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Today I did the 80's Style Cardio Cathe Live workout. It was fun - a mix of low and high impact (mostly low for me). I'm excited to start Gym Style workouts tomorrow!
Forgot to post that I did LIH2 yesterday and the upper body hiit circuit today.

It's supposed to climb into the mid 90s this weekend here! I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that kind of heat... It is very humid heat here, so it will feel hotter than that, most likely...
Today I did great glutes, my knees are feeling ok after my w/o on wed so hopefully they stay that way!
Goodluck on gym styles Amy, keep us posted on your progress. I need to share your STS results with my friend who recently started doing cathe's w/o's. Hopefully it will encourage her. She just did the Xtrain rotations and enjoyed them, but she tends to stay with the same thing if not pushed. I have been telling her how much I enjoyed STS but she is a little nervous about trying new things.
Cendrine, I am not ready for 90 degrees and humidity either!! I don't like the heat or the cold, I prefer the 70's. I would love to move somewhere that it is 70 year round!!
Have a nice weekend!
Today I did Gym Style Chest & Triceps. I think the pushups did me in, because I struggled through the whole workout after that.

Yuck! I'm not ready for 90 degrees either! I'm surprised it hasn't happened here yet. It looks like it will get close early next week though. I also prefer the 70s.

Go ahead and share my STS results, Katie! Of course keeping a calorie deficit throughout played a role, as well as the program. I'll go through the program again after I reach my goal weight and see what happens then.
Tonight will be anti gravity bootcamp, it is supposed to be a more advanced core w/o, but it really isn't any different from the normal class. I think it just discourages beginners so the instructor can move quickly between the poses. I did HSC yesterday, modified all the jumping moves. As much as I enjoy cathe's w/o's and really want to get back to them, I am realizing I cannot do them without discomfort. I was feeling so good and now I ache in every joint, so frustrating. I really like the anti gravity classes and the yoga but I am getting bored.
I hope you both had a nice weekend. It was beautiful here in Allentown, I did a lot of yard work and enjoyed the sunshine.
Getting bored is a problem, I'm with you there, Katie. Have you been able to work in some swimming for variety?
I hope you find other things you can do to keep things interesting and non joint aggravating.

I'm having a pretty bad flare up the last few days. I have gotten really good results in terms of avoiding migraines with focused food avoidance, but for some reason I got exposed to something, I'm assuming some non food trigger, becaus im pretty watchful. Can't wait for it to get out of my system, once you get used to migraine free months, it's kind of hard to have a relapse.

Workout was plyo 2, I just did one riser, my energy is down a bit.
I can empathize with you on the migraines, Cendrine, definitely not fun!! I hope you find relief soon. I am really careful with food intolerances as well, they really wreck havoc on my body if I am not careful.
I haven't gone back to swimming, it was so boring and the classes were more for older people. I am going to buy myself a hammock and try to do more at home. It doesn't give me the cardio I need but there isn't to much I can do there.
Today I did Gym Style Back, Shoulders & Biceps and took a long walk. I also did a lot of yard work over the weekend.

Cendrine, I hope whatever you were exposed to gets out of your system quickly! I've never had a migraine, but they sound awful.

I hope you had a good anti-gravity class, Katie. Are there home videos for anti-gravity workouts to use when you buy the hammock?
Today's hot yoga was a killer, there were a lot of bodies in the class which made it much warmer than usual. The instructor has a good class with good cueing, but I see so many people doings things wrong to get into the pose. If he would only take the time to correct these individuals they would get so much more out of the class. I am seriously thinking of getting certified to teach both yoga and the anti gravity classes. I love helping people, I should have done this years ago while my knees were good!
I am not sure that there are any home videos on the market at the moment for anti gravity, Amy. I am pretty confident I could provide myself with a good w/o on my own. I have been enjoying getting to know people at the studio, after working out at home for so many years I did not think I would like it.
I did RWH back shoulders and biceps.

Head is best it has been in the last five days today, so I'm getting over it.
Today I did Party Rockin' Step 1.

Katie, that would be wonderful if you got certified to teach yoga and anti-gravity classes! I bet you would be great at it! I got a personal trainer certification probably 20 years ago, but I never used it or renewed it, unfortunately.

Cendrine, I'm glad your head is getting better!
Today I did Muscle Max. I am not used to having such short breaks between sets, so I've been adding a little more break time here and there. I really like the full body workout though. Next week I'm going to try STS Total Body.
Hi, I hope you both had a nice weekend. I went to my AG class on sat am, then did yard work most of the afternoon. We power washed the brick on our deck, and sealed it. What a hassle, we had to move all my pots and the furniture. Moving the pots wouldn't have been so bad had it not rained, they were quite heavy.
Today I went to a yoga class, it was okay. There was a beginner in the class so it was a little slower than I like. Tomorrow I am going to a different studio that I used to go to go years ago. It is a longer, more advanced class, hopefully I am ready for it. I am going there so I can talk to them about their teacher training program.
We are hopefully going to see my son play soccer on wednesday in Richmond. He pulled his groin in the game on saturday, so he is not sure if he will be ready to play again. They had quite a few injuries this weekend so it is going to be a tough game.
Cendrine, I have never done STS total body before. I'll be doing it on Friday. Today I did Gym Style Legs. Lately I haven't been feeling very motivated to continue with weight loss. Or at least, I'm not motivated to weigh myself as frequently because I spend so much of the month being bloated. I haven't weighed myself this week yet and it feels pretty liberating. I may cut down to weighing myself once a month or so.

Katie, that's so exciting that you are checking into the teacher training program! Let us know how it goes. I hope your son gets well soon!
Amy, It is never a good idea to weigh yourself often, esp if you are wt training. The numbers on the scale can be very deceiving, go by how your clothes are fitting. I have always weighed about 10 pounds more than I look from all the muscle I was carrying. Once a month is a good idea, keep up your training and you can throw away that scale, lol.
I went to the yoga studio today where I am contemplating taking the teacher training program. The class was a level 2 class which was actually pretty easy. They really spend a lot of time teaching alignment which is really nice. I liked what I heard about the program, the women who teaches it is very nice, and seems very knowledgeable. I wish it was a little closer to my home (the antigravity studio is less than a minute drive), this place is about 25". I am going to attend a few more classes there in the next 2 weeks and then decide.
My hammock has arrived, I just need to figure out where to put it. It would be best located in my family room since the height of the room is perfect to do all the tricks. I am not sure my husband will like it there but I can take it down when company comes, or when he is here and i am not using it. I am excited I will have the opportunity to "play" with it and learn new moves.
have a good evening.
Amy, I second Katie's input re weighing yourself. Besides, the closer you get to your goal weight, the slower the progress typically gets and it can be very discouraging to not see anything change when you weigh often. I have also stepped away from my ideal or wish weight a bit and am deciding it is more important that I be healthy than that I be the 'right' weight. So I don't beat myself up as much over the recent weight gain, yes it's more than I like and I'm not giving up on getting back down, but I'm more focused on just eating healthy and adjust the portion sizes when I feel ready. Right now I'm guessing my body is hitting enough stress with detoxing heavy metals, so I'm giving myself a bit more grace on the portions...

Katie, I hear you on the drive, I'm very particular about travel time... I actually love driving but I hate the time aspect, so a lot of my activities and involvement are directly influenced by how much time is spent in travel.
Have fun playing with your hammock!

I took a rest day yesterday and did the no blasts version of RWH lower body circuit today.
Today I decided to put together a combo of cathe's low impact. I did X10, low impact, TTM low, CT low, and intensity low impact. It was a fun combo that didn't bother my knees or back. I got some cardio in which was nice, and used some w/o's that I didn't think I'd ever be able to do again. I am going to a "mini" AG pilates w/o tonight. The owner just got her certification to teach it, and asked if i could come and let her practice on me. I am excited to see how they incorporate pilates into an AG w/o.
My son's neck is really bothering him, so we won't be going to Richmond for his game. They are playing the MLS Columbus Crew tonight, it would have been a good game for him to play in. He is so disappointed, injuries are all to common in soccer!!
Hope it's alright if I just jump on in to this group (I think it's time I joined one of these check in threads). Hello there!

went to Gentle Hatha class at the crack of dawn &
just finished Tracie Long Kickback and Physio prescribed upper body work.

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