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Well, I'm trying to get 2 good foot days in a row right now. I had to stand to pedal on Wednesday's bike ride and had a set back. My foot seems to get a lot of inflammation with any impact. So yesterday I did a Cathe live for upper body-toasted trisets. Felt great and am pleasantly sore today.

Yeah for 4 day weekends! Our family are coming for chicken barbque on Monday-just done in the oven but it's the thought, right? My dad is declining quite rapidly now. Between the diabetes and the memory issues-he's struggling.

Other than that I have no set plans this weekend. We've been enjoying our back porch and just puttering around here. I'm making sourdough bread and working on my scrapbook. My niece enjoyed looking at her family history so that was nice. We found passports from the original immigrants (from 1920) in a box in a closet. She is thinking about getting an Italian passport. I'm trying to talk DH into doing the same! We could become Italian citizens! I know that's just a fantasy, but wouldn't it be nice!

I am going to do indoor bike today and pool Monday and Thursday. Gotta do what I can and try to be satisfied with that. How was your leg workout?!

It's been a good week for me workout wise. I did walk on Monday, but have done weights the rest of the week. I just finished Meso 1 and will start on Meso 2 sometime next week.

We are heading to Nebraska in a bit to go to a wedding. The daughter of the best man from our wedding is getting married. It will be nice to see Shawn and his wife. He is a good friend of ours and we don't get to see him too much. He would come back to visit his parents, but they eventually moved to Nebraska. I think it's been about 5 years since we last saw him. Interesting story about them, they were unable to have kids and they adopted their daughter Arikia from a teen mother. All these years later (about 5 years ago), that same woman was pregnant with a child that was not her husbands. She called our friends to see if they wanted this child. They adopted the baby and the adopted daughters are half sisters. Arika is getting married today, and Raelynn is 5 years old now.

I'm going to do a short full body circuit this morning. Then pack a few things and we will head out. It's a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive. The wedding is late this afternoon followed by the reception. Hopefully we can check in early to hotel and get changed. Then tomorrow we are hanging out with Shawn and his siblings. My DH went to school with all of them from elementary school through high school.

It seemed to take quite a while before I could stand on the peloton after having my foot surgery. If you are inside, you might try just adding a bit resistance but not stand up. Of course it will be much less resistance than if you could stand. Protecting your foot is best.

Have a great weekend!!!
What a lovely story! That makes me so happy that the girls have a sister and it sounds like everyone had a happy ending. How was it seeing all the old friends? Must have been quite a reunion!

Last week was just 3 workouts-2 pool and a bike ride. I just wasn't feeling weight lifting. I'm doing my stretches and yesterday did the pool workout (basically treading water with lots of arm movements) for a good 30 minutes.

I don't have a whole lot going on. Went to book club on Sunday which was fun. Been making bread and reading a lot as I try to rest my foot.

We had a wonderful weekend. My DH went school with him from middle school through high school and have been great friends. I had a really nice time visiting with his mom. I've known them for years. She was a court transcriber, and just stopped working at age 82. She said she thought she would miss the money, but said she doesn't. She was only working part time and she has her retirement and her husbands pension. He passed away a few years ago.

I haven't done any workouts this week. I've had this terrible pain just beneath my ribs, it started on Sunday night. There is a visible lump, and I've been kinda nauseous all week. I hope it goes away soon, otherwise I'll have to go the dr. DH thought it might be a pulled muscle, but I don't think so. It feels like it's on the inside-if you know what I mean.

It's been really hot here, too hot for me to go walking. It's another 90 degree day today.

Nice job with the pool and the bike! Any activity is good. Is foot starting to feel any better?

Wow-I'm hoping I can hang on working until 62! I wonder how much AI will impact jobs. Did she still record or were they switching to a different type of recording. I get voicemails now that AI types out so I can read or listen to them. Feels like we're on the precipice of a big computer/data change. Are you seeing anything like this in your job? Our latest upgrade at work on the computer has some AI type stuff in it. Should be interesting to watch.

How is your abdomen? You are smart for listening to your body. I hope it was muscular and you're healing. My hairdresser fell down her steps the night before my appointment. She broke the fibula bone and is in a boot. So who knows when I'll be able to get a trim. She said to call her in a week to see.

My foot seems ok. I am not doing any extra walking. I'm stretching, foam rolling, using Advil, and "patiently" waiting for the end of July for a nerve conduction test from my back down my legs. I feel better sometimes and other times super tight. I really hope my back stops hurting though. It seems like the pain has slowly radiated up from the second toe to my back-so now that my toe is ok, the back will be last?

Work is going pretty good. I'm all over the office due to other people having surgeries and vacations. It makes my days go fast! There is an old PT gym up there which makes stretching at lunch nice. They can't fine a PT to take over the position. Maybe it's too rural here for some.

I've been doing some cleaning, cooking, reading...the usual. The European Euro tournament starts this coming Friday so there will be some good soccer to watch.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

We have a bit of AI at work. More for HR type questions. A lot of AI is blocked at work due to the nature of our business. Government contracts etc. I'm not sure exactly what method she was doing. I think she was taking the transcription from the transcribe typewriter and converting it to full text, but I'm not sure.

Well I need to work until at least 63, but am planning on between 65 and 67. At least at 65 DH and I would qualify for medicare. We still haven't decided on our social security strategy yet. We will need to run the numbers when we get a little closer to retirement. I'm leaning towards delay until 70 for me.

I started back on Meso 2 and felt really strong. I'm doing each upper body disc twice-as the program was origianally designed. I'm loosely doing Legs/STS Upper/Glutes/STS Upper and so on. I may walk or go to the pool one evening. Today was D15-Back and Biceps. I just fit in walk or rest days when I don't have time or feel like lifting.

I still have this pain in my side. I don't think it is muscular. It doesn't hurt to exercise or even do ab work. I'm not sure what it is. If it doesn't go away soon, I will make an appt. I can't even recall the last time I was at the Dr. for anything other than my annual physical.

The girls both have boyfriends now. I'm kinda glad it's not during school There is a lot of drama at their school-especially at this age too. One of tthe boys lives in the neighborhood so we see him a bit more.

Happy Father's Day to your DH!!!

Zach came over cooked tomahawk steaks on the grill. It was just Zach, Jerod, me and David. Cody had to work until 6pm and was picking up the girls from a graduation party and going out to dinner. DH's birthday is on Tuesday. He get's all his celebrating usually on the weekend. We will probably all go out to dinner on Tuesday evening.

Well my workout didn't go as planned yesterday. For some reason the app wouldn't play. I had already set up workout room and weights for that workout. I just didn't do anything yesterday. Today I did that workout, it was heavy legs and I'm sure I will be feeling it tomorrow. Sit squats with 119#, 124# is my pb. I was close, but just not there today. Tomorrow will be STS CST and some abs.

I requested an appointment at the Dr., hopefully they will fit me in this next week. I still have this off and on pain on my right side near my ribs, upper abdomen I guess. Hopefully it is nothing serious.

What have you been up to? How are you celebrating Dan today?

Sounds like you had a great Father's day! I got to see my dad and DS2 called his dad, but otherwise it was pretty low key. We've been watching lots of soccer. I got 4 workouts in last week-2 bike rides, 1 pool, and 1 upper body. I'm really trying to rest my foot and have stopped the anti-inflammatory. It's doing ok...Still doing my PT and hoping for the best. It's going to be like 90 here all week so not walking to and from work is ok.

I'm curious about your pain due to I've had that same pain since I was like 25. I even had a colonoscopy done in their attempts to figure out what it was. I truly believe it's muscular. It's always "there" and I've just learned to live with it. Like you said-it doesn't hurt to exercise with it. I have found that the lower trunk rotation stretch I do seems to help stretch it out and make it less noticeable.

"Begin lying on your back with your knees bent and feet resting on the floor. Keeping your back flat, slowly rotate your knees down towards the floor until you feel a stretch in your trunk and hold. Make sure that your back and shoulders stay in contact with the floor." Good luck and keep me updated!

My friend from West Virginia came up for the day on Saturday with her dog. We have known each other since our kids were little-met at a Mother's of Preschooler's group back in the late 1990's. She moved to West Virginia in 2002 and has taught kindergarten there since then. We have kept in touch and she'd like to move back here some day.

Have a good week!

It's been a busy week. Monday I STS CSB, and then nothing until today. Ugh. Tuesday I had an appt. and had to take the girls to their orthodontist appts. Wednesday I was in a training class. Thursday and Friday were just heavy work days. Today I did a full body circuit and tomorrow will be legs.

Not much going on here this weekend. Just the normal chores and shopping. I really need a vacation. I'm hoping we can go to Maine next month to visit my husbands uncle and cousins. We would also take my dear MIL with us.

What are you up to??
I have been up to trying to stay cool! The only times are when I'm at work or in the pool. We have some kind of heat dome over us and it's not fun! Last week I did pool on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Tuesday and Friday I rode the bike at the gym after work. Other than that-no formal exercise. My back/leg/foot are ok with all that.

I also went kayaking for the first time on Thursday with a girl from work who has two kayaks. We were on a lake for about 3 hours and were cool while we were on the water. So that was fun! I've been reading a lot-Demon Copperhead and Table for Two are my two latest. Demon Copperhead is for book club and is a modern take on David Copperfield. It's set in rural Virginia in the 80's and is quite depressing seeing how mean parents can be, the damage of drugs in a community, and how some kids have to grow up so fast to survive. Table for Two is a set of short stories with a novella tucked in and is by one of my favorite authors, Amor Towles. So that's been enjoyable.

The US men play tonight at 9 my time. Hope they have their act together and do well in this tournament. World Cup is in two years in the US, Mexico, and Canada so they better get in gear. They are a fairly young team and have some really good players. I will try to stay up for the first half.

Stay cool and have a great week!

How was your week? I tried walking to work on Wednesday and won't be trying that again soon. I'm back into resting the foot mode and trying to let it heal. I have the EMG scheduled for 7/29 to see if nerves are involved. So pool and bike it is.

Otherwise, just working and watching soccer. We had dental cleanings on Thursday and made a day of it in Corning. We've signed up to get TSA pre-check in numbers so waiting to hear on that.

DS2 was at a conference in Las Vegas this past week and the company I work for presented! It was nice to see those two worlds connect.

Today I have to get a flat tire fixed on my car, have a graduation party to go to, and am hoping to get a pool workout in between them.

I thought I posted yesterday. Anyway, I've had a busy week but have been getting my workouts. Today was Meeting Monday, so now workout today. Tomorrow will be STS B&B. I planned on taking this Friday off, but have been asked to work for a few hours. At least I will have Thursday off.

We had some of our house windows tinted, the east facing triple slider for privacy and my west facing office window for heat reduction. One of my front windows cracked. I've been busy getting estimates for that and for re-tinting. We decided to go with tempered glass which shouldn't crack. Good news for me, I contacted the tinting company to get this one window re-tinted, and they said the glass and tint is covered under warranty.

The girls are in Austin Texas with a friend. They've been at the pool most of the time. I think it was nice for the to get a break away from the house for a few days.

We are having a barbecue on the 4th. It should be nice.

Do you have any plans for the 4th? Hope you are off to a great week.

Not much new here. I'm still stretching and doing low impact. I did try to take a 30 minute flat walk yesterday and may need to go for more PT. Still debating. I feel like I'm slowly getting better.

Been spending my days on my back porch with the birds and books. Yesterday DH and I went to see the local theater groups big summer production of Joseph and the Amazing Dream coat. It was not what I expected-Elvis was in it!

Enjoying all the fresh produce available now! With the rain we've been having zucchini are already able to be picked.

Work is going well. Summer is always a little chaotic with vacations. We don't have anything planned until the fall, but the AC there is a welcome relief on the hot days.

Not much going on here either, just working all the time. I tried to schedule a short trip to San Diego for me and the girls for next week but it's not panning out. It's just too rushed. Now I'm looking at a 4 day weekend in October when the girls have a Fri/Mon off from school. I'll have to check with their parents to see if they have anything planned for that time. It's also a lot cheaper.

I did weights today, legs. I've been enjoying walking around the lakes when it's not too hot. I'm toying with starting Iron again. I'm growing bored with STS and would like to get more cardio in. I like that it is only 4 days a week and the workouts are short but effective.

Yes, I'm not sure I could live without AC.

The next 3 days are in the triple digits today. That is pretty unusual for us. Today is supposed to get to 105. I walked around the lakes this morning and then did full body circuit that I had saved in my favorites from the other platform.

It's my off Friday, but I have to work this afternoon. It happens every now and then. Hopefully all goes well and I will be done by 5 or so.

Do you have any weekend plans? We are staying inside in the air conditioning.

Not much going on here. Saturday I did the pool and tried a short walk without success. I went to see my PCP last week and have an order for PT for my back and leg. She feels like all the muscles are tightened around the SI joint again and it's affecting the whole gait and leg. So I'm going to call tomorrow to get back in for some sessions.

Today I am going on a bike ride after I wake up more and then have book club this afternoon. We're discussing Demon Copperhead which is a modern take on David Copperfield. It was difficult to read after working in the social welfare system because it was so accurate how tough foster care children have it. Add in all the drugs in our country and it's quite depressing. We are going to one of the member's cabin by the creek so that will be hopefully cooler!

England is in the final of the Euro's! I will miss the match, but can watch the replay.

Have a great week!


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