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Cendrine, she's thinking she'll probably work at a print shop at this point. She's planning to go to graduate school, so I imagine her plans might change if she does.

Katie, you have to celebrate every once in a while! I'm kind of surprised I haven't gotten more bored with meso 3. Before I started STS I couldn't get through 8- or 12-week programs because I'd get so bored with them. The next time I do STS I will be doing the 3-month rotation.

Today I did Low Max Intervals 4-7.
I'm glad to hear you had a great weekend, Katie! Yes, me so 3 was hard for me too!

Workout today was rwh bicep, shoulder, back
I did RWH low impact 1 today, and bonus abs 1 as well. It worked me hard too! I needed to take several breaks. It seemed harder than the last time I did it.

I decided at the last minute to take a 4-day weekend. I thought next weekend was the holiday weekend - I just realized it was this weekend this afternoon.
I just did LIH #1 today (last week was #2) and I have the same experience, it seems harder this time than when I did it before.... Wonder what that means, that I didn't do it as well or that I'm in worse shape or that I have a weaker day?

First day of summer break for us! I'm going to get some more flowers for the yard today. It's coming along nicely. Our tomatoes are not liking where they are planted... But other than that everything is growing well.
I kept myself busy over the weekend with gardening, but I did get STS disc 34 in (but a day late). Today I did Xtrain legs and bonus core 2.

I got all of my vegetables planted in my garden, and the herbs and carrots planted in containers. I also got a rose bush. I have no idea how to care for roses, but I wanted it, so I guess I'm going to have to learn!

Cendrine, I think I was having an off day when RWH was hard, or I was having a really on day when it was easier. Congratulations on being able to go higher on biceps!
Exhausting weekend doing mulching, transplanting etc...we decided this yard work is for "young" people, lol. I don't think I have ever been that exhausted!! Today I did CSS, it was so nice doing a cathe w/o! The turmeric, cosamin, and anti gravity classes really seem to be helping my knees. I just need to remember not to over do it!! Tomorrow will be an anti gravity class and some yoga.
I am heading to Richmond on fri to see my son for the weekend, I am so excited to see him and his girlfriend. We are taking our dog, I hope she behaves herself! My son has an adorable labradoodle and when he brings her to my house our dog isn't always so nice, hopefully going to their house she will be better.
Yesterday I did LIHIL, can I just say, I love the soundtrack on that workout! Today was LIHI chest, shoulder biceps
Good stuff!

Amy, I have had to learn about roses too, not sure I know everything yet, but our yard came with several rose bushes. Pruning doesn't appear to be too difficult, my bushes have survived three years of my pruning so far...lol! I drove by a house with an entire front yard of roses yesterday and the whole area was covered with those beach umbrellas, shading all the roses. So now I'm wondering if roses are shade loving? ...

Katie, I'm so happy to hear your knees are responding to the TLC you're giving them! Not that cats and dogs are anywhere near the same, but our cat does not respond kindly to visitors of her own kind either... We were kitten sitting a six week old kitten last summer and she would have nothing to do with it, only coming out for food the entire time... ;)
I'm so glad your knees are doing better, Katie. I hope your dog is well-behaved and you have an awesome weekend!

My boyfriend seems to know a little about roses, so perhaps I will let them be his project. I planted mine in a spot that is shady depending on what time of day it is. It has started to bloom a little, so I don't think it was too traumatized by the transplant.

I don't know if this picture will come out, but my boyfriend took it of me doing my last STS workout earlier today:

I'll take my measurements tomorrow morning to see how much progress I made over the last 6+ months. I will take a week off and then start a month of gym styles.
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Plyo Hiit 2 today. I'm realizing that I prefer doing plyo on the step, keeps me accountable, as I have to jump high enough to clear the step, when its on the floor I think I slack off towards the end....

Amy, I'll be interested to hear about your measurements, your arms look great! Love the long hair!
Thanks Cendrine! Here is my progress from STS:

Weight lost: 26.6 lbs.
Body fat: from 39.8% to 33.1%
Chest -2.25"
Arms -0.5"
Hips -4.25"
Waist -5"
Thighs -0.25"
Calves -1.25"
Forearms +0.25"
Neck -0.5"
Those results are awesome! Nice work! You must be so pleased!

Workout for me was RwH lower body circuit. I'm worked out good...
Hi Cendrine and Amy, I had a nice weekend with my son and his girlfriend. Richmond is such a pretty area, I hope someday I can move down that way and be closer to my son.
Yesterday I did afterburn, I feel good today which is surprising, no DOMS. I probably will feel it tomorrow!! Today was my antigravity class and hot yoga. I have been doing hot yoga twice a week, I am finally getting back my flexibility. I am not sure why I ever stopped doing it!!
Great job on STS Amy, your results are amazing!
Cendrine, I would love to get back into doing the RWH series again. It drives me crazy that I didn't get a chance to use it much before my injuries, hopefully someday soon.
I am going to try high reps tomorrow and see how my knees do. I really miss lifting!
Have a great day.
Thanks Cendrine and Katie! I'm really glad I kept track of my beginning measurements, because I've been feeling a little displeased with my progress over the last 2 months as far as fat loss goes. But looking at the entire stretch of STS, those really are great results!

Was low impact Hiit any easier for you today, Cendrine?

This week I'm mostly just walking for active recovery. I bought Jessica Smith's new 5-mile workout for some lower intensity cardio this week. So far I've only tried one mile of it (posture building mile or something like that). It was good. Today I opted for a long walk outside (3 miles). It's supposed to rain the next couple of days, so I'll get more of a chance to play with my new DVD. Next week I'm going to do Gym Style plus an extra day of full-body lifting (I'll do Muscle Max or STS Total Body) so I can hit every muscle group twice a week.
Today was LIH back shoulders biceps. I did the shortest premix because I started late...

Katie, I'm glad to hear you had a good visit. How far, time wise are you from your son? I hope I always live close to my kids when they move out, but dh and I haven't exactly set a good example, living in different states and countries (for me) than our respective families...

Amy, Im glad the measurements have helped you be encouraged! Long term journeys can get discouraging sometimes. I'm a bit frustrated myself right now, being on this new eating program I have gained weight, not because the program would cause that but because somehow it's driven me to eat more than I should, maybe because I can't have some things I try to compensate with more of others... I hope I get into a balanced routine soon.
Today I was in the mood to do a cathe w/o so I started with X10, low impact. I then did RWH UBC but modified all the high impact moves, and used lower wts than I would do normally since I haven't really lifted in a while. My knees are a little achy but not that bad. Tomorrow will be AG airbarre and yoga.
I am excited about cathe's new w/o's, hopefully with it being an intermediate level, and having someone show modifications I'll be able to get back into doing her w/o's more often.
I have decided to buy myself a hammock so that I can do the anti gravity w/o's here at home now that i know what to do. I really like going to the classes and meeting people, but I am ready to "bump" it up to the next level and all the new people are slowing the classes down. I hope they eventually will have more advanced classes.
Cendrine, my oldest son lives in Richmond which is a 5 1/2 hour drive. My middle boy lives in D.C. which is 4 hours, and my youngest is 1 1/2 hours away. I am hoping we will move to Richmond once my son gets married and starts having a family. I am not a "city girl" so D.C. is not an option for me.
Today I tried another 3 miles of my new Jessica Smith DVD followed by some Total Body Stretching, and I took a half-hour walk earlier in the day. I have not been keeping up with stretching and could tell during my stretch. I am so excited about the new Cathe workouts! They would have been perfect for this week, and probably any week! I haven't decided if I want to get the DVDs and downloads, or just the downloads. I don't have the money to preorder right now anyway, so I have time to think about it.

Cendrine, I know what you mean about eating more when there are certain things you can't eat. I need to keep my saturated fat low, so I sometimes overeat low saturated fat snacks. I need to get better control of my snacking. I was pretty bad about it last month.

Katie, did all the new people show up at your classes because of the news story?
I'm excited about the new series too! I assumed you guys would like it too. Some people have already complained on fb because it isn't advanced... All of Cathe's workouts work me good, I am not worried in the least that this series will not work me! Lol!

Katie, I'm glad you got to do some Cathe! How are you feeling the day after?

Amy, thanks for sympathizing with my eating issues. Nice to know I'm not alone...

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