crust. Cover foil with pie weights. Bake for 20 minutes then lift out foil and return crust to oven and bake until golden and baked through, about 15- 20 minutes. Take crust out of oven and reset oven to 275.

For Filling:

4 cups fresh cranberries

½ cup orange juice

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 ¼ cups sugar

pinch of salt put in sauce pan bring to boil and simmer

for 20-30 minutes. Force through sieve, return puree to pan

6 large egg yolks whisk in egg yolks and cook for 15 min. stirring constantly

½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter take off heat, whisk in butter and orange rind.

1 tbsp fresh grated orange rind

Pour the cranberry mixture into prepared crust. Bake until set, about 20-30 min. Cool completely, then chill for at least 6 hours. Serve with whipped cream.

I have made this recipe like it says and strained the berry mixture and it was very frustrating, timeconsuming and I ended up with very little strained fruit. So the next time I blended the heck out of the berry mixture and did not strain it. It worked well with my blendtec, it was so smooth you would never be able to tell there are seeds and skins in it. Im not sure how well it would work with a less powerful blender, but you might still strain it easier if you blend it first. But I have not bothered blending ever since. Also, I have tried the crust with coconut oil and it works too, just isn't buttery. And I use coconut sugar and whole wheat or glutenfree flour for and that works too. Also, instead of separating that many eggs, I just use 3 whole eggs instead of 6 egg yolks. As you can tell, I have played around with it a lot... lol!
Thanks for the recipe Cendrine, have you ever made it with a ready made crust? I don't have a good food processor to make crust easily so I usually buy the pillsbury ready made. I need to bring desserts to my SIL so maybe I will make this as well as my apple pie.
OMG, that crust sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

Yesterday - moderate paced walk with rests and a brief session of pilates side series work for legs before bed. Today - did Jari Love BootCamp 2 again just cause last time I felt I did not get as much out of it as I would have liked due to it being new to me & not exactly keeping up or knowing which weights I should use, then did some extra rear delt work with heavy weights.

Been looking for some dumbbells lately as their price has dropped, but wow, everything seems sold out! I would like some 6's for shoulder work and some 35's.

Katie, how is your cold?
Katie, how is your cold?
Elsie, Thanks for asking, I feel better today but am still congested. I did go to yoga today and felt fine during class.

Been looking for some dumbbells lately as their price has dropped, but wow, everything seems sold out! I would like some 6's for shoulder work and some 35's.
I use my 5 pound dumbbells for almost all of my shoulder work, a definite must have!

I am going for my yearly mammogram today, what fun, lol.

I hope you all have a great day.
I am going for my yearly mammogram today, what fun, lol.
Oh, best of luck! They aren't so bad right? Thanks for the reminder that I am overdue on mine.:) I just have to go every 20 months as I am in my thirties, but fibroidy & two of my Aunts had breast and endometrial cancer.

I am super stressed out this week about Xmas! I don't have barely anything done. No idea what to get my nephews who have everything.
Katie, I've never done it in a big ready made crust, I don't see why it wouldn't work though. I would pre bake it some, however. I have used mini fillo shells for taking mini pies to parties. That was fun, my kids especially loved those.

Elsie, I agree, the crust is awesome! It could easily be made into shortbread cookies... Lol!
I have a hard time getting presents for people who have everything, too! How old are they? I try, at least with younger ones, to make it an relational outing, like go to the movies and dessert together coupon, or something like that. Not always doable, unfortunately.

I don't feel ready either.... Gotta do some final planning tonight so I don't get off track any worse!

Workout was pyramid lower body on Monday, treadmill yesterday and today.
Cendrine, they are 17 and 19. Men really.
Have fun with your planning tonight! haaha! I am doing some out of province cards tonight that I should have done yesterday!

Today, workout was one of Qinetic Live's Glute workouts although deleting the bridges, then Cathe LIS CSS Step Express which I LOVE now and added Y's & T's on the stability ball.
Yesterday, I went on a walk.
I did a yoga class on Tues, last night was my Ag class, and today was yoga.
I don't feel ready for the holidays either. I was hoping to finish up my shopping today, but it is raining, should I say pouring here! I think it will have to wait until tomorrow. I think today will be a baking/cleaning day.
I have to bravery the post office today... It's what I get for not planning earlier...

I got shipping notice for the Cathe workouts! Any of you guys got them too?

I procrastinated this morning,so no workout...

Happy weekend!

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