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Our weather peaked at 80F yesterday, it's funny how as soon as the sun comes out here in Portland, people start complaining about how hot it is and the kids wilt within ten minutes if that, playing outside. When we lived in Southern California the kids would play in that kind of heat without any problems for hours... I on the other hand, soak it up lol! Anyway, temps dropping now here too.

Workout yesterday was week four legs and today chest, shoulders biceps.

Katie. I saw the YouTube videos on the classes you a are taking. Looks awesome! Do you ever fall of the hammock? I'm worried that that would be me! Lol
Yesterday I did Butts & Guts, and today I did Party Rockin' Step 2. It snowed here today. It melted as soon as it stopped snowing, but everyone was complaining about it. I seem to be the only one where I live who complains about the heat, lol.
Hi ladies,
I had another 2 days of private lessons in my AG classes since no one else showed up. We worked on more advanced moves that they cannot teach in a normal class, so fun. A few moves were a little scary since you are literally trusting the hammock to support you, she spotted me the first time until I was comfortable with the move. I have never fallen out of the hammock but i have seen a few people flip out of it. It is mandatory you take 3 fundamental classes before you enter the fitness classes to prevent falls. They are doing a local news segment in the class on tuesday and the owner asked me if they could interview me. She wants me to tell them how it has helped me with my arthritis etc.. Hopefully I don't embarrass myself!!
Lisa, i cannot believe it was snowing yesterday. I would be so mad if that happened here, this winter was the worst!!
Cendrine, it was 80 here on saturday and I was loving it!! We are having a cold spell this week in the 60's but that is perfect for getting the yard work done!
Have a good day.
Today I did STS disc 30 and Step Moves. I am hoping to get on a fitness challenge team at my work. It's a 100-day step-counting challenge I think. I already did a smaller scale stair-climbing challenge.

Katie, how exciting to be on a news segment! I'm sure you'll do great! I am so happy that the AG classes are helping you.
I seem to be a bit inconsistent lately about my posting. Glad you guys are here to keep the thread going when I don't... Lol!

Katie, if there is a link for the news segment, post it so we can see it! How exciting! It's so cool to get private lessons! Maybe those days are numbered when people hear you on tv!

Amy, challenges are great motivators aren't they? I finished meso 1 but am not sure if I'm taking a recovery week since I'm not pushing the weights like sts is designed to do.
Today I decided to start trying out some new (old) Cathe videos, so I did Step Works. I also did Ab Hits #1.

Cendrine, I would have never thought that I would be motivated by a challenge, but a challenge does seem to get me going. I came in 9th (out of maybe less than 30 people) in the stair-climbing challenge. I hated it and swore I'd never do a stair challenge again, but I kept going, lol!
Today is AG airbarre, I love this w/o because it reminds me of turbo barre. It has the plies and uses the ballet principle, but the hammock is your bar so you use your core a lot more. I am taking an AG bootcamp class on mon. It supposedly is a "core crunch" bootcamp. I am anxious to try this class, hopefully it will be challenging and fun!
I am excited for the news segment on Tuesday since it hopefully will be good for business, but less excited that my "private" classes could potentially go away. I am hoping for more advanced classes so the advertising will be a good thing.
Have a great weekend.
Katie, I was thinking that too - that the news segment might put an end to your "private" classes. Hopefully you can still get some during slow times.

Yesterday I did STS disc 28. Today was yard work day. I was able to put tree tanglefoot (a non-toxic sticky substance) on my apple tree to keep the ants off. We hauled off some brush. Then we got half of my garden covered with cardboard and newspaper, and covered that up with compost/soil. We'll probably finish it next weekend. I also started my tomatoes inside. I got way over 15,000 steps on my Fitbit today (I usually aim for 10,000) just from yard work and grocery shopping.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Today I did Lean Legs & Abs. I used 8 lb. weights, but I should have used higher weights for the leg portion. I also took a walk earlier. It looks like I'll have nice weather this week so I can get some more walks in.
Amy, nice job on the step count! Sounds like you were very productive in the yard. We got some kiwi berry bushes and planted those yesterday. Have you guys ever had kiwi berries? They are the berry sized version of regular kiwis without the hairy outside and they are less tart too. I hope they like it here! Lol...
I've decided to take the rest week, at least a modified one. I might do a leg workout at some point this week.
Cendrine, I have never heard of kiwi berry bushes but would love to try them.
The local news came and filmed the AG class today, the guy walked around filming and would get close ups, so uncomfortable. They interviewed a young guy and myself. It won't be airing for another month, they told me but it will be on the news segment as well as you tube. I can send you a link if you want to see it.
It is a beautiful day here so I am going to take the dog for a walk and hopefully finish up some cleaning that needs done.
Cendrine, I have never had or even heard of kiwi berries. They sound yummy!

Katie, I'd love the link to the youtube video when it's available! I would be very uncomfortable if I was on the news. I try to avoid even having my name in the paper, but I'm a total introvert :) I'm sure you were wonderful!

Today I did another blast from the past: Step Fit.
Amy, the girl who did the interview made it very comfortable for me to talk in front of the camera. She asked if I did a lot of interviews since I was "a natural", lol. I think I did well because I really like the class, and was able to communicate how much it has helped me stay in shape. I am a very talkative person in a small group, not a fan of larger crowds. I will send the link once I get it so you can put a face to my name. I like to be able to visualize a persons face when talking with them.
Katie, what a wonderful compliment the girl doing the interview gave you!

Today I did STS disc 30 and took a walk. I also got to see my daughter's artwork in the gallery at her college. Three of her pieces were selected for an exhibition, so it was pretty cool to see the arrangement and some of her classmates' work.
Amy, what college does your daughter attend? How awesome that her artwork was on display, I am sure you were a proud mom!! It is such a pleasure to watch your children flourish and do well at school, in their talents etc..
I couldn't attend my AG class yesterday so I did afterburn, I did it slower than cathe and used lighter wts. My knees are a little sore today but that is normal after a w/o that has any cardio. I am going to my AG class tonight, this afternoon will be a walk with the dog and run a few errands.
My son is coming home from medical school tonight for a few days, it will be nice to spend the weekend with him.
Next weekend we are going to see my son who lives in D.C., he is asking his girlfriend to marry him and has asked us to be there to celebrate with them. I am so excited he is finally taking the next step, we really like his girlfriend and her family.
Katie, my daughter goes to UWRF (it's a small local state university). I am very proud of her! I have no artistic abilities, other than musical abilities, so it's really cool that she does. My house is filled with her work. How exciting that your son is proposing to his girlfriend! And medical school - you must be very proud as well!

Today I did RWH Low Impact 1 and Bonus Abs 1. I've been neglecting HiiT, so I put it on my schedule for Thursdays for the next month to see if I can remember to do it once a week. I'm able to do full sit-ups now, but I'm not sure I should. I seem to remember hearing they are bad for your back.
Yesterday was yard work day. We pretty much finished preparing my garden, but it might need a little more soil on top. I'll decide if I need to add more when I start planting in a couple of weeks. I also did STS disc 31 yesterday. Today I did Low Impact Step.
Yesterday was yard work all day for me as well, we edged, mulched, weeded etc.. for 6 hours. We hope to finish the rest of the yard on fri. It is going to be 80 all week so it should be a good week to enjoy the outdoors, and finish up the spring yard work.
I plan on going to my AG bootcamp class tonight, hopefully I will be less sore by then.
Hi guys, back from my recovery week. I stumbled on a workout set that does twenty minute bursts, which is exactly what they say would be good for me, so Ive started that today. It's going to get very repetitive, because nothing tops cathe, so after a month on this I'll probably work in some ripped with Hiit as well.
I will be excited to see the segment from your AG class as well!
I got into the step challenge at my work. They decided to accept all the people who wanted to join! It starts toward the end of the month.

Katie, 6 hours of yard work - ouch! I hope you had a good AG class.

Cendrine, where did you find the 20-minute workout blasts?

Today I did Body Blast Legs & Glutes.

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